Hey all,
I just wanted to fill you in on what's been going on here at bust.com (and bustmag.com, for now). Much of the original bust.com site was built way back in 1995 - 1997, and was sort of a Frankestein monster, kluged together from all kinds of different scripts and programs (including the program that runs the lounge). This meant that anytime we wanted to update anything, it took forever, and it was very difficult to add new functionality to the site. As a result, I've spent the past 3 months trying to find a solution that would allow all the parts of the site to work well together, and that would make updating and adding new things a breeze. I finally had that done last Friday -- everything was much better connected - barring unique logins for the lounge and the rest of the site -- and so it launched. Unfortunately, the new system drew so many web resources that it essentially brought our server down. That's why, after you saw the redesign here on the lounge, it also basically became unusable. As a result, I turned the site off for the weekend while I worked on moving everything to our own dedicated server. I turned the lounge back on for you guys yesterday, but it was premature -- only about half of all of the > 135,000 posts had transferred over. Transferring a file of that size proved to be quite a difficult task, but as of late last nite I finally had found a way to get it done.

That brings us to today. The rest of bust.com is almost ready on the dedicated server, with a few outstanding issues, which I will be getting to today. I turned the lounge back on sooner than the rest because I know how many of you really depend on this space being available. That said, once the rest of the site gets here we may experience performance issues again - if that happens, please be patient, I will work hard to make things run more smoothly. Also, if you run into any issues here at the lounge, PLEASE post them in the 'having problems with our web site' forum so that i can address them as soon as possible. By the end of today, hopefully, this site will be found the usual way via bust.com or at www.bust.com/lounge

xxxooo Lounge Lady Sr.