Hi all,

My husband and I are going to go to Burning Man this year, hopefully with a couple of friends too...I was hoping to hear tips from past Burners about stuff to bring, and things to look for, and general help. It sounds to me, from a friend who went last year, like a lot of work, with a ton of payoff! Tickets go on sale Jan. 15 and the dates this year are August 22-September 1. (The week before Labour Day.)

I do have a specific question for those in the know..we have a baby and in August he will be a little over a year old. We are leaving him with my mom and I am concerned about being reached for emergencies as I know cells don't work there. Do you think anyone has ever rented a satellite phone to bring with them? If you sign in at the main "office" or center or whatever it is, will the security/police be able to find your camp to relay emergency messages?

Wouldn't it be GREAT to have a bunch of Busties to meet up with there??? I just know there has to be overlap with these two populations! I am super excited to go..it seems like something you just have to do at least once. (Probably would be just once.)