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Full Version: Yay! My First Thread Hehe
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*pulls up a chair and hands thirties girl a cookie*

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. busties at their best!

psssssst! gt! yeah, you! everyone knows that raspberry is the best combo with chocolate!!

Ginger cookie! Ginger tea with a bit o' cream!

DoooooD! CH! I want a pussy playlist! My iPod is sad & my Britney can only do parlour tricks.
my pussy can breakdance. she is such a badass B-girl or is that V-girl?
This is all I gotta say. ohmy.gif
* inspired by polly's "singing puss" singing "puss", runs in throws down cardboard sheets for tha breakdancing lady-j puss, dressed like a b-girl, door knocker earrings, hat sideways, shell tops and an overcoat way too warm for this weather, holding up a beat box john cusack/say anything stylee, playing love of my life worldwide by eryka badu. 30's girl climbs up on a ladder, her front door providing "bubbly atmosphere" to the scene*

aw shit! i gotta see that, lady j!!!!

*holding sides from laughing so hard*

"my puss can lead to fantasia
your puss need euthanasia"

margaret cho ROCKS!!!!

muito thank you, polly (i'se missin me sum sock munkey, grrl!!!)

That line about my puss has jewelry... this is an actual possibility. I have heard about something called the diamond wax in which, after your pussy is waxed to nakedness, it's decorated with sticky-back Swarovski crystals. Like it's a cell phone or jeans you can be-jewel. Who knew? I have to say, though, that might get kinda itchy after a while.
and at first, I thought you were talking about your cat...
you mean she WASN'T talking about her cat???

* quizzical look *

No... heh. The line in the Margaret Cho video about 'my puss has jewelry' or something. I'd NEVER shave my cat! ...Or my puss for that matter.

...Unless you guys are just yanking my chain. Not hard to do, it must be said.
Chain, meet yank.

I halfass watched a Ben Stiller movie last weekend where the girl had an alarmingly hairy bush with what appeared to be some kind of doorknocker clitoral piercing. It was the only part of the movie where I huffed out a tiny breath that in some cultures could have been a laugh.
<snork> I love this thread...I just HAD to show Bear the My Puss song. Which lead to the My Dick song...Bear saw an entirely new world today, Hehe.....

AP, that sounds hilarious!!!

*passes around Mojitos to all the kewl Busties*

Did somebody say mojitos?
For TreeHugger

For Tes

I got all ya bitches beat, my vagina eats men after I'm done fucking them. Most of the time. The really good lovers I keep around.
(sardonically) yeah, but can it whistle dixie?
Meh, my vagina likes to nap. A lot. She would like some nice lover to come visit, but she's picky and there isn't any one around to meet her standards.

The jewelry is something she'll pass on, thanks.

Margaret Cho is awesome.

*grabs a pitcher of mojitos and starts to drink*
Wow. This went from "Hehe!" to outright mocking CMD, to cookies, to butt buddies, to pussy jewelry/tricks, to the mini chocolate debate, to booze, to vagina dentata. Who knew this would be where this thread ended up?
Oh my vagina is all about bling.

It can't whistle dixie, but I can.
I put "vagina bling" into Google as a larf. From Feministing to this . . .

That logo takes the porn stereotype of a tight pussy to a whole other level. Had I known I could homegrow diamonds, I'd have stuck a lump o' coal up there a long time ago.

I wish they were still making these.
After breakin all day, my pussy prefers magaritas to mojitos. Maybe someday she'll tell you why she won't drink anything with rum but tequila, that's a whole different story.
Oh my vagina is all about bling.

It can't whistle dixie, but I can!

you do know what i'm thinking after this comment, don't you ch? lol... you dirty whore! tongue.gif

so lady j, can your pussy pop lock, do the worm, the electric slide or prep? i just have to know....

and aural, 8 pages of bustie sillyness... i knew this was gonna get good with that auspicous start. i just didn't know it would go this far.

*passes out pussy cookies and mararitas to all the ladies and their very talented "fine china" with a toothpick for ch's chach, and a pillow for lilac's*
It's too bad I couldn't get a banana with a pussy sign for my avi.

I'm such a dirty bitch! teehee.

ETA...Pic I posted could be construed the wrong way. It was funny though.
oh come on, tree... post it... (pleeeeeeeeze), plus i need to do some practice construin'!

(besides, have you read this thread? busties are a dirty, disturbed lot! (especially that bbb bunch...))

*tries to get the thread to join her feeble chant*
***deleted...too weird for this thread****
Oh, now that was just wrong. I was just gonna pull some scarves out my Britney in a celebration of life & femininity & the mooooon, but no, ya'll took it there. As many wonderful things as Photoshop can do, it didn't need to be used for that!
What is that? Is that supposed to be a pussy? Who on earth would think that's atttractive.

During oral I like having my lips played with and sucked on, if my cooch looked like that, that couldn't be done!

huh.gif mellow.gif huh.gif sad.gif unsure.gif blink.gif unsure.gif wacko.gif
uh... ok, that's just weird.

and if there's one thing i know, it's weird...
*shakes her head as if trying to get a rattle out of it*
This pussy could use some Bling!!!

bling is just the start of what that pussy could use.
Told ya.....heh.

Sorry.......this is why I deleted it the first's gone now.
lol... oh tree.... curiosity always gets the best of me...

*stops and re reads the thread without the link and starts to giggle....*
omg, tree.... now this thread is really funny!
i think you've just bogarted your way into being a bbb!

*cues the theme from "flashdance"*
ahem, now where were we?
ooooh, a BBB induction!

By the way, my cold, icy puss can chill your vodka.
*does a spit take with her mojito*

*runs into thread*


*runs out*
Damn. I missed the weird, inappropriate pic. And pardon my ignorance, but what's a BBB, besides the Better Business Bureau? ...And where's that damn Bongwater "Power of Pussy" clip on youtube when I need to find it?!

*said in high soprano operatic sing-song voice* ~ PUSSY!!!
(It's an in-joke thing with friends who are no longer around... and kinda dumb, now that I think about it.)
aural, are you that lady magician I've seen on youtube who strips and pulls hankies out of her britney?
Oooh a hankey filled hooha, I likey. That'd certainly be something.
I missed the pic, and now I'm genuinely intrigued, as whatever it was seems to have traumatised those who did see it. I wouldn't have thought you ladies scared easily...

It was just really weird.
oh it was more than just nightmares had my pretty pony-mares of their own.

let's just say there was a musical instument, flag waving, the oxyclean guy, a parade float and the blue angels were involved. if it wasn't a car wreck it was the closest thing to it.

.....but on the plus side, it had a terriffic soundtrack. i've been humming that crazy tune all day!
I missed the pic too, and gt's description is causing all sorts of weird images to form in my mind.
trust me, anything your fevered imagination could come up with wouldn't be half as surreal, goofy, tuneful or action packed as what i saw.....

did i mention "jazz hands?"

excuse me, i'm going to go put mouthwash up my nose to try and gargle my brainsis again... i just can't get the pic out of my head....
Soy el hombre de la vagina. Vagiiiiina.
penis penis penis.

Vagina vagina vagina.
Sheela na gig!

The history of the sheela na gig is very interesting. Oh, & vagiiiiina.
I have Sheela in my kitchen!

My friend can't remember her name and calls her Molly McSex laugh.gif
OMG I so want a Sheela. I dunno where I'd put her though.....have to think about that one!


BTW, has anybody read the book "cunt"??? It's pretty good. A little bit "out there" in some respects (I ain't gonna let my menstrual blood drip on the floor-white carpet and all), but in a lot of ways it's pretty feminine-positive.

My puss....could lead a nation....your puss needs flagellation!

(am I making that line up or was that in the video??? I have a hard time hearing things that aren't closed captioned.....)
oh see-- now i'm going to have that pj harvey song in my head....not that i mind.

i am hypnotized by...


tree, i hope you know, i am now traumatized by sausage patties and sweaters, thanks to your damn pic.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Aug 8 2008, 09:48 PM) *
oh see-- now i'm going to have that pj harvey song in my head....not that i mind.

It's a great song, gt!
Yes, it is a great song

I've read "Cunt," and it was interesting, in a good way. Someday I intend to reread it. I actually like the word cunt, it's to the point and sounds like it could kick someone's ass.

And...sausage patties? Geez, there are some sick fucks around here. I mean, the sweaters and the jazz hands with the parade float I can understand, hell, even the oxyclean guy but sausage patties? That is going too far.

Unless it's vegetarian sausage patties, then it's okay.

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