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Full Version: Yay! My First Thread Hehe
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*thinks hard*

hmmmm.... i'm not sure what those things were made of, but i do know how they were used. let's just say in the light of today's events, you might almost say it was a tribute to the olympics.....almost.

*please, mistress, i want to see tree's picture*

did anyone *else* think about the significant of the "pocket book" at the beginning of the sheela video?

you know, something that women carry with them and open them up to put stuff into?

lmp, i want to EAT that. now. you are a goddess.

polly, you are my hero. sheela AND kliban in your kitchen.


um, my pussy really DOES have bling. just not the permanent kind.....
Speaking of vagina bling, I was thinking of sprucing it up for the third time, my only concern is that it might start to look like a gaudy christmas tree.
Or worse, Liberace.
Right, next thing you know you'll be giving it singing lessons.
bwhahahahahah! ap, too perfect!

culture, "like a hot twat on a piano"

*winks at gt*

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Aug 9 2008, 03:01 PM) *
Or worse, Liberace.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with the sparkly one. He was always so gay. wink.gif

BTW, puuuuuuuuuuuuuu-ssy.
pussy want a cracker?
gah! tree i saw a picture of denny's "moons over my hammy" and had a flashback to that awful pic you posted!

that tears it. i'm getting a lobotomy. that pic has "scarified my brainsis" as bush would say. i can't take it anymore! *sobs*
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