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Woo! I am so happy Mad Men won!

I thought Jon Hamm had a very good shot at getting best actor, Brian Cranston was a big surprise...though I am really happy for him.

I know, it is neat to see the actors in modern clothing.

No, no new episode this week. I was set to watch one, only to discover it was a rerun.
I was all set too. I guess it was a repeat because of the emmy's, which I didn't even realize were on. Too bad, it looks like the new one is going to be good.
just so you know, i just checked out imdb for pix of the emmys, and discovered you can watch eps of mad men on imdb. how cool is that?
That IS really cool. It must be a new feature... I've been watching season two OnDemand with my digital cable network... they have a promotion on where you can watch it for free, and the episode appears right after it airs. It's really handy because I'm not always still awake at 10pm on a Sunday night, haha.
Christine Nectarine
(cross posted from dreams thread)

i had a little dream that Don Draper had a blackberry, and didn't know how to use it. his daughter threw it in the garbage and he fished it out. pretty random.
Christine Nectarine
i finally caught up on the most recent episode.

lananas, you can watch full episodes (season 1 & 2) at, i'm not sure if it will work for any of you outside Canada (maybe?)

wow, this one was all about the women, wasn't it? i was glad Betty finally confronted Don, but I find I'm on edge, because i just expect him to hit her or something at any moment. I think he held back because despite his self-centredness, he is finally feeling guilty.

JOAN, love her of course as every one else does. i think that episode way back with her roommate coming on to her was just part of the situation they seem to be setting her up for...the sexy, confident single gal who ruled everything, is facing reality and having to think about where her life is going next. I mean, marriage, settling down, seems like she is doing what she thinks she must to maintain the status quo, but none of it sits right with her, and she feels to constricted to really DO anything about it. this job reading scripts was a glimpse of possibility, but she's coasted for so long, i don't think she knows how to handle something like this.

someone mentioned a few posts back about one of the characters feeling trapped...this is the sense i get every time i watch this show, that they are all trapped, like victims of their time and circumstance. i feel sorry for them all for a moment, and then it's overtaken by the sudden urge to shop for a cocktail dress and get my hair set...
I recently had a dream about Don Draper too..... wink.gif
Who doesn't like to dream about Don Draper? tongue.gif

I found this yesterday:
Mad Men Illustrated

It's really cool.
I've been eying this this thread for a few weeks, but dared not enter as I was still getting all caught up on episodes. I made it through all of season 1 and season 2 (so far) in 2 weeks.

Wow, I love this show. I continue to be amazed at the way you can be simultaneously appalled at the way things "used to be" and yet totally relate to the situations and realize how much some things haven't changed.

lananans - that artwork is so cool - did you see you can order posters/tshirts from zazzle. I love the one with Betty smashing the dining room chair!

Don't know if all you Joan-lovers (of which I am one!) have seen this tshirt from glarkware, but I am seriously considering getting it: Office Manager
lananans, that flickr page is incredible! I may have finally found a cool desktop!
QUOTE(lananans @ Sep 25 2008, 06:18 AM) *
Who doesn't like to dream about Don Draper? tongue.gif

Well, uh, me. He doesn't do it for me. He's a handsome guy, but I prefer him clothed. The bod doesn't turn me on. Neither does his character, really. He's too calculating. Which is why, I think, I don't get hot for Don.
haha prophecy - I like that Office Manager shirt

I'm glad you like it candycane!

thirties - fair enough, to each her own. I'm more attracted to the actor than the character, it just sort of blends for me.. who do you like on the show? (If anyone)

Does anyone know if its a new episode tonight?
The only guy I really get hot for on the show is the guy with the glasses...Harry, I think? I love how the men dress on the show, with those sharp suits and skinny ties, but Harry's the only one who makes me hot. Partially a combination of looks & character, mostly because he's really not a slick ad man like the other guys.
I agree, Harry is pretty cool. I liked the episode in the first season where he was called into Don's office in his underpants in the middle of the night. I like his glasses.

Did anyone watch last night????? I can't believe that little thing at the end with Mona!
Good episode last night. That incident with Freddie was so bizarre! I thought he was having a stroke or something & I kept thinking, "why aren't they calling a doctor?!" but I guess he was supposed to be really drunk or something? I don't know. I've never known anyone who could speak so clearly and unknowlingly piss themselves while drunk. And then he slumped over, unconscious and ... well, I just didn't think he was drunk, so that scene confused me.

Looks like Betty set up her friend with horsey boy. I wonder what motivated her to do that. Very curious.

The final moments of the episode were brilliant. I loved that the Silver Fox simply had to touch the secretary's shoulder and that told us everything. Looks like Don's getting a new secretary.
I thought they were trying to say he was drunk. Earlier in that scene he handed a drink to Sal that was over flowing. He did seem pretty put together though, just out of it. I've known a few functional drunks so I figured that's what they were saying.

The end was crazy with Mona.
the thing that was killing me was they were talking about freddy going to rehab, and drinking while they did it. i loved the irony.

wasn't betty's motivation for setting her friend up a move to have her friend do what she couldn't do? remember her friend was telling her that "don was perfect." then later saw him talking to her at the stables...

i think in a weird way she still wants don back. she wants that sheen of perfection in the same way don does.

i loved don and peggy in last nights ep, but mostly don, who everybody thinks is not so nice, but look at how fiercely he defended freddy, calling out the guys for talking smack "because it's only a man's name." that takes so much courage. he may cheat, but in so many ways i admire him.

i loved when peggy called out that little turd she used to date...ugh. that guy i hate.

and i thought the same thing, he having a stroke? is he dead? while they were laughing i was like...woah...

i loved the way that marilynn was mourned. that was interesting to watch.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Sep 29 2008, 11:34 AM) *
Good episode last night. That incident with Freddie was so bizarre! I thought he was having a stroke or something & I kept thinking, "why aren't they calling a doctor?!" but I guess he was supposed to be really drunk or something? I don't know. I've never known anyone who could speak so clearly and unknowlingly piss themselves while drunk. And then he slumped over, unconscious and ... well, I just didn't think he was drunk, so that scene confused me.

Freddy is what's known as a functioning alcoholic. Meaning, most of the time he doesn't show severe symptoms of alcoholism (rages, blackouts, tears, etc). He just always seems like a good time guy, friendly to everyone, always in a happily lubricated mood...because he is. Last night it finally caught up with him to the point that he was unaware of his actions, which is where functioning alcoholism can lead. I've known a few...dated a I've seen where it can go.

But, yeah, I was impressed with Don's choice to stand up for Freddy. It showed he has a little more character than I thought. And the fact that he essentially told Sterling that he's happy to be separated from his wife right now. I think he's finally starting to be honest with himself, enough that he can be honest with someone else. I thought it was a positive step for him, even though the circumstances are completely shitty.

And Pete...eurgh. He is such a smarmy, calculating little bastard, even when Peggy called him out. I can't wait to see him get his comeuppance. I mean, think about it - he even tried to turn his dad's death into a potential in with a client. If that doesn't speak to his lack of character, I don't know what does.

...But obviously it was a good episode if it's got me riled up this much. Heh.
Thirtiesgirl, I guess I should count myself lucky that I've never had a functioning alcoholic in my life. Scary. I came to understand during the course of the episode that Freddy is a functioning alcoholic, but at that particular moment while watching the show, I had no clue what was going on. I understand now.

I saw Don's reaction to the Freddy situation as a bit more complicated. Part of it was sympathy for a guy he genuinely likes. But his defense of a man's name is far more personal. Remember that Don's real name isn't Don. He knows better than anything that a man is his name. Once people attach negative feelings to a name, it's hard to repair. That same is true in marketing.

Don shoots those boys down & shames them for playing around all the time. He's definitely the father figure in that office ... even more so than Roger or Sterling, if you ask me.

I've read some debate on other sites about what Freddy meant when he said goodbye to Don. Only time will tell, of course, but it's interesting to hear the different theories. Some people think he's going to commit suicide, quickly or slowly (drinking). Others have more hope & think he's simply planning on moving elsewhere (his name is ruined at Sterling Cooper & the rumors are bound to circulate around Madison Avenue).
I hadn't thought about the name thing, but yeah, you're right. I forget that Don 'created' himself (I missed those season 1 eps), and forget sometimes that he lives what he does, which is marketing. I see the father figure thing with him at work, but find it interesting that he can't do the same at home with his own son. He seems so distant, inapproachable and scary to his son at home.

I have mixed feelings about what Freddy meant with his goodbye, too. I'm kind of leaning towards suicidal ideation. Freddy did say he basically feels he's nothing if he can't go to work. I'm hoping not and hope his character has the strength to move on. It would totally throw Don for a loop if he did, though, and start some serious reflection on his part.
anna k
Freddy reminded me a lot of Good Night and Good Luck's portrayal of Don Hollenbeck, who was a news reporter who killed himself after a myriad of problems, such as health problems, broken marriage, and published attacks by a fellow writer (all this I got from Wikipedia).
thirtiesgirl, I hate Pete too, but I had to nitpick that it was actually Duck who suggested he come to the meeting with United Airlines and at first he refused and said it was innaproriate. He did however change his mind later and surprise Duck by showing up at the meeting.

I don't get Pete at all but I'm really curious about him. He's really conniving but doesn't really seem to know what he's doing most of the time.
True, it was Duck who suggested he attend the meeting, but it was Pete's idea to bring up his father. He came up with that one all on his own. Rather than giving himself time to figure out how to grieve for his father, he turned his death into a potential hook for the client. That just made me ill.
I guess that's true but I always assumed that was what Duck was asking him to do. Why bother bringing him in on it otherwise? All the backstabbing and sneaky tactics are far too intriguing. tongue.gif I actually missed some of this week's episode, about 20 minutes in the middle, so I'm gonna catch up tonight.

Christine, thanks for the info on the ctv link. I spent the weekend seeing all the episodes I missed. It was very productive.
Has everyone watched this week's episode yet?

The incidents with Betty's dad saddened me. Reminded me too much of my grandfather.
I watched, Rose!

I felt bad for Betty's family too. Interesting plot line with the stepmother. I wonder why they didn't tell Betty about his other strokes. Maybe she has a history of emotional unstability? While we don't know the situation with her stepmother, it's telling that her brother did not contact her either.

The scene with Pete, his brother, and his mom was pretty intense. Ouch.

Looks like Betty's still staying firm with Don. He thought all was well.

I felt bad for the one guy who no longer got to go to LA.
I enjoyed the episode - I was really glad to see Helen back, I hope they do more with her. I'm surprised how much I have grown to like Betty - she was so irritating to me in season 1.

rose - the betty/father incidents were upsetting. My great grandfather did the same thing shortly before he died. That is, he mistook my grandmother for his dead wife (and got inappropriately physical) and thought my mother was his daughter.
I'm glad Betty stayed firm with Don, even after getting some for herself. Good for her. And I loved Don reprimanding 'the boys' for not reading all Peggy's research before the California trip. ...The question is, what kind of mischief is Don going to get up to in California?
weird that Don was getting it from the outside when they were together and now he is all model child.

i thought maybe they were hiding the fact that the dad was so far gone.

yeah, i liked having the kid and helen back in the mix.

betty was a freak over that nasty ceramic thing.

The incident with Betty and her dad was so sad. I can't imagine what that's like. I've heard that strokes changg people but it was still weird.

I"m kind of hoping that Betty will eventually let Don back to the house. Maybe she'll demand that he stop screwing around.
Gah! Something's been going wrong (digitally speaking) with my AMC channel since Friday night, and my cable company still hasn't fixed it. It looks like I won't be getting my Mad Men fix this evening. Bummer.
Ok, I freaked out before I really needed to (wouldn't be the first time). My cable provider got it together for the encore presentation, which I'm currently engrossed in. Don in Palm Springs...hmm...
Wowzers, verrrry interesting episode last night! Who watched?
I'm pretty sure my favorite part is Peggy's gay boyfriend.
Me too!
I was sooooooo happy that she finally got her hair changed, even just a little. That ponytail was really getting to me. So there's only 2 more episodes in this season, am I right?
I seem to think they were doing a full season-20 episodes ish.
Yay for Peggy's gay boyfriend! I loved watching the closeted gay guy's face during that whole exchange in their office. ...And f-ing Harry, with the homophobic commentary! I was so ready to like him. I mean, I know the shit he said was standard for the times, but still... Harry, I hardly knew ye.
I finally got around to seeing this episode.

I'm really surprised at Don. He just got up and walked away from everything. Certainly he'll lose his job for this, right? Does he even intend to call them or go back or anything? And who on earth did he call at the end of the episode?

The office's reaction to that one guy's announcement was a lot more mellow than I expected it to be. I know people today - 40-something years later - who would have been far more rude if they found themselves in that situation. Sad but true.

Jane & the Silver Fox made me want to puke. Especially when she read that poetry out loud, fishing for compliments & all that. Then he proposed! Wha?!?
I'm assuming that Don is going to see whoever he mailed that book to in the first episode of the season. But I don't know who that is either.
Just wanted to say hi ladies. Haaaay...I'm *so out of my mind* to be finally joining this discussion. I've just finished Seas. 1 on DVD. I'll begin Seas. 2 soon. (So I can't read any of the recent posts, but I've gone back and read beginning posts to start catching up.) Thoughts so far:

Don Draper is the cat's tuxedo. Shit, he's sexy. In Seas. 1, he has appeared a gentle, intimate lover of women. The flashback to childhood seemed telling of why all the womanizing. First, his poppa isn't around; then, HIs stepmother holds his newborn half brother, indicating she's given him the name of the FIRST man. So it's not surprising why Don's crazy for the arms and the love of females who would make him feel like a man. (How I wish *I* could help!)

At any rate, I have always been interested in psychology/American psyche/advertising and post-war sociology and its effects. This show gives you lots to think about but, so far, it's pretty mysterious as well.

I agree with whomever pointed out that it didn't make sense for Peggy to have slept with Pete. Are we expected to believe that even the smart girls were really *this* ignorant when joining the secretarial pool? just weird. he had just told her he was getting married tomorrow and she jumps right into the sack with him.?
Peggy seems to want approval from men though. I won't say too much because you haven't seen the second season but smart women make bad choices all the time (my mom said this to me when I was 18 and seeing a 26 year old...I thought I was so saavy, but damn, she was right).
I agree ej, smart women DO make bad choices. I think we're seeing some of that with Joan right now too.

I wonder what the ramification of Don's actions this week will be?? That was so strange.

And I was in serious Betty withdrawal.

And yes, Peggy's gay boyfriend is the best.
Interesting, though, that the Palm Springs girl is named Joy.
That is interesting, thirties girl, about the name.

I miss Betty too.

Roger is such a dolt. He just has to have some hot young thing on his arm. Not sure why he proposed. Nor am I sure why she'd want to marry an old dude with a drinking problem.

I'm not sure who the real Peggy is. She wants to have the attention of men, which is why she slept with Pete. But most of the time she's got the wall up and dares men to get near her.
Christine Nectarine
i suspect Jane doesn't really want to marry Roger. she seemed caught of guard and hesitant when he proposed. like he is thinking "this is what my life should have been", and she has been thinking "gee, this is fun!"

so confused about Don, I wonder what is going to happen, and if he will finally be held accountable at work for taking off...he got away with everything on the home front for only so long, maybe it's time the shit is going to hit the fan at the office too. also, I think he is really starting to dwell on what effect his seperation may have on his kids. he looked very contemplative when those 2 children were around.

about Betty's family not contacting her earlier about her father's strokes - they seemed to imply some resentment on the part of her step-mother and her brother that she lives so far away, and is not "there" for her family. maybe this has something to do with it?
My take on Sterling & Jane: he's a marrying man... who cheats. I think the only way he makes his cheating "right" with himself is by staying married. He's been looking for a younger model of his wife for a while, though, and has convinced himself that he's found it in Jane. Once he gets over his manufactured feelings for her, he'll cheat on her, too. The only woman who's his true match is Joan, which I think he knows in his heart. (They're both complete mercenaries when it comes to relationships.) Joan is smart enough to avoid him like the plague. Not that she's making the best decision with her fiance, though.
I finally saw this episode (online, because my cable was being stupid). I'm soooo curious to know who Don was calling at the end under his real name!

I didn't quite get the last few seconds though. Did he send a suitcase back to his house? Ohhh, I can't wait for next week!

Also, I loved the look on Sal's face when the European gay so casually said that he was gay.
Christine Nectarine
yeah, what happend to Joan's fiancee anyway? have we seen him lately?
excellent observations thirtiesgirl!
Re: the suitcase...the airline lost the suitcase so when they found it they sent it to his home address. I thought that was an interesting shot of the suitcase just sitting there. Is this week's episode new? I don't remember them having a "next time on Mad Men" promo after last week's epi. Usually AMC plays commercials like crazy for a new episode but I haven't noticed any...although I haven't exactly had time for TV this week.
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