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Full Version: Yay! My First Thread Hehe
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This is my first thread everyone lol im excited!
You've got to be kidding me.
I think Polly was right when she just preemptively "ignored" you.

this does not bode well for your time here in the lounge...

is this some kind of joke??
nope. *snicker* it's not...*busts out in fall on the floor laughter*
so is this troll behavior? should i be hitting my ignore button about now??
what and miss out on all the fun and laughs? are you kidding? *snicker*
And what a complete waste of time and space your first thread is. It's not even relevant.

I smell eau de troll and attention seeking behaviour.
oh now, culture. don't be so hard on candy. she could have listened to people telling her to ok her threads in the community forum first, but apparently she didn't think it was important. tsk.

i think, hehe, baby's first thread is kinda cute.... lolz... in a bat boy kind of way...*snicker*

all though, i have to agree, it reeks of trollitude.
This has def gotta be trollitude. At first I thought it was somebody that didn't know better, but then, no. Too blatant. If it walks like a troll, lives under bridge, etc. Glad to know they get KIIS under bridges these days.
GT, you're all about the bat boy lately, aren't ya? laugh.gif

Trollitude implies malice. I think this is just blatant, almost intentional obliviousness. I could be wrong though. I haven't gotten any PM's to tell me different!
I think this was intentional obliviousness. If a body lurks for fifteen minutes, they see that most people here don't just "have" threads all their own & that most threads/posts aren't wholly frivolous affairs. They see that there is method to our madness. The odd person might start their own thread, but after a polite explanation of the "rules" they usually apologize & carry on.

I think of it as trollitude because while it may lack outright malice, it's still intended to annoy us all. I doubt I'll block CMD, but I'll probably ignore her on my own unless she comes correct.

GT, this is one of those days when I wish we had a Soupy Sales around here. We need pies, STAT! I want chocolate creme!

ETA, I can think of only one repeat offender of the thread starting crime, who is obviously in PR. But her other posts were fairly well thought out, if I recall correctly. Oh, & Steve, but he's a total ass so whatever.

I notice nobody's posted about the rules in here, so I shall reiterate.

CMD, it isn't kosher to start a new thread without vetting it in the Community Forum first. We are a self-moderated board & like to keep down the clutter, so just starting a thread because isn't cool. 'kay? Next time ask us old hands about it.
oh come on, polly, how can you not love this ugly mug:
besides someone's got to keep track of the little beast, since the weekly world news isn't around to tell us he's hijacked some plane to Kirikiri.

*sigh* i 've been thinking about trying to break him out of the penn. the country was a better place when batboy was on his 27 state crime spree. when he came thru seattle we made signs and hung out by the highway with our little hibachi. it was a bawl.

i think it's steve but no pms, so...

ETA:i think it's one of his wait until later accounts. you know the first wave we block, then he'd use his second... meh.. either way this is a TON of fun! and aural i'm going to get them pies now!
God, I miss the World Weekly News.

If it is Steve, where are the fake pictures and the bible verses?

I think this is just someone's idea of a joke, or else someone thinks they can be a "rebel" here. Anyway, it smells slightly trollish.
It's still online! I'm standing by with a bottle of chilled vodka & olives.
There was a play at Fringe this year about batboy.

Batboy's reign of terror! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha.
oh ya. he's got quite the cult following.
Thanks, aural. smile.gif

Being near a fountain that spews alcohol sounds good about now...
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jul 29 2008, 03:38 PM) *
so just starting a thread because isn't cool. 'kay? Next time ask us old hands about it.

and I quote " 'kay? "

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

AP!!! I love you!!!

You, GT and CH are like my mentors in life!!! I strive to be like you ladies.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jul 29 2008, 02:38 PM) *
ETA, I can think of only one repeat offender of the thread starting crime, who is obviously in PR. But her other posts were fairly well thought out, if I recall correctly. Oh, & Steve, but he's a total ass so whatever.

Are we talking about the one with the TV show threads? Ugh, that drove me nuts!
uh can i admit i LURVE IT when busties hijack silly threads? rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif now we need to start talking about cack!
Oh, yes, Polly I am speaking of "Hey everybody, let's watch Greek!" No matter how many times we gave her the 411, she kept on keepin' on. I wanted to beat her about the head & neck! GRRRRR!

GT, CH, it looks like we might have a friendly anal intern in LMP!
i couldn't harm pugs. i just want to pet her, and love her and hug her, and keep her in my pocket!

i thought y'all where talking about our former resident meth addict, kickitkickitkickitki... you get the idea....
I'm confused. Who wants to hurt LMP? I was making a crack since CH is the CEO of the BBB, we need an intern.

I considered kickitkickitkickit . . . but I think she was legitimately stupid. Really. I don't think I've ever seen one person be asked to clarify her posts more. Such asshattery. Then I considered the one that offered free psychic advice & then went nuts on us in the Busting Pies thread.
Did someone say pie??
um.. ok, aural, i am ready to has your internets babies. (but i wish you'd stop making me laugh) ok, cancel that. oh. no hurting the pugs? i don't want to hurt the LMP. cos man, you don't walk away from that. the little pugs swarm. chew off your ankles. it's not pretty.

ok. then i am down for the pugs internshipping. where are we sending her?

hi 30's!
ladies...i'm already and intern and one internship is about all i can stand. i'm glad to be included however.

i know it's usually pie around here but seriously!!!

i want some Peanut Butter Cookies


Pugs, you're great! Ooooh cookies, it's been years since I've had peanut butter cookies

AP, what's on earth is BBB??? I'll bet it's something obvious, but I'm not at the top of my game.

And I have to say Tea Tree Oil works wonders on Mosquitos bites and ezcema (sp?)

I remember kickit times three.

wait, you don't remember what bbb is?

kee-rist! you're supposed to be the CEO of it! this is not good. if this gets out there might be a hostile make over!

bbb is the bust butt buddies.
We keep a cookie scented candle going on the desk here at work and it didn't bother me until I really, really, really want some cookies. Anything I buy at the store just isn't going to suffice. Maybe I'll cheat and get cookie dough on the way home and make some tonight. Not the same as from scratch, but better than nuthin'.
Ohhhhhhhh that's right, it's all flooding back to me now!

I now recall that entire clusterfuck, too.
heh... you're all about the floods.

nah it wasn't as bad as a clusterfuck. but enough of that! we've got cookies!!!! and in even better news, sock munky is going to come back to me! i hearts me some sock munky!
Oooh, peanut butter cookies sound good, adding chocolate chips sound even better, or maybe finding that monster cookie recipe my mom has around here.

I wonder if I make them, if anyone would eat them...

I love you all. wub.gif That is all.

*grabs a PB cookie and sits to watch the fun*
woohoo! good wholesome entertainment! and cookies!
there is no greater food combo than chocolate and peanutbutter.
lilac, get on it! cuz I will eat them.
wait... we have to do wholesome entertainment? fuck. there goes my repitoire....uh...oops?
aural, culture? do you guys do wholesome?

aw fu.....udge.... fudge. i know you don't. i'll call the magician...

*tiptoes over to get 3 of each cookie, shoves them in her pockets to find melted later as she takes out her cell phone*

wha what? this isn't wholesome? damit! i thought when ever cookies were involved it was automatically wholesome. well shit! guess i'll have to settle for cookies ans totally not wholesome entertainment. woohoo!
I could make the cookies penis and vagina-shaped to dirty things up a bit, maybe throw in a few boobies.

Don't worry, there will be a few regular cookies for those who want wholesome. biggrin.gif
*snickers* bad busties! bad! bad!
Wholesome? Does this mean I can no longer pull the "100 rainbow handkerchiefs from my butthole" trick? Cos that one is pretty awesome. I suppose we could switch 'em to my vajayjay & call it the "Miracle of Birth" . . .
well if it doesn't have to be wholesome then all bets are off.
omg! i forgot you could do that aural!
(and i can't believe the things you do with your vajajay, like that whole 'speed cups' thing that the kids do now... goddamn that is a talented cooch. and i thought culture's was good when it kicked my ass playing halo on her new xbox..... think all my dingus does is pee. hmph. what a rip off.)

*hops around like she's on speed*
ooh! ooh! do the deluxe version where the rainbows and bunnys and kittys and puppies and doves fly out while you 'toot' god bless america!

that one's the best!

oh shit! this could totally be "busties (vajajays) got talent!" like that show on tv!
Oooooh! Oooooh! Can I use an extra large novelty kazoo instead of farting & maybe mash it up with "Yankee Doodle Dandy"?
QUOTE(missladyj @ Aug 1 2008, 12:39 PM) *
there is no greater food combo than chocolate and peanutbutter.

I'm going to have to argue that chocolate and banana tie for first (I mean, who can argue with this?!?!?), followed closely by chocolate and mint. With chocolate and cinnamon taking third place.
Um, I can. And I can argue voiciferously. I hate bananas. That's why I like funnel cake. Fairs usually have both. And a variety of meats on sticks!

Oddly, I don't like peanuts, either. So, I guess my vote would go for mint. Or more chocolate. With some caramel.
Hmmmm culture and wholesome?? Unless I'm playing in a scene, those are two words I wouldn't use in a sentance.

and my vagina can make a mean playlist for your ipod.

Oooooh, I like bananas, but only when they are still slightly green. I HATE HATE HATE ripe bananas, they taste too banana-y and smell too banana-y. Blech, reminds me of baby food.
ladies *bangs a gavel* ladies!

is this going to devolve into a brawl about what is better with chocolate (it's clear the answer is mint), when we've got all these talented hoo-hoos to show off? there is a whole world on it's knees, hungry to learn of the wonders of bustie vajayjays!

ps, culture tell your vagina thanks for putting me up on stereo total, funny french pop music! your puss is so continental! i'm curious if it's bilingual too...
Ok, not to be gross, but my vahayhay just said "que lastima" because my backside's got the bubblefarts from drinking too much Thai tea, and now the front door's blowing bubbles, too. Maybe I need to give it a cookie. Help settle its stomach, you know.
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