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Full Version: General Anxiety Disorder
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I have general anxiety disorder. Living with this sucks BIGTIME!!! Is there anyone else who has this that is not depressed just always nervous? I am happy with my life but I tend to over worry about things that probably don't have a chance happening. I worry about someone breaking in my house everyday and what I would do if it happened. I lay awake at night thinking about this stupid stuff. I hate to be alone. I have panic attacks almost everyday even though I take medicine for it. It is starting to get out of control and I just want someone who understands to talk to. If anyone can help or just wants to talk let me know. sad.gif
Brandils, we try to keep new threads to a minimum. There is already an OCD/anxiety thread and you can find it here. I will also bump it for you in the OBOH section.

Next time, if you can't find a thread about what you want to talk about, ask in the community thread; we're self-moderated, and aren't keen on new threads being started. If a thread is quiet, it drifts down to the bottom, and sometimes the titles aren't clear. Someone in the community thread will tell you where to look.
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