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Full Version: Shameless Self-promotion Part Deux
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Hey, STLers! St. Louis Craft Mafia is putting on our very first craft fair!! It's called Crafta Nostra, and it's being held at Cooperella Cafe in Maplewood. From 7 to 1 pm, you can come shop our crafty wares - apparel, jewelry, tees, artwork, prints, paper goods, accessories, punk rock baby gear, toys, and more - all handmade with crafty goodness!

You can also meet members of Etsy-Lou and the Arch Rival Roller Girls! Enjoy our live DJ and have a drink at the bar while you shop the best handmade items on the indie craft scene!

Check it out at Crafta!!
Well... since this thread is here... I might as well...

Read our blog (me and Jezebel, who is also on here)... It's fun! wub.gif
Hey, forgive me for double posting, but I'm part of the STL Craft Mafia, and we're putting on a DIY style craft fair blowout this Saturday.

Come see us, y'all! We'll be giving away FREE gift bags, the ARRG girls will be there, and there will be music and cheescake and liquor. Kids are welcome, it starts at 7pm, and the most important part? Admission is freeeeeeee.

For more info, check out
This is actually quite embarassing, but a friend of mine is a wrapper. He's promoting himself all over the place, but he's only got about 50 page views for his music, so I figured "Hey, BUSTies always come to your aid." I was thinking maybe you guys could just like, click on it and then leave. You can listen to some of it if you want, but he's probably the biggest wigger I know. The best piece is "Land of the Free." It's actually pretty good, but the rest are either A. Bad or B. Offensive.

Thank you, ladies. I heart you all!

The URL is Vyris OKC's Finest (It's a Myspace)
hi, i have to write a paper and i have an 11 item survey for which i need participants.
the link is
if you could please please take it, i would be ever so grateful. thanks!!
(dbl. sorry)
hi, glowy!

just wanted to welcome you back, i've missed you!

also, wanted to let you know that i've taken your survey.

fyi: while i answered most questions as "average", what that means is that i am just as likely to do something if a person were to have that particular characteristic as i would any other person.

the real answer is almost always, "it depends". in other words, if the person were qualified, if the person was everything else i would want in a "good neighbor", bla bla bla. does that make sense?

in other words, it would be about as important to me as something else that could be controlled, such as epilepsy.
hey pink, do you mean rapper? if not then what exactly is a wrapper? a wrapper of what i wonder...

going to take survey now...

may i qualify my survey answers? same as tes, it depends on other factors. it's hard to say just because someone has a mental illness i would this or that... it's a whole picture, no?
glowy, I completed it during the week but wanted to qualify some of my answers too ... my "average" for some questions meant that it didn't matter to me either way. I found your survey interesting and although only a few questions it was thought-provoking. Mental illness has such a social stigma and yet many of us have our mental illnesses, even if that is only depression which is more socially acceptable (to a degree...)
Alotta Errata
Hey ladies, I just posted a blurb on my blog about the use of the word bitch in media (and I guess every day use, but media is what got me thinking) and I'd love some of your thoughts.

you can find it here:

All Skirts from Beqi Clothing are on sale 15% off from now until October 7th! This includes all new items. As if that wasn't enough. all orders over $50 will receive a FREE gift!

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Gluelita - I get it.

I took your survey, but it was a little difficult, because the term 'mental illness' is pretty broad, covering everything from fear of heights to full on psychopathic rage disorder.

I wouldn't mind a neighbour who had mental illness that didn't affect me or my family negatively. However, the more psychopathic/sexually intrusive disorders would not be welcome. Treatable diseases like bipolar and schizophrenia would be welcome by me in a neutral territory like a workplace, but I would probably not bring them around my family too much.

As far as believing someone's bad choices being causation for their mental illness, I would say no with this proviso: some behaviours a person has can certainly aggravate their existing illness. i.e., drugs, religion, refusing treatment, et al.

Is that too nitpicky?
woohoo I placed an order miz thang!
Pepper Wrapper= white rapper ^^
Hey y'all!

I've just added 12 brand new clothing items to the website, including the jacket below:

Check it out at Beqi Clothing! Good Clothes for Bad Girls.
The Dress is More sale is up at Beqi Clothing!

All dresses are 15% off, including the new dresses just added to the site! Also, we've added a clearance section for additional savings on a special selection of merchandise! And as usual, all orders over $50 will receive a FREE gift.

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Hey y'all! The Tops and Jackets are on sale at Beqi Clothing!

Click Beqi Clothing to Check it out!

All tops, jackets, and skirts are now 15% off at Beqi Clothing! Plus, all orders over $50 get a FREE gift. Just in time for the holiday season, we also have gift certificates for all your stylish friends.
i get $10 if you join ! c'mon, creative ladies with cameras....


Hey just wanted to re-plug our blog and ask anyone to enter our CONTEST...

bumpity bump!
Hey ladies! i've recently opened shop and a started blogging. i'll take any and all advice that you all have. My bags are designed and made by myself, 100% me.
If your looking for a new handbag, stop by my site to check out some originals. i will posting some new designs this weekend too.

happy new year!

New Merchandise for Spring 2008!

Come visit me at or

Have a great Monday!

Long time no see, y'all! Come see why I've been so scarce of late. New dresses, tops, baby gear, skirts, jewelry, purses, and of course, sass. smile.gif
hey ladies, trying to promote my website where I sell handmade and vintage stuff. I also sell on ebay. Take a look!

Good luck to everyone on their ventures!
hey lovelies. here it is:

"Everyone please vote. We moved into first place once before, but now we are in second and need you to take a quick moment to click in your vote. You can vote once a day thru February 28. This is for the mobile Fun Center for hospitalized kids that rolls right up to a child's bedside to provide hours of game play and movie watching." These kids could use some brightening up!

Children's Hospital of Detroit needs our support - - - VOTE HERE once a day - - - please forward on

click here:
show the love

scroll down to the map, click on the detroit star, then vote * Detroit, MI > Children's Hospital of Michigan *

thank you in advance!
I voted!

Also, I posted a new sale, the Mod World Sale, on Beqi Clothing. Check it out by clicking HERE!

Fabulous Vintage Fashion
thx bustygirl wink.gif
ps. attn self promo busties. please include direct link to your sites... my lazy ass doesnt feel like doing a copy/paste.
Hi! I have a new (as of January 26th) online boutique with some awesome stuff designed by lots of DIY designers (ok, a couple are men, but most are women!)...

There are vintage-insired aprons, hoodies, wine accessories, scarves, photocuffs, charm bracelets and charms, bikinis and lots more...bath and body..etc!

Check it out and let me know what you think! I'd love some constructive criticism...and of course I'd love some kudos as well! I also have a blog to go with it.

Here are the links:

I am also doing a fundraiser for "Buddy Dog" -- a no-kill animal shelter! Its in April, so if you know anybody in the Boston area, tell them to go! Its a free wine-tasting, among other things.

Hi, sweeties! Our famous Sample Sale is up, and we have items as low as $1.00!! Check it out at Beqi Clothing!

There's my link. Be lazy. smile.gif
I'm a playwright and a size acceptance activist. I have this play I've written, Largesse, that's about a batch of women dealing with issues of size acceptance and weight loss.

It created great discussion at the local theater workshop where it was read BUT no one seems interested in producing the thing...wouldn't you know. So...I'm going anywhere there are other people interested in size acceptance and offering a free license for anyone that wants to produce the thing. You can email me at if you'd like to get a .pdf copy of the play.

On YouTube I'm best known for a video I made to go along with this poem I write called "Beauty" (

You can also find out more about me from my webpage:

That's my shameless self promotion for today! Thanks. Elizebeth
This isn't so much self promotion, I suppose.
My best friend has a Fashion Blog to which she has devoted an enormous amount of time and energy. If you are interested in fashion, particularly of-the-moment high fashion, please go take a look.
The Funk Loft
I, too, am posting for a friend:

My dear friend Jill has been working for the past year on a streaming video site made by women, for women, about sex. And it's great. It's got lots of frank talk about how to get off with a partner, how to get off alone, lubes, toys, sexual health, and pretty much everything having to do with teh sex. And there will be new videos added every week. It's at -- I hope you'll check it out, and that you'll find it as refreshing as I did.
Not posting for myself, not posting for a friend but this is family! My brother has an awesome entertainment blog. Hilarious, sarcastic stuff. He has a weekly Lost update, he does movie reviews and has recently been linked to from He's just hoping for a little more traffic. Check it out if you like that stuff!

Check out our Skirt Sale at Beqi Clothing!
I'm not sure if this belongs here, but there is an online fashion community to which I belong, and this is my page where I have a number of sets. If you love vintage and vintage inspired fashion, you might like my stuff.
My favorite set at the moment is "Strawberry Time", but I'm working on a bunch of others. There's also a tribute to Katherine Hepburn somewhere in there.
hey crino: i'm confused as to how that site works....?
Well, you sign up (register) and you get a profile page where you put together sets. The sets are made up of images saved from all over the internet. You just select and paste them onto your empty board. When you're done, hit "publish". They have more detailed instructions on the website here .

I have some new sets, I like Rock & Roll and Jenkies! for their vintage goofiness, but I loved making Mansion Mystery because it's inspired by my love of Gothic novels.

Let me know if you join, so we can be "contacts"

I'm new here. Hello all. For you artistic gals in NYC who love genre movies ... and especially if you're in the industry of making them, you may be interested in the following.

oh dang! i got parrot trying to feed my typing fingers! Ew. blink.gif It's love.

Here goes:


Support Women Artists Now! laugh.gif


March 29th WAS THE FIRST OFFICIAL SWAN DAY ("Support Women Artists Now"), but the events continue on! ...

...and that includes Mingle Mangle: Horror Filmmakers and Fans' FIRST NETWORKING MIXER FOR WOMEN!!! -


All female artists who enjoy the genres of horror, thrillers, fantasy, and sci-fi are welcome!
(Male friends who support their female counterpart are welcome, but we ask that you please not post on general filmmaking websites.)

Join us in this genre industry networking mixer!

Wednesday, April 16th at 7:00 pm
For location, please contact me, Greygirl (Susan), here or at susie at minglemangle dot org (temporary email)

The mixer is free! We just ask that you support our venues by buying a drink or a soda.

And great news! is going to support our sexy asses! wink.gif

I have been arranging horror film networking mixers for many years now and have been disappointed in the lack of women in attendance. Perhaps we just need to feel comfortable in an environment related to the genre and have something to call our own ... without the stigma of a women's role in the industry, the stigma that keeps women IN FRONT of the camera ... and rarely behind! mad.gif

We want to network where we feel accepted on a creative level, as well as a technical level. We want to join talented women to meet, support, and promote one another!

All interested female artists welcome! Filmmakers, actresses, musicians, screen writers, etc. etc.!!!!!!!!!!! tongue.gif

SWAN Day is a project of The Fund for Women Artists, WITASWAN & You

(Darn bird just got scared from a magazine falling and she almost ripped my ear off!)
This is completely shameless, but I can't help myself, I'm just sooooooo proud!

My little Sis just cut her first album and I had to come brag about it.

come see her on myspace music
QUOTE(deschatsrouge @ Apr 29 2008, 03:40 PM) *
This is completely shameless, but I can't help myself, I'm just sooooooo proud!

My little Sis just cut her first album and I had to come brag about it.

come see her on myspace music

Deschatsrouge, please tell your sister she is amazing, and thanks for passing her music along. I love how raw it is, and she has an wonderful voice.
I'll tell her you said so.
If you are in chicago, I've got two events for ya!

Sunday May 4th 10pm THE LAST NIGHT OF LIVE MUSIC AT THE NOTE 1565 N Milwakee Ave
Live music and deejays. should be a good time

Wednesday May 7th a benefit for a school for kids in Tanzania with live bands. there is no cover and donations are accepted. At Quenchers 2401 Western. show starts at 8pm
We've just posted our Tippity Top Sale, where ALL tops and jackets are 15% off, and orders over $50 get not only a FREE gift, but a rebate coupon good on your next order!

Also, we've lowered the prices on ALL Sample Sale items, with quite a few as low as $1.

If that weren't enough, we've added 11 NEW items to Beqi Clothing, and many new one of a kind jewelry pieces to
We've just posted our Separate Lives Sale, where ALL tops, jackets AND skirts are 15% off, and orders over $50 get a FREE gift!

Also, we've lowered the prices on ALL Sample Sale items, with quite a few as low as $1.

If that weren't enough, we've added 4 NEW items to Beqi Clothing, and many new one of a kind jewelry pieces to Beqi at
Okay, this isn't business related, but I'm posting everywhere I can. I entered a photo of Little Eddie when he was a baby in Jones Soda's photo contest, and if he wins, he goes on a label of Jones Soda nationwide. I think that would be pretty cool, and since he's a pretty damn cute kid, I thought I'd ask everybody to vote for him.

To vote, go HERE.

Thanx!! I'll let everybody know if he wins!

We've just posted our Spring Thing Sale, where almost ALL our Spring 2008 line is 15% off, and orders over $50 get a FREE gift! Additionally, shipping is FREE on all orders over $150.

Also, we've lowered the prices on ALL Sample Sale items again, with most items $12 or less.

If that weren't enough, we've added 13 NEW items to, and many new one of a kind jewelry pieces to
QUOTE(bustygirl @ May 21 2008, 12:33 AM) *
Okay, this isn't business related, but I'm posting everywhere I can. I entered a photo of Little Eddie when he was a baby in Jones Soda's photo contest, and if he wins, he goes on a label of Jones Soda nationwide. I think that would be pretty cool, and since he's a pretty damn cute kid, I thought I'd ask everybody to vote for him.

To vote, go HERE.

Thanx!! I'll let everybody know if he wins!

OMG the child is adorable. He looks like he's flying, so cute.
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