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Full Version: What's Worrying You Right Now?
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For me, I'm worried about a rather close friend of mine. It's a long story, but in short, this woman has been much pain and hurt in her life in various ways (thought of suicide several times, and did attempt it once), and I reached out to her some time ago, when everyone else was putting her down. We've communicated back and forth since then, and have tried to reassure her as much as I can, that I do care deeply about and love her, that I would never abandon her and always will be there for her till one or both of us meet our ends. She's very wary to trust or get close to anyone though, because of what has happened in the past when she has done that. She always would end up being hurt in the end, it's jaded her quite a bit.

So last night, we're talking a bit about things, and in waiting for a response by her via email, I decided to lie down on my bed for a bit, while watching TV. Well, I ended up falling asleep for a short time (as often is the case with me), and when I woke back up again, I found she had sent several messages to my inbox. She was all upset, thinking I like everyone else had up and left her during the time I was asleep, which of course wasn't the case. She puncuated her last message, saying she had to go, she couldn't deal with this anymore, the pain and such, and though I did send two messages to her after this (one telling her what happened, and one other one), she never responded to either and has yet to presently.

I called her cell this morning and left a message, reiterating that I had not left her, and never could do that to her, and told her to call me back or email me at some point. I don't know if she has called back or not yet, been at school all day, but I hope she has, or at least has gotten these messages, so she knows that it wasn't as she thought.

I'm really concerned about her right now. I hope and pray she didn't go trying to kill herself again on account of this or something.

So that's what's on my mind at the moment, one thing anyway (little stressed about school as well). What about the rest of you?

ETA: My friend is fine, just emailed me now. She just wasn't feeling well last night, was in some pain. So that's one less thing to worry about for now.
hey deepthink, i'm not sure if you are aware that we normally run across new thread ideas in the Bust community forum. please check there for any new thread ideas.

sorry to hear about your friend. there are other thread that might address why your interest is. once again, it is great to get feedback by posting in the community forum.
No I wasn't aware of that, is there a problem with me posting this here without going there first then?

For the record, isn't completely about me or anything. Sort of thought would be nice for everyone to have a specific thread where they could address whatever is troubling them at a given moment in time.
deepthinker, i for one, think you lucked out that this thread is broad enough and untimely enough (if that makes sense) that it's ok that you started it. we've all got things on our mind and we always will. but, yeah, in the future before starting a new thread, run it past the community forum. that's the one major peeve that we all share around here... the forum tends to get a little murky when people start things willy-nilly. and as stargazer eluded, if you ask first, you can often be directed to an existing thread that pertains to your topic...

that said, you've conducted yourself well in the other thread (i've been lurking) so i don't think anyone will hold it against you. this time... wink.gif

i am incredibly worried about money right now. i mean, i know everyone is concerned with the economy but things are really tough here. i've got a part time job that yields me barely any money and i feel like i spend all my free time working. i work from home, so if i'm not working, i feel guilty. i want to provie for little jackaroo and believe me, he isn't needing anything but things are so tight lately we're wondering if we should just get out from under our house and rent an apartment. it would mean a loss and probably ruin our disastrous credit.

it's really all i can think about. i'm even having tornado dreams again, which always come up when i fear impending doom.

i just hope the job goddesses are listening.
I am also throwing my support behind this thread. Normally we talk about a new thread in the community forum, but I like this thread. It's a good idea.

Deepthinker (do you mind if I call you deep, or perhaps DT?) I am glad to hear your friend is okay, has she spoken to anyone else about her problems with abandonment?

I don't really have a lot on my mind, at the moment, cold medications that act as sedatives will do that. I'm sorry I don't have anything relevant to say right now. There is usually something on my mind though.

FJ, I wish I could help with your money woes. Dreaming of tornados, or storms, usually means there is conflict or stress, which would fit with what you are feeling right now. I feel like I'm totally not helping at all, I'm going to go now.

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Apr 23 2008, 09:48 PM) *

Deepthinker (do you mind if I call you deep, or perhaps DT?) I am glad to hear your friend is okay, has she spoken to anyone else about her problems with abandonment?

You can call me whatever you want too, doesn't matter to me, though DT seems to work well.

As far as her speaking to anyone else, she's posted regularly on a suicide board in the past, and sort of still does I suppose, been a bit of drama there, with getting banned and then being allowed to post again in a limited fashion. But as far as abandonment goes, I'm not sure, she might have talked about this with some family, but couldn't say one way or the other.
I'm worried that I'm getting pinkeye. I'm supposed to go with my family to visit my uncle tomorrow and he wants to take pictures of us. He lives several hours away and this has been planned for a while, so if my eyes are all fucked up, it'll suck, not to mention I won't be able to work in the nursing home and will have to make up hours after everyone else to get my degree.
I'm running for vice president of the engineering club and elections are today. I have to make a speech in front of the entire club and it's advisors and I'm worried I'll stutter something fierce. I didn't sleep at all last night which only makes things worse. I can't eat breakfast cause my stomach is doing flips. I went over my speech and set up a presentation to run in the backround while I'm talking to take some of the pressure off. I hope I beat the miserable bitch who I'm running against. She has such a bad attitude and will only dissuade people from joining.
I really, really wish we could edit the guidelines (and make them more prominent) so it says we don't like new threads. Surely it can't be hard?! That said, DT, it's more because we *can't* delete threads and in the name of tidyness, so don't tie yourself in a knot.

((((pugs)))) fingers crossed for you

((((fj)))) I worry about money almost all the time. I've maxed out my overdraft for the second time since september and I can't afford my uni fees. And I hatehatehate asking my parents for money.

I'm worried about my exams. I worry that I'm too lazy to do anything.
Mr Pugs
Fuckin Gas Prices.....arrrrgh...
((with you MP on the gas prices))

I'm worried about my dad's health and his heart. I'm worried that I may break up with Mcgeek due to the fact that he doesn't seem to care. I'm anxious about my stupid job. I need a new job, but have no motivation lately. I'm fucking loony over meeting Mcgeek's huge clanish family. What if they hate me?

((fj)) money worries...

LMP, how did the elections go??

how about a "what's going right in your life" thread...
QUOTE(Mr Pugs @ Apr 24 2008, 12:51 PM) *
Fuckin Gas Prices.....arrrrgh...

The above is actually a semi-inside joke between Mr. Pug and I in real life. Makes me laugh.

Well...didn't win the election but my interview went fucking great today. I think I totally got the job. I'm thrilled and squealed a bit when I got out of the office and into my car. It was totally girly!! Thanks for asking and the crossing of fingers.

*hugs to all worried busties*
I'm worried about my ankle. It's been bothering me recently and I'm worried that it will interfere with my job this summer. I'm also worried that I won't be able to see a doctor about it before I move (and lose my insurance).

I'm also worried about the move itself, the new job, and how things will go this summer.
I am worried about husband's wrist. As two weeks ago we spent our sunday in the emergency room. I am hoping he doesn't need surgery and will do what the doctor tells him to do.

I am worried that for some unforseen reason i will not be approved for the pay increase once I get my master's. I think I filled out all the paperwork correctly and my program of study matches the plan I filed and all the addendums. I am really counting on that pay increase.
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