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Full Version: "the List": Things To Do Before I Die....
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This is a question i think about a the end of my life what do i want to have accomplished? Not just career or family-wise, but where i want to travel, what i want to do artistically, and what i want to experience. So far, I have:

1. Get my masters' degree and devote my life to being a librarian.
2. Ride on a train across the country.
3. Get a shiatsu massage.
4. Have (at least) one art exhibition of my own.
5. Publish my novel and short stories.
6. Go whale watching and swimming with dolphins.
7. Build a nest egg and buy my own house in Central TX.
8. When i have a real yard, adopt my own bullmastiff.
9. Read all the books on my list.
10. Find a man I love enough to marry him. Hopefully have a child.
11. Take pottery lessons.
12. Travel to all the places on my list: Marrakesh, Morocco, Portland, Oregon, Mexico City, NYC, London, Glasgow, New Orleans, Italy, and Holland.

That's all i have so far, but i thought it would be a fun thread and I was curious what other people would add to it.
olivarria, it could be a fun thread but please in future run any thread ideas through the community forum first to generate interest. That's the way we've always done it and some of us are stuck in our ways. You'll find that a thread idea can often be incorporated into an existing thread, rather than take up more space (we can't delete threads). For instance, this list could easily have fit into this thread (you could have made your list longer if you wished or whittled down your list to the five main things you want to do before you die). I may have to add my own Bucket List. Oh, and you should totally come to Glasgow; it's a great city.
I think this is a great idea for a thread...I would have approved it!
I always try to stay away from things this morbid, but I think it's a good one.... I would post here and change my mind and post again...and so on
Sorry BunnyB....i completely forgot about the top five thread. i can understand how all these threads can clutter up the boards. Isn't there a movie coming out called "Bucket List" (with Jack Nicholson)?. At first i wasn't sure what you meant by bucket list but then i thought of the movie. I originally made a list in my teens and kept adding to it, and some i have crossed off already (like i met my biological dad). There is a great movie called "My Life Without Me" that made me think of this also. personally i think my list is kinda lame but it can be modified of course as i grow older.....
1. Swim with Dolphins (i stole that from your ^^^ list)
2. Own a 2 seater fast car
3. Go to Fiji
4. buy my mom a huge house
5. Meet and hang out with my Favorite Celebs/Icons (I.e Oprah)
6.Speaking of Oprah i wanna make it on her show!
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