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Full Version: Torchwood 101
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Am loving this show right now tongue.gif
I love Torchwood too; we've just started the second series over here. The first episode of S.2 starred Buffy's James Marsden and was fab. All of Torchwood are even more sex-obssessed this time around, but lukcily that doesn't bother me much. Martha from Dr Who makes an appearance later on, apparently.

I wanted to support at least one of your Torchwood threads smile.gif
I'm also loving Torchwood. It's really my fav thing on TV right now and season 2 just started in the US as well. Apparently it's the first time the BBC has done a simultaneous first-run airing.

I just read recently that Russell T Davies is a huge Joss Whedon fan (said he was the "master of television" or something like that), so now I'm seeing all these Whedonisms everywhere in Torchwood and Doctor Who (also watching season 3 of the Doctor now). Torchwood is sorta like a British, scifi version of Angel, but with more sex wink.gif
The relationships are so confusing who likes who etc...
Like when jack came back and told Gwen he came back because of her and then asking lanto out on a date and it now seems that lanto and jack are having sex. Also I think at some point they will put Tosh and Owen together . wink.gif
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