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Full Version: What Do You Eat For Breakfast?
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As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it seems like a lot of people regularly skip it or don't have it at all. What are you ladies (and gentlemen) eating for breakfast? If you don't eat breakfast, why do you skip it?
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FWIW There's a "what i ate thread" over here What I ate
inexplicably in ab-fab..
maybe you can steer the conversation there -- but it sounds like you want to talk im depth about health maybe?

I'm never hungry in the morning, so for me breakfast just doesn't feel as important as lunch or dinner, when I'm ravenous. That's why I skip it. Sometimes I drink a health shake thing though.

Anyhoo, good luck
Well, I had an orange and an apple for breakfast. I love fruit in the morning. I can just grab a few of them and run out the door. It doesn't get on my clothes while I am dashing to work, and it helps m wake up. Love the fruit!!

I ate a banana and two crumpets with raspberry jam as my first meal today...

But that was around 11 maybe? so I wouldn't really call it breakfast in the general sense, only technical (breaking my fast)

I cant break my fast very early...usually not until around 10 or 11, because eating before then makes me feel queezy.
If I skip breakfast...I get really hungry by lunch time and eat way to much. I usually eat a bowl of cereal. I've been eating LiveActive cereal. Has a good amount of fiber to fill me up. Or I eat some oatmeal. I have alot of friends who grab caffeine from a soda and call it a day. I agree with you AsparagusBerry. I have to eat breakfast around 9 a.m. Anything earlier I do feel sick or it makes me want to go back to sleep.
I try to eat healthy in the morning and usually when it's in my house a banana, yogurt and/or whole wheat toast with peanut butter. But when I don't have time, I usually get coffee and an everything bagel with cream cheese, which is the polar opposite.
Hey as long as you put something on your stomach. You do get some fiber in the morning haha.
i lack time in the mornings for breakfast but should really start, i love cream of wheat and oatmeal, that's quick smile.gif
I currently work at home, so I should be able to whip up a different and exciting breakfast everyday, but I'm pretty picky about breakfast foods so I usually have a cheese and veggie salami sandwich on multi-grain bread along with a glass of cranberry juice, and sometimes I have cream of wheat.
I had porridge with original rice milk, with honey and dried banana slices.
I had cranberry juice too.

It was really late... so it was more of a lunch haha.
i rarely eat in the mornings. food just doesn't sit well til i've been up for a couple hours. but i have to make something for the kiddos, so we do a lot of leftovers, cheese sandwiches, whatever the older ones can do for themselves. the little kids usually get cold cereal with rice milk or gf waffles with peanut butter and/or honey.

weekends i go a bit crazy and might make buckwheat pancakes or gf french toast... maybe hot cereal like cream of rice or buckwheat or if i'm feeling ambitious, baked oatmeal or corn meal mush that i make the night before and then fry slices of it and serve with maple syrup. summer might get a fruit salad i make the night before, or fried egg sandwiches.

during the school year my older kids get free breakfast (cereal, fruit, milk) and lunch at school. i know it's not as healthy, but it's free and we are too broke to be that picky!

who me? a novel? nah!!! tongue.gif
Gluten free porridge flakes, soya milk, dried apricots and raisins with cranberry juice smile.gif
I used to be a cereal and lowfat milk girl in the mornings, sometimes with fruit. But since I started having some gastro-intestinal issues, this past year I've stuck to yogurt and uncooked oats in the mornings. It's helped with some of the gastro-intestinal issues, although my caloric intake is higher than cereal and lowfat milk. On weekends, I'll indulge my sweet tooth a little and have cereal & milk.
My sister turned me on to whole grain toast with almond butter and raisins. Thats really good, really quick, and dairy free.
But i am trying to get back int oatmeal myself...
I just had leftover Indian food and some chocolate chips.

Normally I like to eat beans though, since they have protein and fiber to keep me full all morning.
Yesss, almond butter. So good. I usually have it on toast with blackberry jam.

Most mornings I eat oatmeal- there are variations on it though. Sometimes there are diced pears cooked in, or flax seeds, or both. Usually it's topped with plain yogurt and maple syrup, or sometimes cinnamon and brown sugar. Sometimes I throw raw berries on top, or even a big scoop or jam. When I wake up too late I just eat plain yogurt mixed with granola and berries.

And I drink earl gray with honey. Except when I stay at my boyfriend's, then I indulge in a bit of his strong coffee with cream and sugar.
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