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Okay, I'm not that good at starting new threads. This is only my second one so here goes.

This is a thread to post or discuss music videos that you like or dislike or what not. Thanks to pollystyrene for the thread name.

I'll start.

I haven't seen this video in forever. I found it the other day and remembered how much I really liked it growing up and still like it now. It's Janet Jackson's Anytime, Anyplace video that came out in 1993. The song is off her janet album. My favorite of all her albums. I was 11 years old when this video came out and it was one of my favorites. I realize now that I probably didn't understand and shouldn't have been watching it so young. Probably why I'm such a lusty hornball now. As you can see my parents didn't really keep track of what I watched on tv.
That whole album had a bunch of good videos. If was pretty good too if I remember correctly. She does (or did I guess, haven't seen one in awhile) good videos - must be the Jackson tradition.

Love the idea of this thread.

Okay, fuck. I keep trying to post my favorite Janet video and it ain't working. It's Got Til It's Gone.
oh my cod, everytime i see THIS video, i fall in love all over again.

and, i think some toriphiles will vehemently disagree, but i think THIS video is ms. amos's best.
Crazy - thanks for posting, haven't seen it in a long time but I've always loved the merging of Ed Gorey/Tim Burton styles.

I was watching Duran Duran videos the other day - wow am I showing my age!
Björk - All is full of love is since forever my favourite music video.

It's just so beautiful and yet has amazing special effects.
anna k
I was big into Janet when I was 10. My mom got me her album, and the sexual stuff went over my head (orgasm sounds in Throb), but I loved the sensuality in the music videos for If, You Want This, Anytime, Anyplace, and That's The Way Love Goes.

I've liked recent videos by Feist, Peaches, Scissor Sisters, and The White Stripes.

I watched Bruce Springsteen's Human Touch, because that's my dream slow-dance song. It combines sexuality with rock and a downhome barroom feel to it. I always wanted to wear a 1940s-style dress and get down to that song on the dancefloor in a roadhouse, like "you're my woman and I'm your man" kinda thing. The video's kind of cheesy, with Bruce rocking out on his guitar under a bridge with his leather vest open to show that he's still hott. I like the train scenes, because I like the use of watching people on the train going home late at night.

Beck's "Girl," a video where the scenery folds up Mad Magazine-style to reveal hidden phrases. It reminded me of old Michel Gondry videos, and the song itself sounds happy, but is depressing. It was a really fantastic video that fell under the radar in 2005.

Metallica's Turn the Page: Watching this, I didn't think the woman was an actress, I thought she was a deadbeat stripper for real. Finding out she was Ginger Lynn was a surprise, it's a completely real and heartbreaking performance.

Kylie Minogue's Come into My World: This video is incredibly hypnotic, and I can't resist her cuteness.

Missy Elliott's Lose Control: I found this really fascinating as a video, and loved the sepia-toned section with the prairie dresses and square-dancing to hip-hop. It sounds really simple, but I thought it was really unique.

Favourite Music Videos of All Time

U2 - All I Want is You
Tupac - Temptations
The Chemical Brothers - Elektrobank (Sofia Coppola as a gymnast)
Aaliyah - One in a Million (my favourite song by her, and what introduced me to her style and look of sunglasses, big jackets and sporty pants, and the diamond in her navel when she danced with Ginuwine)
Chris Issak - Wicked Game (Helena, the black sand on her, the beautiful photography), Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing (Laetitia Casta and voyeurism)
Smashing Pumpkins - 1979, Today (reminds me of my grunge days and getting into rock music), Tonight, Tonight (gorgeous and beautiful and hella creative)
George Michael - Freedom 90, Too Funky, Father Figure (I find this one really romantic and dark and sexy and creepy all at the same time)
Christina Aguilera- Dirrty
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Warped
Garbage - Queer (Shirley in b&w just owning the words) Push It, The World is Not Enough (grand and really fantastic)
Meatloaf - I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) (I fucking loved this video as a kid, and adored the Beauty and the Beast glamour factor)
LL Cool J - Around the Way Girl (This video feels so natural, as if LL really went to Queens and videotaped random girls hanging out in the street. They have these cute big grins on their face, and the date in the corner, October 1990, was my birth month, so that made me beam)
Tricky - Christiansands
Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way (Shit, it's been 12 years, but I still think this: at the 1993 MTV Movie Awards, they played this song during a clip of Harrison Ford jumping out of the pipe in The Fugitive, and this song always makes me want to bungee jump or do acrobatics or something really athletic and cool)
This is my favorite vid of the year:

This isn't really a "music video", been its awesome cuz I was there, and it was maybe the best performance I've ever seen. I missed bjork to see these guys, they are that rad:
This video is just really amusing me lately. It's Amy Winehouse looking, well, about as healthy as you're likely to ever see her. And EVERYBODY'S got a bar full of these girls in their town somewhere!

eta: Oh, and here's a CLASSIC I never ever ever get tired of!
crazyoldcatlady- Nine Inch Nails is fucking sexy.

swedishchick - i really liked that bjork video.

QUOTE(anna k @ Jul 26 2007, 09:53 PM) *
Janet (orgasm sounds in Throb), but I loved the sensuality in the music videos

Metallica's Turn the Page

Kylie Minogue's Come into My World: This video is incredibly hypnotic, and I can't resist her cuteness.

Missy Elliott's Lose Control


George Michael Father Figure (I find this one really romantic and dark and sexy and creepy all at the same time)

Christina Aguilera- Dirrty

Anna K -

I too like Throb even more now that I actually get it.

Metallica's Turn the Page is a great song. I don't listen to them as much as I used to.

Missy Elliott's great, I like the song The Rain

Ciara's Promise Get Up Like a Boy Oh

Aaliyah - Oh God!!! Don't get me started listing her great songs and videos. My favorite is More Than a Woman. She's so beautiful. I miss her so.

I agree that Kylie Minogue is very, very cute and I've never seen that video. It's pretty freaking cool. Although, I think it was starting to affect my vertigo. tongue.gif *getting dizzy, seeing more then one Kylie*

Okay, I'm getting carried away. That's it for now. smile.gif

OH, OH!!! One more!

Pat Benatar
So it's pretty sad that I *really* had to think about the last music video that really "wowed" me. Like, who's showing music videos anymore? Oh yeah, YouTube.

I feel like a dork for not knowing about The Dresden Dolls sooner, but that I know about them now is what really matters, right? Right?
Coin-Operated Boy
Coin Operated Boy, version for the Buffy fans
Girl Anachronism (where was this song when I was 15?!?!)

Thanks for that NIN video, catlady- reminds me of what a sexxy mutha Trent is. oh, and at least you *can* narrow down your favorite Tori video. I have about 6 that I love...maybe 8...okay 12....

This is just a small sample of what I like. It's been so long since I actually thought about it!

anna k
I liked Ciara's Promise too. The song reminds me of Prince's Adore and Aaliyah's One in a Million, and I like Ciara's style and sophiscated looks. She's only 21 but she's a very cool pop singer.
Pugs, you rule for starting this thread. My favorite Janet Jackson video is for Pleasure Principle. Her ass looks so great!

sixel - I Love the fuck me pumps that is funny as shit and true!!

swedishchick -The Bjork video was absolutely stunning. Who directed it? the video for Hunter is also super cool.

anna - I totally agree about George Michaels Father Figure

Here are some of my faves. Huh ? Sucka? Who remembers this?

I love the Gorillaz their videos always rule being cartoons and all

and this
Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity is so freaking cool. That's one of Mr. Pug and my's favorite videos. We had to watch it when we found it on ondemand.

Fuck Me Pumps was great. My sister likes her and I showed her the video.

Gorillaz rock. I love Feel Good Inc.

Here is another one of my favorite videos
anna k
Buffalo Stance! I love that song, I like imitating Neneh's accent and keeping up with her raps. "wearing padded bras, sucking beer through straws."
Oh, missladyj, I forgot about that video. Reminded me of how much I love the Basement Jaxx video, Where's Your Head At- ha ha, evil monkeys!

And Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice video with Christopher Walken...did you know the only time they used a stunt double was where he jumps from the table onto the marble floor because the marble would be too hard on his knees?

Another favorite: The Rentals, Friends of P. Yes, that's the guy from Weezer, the drummer, I think.

Sleep Now in the Fire by Rage Against the Machine

ooooo i am mad crushing on this thread already, will be back later to post more but i wanted to say i love that dresden dolls video smile.gif
I feel just like Martha Quinn!

here's my fav Smith's song

another reason to love the eighties

As if we needed any more proof about how PJ Harvey is a total Badass
I think I found my new thread addiction. Thank you Pugs!! That A-Ha video...classic! Do you ever watch Family Guy? Being a child of the '80's, and a fan of that show, this makes me laugh EVERY TIME.

LOVED the Bjork, All Is Full of Love video. As soon as I saw this thread I thought of her old stand-by, and one of my all-time favorites, Human Behavior.

sesame -

that family guy video is soooo funny. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

cause i wanna take you downtown

i heart peaches. and it pains me that that fat fucking gariputo perezhilton is ass-buddies with her.

and can i just say this thread rocks? i'm still going through all the vids here...
When I first saw this video it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.
omg CH, i totally just watched that like, 2 min ago. (after i watched christiansands- which is surprising that i had never seen it, since it's like my all time fav tricky song. that vid made me want to have a tricky-martina topley-bird sandwich. and maybe some ed k thrown in there as well)
Planet Caravan

Cool tricky video!!

here's another great one.
i haven't posted here yet but i have had fun watching the videos that heave been posted. thanks busties. here is one i really like.

hey all -
I'm working on a video player for BUST's home page (and perhaps here as well) where can gather together some of the best music videos out there, especially those of girl bands that have been interview/reviewed in the magazine; there's just so much great music out there but so few folks -- even bust readers -- have had the opportunity to hear it/watch it. I'm wondering if some of you folks in this thread could take a quick look at what i've got so far and let me know what you think. there are only 10 videos in there right now but we'll be adding much more. and pay no attention to the crap opening graphic; that's going to change too .

feedback is appreciated.
missladyj: It's direct3ed by Chris Cunningham, if remember correctly.
I heart this thread. Here are some of mine

Jens Lekman - You Are The Light
The Holloways - Two Left Feet
Kid Harpoon - Colours & First We Take Manhattan

the player looks great (although I agree - no le tigre? noooo!)
I'm lovin' the old school videos!!

I think this old-ass video by Depeche Mode is so damn cute!! The clothes and the hair. Oh god. I love the microphone, too, and his dancing around 1:20. The one guy on keyboard looks sort of like Kevin Bacon.

Martha Quinn!! Hahaha!! That woulda rocked to be her in the early MTV days when they actually played videos!!
what a very cool thread!!

no vid to add, but my girlchild of 13 can tell you that the thread name song is the very first video shown on mtv at it's premier in '83.

sadly ironic as I largely don't ever let her watch mtv for all the negative and derogatory crap that plays on it now.
I watched a lot of MTV as a kiddo in the 80's because I had older siblings. The raciest content was probably Madonna, George Michael, and some of the hair metal videos. Pretty harmless by today's standards!!
Here is in my opinion Elvis Costello's best song sung by Fiona Apple I Want You She tears it up.
And now a video question! Please please help me with this!:
Does anyone remember a video that was played a lot during 2000,
I remember it as a pseudo-light-punky commercial band (just guys -
but it could have been a pure pop band as well, just not a boy band)
who sang about "this girl I know" who was "sad, but I know she's beautiful"
or something along those lines - she had short hair and was crying in the bathtub.
This has been haunting me for weeks now, it was a quite popular song as I remember it,
not top 40, but the video was still played a lot.

If you can help me you'll have my gratitude forever and ever!
Sorry, coela, no idea.

OMG, how did I forget this?!?!?

Now you know where faerietails' avatar came from!

ETA: I forgot to mention, the team that did that video, Shynola (as in "Shit or...") has done some AMAZING stuff, videos for Beck, Radiohead, Morcheeba, Quaanum and other non-music video projects (short films, commercials, etc.) I saw a thing at a film festival of a bunch of their work and it's all so cool. I wish they'd put out a DVD collection like they have for Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry.
That's hilarious, polly!!!
Polly, that reminded me about this
*gasp* It's my avatar! Cool! biggrin.gif
I heart Queens of The Stone Age
CH, that Qotsa vid was super creepy.

Here's my fav from them, also creepy, but for different reasons. 1,the whole deer thing, and 2, i dated some dude that looks a little too much like the lead singer
George Michael is interesting:
The baby at the end of that George Michael video was just....odd. Interesting vid indeed!

All the old school videos reminded me of this Snap! video.....just makes me wanna break out my old Cross Colours hoodie and do the Roger Rabbit! I remember thinking this video was really awesome and cutting edge, but in retrospect I may have been a bit high.
six, i am totally not high, and i still think that video is brilliant ohmy.gif
this is the best thread.
Feist - Intuition (remake by a fan. Beautiful scenery)

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Coldplay - Fix You

Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar

Those are in no order and theres so many I could choose from.

EDIT: Coldplay was here twice.
Summertime is almost over!!!
pollystyrene: oh well, it was worth a try.

This puts a huge grin on my face every time:

Josephine Baker dances to Juana la Cubana

Mirala cara a cara - traditional sevillana

Such cool ladies!
Very cool, coela!!!
Here's my favorite right now.
I loved the George Micheal video and the song . The baby at the end reminded me of this Massive Attack video

I am now also reminded that I really really really want a Flamenco dress.
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