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Full Version: Smoking Dope And Making Babies
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That title sounds so terrible....

I wanted to post this in childless not by choice, but did not know if that was appropriate or not.

Mr. Zelda and I are thinking about starting to try for a baby soon. I don't smoke dope, but he smokes a small amount of pot almost every night before going to bed. He's not a drinker and does not use any other drugs, but this small amount helps him unwind much like I do with my nightly glass of red wine. I'm very fine with it.

My question is, I got all paranoid after doing some internet research (who doesn't) about pot affecting fertility. It made it sound like the sperm of regular pot users acts all crazy and wastes its energy before ever making it to the egg. However, I can't imagine Mr. Z giving up this thing that he enjoys (although of course he would if he had to).

What if we do it before he smokes? Does that make a difference? Or should he give it up completely? Any other BUSTies been in this situation?
hey zelda,
i wouldn't worry about it unless you end up having trouble conceiving -- though some studies show it interferes with reproductive regulation, in the absence of other issues i doubt it would prevent you from conception. why borrow trouble?
however, i'd strongly consider having him smoke outside from now on, or at least when you're pregnant/have a child, to be careful of secondhand smoke. one source i've read says "according to November's Lancet article by Wayne Hall and Nadia Solowij, "Infants exposed in utero to cannabis [may] show behavioral and developmental effects during the first few months after birth. Between the ages of four and nine years, exposed children have showed deficits in sustained attention, memory and higher cognitive functioning."

since the thc-9 will be pretty consistently in his system if he's a regular smoker, it won't matter if you do it before or after he smokes.
zelda: my unconventional advice. i've known people who have smoked, drank, and taken other harmful substances pre and during pregnancy and they had no trouble conceiving. do the best you can, take care of yourself, educate yourself, share your feelings with your partner. but there is no guarantee that being super healthy will produce healthy zygotes, or that being unhealthy will produce unhealthy zygotes. so i guess just realize that any time you chose to conceive you are taking a risk; do the best you can but dont really *worry* about it too much... all you can really do is try. if you get pregnant, great.. if you dont, then see a fertility specialist. yeah?
my partner and i smoke a lot of pot and were having a baby in sept. obviously i dont smoke it right now tho i must admit it was really hard to quit and my cold turkey took a while to cool down. he smokes outside which is crucial for when you do get pregnant. but i doubt if his habit will hinder anything, whats important is that your body is healthy enough.
a lot of people tried to comfort me in my madness of trying to quit in the middle of being terrified of the life change, littered with hormones and dead sober, saying they knew people who smoked pot their whole pregnancy and while breast feeding and they have really relaxed smart kids. (didnt really make me feel better about it...the happy ending is i finally quit) but i'm sure if his sperm has a bit of a buzz your baby will still be wonderful.
good luck!
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