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Full Version: Breast (nipple) Issues - Advice And Info Please!
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Sound Of Vision
Hello ladies,

I was at the plastic surgeon's practice yesterday and I was diagnosed with inverted nipples (I knew that before, it was obvious, but officially now.)
That's no big thing, lots of women have it and there are no many complications with operations. But he told me that this kind of operation can cut some of my peripheral milk ducts, and that I might have problems in pregnancy and with breast feeding. He said it's not often but it is a possibility.

I have 2 options: to operate it now with this possibility or after I give birth and I'm sure I don't want to have any more kids (it's funny how he thinks that breast feeding is condition to having a baby - like you can't have it without breast feeding!! And, oh, how am I supposed to breast feed like this, with practically no nipples?! But ok, he's older man, and good in operations so I'll ignore that.)

The thing is, it's bothering me. I don't like how my breasts look like and I'm ashamed of showing them naked. They look like there's something wrong with them and kind of unnatural. Not how breasts should look like. (prolly mass media doing it's work, but still, it's body I live with every day, especially 'female parts') If I wait until I give birth to as many babies I want (the question is will I have them at all) I will be older and this is bothering me *NOW*.

So what I'm asking you is, do you know someone (or some of you even) who had this operation? And possibly had a baby later? Were there any problems, complications with breasts/-feeding? If periphery ducts were cut can milk still go through other ducts? I'm not even sure I want to have babies one day and not sure will I breast-feed them (it's not priority to me and right now I can't really say it's important to me).

I'll google informations but I'd love real life stories. My operation should be scheduled in autumn, so I must make decision.

Thanks for all info you give me!

Sound of Vision, we have a general health questions thread that would be more appropriate to ask your question in. We dont' like to start new threads here without some consensus, and the threads clog up the boards. I'll bump the thread for you.
Sound Of Vision
ok, sorry, I'm not here very often and I never started thread before. I copied it, so you can delete this one. wink.gif

I don't have your problem, but my story may help. (I'm only 20 and don't have kids.)

When my breasts grew, the right one didn't. My left breast was a C38, but my right was... just a nipple. It didn't grow at all. About 4 years ago, I had cosmetic surgery (from a wonderful man who didn't me charge me a dime). On the right side, I got an implant and on the left, reconstruction to make it tighter and more similar to the implanted side... They are completely numb. I can't feel a thing. I will not be able to breast feed. I will have to go back many times in the coming years to have followup surgeries. But, you know what? I like who I am now. Even with the painfully obvious scars, I love my tits. So what, I can't breast feed. Who gives a crap? There are plenty of people who can't and there are plenty of alternatives.

To me, the surgery was worth it. I lost my ability to breast feed, but gained a world of confidence that I never would have known otherwise.

I hope that you're happy with whatever you choose to do.

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