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are we all voting? what the hell are we voting? i can't figure it out...mostly prop 88--tho i'm leaning yes? help, anyone? i'm so confused. also, is this just cali, or am i voting for other stuff? HELP

I'm a San Diego Bustie who gets up to L&!55555555555555555555555555555555555,h

Whoops, sorry about that, my rattie wanted to say hi! :-)

What I was starting to say is that I am a San Diego Bustie who gets up to LA pretty regularly. Bren (giy I've been seeing for nearly 5 years) moved up there for work in March and I have a few other friends in the area. I'm thinking of maybe moving there myself in a year or so. Anyway, I would be interested in an LA meet-up if that is still being talked about if it is on a weekend.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to the SoCal and Southwest Busties!

-imdancingbarefoot (& Gwen the rat)
welcome Imdancingbarefoot!!!

the halloween bustie meet up was a bust...things just got crazy and nobody planned anything.

any suggestions??
hi imdancingbarefoot!

hahahaha your boyfriend and your rat's names rhyme....


i have no idea what happened to the idea of an la bustie meetup. no clue.

aren't we pathetic?????

or is it ignorance?
i always get all excited when i see this thread at the top.......way to ruin it for me, gb tongue.gif

come out come out...wherever you are....

are we playing hide and seek here??

*holds breath under table*

*tries not to make a noise*
*peeks around a corner*

nope..not there.....

*looks under the couch in the okayers thread*

*coughs on the dust bunnies*

nobody ever found me so i got cold and hungry and came back out. seriously. where. is. everyone?
I'm in Las Vegas. i like the city so much better than the suburbs of chicago. We've only been here five months and it is already infinitely better.
dude thats the last time RHCB's play hide and seek.....bleh.
we RHCB's suck at this, don't we? I'm hiding down in the east county of San Diego.

Hey ImDancingBarefoot, which part of the SD are you in??

happy new year y'all....

*bundles up against the cold*
happy new year gb.....IT'S FREAKING FREEZING

our produce is ruined! sad.gif
Ok, so some how I completely lost track of this thread in the holiday and life madness. Sorry!

Yeah, Gwen and Bren rhyme. That's so cute. Lol. I have two other ratties: Luna and Selene. I need to get some pictures of them. There are some pictures of Gwen on my myspace, anyway . . .

Yuefie, I'm in East County of San Diego too. Not real far east but it counts as East County. Have you heard of Lemon Grove?

I'm still all for a meet-up but I have no ideas right now. Chemistry is frying my brain. I really need to do some stuff for the Vagina Monologues today too. Guess I should get off the message boards, huh?
hi mouse and imdancingbarefoot.....

i need to break out the map and find where you speak of, this lemon grove....time for some exploring!

mon the 29th i'll be down in LA at the big hair show..i need to get a map to that...

and its thundering and looking like a good downpour for the evening in my area....

*pouts over soiled produce*
bumping just to make sure my fellow socal busties are safe and sound and not burnt

((hope you are all okay and safe))
((((mouse)))) where in LA are you?

I'm in Santee, East of San Diego. Our area still remains unscathed, but the community behind us is listed as threatened and on stand by for evacuations. This is the craziest thing I've ever seen.

stay safe, chica!

i am fine, i'm out near east LA, so we don't really have anything except vaguely smoky air and pink skies. as far as i know the fires are moving west to the coast, so fingers crossed neither of us will have anything to worry about! be careful! i hope things get contained quick! ohmy.gif
AP, you dirty little tease. i got all excited when i saw you as the latest poster in this topic. TSK!
*bump* for a newb.
Thanks, auralpoison, for the bump. wink.gif Tee hee! (Sorry to get you all excited, mouse, but it took me a while to write this long-ass post!)

Hi, ladies! I'm so glad there's a SoCal thread on the forum! I'm kind of a new~old member to the Bust Lounge, having joined a few years back. I didn't become a very active member back then because I didn't notice a lot of west coast women around. It also didn't help that I fell down the rabbit hole of another forum at the time, but I definitely plan to be a more active member now.

I'm in the Los Angeles area, the South Bay to be specific, although I spent several years living in North Hollywood, and used to have a tribe of women friends on the westside. Grr_arrg, your mention of Echo Park hipsters cracked me up (I can so identify), but bar security treating you like that is absolutely heinous. In the past two years, I've noticed that security at several places I used to frequent has changed for the worse and they're not nearly as friendly and tolerant as they used to be.

I love the mention of Cinespia, too, since I've gone with friends to see several movies at Hollywood Forever, most notably the Ramones tribute last year, North By Northwest, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High (kind of a "reliving the '80s" night for us). I can't believe I missed Chinatown! That would've been fun to see there.

Anyway, if the SoCal ladies ever decide to have a meetup (or *another* meetup?), count me in. I'd love to meet some new women in the LA area, as my last circle of friends has all but dwindled. I'm definitely a lady who lunches... and happy hours... and dinner/drinks... and block parties, backyard bbqs... etc, etc.

'Nuff said. Happy to be here.
AP, no wrath from me! just disappointment tongue.gif j/k. though i have been spending a lot of time at the smogcutter and always think of thee.

thirtiesgirl, i was at the ramones tribute last year! and valley girl last week, and blue velvet the week before, and the TAMI show the week before that...probably not gonna make it for clockwork orange this week b/c a movie that popular will merit getting there at 3pm to wait outside for 4 hours. but the cemetery movies are probably my favorite thing about LA summers.

we had a very small meetup several months ago, me, zoya (who was in town), greenbean & opheliathemuse, but zoya's not in LA and gb and ophelia rarely post anymore...i keep in sporadic touch with gb but i haven't talked to her lately. i don't know about anything planned but if we do it's usually talked about in this thread, so you will know.
quakey busties, we all okay and accounted for? that was the biggest one i've felt yet and let me tell you it was FREAKY!
Great googly moogly! 5.4! I hope you are all doing okay out there on the west coast!
I'm good. I was in class at the time and it was kind of freaky, but I don't think we felt the full magnitude. The epicenter was far northeast of where I am. I'm actually surprised I haven't heard from my mom yet, though. She doesn't live in the area, but natural disasters are her specialty thing to worry about. Any time there's a fire within 50 miles of LA, she calls me to make sure I'm ok, never mind that it's not even near me. I guess she hasn't heard the news yet.
Bump! Hey, all! I'm in Tucson, Arizona and was wondering if there are other Busties in Southern Arizona?
Did anyone attend the LA Craftacular at the Echoplex today? I did. I bought 2 great posters from the Seattle Poster Company, a great necklace for half off from Charcoal Designs (silver-tone chain and blue lucite cameo-type pendant with a pic of an octopus inside), and a gorgeous fused glass pendant from Mucha Muchacha, a local jewelry designer. She has a few items up on Etsy, but it's nothing in comparison to her Craftacular display. She had some really gorgeous stuff and I wish I'd bought more. I bought a deep teal colored pendant with a few red streaks and flecks in it that looks vaguely Asian inspired. She also had some absolutely gorgeous deep egg-yolk yellow and orange pendants with tonal markings, and grass green pendants with black flecks. I wish I had bought one of those, but I thought I'd find more online. Hopefully she'll add more products to her online store soon.
Nice swag, thirties! I'm totally jealous. I couldn't make it out that way, but I hope they do another Craftacular in L.A. next year as well.
Hey all, I'm going to be in Lomita California for the next couple weeks - just wondering if there are any Busties in the area?
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