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Is anyone else getting tired of hearing young blonde celebrity women being talked down constantly?

Why is it okay to constantly scrutinize their bodies, their personal choices, whether it be marriage, divorce, pregnancy, what they wear, the color of their hair, who they go out with?

Why does this same thing not happen to young male celebrities? I mean with the way things go, you would think Ryan Phillipee, Nick Lacheey, Justin Timberlate, Jake Gyllenhaal, whomever would be ripe for the picking.

It seems to me that talking these women down makes it okay for us to be judgmental of women in everyday life. And for men to be as well.

Why do we act as though women are not capable of making good decisions? Or as though we have some right to be all in their business about the ones they do make?

Do men follow our lead? Is one of the reasons men feel it's acceptable to pick us apart and disrespect us because we allow this to go on? We set an example?

I mean ~ what's up? If you ask me, this is totally a feminist issue.
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maybe it can go in this not too-old feminism/pop culture thread??
or even in the feminist outrage thread. this is actually a subject that bothers me a lot too, jan...

eta~well the pop culture feminism thread isn't exactly the same, but whatevah~
Thanks humanist, this discussion has moved over to feminism/pop culture thread...
I am jan,

Yes, I've noticed the same damn thing, and every time I do I get royally disgusted. That's why I won't watch those damnable makeover shows, because these people are ruthless.

As a man, I have to say that I don't look that closely at a woman's every tiny detail on her body. I basically check out the whole thing, and then I try to determine if I'm physcially attracted to her overall. Immediately afterwards I just look in her eyes to try to find out what her heart is like. Then, if I can get up the courage, I talk to her and try to find out if she's got a brain, if her elevator goes all the way up. FYI, my idea of the ideal woman would be close to Madison Michele on the tv guide channel. From my personal and the experiences of my friends, none of us are anywhere NEAR as critical of a woman's appearance as women themselves seem to be.

More and more, I've noticed the constant hammering women are enduring to make them all physically identical. It makes high school with all the crushing peer pressure I endured look almost quaint by comparison.

I don't know what to say to you. I really don't know what I could possibly say to help anyone feel better or help stop this kind of behavior. I feel pretty helpless about it.

I'm gonna go play a computer game and distract myself, otherwise I'm gonna get pissed again.
Hey funk, this discussion has moved over to feminism/pop culture thread.
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