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John Hamm is going to be on SNL next Saturday, 10/25.
Wow. Joan and her fiance. Trigger city (or at least it was for me). I wonder if maybe we should warn people in Survivor's Space in case any of them watch the show on DVRs or something. Maybe I'm over-reacting. I don't know.


I'm surprised that Don/Dick is still in California. He seems so much more relaxed and happy when he sheds the shell of Don Draper and becomes Dick Whitman. He's like a completely different person ... which sounds silly, but I think you know what I mean. It seems odd to see him without that invisible suit of armor that he usually wears all the time. The conversation he had on the porch with Whatshername was interesting. One thing is for sure: John Hamm is a phenomenal actor.

If my parents had ever caught me smoking - 8, 18, whatever age - they would have had my hide. Betty is a far more gentle parent than I would have expected.

I felt some pity for Peter tonight. There's a first time for everything, right? The guy is being torn from every side. His family has practically said that he'll be disowned if he and his wife adopt a kid. But on his wife's side, his father-in-law dropped the big Clearasil account because of the whole mess. It was totally unfair of his FIL to do that to him.

I'm really surprised the partners agreed to sell the agency. Mr. Cooper has been his own boss for ages. I can't imagine him working for those people. Does that mean he's going to take the money and retire?

Hooray for Peggy & her own office!
Awesome episode.

Yeah, I hope Joan drops that idiot doctor. I can't really see her staying with him. What a slimy asshole. That scene bothered me a lot too, RV. Especially when she just stopped and stared away.

Don really does seem happier as Dick. tongue.gif The final scene with the ocean was totally reminiscent of six feet under...In some ways Don reminds me of Nate, but I think he's a lot more mature than Nate ever was.

I find Peter's character really interesting. I feel like he's a bit of an idiot who has no idea what the hell he's doing...obviously he wants to move up at Sterling Cooper but he seems unhappy and now he realizes that he made a mistake marrying his wife. I feel like on some level he still really likes Peggy. They're exchanges are always so interesting to me.

I loved that Peggy had the 'balls' to ask for her own office, and how everyone got mad and asked her how she did it when she's the only one who took any initiative.
Is there a place to download this show on-line?
last night's episode was in the hall of the mountain king-- the piece of music that that kid played at the original mrs. draper's house. i love that piece of music, and it always reminds me of a preview/clip from ken russell's film salome's last dance, in which it is used as the soundtrack to the dance of the 7 veils, the seventh one removed revealed that salome and some rather strange genitalia. but that's another story....

but it's always so funny to see how they integrate the names thematically into the episodes. if you are not familiar with the context of the song here is a synopsis of the play (peer gynt) that it came from, courtesy of wiki:
A fantasy play written in verse, Peer Gynt tells of the adventures of the eponymous Peer. The sequence illustrated by the music of In the Hall of the Mountain King is when Peer sneaks into the Mountain King's castle. The piece then describes Peer's attempts to escape from the King and his trolls after having insulted his daughter.
you can see that as don/dick escaping from nyc, peter from his family, and even peggy separating herself from the pack. even the agency about to sell itself, not knowing that there will be changes....

i like the original ms. draper. i think she seemed really sweet. i thought don/dick looked so happy, i wanted him to stay there.

the joan scene... i just want the best for all the people on that show, and i was wishing that i was right that her doctor fiance was imaginary. he's poop. the part where joan was telling peggy about her wedding, you could kind of tell she wanted to be in peggy's position, free, and more "modern." my heart just broke for her. i kept thinking she should ask for her tv position back.
I loved that Peggy asked for her own office and got it. Confabulations to her.

I still think Pete's a major ass. But then I'm an adoptee, so naturally I'd feel that way. ...No, wait. I still think he's a major ass.

The scene w/ Joan & her fiance definitely triggered a response from me, too. I so wanted Joan to knee him in the groin. Major f-ing jerk for treating her like a receptacle.

I'd agree that Don seems happier in California, and I'm glad he ditched Joy. She gave me the creeps.

I'll weigh in on the Hall of the Mountain King theme, too. That song always has a sense of foreboding to me, and purposefully so, since I believe that's what the song was written to convey. When Don/Dick first entered the real Ms. Draper's house, with that song playing, and then the camera panned to reveal a pre-teen dark haired boy playing the piano, my instinctual reaction was "that's Don's son with the real Ms. Draper." Then when it was revealed that he was just her piano student and not her (and Don's) son, I began to wonder what the purpose was of using that particular piece of music. Why was the kid playing Hall of the Mountain King, and why did I feel so strongly that he was Don's son? The conclusion I reached was that perhaps Don has a son out there somewhere...not the boy playing the piano, who was just a symbolic representation, but a boy in his pre-teen years who he fathered at some point in his earlier life, who Don may or may not know about.
I agree, go Peggy. Now I want her decoration to include a picture of her son, and for Pete to get a kick in the groin.

That was a pretty intense scene with Joan and her fiance, i can understand how it would be a trigger.. I guess we're meant to see that even the women who were more in control of their sexuality and image fell victim to men back then? And felt the need to conform (by getting married).. I think Joan is jealous of Peggy, I agree with gt.

I think the version of Don we see in California is the most authentic version of him that we have seen so far. And is he thinking of staying????

What really struck me was when he said he fell in love with Betty's smile and laugh. Just makes her current state more sad.

jan- I can't wait to see Jon Hamm on SNL!! More hotness!
Finally got to watch the was a good one!

Joan....oh Joan...I wonder if she will ditch the dr. She'd lose a lot of face at this point, the way she's talked him up to everyone in the office. Will she be able to take a stand?

Peggy...I have grown to really like her. I was so proud of her for going after what she wants. The expressions on the men's faces were priceless!

Peter....In spite of myself, I like him. He's very misguided. He doesn't know how to get what he wants. And he definitely made a mistake in marrying Daddy's Little Girl.

Don....RoseV, I agree with you, this week's episode really highlighted Jon Hamm's acting skills. He was a completely different character. He displayed facial expressions and body language we've not seen in Don Draper. I really like the first Mrs. Draper too, their realationship is very sweet. Sibling-like. Don is so much looser and happier being Dick. He doesn't see how to extricate himself from what he's made his life to be. I thought it was particularly interesting when he was telling Mrs. Draper about wanting to marry Betty. I've been curious about Betty & Don's courtship & early marriage.

I was happy to get some Betty scenes this week.

I was surprised Cooper agreed to go with the merger too. I think he was just outnumbered.
wow - that episode was intense. The scene with Joan just breaks my heart and yes, definitely a trigger- thanks for the warning. The look on her face when she comes out of the office and the jackass is all "hurry up we're gonna be late" like raping his fiance is completely normal. It's upsetting for so many reasons not least of which is the fact that she was obviously being punished for her independent/assertive sexuality. I really hope she does not go through with the wedding.

On the brighter side, Peggy is awesome. I love her smug grin when all the guys are up in arms and also when Sterling tells her that none of the men had the balls to ask him for Freddy's office.

As mentioned already, great stuff with Don and also with Betty and Sally.
There were about ten minutes of the show that I missed. I'm a bit confused. The other Mrs. Draper, was she the one married to the real Don? Who was that other woman with the limp that said she wanted to know for sure what happened to him?
candycane, the other Mrs. Draper was married to the real Don. The woman with the limp is the same woman - I think sometimes it just looks like she's not limping. You can watch the episodes on if you need to catch up.
Christine Nectarine
i definately like the other Mrs Draper too. it's interesting to watch Don with her, as this is the first female we've seen him interact with in a relationship that is not significantly defined by sex. he seems to value and respect her, and it makes you wonder if he will ever trust himself enough to show that element of his character in his "New York" life.

Joan's story arc is definatly growing. the women in this show seem to perpetually be viewed through a Madonna/Whore complex, or maybe the Jackie/Marilyn contrast they used is a better example. Joan is clearly percieved to be of the "Marilyn-whore" type, so her fiance figured he was entitled to treat her as such. this event is clearly going to affect her in the long term. i'm just waiting to see if she will finally break out of that mould ie getting the job in the tv department.

Peggy is amazing, I love where she is going now. she seems to really be coming into her own. i really hope her weird relationship with Pete doesn't bring her down. I have little sympathy for him, since he seems to prize "getting ahead" above all else.

one last thing (geez, i could go on forever about this show!) I don't think the whole thing with Betty catching her daughter smoking showed her being "gentle" at all - she put her kid in a dark closet! i think this was partly one of those things to show the shift in attitude toward smoking then vs now, like her main concern was that the girl might burn the house down, not that an 8 year old should not be trying a highly addictive and harmful substance, which is also very safe. i'm glad she talked to her daughter about where daddy is tho, that might help the behaviour issue. it was relieving to see Betty take some positive steps with her children.
Did anyone watch Saturday Night Live last night? Jon Hamm was great and they did a Mad Men sketch. It was hilarious.

Thanks for clarifying ej. I was watching the episode but then my mom called so I had it on mute for ten minutes.
I didn't get to watch SNL, but I found some of the skits on hulu. I really loved "Don Draper's Guide to Picking Up Women".
anna k
That was a good sketch, but it reminded me of a previous SNL short about sexual harassment in the workplace, where a handsome guy (played by Tom Brady) can get away with saying anything, while a squirrelly nerd saying the same things is slapped or given disgusted looks.
Rosev, that was pretty funny as well. "Look really good in a suit. Look really good in casual clothing. Look really good in everything." lol

Anyway, I'm really pissed off. I live in Canada so the channel that I watch Mad Men on is called A-Channel which has shows from all of the different American networks (ie. tonight I would have watched Gossip Girl and Mad Men on that channel). So I checked out TV Guide online to get a description of tonight's season finale only to see that they're showing the 40 Year Old Virgin instead?! I'm so pissed off. I was really looking forward to it and instead they pre-empt it for something that NBC is showing. Grrrr.
Candy, that's so weird, since it's the season finale. Sucks. One of the perks of living with my folks is I get to take advantage of their digital cable so we've got AMC.
What did everyone think of the finale? There were a couple of surprises in there.

I'm surprised that Betty is pregnant. What about the bleeding in lat week's episode? Is it common for women to have breakthrough bleeding like that early into their pregnancies? Also, do you think she's going to take Don back just because of the pregnancy?

Peggy's monologue in Pete's office .... wow. Totally ripped my heart out.
Gah! Gah! Gah! I had an exhausting weekend and I was trying my best to stay awake, but I fell asleep on the couch and totally missed the finale. Even the encore performance afterwards. I must have fallen asleep around 9:30, and woke up some time after midnight, slumped over on the couch. I am SO mad at myself. I'm hoping AMC shows a re-run some time this week. Gah!
I think the dude betty knocked boots with has seen the Don Draper Guide to Picking Up Women! smile.gif

Oh, and its very common to have breakthrough bleeding early in a pregnancy. Lots of women do. I did.
Good finale. I figured Betty was pregnant or miscarrying from the last episode. I don't think she took him back just because of the pregnancy but I'm sure it factored into it...I really liked the letter Don wrote and I hope he can stay sincere and stop sleeping around.

I wasn't sure if Peggy was going to tell Pete about the baby but I'm so glad she did. Do you think he's really in love with her? I feel like he could be...his reaction to the baby seemed like one of the most genuine he's had (except for his, "why would you tell me that?!" part). I feel like his character got to mature in some ways through the last few episodes. I wonder if Duck is getting booted too.

It's crazy how much stuff actually happened during this season. I thought they ended it well...I'm so curious as to how much time will have passed and what's going to change during the next season (I'm assuming there are plans for season 3).
I don't think that Pete really loves her. He convinced himself that he loved her because he thought he knew her. He just knew the surface version, though - the public persona that everyone sees. He saw Peggy and saw simplicity and understanding, but he never knew before how messy things really were in her life & how much she held back. I think Peggy told him about the baby for many reasons. One, as a sort of confessional (like what the priest was urging her to do). And secondly as a way to tell him how little he really knows about her.

I'm glad Don wrote Betty that letter. I sincerely hope he allows himself to be more vulnerable around her, but at the same time I don't think he's ready to tell her the whole truth about his background.

Is it weird that I'm not at all surprised that Betty fooled around? I always figured she'd want to do it anonymously, too. I think the pregnancy kinda gave her permission to be promiscuous (since people didn't think so much about STDs back then).

I, too, think that Duck is on the way out. Poor guy. Life has not been kind to him. Guess that's what he gets for dumping his dog like that! tongue.gif
omfg, best show on television!!

That is all I have to say.
So, they seem to be doing roughly 2 year increments...which, to me, means season 3 will be apx 1964. My predictions- a black dude at the agency, season opens summer of beatles, pre gulf of tonkin. Alternately, covers end 63-mid 64 with the bookends being Kennedy assisnation and Tonkin.

I think Pete showed the first real emotion of the show when the single tear dropped from him when Peggy left his office after her confession. I also appreciate the whole personal confession/folksy priest- that is totally vatican 2.

I say HUZZA betty! I think excising that part of her marriage (her being emotionally and physically dependant) via the only really "free" sex she could have will make her stronger and a better partner for Don. I can't wait till the late 60s, when the Feminist Mystique is published... betty shoots birds in her backyard...anyone see a bra-burning in the future?

Now, I'm totally needing season 3 to not be summer...but like March. Or sooner.
Actually, The Feminine Mystique was written in 1963 so maybe Betty will start changing even sooner. I'd like to see a scene with her actually reading it and then later wanting to get a job or something.
I found an interview with Michael Weiner, the creator of Mad Men. He talks about the final episode of this season, where the show is headed, etc. It is looong and I still haven't finished reading it, but I knew you all would be interested.
Ok, help! Has anyone seen any re-runs of the final ep listed on tv? I have to see it, but I don't watch tv on my computer, so that's not an option (I just can't do tv on a tiny screen), and I don't always pay attention to what's on every channel, so it's easy for me to miss something. Anyone know anything I don't?
lionsgate is looking to replace madmen show creator, mike weiner.

30's-- they usually show repeats on sunday, there is a showing, i assume it's the finale, at 10am eastern
you can look here too.
I finally got around to watching the finale. Hubby and I think that Don will get involved with those cats in california and their hot rods. can't wait for the next season. too awesome.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Oct 28 2008, 04:33 PM) *
30's-- they usually show repeats on sunday, there is a showing, i assume it's the finale, at 10am eastern
you can look here too.

Thanks. I should have thought to check the AMC schedule. Unfortunately, no Mad Men tonight. They're showing a Rocky marathon (Adwienne!). I checked the weekly and monthly schedules, too, but I don't see any re-runs scheduled yet. Poo.
Christine Nectarine
I guess we really will just have to wait.
Man! They need to get on the stick! I'll be needing my fix soon.
Ok, maybe it's kinda petty to say so, but...jeeesh, that's a bad picture of Jon Hamm.
Christine Nectarine
ah, roseviolet! your bump got me all excited! (ooh lala!)
i'm sadly desperate for some MAD MEN news. wink.gif
Sorry, Christine! Someone in another thread said they were looking for this thread. I hear the show will return this summer, but I haven't heard an exact date yet.
I read in Vogue that the new season will take place in 1964.
I was the one who requested the bump. I recalled some talk about it debuting in March, but saw from a web search that they're saying Summer. I hope they don't skip ahead too much in time or they'll run out mid-century before I've gotten my fill.

Will now allow this thread to slip back into hiding until Summer.
The new season will be here soon! They're already starting to run promos. The promos don't have any scenes from the new season they just have all the great things that the critics have said about the show.
I noticed that about the promo too. I was all excited, thinking I was going to get new material, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. At least not yet anyways. I can't wait for the new season!
Since season 3 starts on August 16th, I thought it was about time to revive this thread!

I know many moons ago someone posted a link to the work of Dyna Moe who has done some cool illustrations inspired by the show. The people at AMC saw her stuff, loved it, and asked her to do some work for the official Mad Men website. Et voila: Mad Men Yourself!
I wish someone would put out a line of fashion based on the womens clothing in the show so that I spend less time running around to vintage stores.
Word. I gots a big ass & most of my vintage/retro-look stuff is custom.
I'm so sad that I can't get the Mad Men Yourself thing to download right. sad.gif I can make the picture but I can't get them to save/download.
ME, EITHER DAMMIT! I can go through the whole rigamarole, but I can't seem to get it to download.
AP, I am a huge fan of and stopstaring but I wish I could just go to one place to get it all.
Yay, I just made an icon for myself! It doesn't totally look like me but I did what I could with the features they offered. Maybe I'll use it as my icon when the new season starts.
I got the Mad Men Yourself thing to work and my icon looks like my mom back in the early 60's. Not surprising, since I've been told I look like her...
On August 10th, AMC is doing a Mad Men marathon. I have to work 3 hours but I plan on watching the whole thing as I missed a few episodes of Season 2.
I wish I actually got AMC. Here in Canada Mad Men is shown on A-Channel and then is repeated later in the week on Bravo. I would love to spend a day watching Mad Men.
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