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this thread is just another reason to lurve busties... y'all ladies are all aces!!!!
Yes, the hair thingie...I've actually always had the facial hair thing going since about teenage years. I too love waxing. Just about a month ago though, my mom gave me this little 'tool' which looks just like an electric toothbrush...I guess she picked it up at a's one of those little electric facial hair trimmers. I hesitated to try it at first because I feared hair would grow back faster. However, it does not. I am so glad she gave me this thing. Anytime my eyebrows get a bit bushy, or I need to trim the 'ol upper lip, I just run this thing over the hair...takes 10's awesome. The actual part that trims is about 2 inches long, very slim, and has little comb-like teeth on it. Just run it over the hair once and voila, electrically trimmed away. I had seen this at the drugstore before. It's worth the $15 bucks. I don't wax or pluck at all anymore. The great thing is that, unlike waxing or plucking where you want to wait til you have to do it, you can just break this thing out any time/anywhere before anything ever becomes a problemo rolleyes.gif
Good things about being 35+:

--Agreeing with everyone having better orgasms. My sex drive is going thorugh the roof lately.

--Knowing how to represent myself/my experience/my abilities better work-wise, and having the confidence to do so.

--Knowing myself much better and being happier with where I'm at.

/hippy moment

Talk about tweezing and all aspects of post-30 grooming all you want. My main issue is actually with my skin. It's fair and over the last few years is getting little red patches here and there. I used to think they were caused by too much red wine, but apparently it's extreme changes in temperature that exacerbate them, meaning my regular saunas over the last fifteen years or so were probably a bad idea... sad.gif

I was totally against it as recently as last year but lately I've been thinking I wouldn't rule out botox. Vanity kills!
Oh, and I totally have the 80s references in spades. Um, see pic to left...

This is probably why I think New Young Pony Club sound like Pat Benatar crossed with The Motels. Which is a good thing.
sybarite: I won't lie...the botox seems like it *is* tempting. For myself though, I feel that stuff (botox, surgery, anti-wrinkle creams, peels, etc. etc. etc.) could become addictive. Like, once I did my laugh lines then I'd have to do my lips. Then once I did my lips I'd want my eyes. But then eventually I'd have to grow old anyway...yes, I'd have put certain things off for a few years, but...I feel I need to hold onto my money instead. I don't want to become so tied down to my job that I have to work so hard only to spend on those things when I might get sick (I don't have health ins.) It seems alright for those who can afford it. Me? I am a pink collar gal, income-wise. I have decided to *allow* myself to be old, wrinkled, ugly, try and focus on the things that I could do to make me a better person inside instead and happier. Sounds pretty idealistic in 2007 right? (Wish me luck on the 'good person' thing, my track record hasn't been so great at times, ha ha)...anywho ~ I was hot for many years, so now I've decided to be something else now (talented? good cook? a warm and loving aunt (no kids), If nothing else, I'll be here to make the rest of y'all look good...Ha ha, again, wish me luck :0

~Peace out all~
my friend got a little botox a couple years ago, she's my chica who tries alla that stuff, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, etc. she usually likes the "proceedures" but she didn't like the freezey juice much. said her little boy didn't take her serious when she had to say things like "i'm very angry" out loud to get her point across 'cause there was no expression on her face. ha ha.
she told me that they hardly ever listen to you when you say you only want a little of it. they really make a jab at every tiny line and crinkle that they see thinking that's the way to get you looking great. and it is, in Pictures. irl you gotta be able to crinkle this and that up a bit or you look like plasto-face. i mean, i like to be and look calm and tranquil but i think meditation might be better for this one.
QUOTE(yuefie @ Sep 27 2007, 07:16 PM) *
I guess if I once had it I could miss it. I'm okay with it since they aren't quite so bad off as to look like oranges (or grapefruits, canteloupes, etc) in tube socks, just yet.

OMG dude. You totally described my twins. bends in half laughing and tries not to hit herself in the eye with her orange in a tube sock boobs
QUOTE(walkingbitch @ Oct 2 2007, 01:23 AM) *
OMG dude. bends in half laughing and tries not to hit herself in the eye with her orange in a tube sock boobs

Gotme laughin ya goofs laugh.gif

Now I'm talking about turning up a bottle of maple syrup, squirt to full coverage, spooning on a couple scoops of whippy topping, little bit 'o butter, *lift* carefully onto plate, and pancakes are served...with a smile... wink.gif~
(**what doesn't look better with a lil' bit of whipped cream & sprinkles on it, nothing I know of**) ohmy.gif

I may have experienced my first ever hot flash. I don't know for sure, though. Maybe a "pre" hot flash?

I was sitting having lunch and all of a sudden my face turned beet red, I started sweating, and my neck and upper chest turned red too.

I was sort of warm-ish, skin-wise, but also cool, core-wise. Maybe it's just the flu or a cold, I dunno. But I never had a flash so sudden before. Evah. It didn't feel like any cold I ever had before. Oddly enough, if it WAS a hot flash I'm kinda proud. I'm going to be a crone.


heh...why do I feel like I'm in that book "are you there god, it's me margaret"...but it's about menoPAUSE instead of menSTRUATION???
I have recently found two grey hairs . I am saying that I am turning blonde.

I have also been told by women in their twenties that I look so great for a 34yrold. which serves to make me feel old.
"Oh my G-d you are not 34, you look like you are in your twenties"

I know this is meant as a compliment, but fuck you.
missladyj: heh, yeah, I get that all the time too ... "oh you look great TO BE 37" ~~ ahem, *whatever*

Treehugger: Oh dear, our own Treehugger, a crone!!! Congratulations..

I hope in this culture we are able to keep that healthy image, I know it can't be easy (yes, where is Judy Blume this time around, tee hee! blink.gif

That reminded me of a book I read, "The Crone, Woman of Age, Wisdom & Power" i was fascinated by that book...our culture completely misses out on the beauty of the universe ~ the crone is a wondrous, miraculous part of womanhood, she is so necessary to the sustainence of our universe through her wisdom,but only a few people are lucky enough to be aware of that. Of course, ignoring the wisdoms of the Crone is the reason our world is turned upside down at this moment.

We do appreciate your beauty here. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is always interested in reading all of the observations that you share so generously with us~

I myself have not seen signs of menopause yet, but i know my mom was in her 40's, so...have to admit i'm pretty scared of that first hot flash creeping up before I'm expecting it. Hope you're getting through alright if that was indeed a hot flash that you had


glad this thread has been revived

i could live without the extra hair though, really. and i don't even shave under my arms! it's the eyebrows, chin and nipple hairs i can live without.

Nature is wonderful. Give it a few more years, and you won't be able to see most of that hair without glasses. Just don't ask me how I know that.

I didn't realize that apparently I lost track of this thread for a while.
Hmmm...other signs of perimenopause...I've gotten more of those weird "hot flashes" (I'm still not convinced they're related to hormonal issues, they tend to happen when I've been drinking, which tends to raise blood pressure, so...who knows)

But...I had my period Feb. 2. I'm having it again. Already. My periods have sort of gone nuts.

I'm actually sort of looking forward to this part of my life, if it IS happening, or starting to happen. I don't mind being old. It's okay.

I'm liking that poem and I may print it out and put it in my locker, "when i am an old lady i will wear purple"....

By the way, I am turning 40 on Tuesday. *curtsies*
Oh my, 2 periods in one month...

I have had a change in my periods this year in that they are much shorter (down from 6 days to being only 2 or 3) but they are much heavier during those 2-3 days than have ever been before. The symptoms are worse too: I am a bear, worse cramps. what a treat, heh?

I guess that's perimenopausal, although I had never thought of it that way before.

maybe all the freakish changes in cycle serve to make a gal glad when the whole periods jig is finally up for good ohmy.gif

Happy Birthday (early) Treehugger wink.gif

P.S. I haven't heard that poem? it sounds cool, what is the name of it
according to my 65 year old mother, age gets rid of the need for bikini waxes.... she says the hair just thins out and goes away eventually....

happy b-day treehugger!

zoya: sa-weet! on the waxing

I remember my ma telling me she was glad to be getting older because all of the fuss about her appearance & shite was over. She said she could take herself less seriously about that stuff.

She also said she was tired of all the male attention at some point, it became sort of a responsibility to look good and be nice. I can see that. (Although it's easy to say right now? i hope I still feel that way as I age),

pretty sure i will though. Like, okay, I surrender/. Start spending time and money on other things?
Happy B-Day Treehugger!
I had another younger dude hit on me last evening at the library. He was 19 and ~no~ I'm not kidding!!!!!!!! (ha ha "KIDding" ~ no pun intended...)

He was cute & sweet; however, I never take these chances. I'm deathly afraid of my perceived "moment of rejection" (a look on his face, a "wow" coming out of his mouth, whatever) when I tell him I am almost 40.

I am thinking of making myself a t-shirt made that says TOO OLD FOR YOU. (Don't know why I thought of that specifically??) But I feel if I did something like that, that I could put the age out there TO BEGIN WITH, and then I would feel more in control? (or something?) Like, I'd feel better if he knew my age already, and THEN hit on me you know?

Tee hee. I really try to not have hang-ups about age like this. But teenagers and early 20's people scare me a little dry.gif
the phrase nipple hair is freaking me out right now. blink.gif

i used to enjoy surprising people with my age. until they started guessing i was in my early 40's instead of my mid-t-late 30's. le sigh.

as someone who went 5 months without her period, i was relieved that it seemed to be over. but now that it's back, i dunno. i'm also relieved, because even tho my blood test came back with an "official" diagnosis of menopause, i felt like i was too young. it was also nerve-wracking never knowing when and if i'd start bleeding.

no hot flashes yet. sky-high cholesterol numbers and nastyass weight-gain. elevated depression/anxiety ... tho i think at least that's dissipating or leveling out, thank christ.

and i just passed my 47.5 "halfbirthday". *curtsies*

happy birthday week, treehugger!
I have been tracking my cycle for twenty years and NOW I am slacking off when the information might be really useful.

(((Mandi))) yikes.

I know someone who has been getting seniors discounts on meals since she was under forty. I feel quite relieved that it has never happened to me, even though my hair is completely gray.
bump for 30 and overs.....
I know Vintage Bustie is meant to be ironic, but it's also weird, that anyone would consider themselves ahem, older from their mid-thirties on.

I've always felt completely ageless all my life, even as a kid.
So every year round my birthday I think "oh, 30what?"
It feels so unreal...

anyone else here, who feels totally disconnected from her age?

Happy belated birthday, treehugger! smile.gif

hope it's not too late, for belated even...
although i hate "celebrity" anything.. here are some good photos of celebs who are in their fifties. granted, 'if i had the money yayaya...' but i still think it's pretty cool that these celebs arent hiding away or forgotten about simply because they have more life experience. worth checking out..
holy shit. I didn't know that Christie Brinkley was 54.... yeah so she's got cash and maybe a wee bit of nip and tuck, but nip and tuck can only take you so far... Actually I didn't know that quite a few of these people were in thier 50's - and well into them, at that. Makes me feel like a youngster in my late 30s.... (well considering all my friends are in their mid -late 20's I guess I am a youngster...heh)

I'm intrigued by this blog - it's almost entirely devoted to posting portraits of young female celebrities (artists, actresses etc.) alongside images of how they've aged. A recent post is about "vintage" celebrities famous for their beauty, alongside modern look-a-likes; another one is about how they've been seen through painter's eyes vs photographers, the rest seem to be entirely about youth and age.

Been thinking a lot about aging recently and watching my body change.

You and me both. I recently hit the exalted age of 37, the end of the "mid-thirties" and the beginning of the LATE 30s. The big 40 looms right around the corner and I need to chart my own way into the so-called mature years. I'm getting obsessed with looking at other people my age, celebs included...and even rating my "youthfulness" . This inspite of the fact that I despise our culture's obsession with extreme youth, botox, and throw-away plastic convenience in general. It's freaky to be closing in on 40, but hell, I like to think that someday i'm gonna be a wicked bad-ass crone.
Yeah we're close in age koffeewitch. Older people are just starting to treat me as an adult in public places, teenagers' eyes are glazing over when they see me now, since I'm irrelevant in their cosmos. I'm starting to think about my Calcium intake, frailty, all of that..I'm thinking it helps talking with older people who can laugh in one's face when we start worrying TOO much. (I was talking with a friend of mine who's in his late 60's about my anxiety over possibly having kids and shrieked "I'm practically menopausal!" At least he got me to laugh at myself.)

I also work with kids and teenagers - I still sometimes double take when I see their birthdays in the 90's and 00's. Has it really been that long since I wore lumberjack shirts and purple nail polish, that these kids are the same age I was? Has it really been that long since Shirley Manson, Elastica and The Breeders? My BF told me that yes, I am indeed an aging hipster. Just have to own it and embrace it, eh.
QUOTE(sukouyant @ Sep 26 2010, 07:47 AM) *
I also work with kids and teenagers - I still sometimes double take when I see their birthdays in the 90's and 00's. Has it really been that long since I wore lumberjack shirts and purple nail polish, that these kids are the same age I was? Has it really been that long since Shirley Manson, Elastica and The Breeders? My BF told me that yes, I am indeed an aging hipster. Just have to own it and embrace it, eh.

This part made me laugh 'cause I ran into the same situation at my former workplace. Or, that I know people who are 80s babies. Crazy.

Sukouyant, I noticed an increase in my attention to vitamins, health, and such after I turned 30. Funny thing, I feel like I'm 16 some days. I think my outlook on life is why some people still think I'm in my mid 20s. That or I act really immature. laugh.gif huh.gif I think how you feel about yourself on the inside really does have an impact on your "youthfulness."

I think the one thing I've been attaching to age is certain status symbols in society like marriage and children. I definitely knew I did not want those things at the age of 25. I had a few brief moments recently where I wanted kids and a wedding (yes, there is difference between a wedding and a marriage). BUT, I find that I still feel "meh" about those things. Yeah, I want a relationship, but, that's about it. When I look at some people who are married and/or with kids, I'm think..."I'm 35, still single, and child free." And for as far as women has come in our society in terms of choice, I still feel like an anomaly especially when I hear women talk about "biological clock" stuff 'cause I just don't work from a place of fear. Maybe I'm still dealing with shame that there are things I want for me, experiences, career, etc....

Not sure if I'm really making sense, but, these are things that have been weighing on my mind lately. Thanks for starting up this thread again, sukouyant. smile.gif
Hehe! I had my rude "you are not so young anymore" awakening a couple years ago when I was at a street festival-stopped in a tavern to use the bathroom. There was a long line to get in the women's room. There was a woman in line in front of me who was probably in her early 20s. So the line moved up and the 20-something woman went in the bathroom. Then the woman behind me (maybe in her fifties) poked me on the arm and said, "is she your daughter?"


By the way, I am 42 so I suppose I technically could've been her mother-I just don't think of myself as that age!
I'm always having to remind myself that the 1960s weren't just "20 years ago"...I think of that era as the very recent past still...and I can no longer tell people's ages anymore. Seriously, I look at people really hard to tell if they're just 16 or if they're 24, or whatever.
QUOTE(koffeewitch @ Sep 28 2010, 02:58 PM) *
I'm always having to remind myself that the 1960s weren't just "20 years ago"...I think of that era as the very recent past still...and I can no longer tell people's ages anymore. Seriously, I look at people really hard to tell if they're just 16 or if they're 24, or whatever.

Ha ha, you, me, and my stretch denim pant suit (for me it's the 70's)
I too am with you koffeewitch. just turned 37 and just wow.
Holy shit...I just watched this movie with these youngish looking people all old enough to drive cars...AND THEY WERE IN THE FIRST GRADE IN 1996!!!!

There are people who were not even born or thought of yet when I was in my college years and they are old enough to drive fucking cars. *completely floored by this sudden jolt out of my world of denial*

Loooved this interview with Kristin Scott Thomas:

"French cinema seems to make these fantastic stories about women in my age group, women that are dynamic, and are going forward and carrying on being alive and not just sitting back watching everything go on around them. They're stories about women, not about what those women once were."

Damn right.
in the last week i've discovered about how old everyone i the shop is. {head desk} i shouldn't complain because they seem to think i'm in my late 20's. but when r was talking about how she felt like she was coming to tattooing late because she started when she was 27, i nearly choked. i'm still an apprentice, and i'm 5 years older than the oldest person at the shop. {sigh} the worst part is that tattooing is one of those fields where you can only be as good as the time you put in. i feel like i'm always gonna be behind the 8 ball.
GT - we work in similar industries, people-wise, so needless to say, that happens to me all the time as well. The only tactic I have come up with is to just not think about my age and just keep moving onward, being myself. I know that sounds so ridiculously pollyanna-ish, but I cannot think of any other way to articulate it. I totally go there in my head when I start to think about just what you described below and then I get all fatalistic, like "WTF am I trying to do??!!" but I gotta remind myself, if I am working with all these people who are younger and yet just assume I'm "one of them" I must have SOMETHING goin on... (so much mind over matter... haha)
thanks, zoya. i feel a bit better today. i use facebook to find other tattoo artists' work i like. for most artists they really come into their own about 5 years in, but s, one of the girls at the shop is doing some pretty damn good work at 3 years in, and today i found another girl who is one year in and is amazing, so i'm gonna do what i can to be ahead of the curve one year, 3 years in, and just keep busting my ass, doing work for cheap so i can put that time in, since i'm in a boutique shop i don't get as much practice as someone in a street shop, so i'm gonna have to figure out a work around, but i figure i'll work twice as hard....

but thank you so much for your email, and the note. come up and visit again soon, k? hopefully in a few years, i'll be able to guest spot down near you for a while.... [wub]
Long time...

I just turned 33 on the third. And just made my screen saver the Care Bears!! Yeah I love that I was a kid in the eighties.

I was on acid the night I heard that Kurt Cobain had died (I was 17).

The 90's were a great time however and I loved the whole Grunge thing (that is trying to make a come back). Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Screeming Trees,Mudhoney,Hole, The Murmers, Breeders, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos (although not grunge). Excellent Music!!

I think the class of 1996 was the class that just missed out on having mobile phones at school. I sometime wish that the things had never been invented because being a teenage now with all the crap the they think they need!! Ugh!!

I was lucky growing up that I never had Face book, Twitter or Myspace letting people know what I was up to ALL THE TIME (one of the reasons I'm not on Face Book) . And that I was never cyber bullied as no one had a computer. CD's were $30 and not available anywhere else but in a shop, and you had to socialize a whole lot more.
Maybe I'm just rose tinted today but things seemed so much more simpler and fun!!


I just had my birthday a couple weeks ago. I turned 37.

I think I'm still pretty cool, but my kid begs to differ. I was hanging out with a young woman today who is in a black metal band. I told her that I'd love to join her band, but we would have to have our shows at around 5 or 6 PM, because I gotta be in bed by 9. She thought that was pretty funny. Heh, I ain't kidding.

I think I was 19 when Kurt Cobain died. I remember I was in the air force, and I was pregnant, and I was married. I was in the bathroom barfing when I heard my husband call out, "Hey! Do you know who Kurt Cobain is?" I said, "Yeah, why? Did he die or something?"

Grunge reached my little town when I was a senior ('92 rulz!). Mostly, I was a rocker chick. I lurved Def Leppard, man. I remember thinking that they rocked SO. FUCKING. HARD.

My first concert was Def Leppard and Tesla, followed by Poison and Britny Fox.

Throughout adolescence and young adulthood, I had my heart set on becoming a rock star. I didn't really plan for anything else. I also didn't bother to learn an instrument. I just sort of assumed that it would all fall in my lap and I'd be set for life. That could explain the fact that I'm 37, and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
Happy Birthday puppy kitty.

I am with you on the early bed time. If I go out I have to take a nap and even then by midnight I am ready to go home.
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