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Full Version: The Jena Six
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anybody going to watch the two families talk to dr phil about it today? i'm on the road so i may miss it but i hope to catch it if possible. from the horse's mouth... or jack ass's mouth as the case may be.
GirlyGag, you don't live here cool.gif .

And so the the bell has tolled...Michael Bell will be tried as a juvenile thus won't have his life written away by the stroke of a pen.
For those of you who want facts so much: the lead witness, Jessica Hooter, doesn't remember agreeing Michael Bell swung first...because in fact Shaw swung first and someone said Barker was knocked out upon impact. There is only one of the ten, and then four, witnesses that can name the attackers above 3 persons. Which is why I said six was ridiculous. Not because I wanted to say it was "more fair" being 3-1 rather than 6-1, just that the story stunk. (not from nothing...if 6 people wanted to kill someone, they'd do it. That's just from me to you, and so attempted murder was ridiculous from go...and the reason for the march on Jena)
While the trial was going on the Barker family had dinner with the original ten witnesses. Some like to call it "memory enhancing." Me? Well no one asked but I call it bullshit.
The highschool coach was never called to the stand and he had the most credible testimonies. Look it up (if any of you still actually care about justice) his name is Beny Lewis. Will be the first to say bystanders stepped on Barker, because they were scared and didn't know what was happening...which is also a reason to suspend the 6 (or three of the six, if you asked me, for starting a riot)
The Jena school gets kids from other schools every year. There are two junior high schools that unload into Jena highschools and they are all white...the kids who hung the nooses were from these schools and thought they had a "backing" to pull the noose incident. (when actually if you think about it, they did have said backing)
How come no one else is talking about any of this?
Nevermind, just wondering if anyone else is grinning about the thought of that ink-pen up DA Reed Walter's ass?

In ending I have a couple more quotes from Grand Wizzard Reed Walters-
"The only way - let me stress that - the only way that I believe that me or this community has been able to endure the trauma that has been thrust upon us is through the prayers of the Christian people who have sent them up in this community," Reed Walters.
(the trauma thrust upon him and Jena is what he refers to as the predominantly black march on Jena this past weekend--side note: my roommies and friends were there, hee hee)
""I firmly believe and am confident of the fact that had it not been for the direct intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ last Thursday, a disaster would have happened. You can quote me on that." Reed Walters
(what Walters means by this is divine intervention was the sole reason all those black people responded respectively while walking about that Jena town)
Gotta ask...are there still any questions?

I say it from Jackson Avenue of the pretty-good city of New Orleans this Buster is sipping the grape juice and happy as all-get-out!
But have to offer this one little deterance from the joy I feel--it's 2007 and we're still fighting.

Tank, it was childish because I read it the wrong way and jumped. I apologize. For the rest of you loving busties...hey, what can I say? Other than I live here and was always going to post about it the way I did. Re-read my posts if you still think there's a gripe to be had, message me about your problem. Sure, I wasn't as bust as I should have been in some parts of sentences, and it may have seemed off the societal norms in other parts of the sentences...but then again I live here and if it weren't for me then who was going to post about it? Think of it as me giving everyone some fun with my antagonistic low-class banter cool.gif

Not from nothing...thank you, Al Sharpton.
You're a modern day Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, I love you.
Doxy, I'm curious if you are suggesting that none of us seem to know about the issues of tensions between people of different races simply beacuse we don't live in close proximity to you?

And what exactly do you mean by "our lot"?

I can tell you that racial tensions are not something which is confined to a certain geographic area. In fact, I invite you to come and talk a little walk through what is considered the "core area" of this city, then you will see first hand the issue of race and some racial tension which exists in this city as well as any city on the planet. If you seem to think that racial tension is confined to the deep south and Lousianna, that's a rather skewed outlook. Should I start to list off historical incidences in which issues of race turned violent or would that even be relevant because I didn't live there? you don't need to live in a certain area to understand the issues of racial tension, racism, bigotry, social and judicial injustice, because it happens everywhere.

Further, my understanding is that Girlygirlgag lives in Los Angeles. Two words; Rodney King.
I live in Cincinnati. The town where police officers had a propensity to shoot unarmed black men and kill them, thus starting a two day riot, with week long curfews and major heartache for years afterwards. Timothy Thomas.

So, Doxy, I don't care, Louisianna can fall into the ocean, crosses blazing and all (though Ohio and Indiana have the highest population of Klansmen in the country), I won't care because I don't live there.

Me and my "lot" will just leave you to your opinions and views. Never will I dare to try to enter into any kind of discourse with you again. Unless, of course, you chime in on situations happening outside of Louisianna, then I will be there to cheerfully remind you that, you don't live there, so you can't possibly have an opinion on the matter.

Hugs and Kisses,

G3 and her "lot".

PS: Bite me.
Girly, where in the hell did I get that you were from Los Angeles? Regardless, since we are of the same "lot" I guess I just don't get it.
I had made references to riots before, so you probably just ASSumed. Typical of our "lot". wink.gif
I do believe that is correct. Thank you fellow member of said "lot"
Obviously you do care, and I'm glad you do.
Only posting because I'm so use to the morons out east saying they can't wait 'till California has enough earthquakes to push it out to it's funny to hear loving sentiments about Louisiana falling into the ocean.
Ah well, I was drunk and too happy to post the good news, a little too imaturely...not from nothing I'm still happy.
Bit you g3, tasted good.
I do apologize for being so bitter and antagonistic (though I'm sure it won't matter as I won't have my apology accepted, sadly) but walking around listening to people's sentiments really brought me down.
Racism is everywhere. Never thought it wasn't, just didn't think anyone posting in this thread knew everything and just heard and read everything instead of living here and breathing it. And I know all about Cincinasty, and think it sucks...though I dig Clifton Proper.
I edited the previous because even though I was an idiot and posted like an idiot, I don't care to have the remaining posts take this direction rather than commenting on the idiot DA Walters. Though I still think I'm an idiot and so should you.
Love you guys and even though I've dropped some "like" points here's to a little justice being served and a great result after a movement of a lot of Americans leaving their towns to come down here and stand up for other fellow Americans.
Mos Def it was fantastic meeting you and I do apologize for not heeding your words (he actually said what brought him down about the march were the people who didn't know how to say what was on their mind without looking like fools...and I quote because for some reason I won't forget it, "...just go home and re-group, if you're not ready to say anything yet, just go home and take a nap..." It was funny to hear him say "nap", probably what I should have done rather post at 4am with some Merlot (don't frown upon my drinking the Merlot, I liked Sideways too, just don't think it's a grape we should give up on yet wink.gif )
Love your lot, Culture and G3, I'm sorry.
meh. i think location is a huge factor. what flies in seattle won't work for a second in other places, and vice versa. i've been in cities where the racsism was palpable, wash, dc. new orleans, st. louis, atlanta. but that is to my seattle living ass. but i know the racsism round here, and in the bay area, and colorado. and local knowledge ALWAYS effects things. all riots in all cities are not the same, there are stories of things that went on locally that feed into the way people act and react. they had an amazing documentary about some riots in new jersey i'd never heard of, but as they counted back the events leading to the riot, it made perfect sense for the peeps in the city to go balistic.

i think we need to be very careful about universalizing our experiences, and saying "we know" how things are somewhere else in the country. that local knowledge that doxy relates gives us a deeper context. do i think that she could have been more diplomatic? sure. but let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. in many ways i share her frustration with things i've got to say on the matter being dismissed, as if, someone else knows better, and they've just patted me on the head patrionizingly.

if i know american racism, say, what makes me think i can go down to south africa and tell them what to do? sexism in the us, isn't the same as it is in the third world. they are contexual. with different signifyers and signs. that was one of the lessons of 3rd wave feminism. and i think this lesson applies here.
heh..I was trying to reply and my internet was wonky...and by the time I got back here GT said it so very eloquently I can almost not bring myself to attempt a reply.


I have to say, doxy, I can see where you are coming from. I don't live in New Orleans, or Louisiana in general, but I have a friend who lives in Bunkie, Louisiana and I go there once a year...and I've seen the racism there. It's much, much more blatant and pervasive there. We have racism here too, in liberal liberal it's considered the Berkeley of the midwest...we have it here but it's much more hidden.

Sooo..what GT said. I can't generalize because I don't live there. I've gotten a little taste of it, and it's ugly. But racism is ugly's just more subtle/hidden here.

And...I also wanted to touch on what GT was saying last night about everybody having some racism in them. I experienced this firsthand. I always thought of myself as the most open-minded person I knew. I still think I am, in my immediate circle of friends.


I was in the market for condos and I was looking at stuff little "big for my britches" (I was mislead on the value of the house I was selling and thought I could afford at least $50,000 more than I could.) I was looking at, for the Midwest, upper scale condos. Rich, nice stuff, in nice neighborhoods. So, my realtor took me to see a FSBO in the BEST neighborhood in this city...a very, very nice place, with granite countertops, maple cabinetry, a beautiful view of the Capitol, etc.

And...we walked in and the seller was a Black man. And I was a bit surprised. Not in a bad way, more of an impressed way. Because this was truly a beautiful condo, it could have been in Metropolitan Home magazine.

But, I realized later, that I was impressed because I had a lesser EXPECTATION of what black men can/can't achieve. So, I'm ashamed of myself for that. I wouldn't have been nearly as impressed if it had been a white man as the owner.

But...(yes, there's a lot of BUTTS in this post)...I am also proud, cause part of evolution is recognizing racism and trying to overcome it. Not to sing my accolades or anything...but I was pretty shamed to realize that I do have some prejudices and some racism...and I thank that guy for making me aware of it. And it's something I'm going to be more aware of in the future.

And, I'm so proud of that guy for having such a beautiful home!
I'm reading this thread with interest. Doxy, I also see where you're coming from and appreciate you starting a discussion on the Jena Six.

GT, I agree with much of your most recent post. Um, you should know that doxy is a dude, though. smile.gif

'I think location is a huge factor. what flies in seattle won't work for a second in other places, and vice versa. i've been in cities where the racsism was palpable, wash, dc. new orleans, st. louis, atlanta. all riots in all cities are not the same, there are stories of things that went on locally that feed into the way people act and react.'

I agree with this completely, because of what you said next. It is important to be as precise and specific as we can be when talking politically IMO.

i think we need to be very careful about universalizing our experiences, and saying "we know" how things are somewhere else in the country.'

'if i know american racism, say, what makes me think i can go down to south africa and tell them what to do? sexism in the us, isn't the same as it is in the third world. they are contexual.'

And ditto to this as well. I've visited South Africa and racism there is a whole different animal, as is their public response to the legacy of apartheid. There is a hugely positive agenda in anti-discrimination practices there, but there's still an enormous inbalance, as there would be in a country where racism was essentially sanctioned.

Racism, like a virus, mutated into different forms in the UK, in Ireland, in scandinavia and across the US. That's why discussions like this, which highlight aspects of a particular example of racism for people like me to read about are valuable.
GT, Um, you should know that doxy is a dude, though. smile.gif

really? oof. i suppose i should have egg on my face, but i've been doing that a lot lately, even irl. it seems in addition to being a racist, sexist, homophobic black tranny dyke, it seems i think all boys should be girls....
Not once did anyone say it is the same all over the country. However, saying that a person can't have an opinion on a matter, because they don't live there is dismissive and ignorant.

Bah, what evs.

I mean, Al Sharpton doesn't live there, but he certainly has an opinion.
and i didn't say you couldn't have an opinion. please don't take it as an attack on you, or what you said. chica, if anything i'm trying to mediate what you are both saying. i'm not the enemy. i just think we need to look at this taking different things into account.
Sorry girlygagger, never said you couldn't have an opinion because you, or anyone for that matter, didn't live here.
Guess that means I'm not dismissive or ignorant then, thanks. It's almost looking the other way around at the moment...almost wink.gif And yes, Mr. Sharpton does have an opinion...a pretty damn good one.
No Justice, No Peace!
hey doxy. i thought i'd drop you a note. harry sherer (spinal tap, simpsons) was on our local seattle radio talking about new orleans. he was talking about how politics are different down there. he was talking about how after the katrina whites in general hated ray nagin, but he said, many of the old guard whites voted for him anyways he said "because they still couldn't forgive his repubican rival's father for desegregating the city capitol. umpteen years ago."

wow. things are really different down there, and like i said, racism doesn't follow universal rules, it changes it's tatics depending on environment. every place is different.

catch you on the late, late, kid...

(ps x-posted in the 'nawlins thread)
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