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oh yeah! and culver city which is art galleries. and highland park which is adorable and hip and poor, and pasadena which technically is not los angeles but is really really nice, residential and affordable and clean and pretty, and if you are willing to have that commute is a very good choice, i think.

see? lots of neighborhoods. heh.

oh, and the valley is also PORN.
I still totally don't know what neighbourhood my apartment is in, even though I know the address and everything. It's sort of north of Culver City, south of Beverly Hills and slightly to the east of both when I look at the map...

Given the choice, in my total ignorance (I move to LA from the UK a week on Tuesday...) I like the idea of Silverlake or Echo Park as places to live. But I wasn't about to turn down the chance to live with a very cool friend as I get my head around the city.
Mary Jo - I think that it's a great idea to live with a friend while getting your head around the city. That's what I did for the first year I lived here, and then found my own place (living with the friend was great, but I wanted to be in a different area, and she didn't want to move) It really allows you to learn more about the city.

are you in LA yet??
thanks everybody! that gives me some idea about how the neighborhoods work. are the craigslist rents for those areas about typical? also, i have to say the whole driving everywhere thing really fazes me. what's the deal with the metro? does it just not go anywhere useful?
bklynhermit - if you read down and through the archives, you'll see where we discuss a bit about the metro and public transport. It sucks here. Especially if you are used to NYC. Its SLOW.. and the subway / trains pretty much go nowhere unless you are super near one of the stops and work or need to be right near another stop.

sad, but true. oh yeah, and gas costs a frigging fortune here. .50 cents higher (sometimes more) a gallon than anywhere else in the country - and I do not exaggerate.
I leave on August 1st, zoya. At my mum's house packing things into boxes to ship right now.

I'm also sitting my UK driving test in two hours so I will *hopefully* have a licence - though I don't intend to get a car at least at first, mainly because I don't see how I could possibly afford one on my $18,000 stipend while paying $700/month in rent. Plenty people do survive in LA using the public transit system, crap though it may be - I'll just have to be one of the plebs. At least my roommate has a car.

I have to say, it sounds hilarious to me to see people complaining about the price of gas in the US. I've never had a car here (obviously, since I don't even have a licence yet!) but I am pretty sure that in the UK petrol costs at least twice what it does in LA...
maryjo, there's also a carpools section on craigslist that might be useful. i tried to find a carpool to my job to no avail, but i have a pretty unusual commute (i work out in the san gabriel valley and generally the traffic goes the opposite direction from there). you're just going to usc tho right? i would imagine you might have luck with finding a carpool smile.gif

and yeah, people certainly do survive on the bus. unless they're really crowded or filled with smelly people, it's really not a bad experience, you just have to allow yourself a lot of extra time. they're usually air-conditioned and there are these hilarious bus-tvs that play news and stupid commercials and random trivia. quite frankly i'd rather have a metro line that goes to the west side than tvs on the buses, but hey, i'm not in charge of the mta's budget. hrmph.

THOUGH! i got really excited about this--there's a commercial for a stupid dating service that plays on the bus tvs, and they show a lesbian couple!
Passed my driving test! Yay! I'll probably still have to sit the US one, but hey, now I have a British licence. smile.gif

I'm definitely going to look into carpools. My flatmate goes to USC too though, so hopefully our schedules will coincide somewhat and I'll be able to hitch a lift with her.
i agree with all that has been said thus far...the valley isn't worth looking at as it is way too pricey and porn infested...hehehe

congrats on passing your uk driving test!

i prefer to live as close to my workplace as possible to avoid the heavily congested freeways that sap your life from you--just something to think about blykn....

i'm throwing feelers out for a RHCB meet up--something simple--coffee.....or bowling. End of august. We can bitch about traffic, weather (did any of you see the lightning sat. nite?), etc.

Hi all. I'm not going to make it to LA. The exhibition is the 1st of Sept, and not Oct, as i thought. Anyway, i'll visit LA sometime in the future, i'm sure!
Also, the venue will not take place in Hangar 1018, but in the ADM Gallery in Hollywood. The Hangar is going under/changing hands, and they're trying to get out of booked shows. The girl who organizes all this didn't want to deal with the whole hassle, so she immediately started negotiating with another gallery.

Anyway, thanks for all advice, i'm always interested in large cities, urbanism, and the like, so to hear about LA from people who actually live there is very interesting.

Congrats with you drivers license, Maryjo!

aw too bad sonik!
what's the show going to be called? i want to see it anyway.

not sure how i feel about a meetup, but i might be able to be convinced.......also, whatever happened to harpua? did she even follow us to the new board? who else is missing?
Hi gals! I've just moved to Southern CA and love being back home. I need some help, though...I'm in that awkward stage where I'm just out of college with no job and no health insurance, and I'm having trouble finding a group plan I could join. My friend said there are some organizations that have this sort of setup; anybody know of a good one?
hey halcyon, my friend has tonik; cheap and designed for young people etc.
oops, I keep forgetting this is here! please keep me informed if we're having a meetup, I'd so like to again. This thread hasn't seen this much action in a while, whew!

Haven't been around in a while cuz I finally got a job, but I needed to post this here.

Two nights ago, my girlfriend and I went to one of my favorite local bars, The Gold Room (1558 W. Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park). I love this bar mostly because it's usually full of local Latinos and not the tragically hip crowd found in some other local places. You can just go there, have a beer and a shot for 3.25, listen to the occasional mariachi band, and eat free carne asada, popcorn and peanuts. Love it.

Well we were there having a few beers and talking, with an occassional peck in between topics of conversation. Nothing heavy, no making out, no tounges, no groping.

All of a sudden security approaches us, and tells us that we need to stop or leave so fights don't break out.


This isn't the first time we'd been there or anything, but all of a sudden, it's a problem.

He went on about how *he* doesn't have a problem, but he's just trying to avoid upsetting other customers. We're going around and around about it, when finally the manager comes over, feigns ignorance of the english language, and keeps telling us "family place."

Theytold us that sometimes husbands and wives will come in, and they don't want to see this kind of thing.

I look around at all the large breasted, barely dressed waitresses, and the all the older men sitting by themselves drooling over the waitresses, and have a hard time imagining it as a family place.

My girlfriend handled it well, made a lot of good points to the security guy, and we left. I was stunned/angered into shaking silence and have regretted this silence ever since.

I wanted to let you guys know about how these people choose to do business and to ask you to not patronize this establishment.

Some friends are talking about some kind of future 'sit in' or guerilla gay bar type action, and if something like that does get planned, I will post it in here as well for those who wish to join us.

Thanks for your time!
oh, my god, grr arg. that's awful. and i love(d) the gold room! hardly a "family place" for sure.

i don't know if any sort of storming of the bar would be a good idea, though. there are still gangs in echo park and i don't necessarily know if that would be worth it; it might get you into too much trouble. how about finding someone bilingual to explain the situation to the owner, and if he still refuses to stop discriminating, you could suggest bringing in the aclu.

i'm so sorry you had to deal with that, though. ((grr arg))
damn. thats fucking ridiculous grr_arg! i agree that the sit-in could be dangerous. maybe write a letter to your local paper/alternative weekly/gay press? i'm sorry you had to go through that.

i just moved to albuquerque. anyone one in the area/have any suggestions?

That's awful, Grarrg! In this day and age...i am speechless.

For anyone who's interested, the exhibition i'm taking part in is held in the ADM gallery in Hollywood. The opening is on Sept 1st. It's up for about a week.
oh, crap, sonik, i'm leaving town from the 1st through the 5th. will it still be up after the 5th do you think?
The show will close the 9th of Sept, Mouse.
will you send me details via pm, Sonik?
hey grr_arg, if you're still around, let me know what you end up deciding to do. i think we have mutual friends, cos i ended up running into an old roommate and the gold room came up, and she mentioned your story before i had a chance to.

i still think a sit-in or other protest act might be dangerous there, though......
just a reminder...sunset junction..this sat and sun. i'm trying to go sunday...and bpal will have a booth there..or so mouse has said in the okayers thread. just passing it on...

also, cinespia is showing chinatown this sat at hollywood forever cemetary this sat nite,.... cool.gif
aw yay!
yeah bpal will have a booth
and fyi, i have a feeling that chinatown is going to be PACKED, and if it's anywhere as bad as pee-wee was (and i'm pretty sure it will be) GET THERE EARLY. i mean EARLY, i mean like 6:30 and wait in line in your car on santa monica bl while you wait for them to open the gates. we did that for pee wee and by the time we got inside there were no decent blanket spots left, taken up by those who had come on foot.
QUOTE(mouse @ Aug 21 2006, 10:45 AM) *

hey grr_arg, if you're still around, let me know what you end up deciding to do. i think we have mutual friends, cos i ended up running into an old roommate and the gold room came up, and she mentioned your story before i had a chance to.

i still think a sit-in or other protest act might be dangerous there, though......

You're right, the more I think about it, the more I realizt the potential for danger.

But I feel sick about not doing anything about it. So far all I've done is just kinda tried to spread the word around a bit.

And that's wierd about your old roommate, now I'm raking my brian, wondering who you're talking about!
well, i think if you run at all in the east side lesbian's a small, incestual world anyway heh. let me know what you end up doing, though i may hear about it anyway.
oh my goodness, why does this thread always almost die???
maybe cuz there's just a few of us here...
*bumpity bump bump*

just cuz we call it 'the 405' doesn't mean a thing to us....we could spend hours there and not go anywhere.
it's just you and me, gb *sniff* sad.gif
I'm here too, but down in San Diego. But I've still suffered the madness of 405 enough times to know wink.gif

SD's traffic is nothing to sneeze at anymore. Gone are the days of us haughtily laughing at the Angelenos for sitting on the 405... we're too busy stuck on the 15.

I'm here...

But not having a car, the freeways don't mean as much to me as they should. smile.gif
I miss having lazy weekend brunch at Van Gogh's Ear in Venice with Busties.
QUOTE(maryjo @ Sep 25 2006, 03:00 PM) *

I'm here...

But not having a car, the freeways don't mean as much to me as they should. smile.gif

I'm a non driver too maryjo...but hopefully not for long. since I always wind up doing things backwards, I have a car, now I just need to pass the drivers test! Anyone have any DMV recomendations by the way?

Like, which one do you think the test would be best, NOT downtown. I was thinking of heading over the hill and taking it in the valley. I'd prefer a nice quite neighborhood to take it in.
grr_arg, i didn't have to take a road test there but the one in hollywood (south of sunset, not the one north on vine, the other one...near cahuenga and melrose) is in a pretty empty residential area. might not be too bad.

good luck!
That's right!
I somehow forgot about that one! That's actually where I took the written, and most likely where I'll end up. (how did I forgot that??)

I'll keep you updated:-)

I need to get a CA licence soon... I can't afford a car yet, but US government-issued ID would make my life easier. I've been reading the CA driver's handbook for the written test... I didn't think about going to a quieter DMV for the practical, I'll probably end up at the one by USC.

Even though I have a UK licence, I want to take a couple of lessons here so that my first drive on the LA streets and freeways is with an instructor who can take control if I suddenly try to drive on the wrong side of the road.... do any of you know any instructors or good companies that maybe aren't hideously expensive?

Oh, and another question. How long do you have to have had your driver's licence before car insurance becomes cheaper (if it ever does for noncitizens...)? I'm over 25 but I only got my UK licence in July. Would it be cheaper for me to get insurance if/when I get a car if I waited until I'd had a licence for a year? I realise that most Americans get theirs when they are 16, but I thought maybe you would know, grr_arrg?
van gogh's ear in venice, raisingirl? hmm.....i'm game.

i got my license at 18...even though i had access to a car at 16...i just didn't want to bother with it. parking at the local highschool was a mess...i took mine thru surepass...dunno if the company is still around.
raisin are you an LA bustie?
venice is kinda a hike for me but....i could do it!

re: length of time after getting license and insurance; i really don't know if they're very related at all, maryjo--i think it's mostly based on age and driving record.
(Nah, I used to live in LA. Sniff! Still miss it from time to time, in a way that you might pick at a scab -- you know it's bad for you, yet you do it anyway because there's some bizarre satisfaction to be had.)
psssh, LA is good for you! tongue.gif
Heh. It was awesome for my social life, that's for sure. It would have been even better for me had the whole job situation worked out. Water under the bridge, though. I'm reallllllllly happy with work stuff now even if it isn't remotely close to Hell-A (and I use the term endearingly).

i've been lucky in that it's been great for my social life (though i've yet to meet anyone cute, dammit) AND for career. only in the very recent past have i actually begun to *love* LA, instead of just thinking "eh, well, i ended up here, it ain't too bad". lately i've been feeling like: "i LOVE this city."
I love my intellectual life here, and my social life isn't bad either, but I'm a long way from being able to love the city. I don't hate it; I just can't manage to feel like it's a real place, somehow.

In the UK, insurance premiums go down dramatically three years after you get your licence. I heard someone say it went down after a year here, but I really have no idea. All very theoretical right now, anyway.
so..... *puts out tentative feelers*......should we have an LA bustie meetup at some point? i'd like to meet y'all but i'm all conflicted, since the bust lounge is something quite separated, for me, from my outside world...hmmm.
i'm game for a halloween themed bustie meetup...what better occaision for members of a anonymous group to meet up than in a costumed environment? where is the question.
I'd be up for it, if something gets arranged. Halloween or around then works, I think...
oooooooooh a masked bustie meetup??? hahahaha

So what IS going on for halloween...aside from overcrowding in west hollywood?
i don't know of any events happening...but i'm in the valley...

i still think we should do something.
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