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Full Version: Tattoo Me
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snow white
i've been wanting to get a tattoo for awhile now and i think i'm finally ready to go for it. out of couriosity i was wondering if anyone had any opinions, stories or pictures they'd like to share.
snow white, we actually already have a thread about tattoo's, it can be found here.

In case you can't find anything, just pop into the community forum. Sometimes, due to lack of posting in a thread, it just drops down, but there is usually something.

there is a ton of information in the thread.

Happy reading and tattooing.
snow white
oh ok, i actually went through and tried looking for a tattoo thread but couldn't find it (probably why i made my own). so thanks for the link.
There hasn't been any action for a while, at the bottom of the screen there is an option that you can search every topic that has ever been created. Cuts down on space, but if you are looking for something it kind of sucks.
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