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(Guess who's back? Silly's back. tongue.gif )
Been meaning to restart this thread... ya'll jump back in. Let's get caught up,dolls!

Here's a "Who-da thunk it?"
I joined a Meet-Up group for "women over 40." It started out kinda fun, but turned into a festering snake-pit of attitude & back-biting. Well, being that I worked out all my high school issues in high school (!), I jumped back out. Joined a "Girl's Night Out" group (gotta find gals to hang with that aren't completely about hubby & kids,know what I'm saying?), & even though I'm at least 10 years older than most of the members, it is WAY more fun & WAY less drama! I really didn't expect that at all. Any thoughts?

Heh...and here I thought I had to be one of the only Busties to remember (and to have owned) Pong! I'm 39, will be 40 next february. I'm glad to see this thread!
Hey Silly, I'm s'prised you experienced that. I'm always s'prised when women are catty, etc. I'm 37 and I'm still friends with many of the girls I went to high school with, despite the fact that we've all moved to different states. We were really lucky in the sense that we all were loving and supportive: true friends. So I didn't grow up with the idea that female friendships would be competitive or mean. I feel sad for women who have no girlfriends b'cuz they've only experienced the negative and lump all women in the same category. Anyway, this could be a good forum; I hope more busties pipe up!
Hey ladies, I will be turning 34 in September. Do i still get to hang?
Hmmm....well I believe that the Red Hat club allows younger members in, but they wear pink hats instead. wink.gif You can be our resident "lit'l squirt"... smile.gif
Silly, what you describe doesn't surprise me. I don't like to be so reductive, but since I got into my 30s, most the women I meet are (at least initially) kind of chilly, territorial and look me up and down, whereas when I get talking to women in their 20s they're so much more relaxed and you can just have a normal conversation. I hate this idea that when women reach their 30s they somehow get competitive with each other but I do seem to see this play out alot.
oh so glad for this thread. but, didn't the thread use to be for people 30 and over?? i'm 31 (going on 32)...can i join??

about the competition thing...i only sense that when i'm the only single gal in a room full of married/coupled people. i feel like that scene in bridget jones where she goes to dinner with all of those couples. yuck.

i don't feel older at all. i only feel older when people remind me that i'm unmarried and should settle down soon if i want to have kids. you know, the whole biological clock ticking thing. yeah, that doesn't make me want to rush into things one bit.
I definitely have to agree with Sybarite and Stargazer, I feel like I have so much more in common with people in general (male and female) who are in their mid to late twenties and early thirties than I do with people my own age (ugh, I can't bring myself to say my actual age, but late 30's)

I honestly don't mind saying my age per se, because I know that chronological years have nothing to do with anything, but I guess it's more of the rest of the world's perception of what someone in their late 30's is that makes me reluctant..

I have some friends my age, but most of my friends tend to be anywhere between 5 and 10 years younger than me. And as far as dating goes, I'm really not that interested in guys my age. Seems like when they get to be in thier late 30's, they're either bitter about some past relationship, if they haven't been in a serious relationship I start wondering what the hell is wrong with them that they've never had a serious relationship by that point in thier lives, or else they are divorced with kids and I have no desire to be insta mom. I have nothing against kids, I like kids. I just don't personally want to walk into a relationship that has that extra challenge to it. And like I said, I don't want to be insta mom.

It's funny, in the last year I've ended up having the "do you ever want to have kids" conversation with a few friends, both male and female, who are in their 30's, so I've been thinking about it a lot. I think that for me, in the past it would have been a deal breaker if I knew my (at this point, imaginary) partner didn't want to have kids. But now, it's not so much of a deal breaker. I've had to be real honest with myself and realize that I'm pretty happy with my life the way it is. I kinda like being able to pick up and go whenever I want to. And to be able to spend my extra money on stuff I want to buy for me or as gifts for friends, etc. Plus, there are a couple of people just getting into my industry that I've been kind of mentoring - I get so much out of it, and I wouldn't have the time if I had kids. So I think that there are other things that I can give my time to that are just as important.

That said, if I was to get pregnant I would have it - but I just don't see myself trying at this point to go out of my way to have kids. I'm not really disturbed by that. It's honestly never really been that much of a deal breaker for me, and it is becoming less so. I do agree that other people seem to have more of a problem with that outlook than I do.
I just went to my girlfriends 40th birthday weekend bash and it was awesome.

I think most of my women friends are in their 30s and I don't think it's just older women who can be catty and competitive. I had a girlfriend call me up to complain that she had to hang out with these really uptight women who were out at a park in the middle of summer and had to bust out blotting tissue. She couldn't understand it. I told her it's cuz she is not used to hanging with women who are constantly concerned about their looks or only concerned about getting a man. I am fortunate that my women friends are all smart, confident, strong women. Just like you Busties!!

Hey..... yeah, this thread used to be 30+! Increase for inflation?

Well, I'm not yet 35 and I don't feel old, either, and I'm only reminded of my age when people (still) have the nerve to ask me when I'm going to get married and settle down.

A few of my friends have had children only within the last couple of years, but before that I didn't have any friends or family members of my generation with children.

I think the competition thing exists no matter what age people are; in my experience it has more to do with the people than their ages. Then again, maybe I don't care much what others think of me, so I'm not one to notice it.

Anyway, my parents still drive me absolutely bonkers from time to time and did so again tonight. Deep down I think they don't always know how to communicate with me because I'm not married and don't feel a biological clock going off with regards to having babies. We live within driving distance of each other and it feels like they're breathing down my neck sometimes. I get along better with them when we are living thousands of miles away, not a double digit number of miles away from each other.

I was one of those teenagers who thought she was going to die a horribly tragic accidental death at 27 like Hendrix and Morrison, and so I never really gave much thought to what my life would be like as an adult. Weird, eh?

It's only within the last year or so that I've really truly felt grown up, more than I ever did before. Something deep in me has shifted -- I can't quite pinpoint it tonight, maybe I need time to think about how best to word it -- and I finally feel like okay, I want and need to be making some long-term goals and plans and get excited about them. I did too much physical and emotional drifting in my 20s and I've had enough with this coasting through life with seemingly no real inner direction.
you are right raisin, this thread originally for +30 and over.

anywho, yeah, i agree with you about feeling like wasting their time in their 20s. actually, there is research that believes adolescence lasts until the age of 27. so, maybe i'm finally growing up now. wink.gif

unfortunately, growing old as a women is harder than for a man. i mentioned this statement to a male friend. cause we get harped on about the whole "have babies now before you can't" thing. it is ok for a man to grow old and be single. that's stupid.
While reading this thread, it was like hearing a familiar old tune. Even though I'm a guy (just turned 40 this spring), my parents (well, my mom mostly) are wondering when I'm going to settle down, get married and give them a grandchild. I have one older brother and one older sister, both of whom are married and have chosen to not have children.

And like zoya, I'm learning to embrace the fact that I may not have children of my own as women my age either already have them, or do not want to have them. In my younger years, it would have been a deal breaker if the woman wasn't interested in having children, but it's not a deal breaker anymore. Finding that special someone with whom I 'click' is much more important.
yeah, northpole, I concur... If I had to choose between being in an excellent relationship with no kids, or to 1) keep looking for someone who wants to have kids or 2) get into a relationship that ends up coming second to the kids, I'd choose the relationship.

At this point, I know that the chances I'll have kids are probably 50% at most, (especially since I'm not in a relationship and have no real prospects of one - and I would only have kids if it was a mutual decision with a partner in a committed relationship) so I would really rather focus on having a great relationship when the right person walks into my life.

Totally different way of thinking than I did, shit, even a year ago. But I think that, for me, that has been a big part of becoming a healthy, mature person. Coming to terms with that has helped take any self-imposed pressure off finding a certain type of partner, in a certain period of time..
Raisan, Zoya & North, perhaps at some point, your parents will quit asking or wondering. I dont' recall when that happened with my family, but they eventually came to terms that there will probably be no grandkids. My older brother, long divorced & single, won't have a family unless something bizarre happens. The only sad part of this is that it creates a deadend for the family line. I have regretted that over the years, but not enough to volunteer to do anything about it.

Stargazer, I think it's generally hard to grow older as a single. Society isn't particularly geared to handle that. But I agree that it's probably harder for a woman. And society is still weird about people being childless. Everyone thinks it's their business smile.gif
billy -

I think I'm probably pretty lucky in that area, because my parents actually stopped asking a long time ago. I have a couple of brothers who have kids, so that's taken any pressure there might have been, off. (but I never really felt any, actually) What I hear more often from them is "when are you going to settle down and get a real job..." (uh.. never)

Really, I think that any expectations of having kids were probably more self-imposed - it's never been a huge priority for me, nor has it ever been a deal breaker in a relationship to have or not have kids - but I think that somewhere in my head, I always just thought "ok, I'll have kids someday" without giving any real, deep thought to the whole subject. So now that I'm getting older, I'm actually giving thought to something that I'd never thought about before: what do I CHOOSE in terms of having kids? (as opposed to something I was socialized to figure I'd just do as a matter of course)

Something that a guy friend of mine brought up that I'd never even thought of before (and i don't know if this is true, northpole and billy, maybe you can weigh in on this) is that some guys think that just because you're in your late 30's, are single, dating, and don't have kids, that you're on the prowl to find a husband / father. ie: in your mind, when you're dating, you just want to hunt for a husband and get knocked up quick. Which couldn't be further from the truth. I mean, yeah sure, I really really want to be in a good, healthy, mutually exclusive committed relationship with someone I'm really compatible with - but I'm not looking at every single guy as someone I want to immediately marry and have babies with.

Makes me wonder if that is part of the reason it can be more difficult for us older girls to meet someone (although I've not had any real problems with meeting guys..Specially the somewhat younger ones.)
We never had the "someday maybe" phase. Not long into our marriage, perhaps even before, we decided there would be no kids. My parents never did really push it much. But from time to time something would slip out. It amuses me that around ten years ago at a family reunion, there were several small children around and my parents were visibly agitated by their presence. Maybe they realized that they weren't so disappointed after all.

No one should have kids unless they want to (visions of Caucescau's Romania where 5 were expected - most became orphans). It's great that we can make that decision on our own without having to justify it.

I've never thought about the "looking for a birth father" scenario because no one has been looking to me for that role (uh, not that I'm aware of). North may have seen it, though.
I've never really wanted kids, although when the mister and I got together it became intense quite quickly and he brought up having kids early-ish. I think the look of shock on my face clarified my position on that for him. smile.gif Saying that, as our relationship became solid I deliberately thought long and hard about having them... so I now feel I've come to an informed decision, full circle really: no kids for us. The mister has one of his own so he's happy either way, and is actually I think quite relieved, as a new baby would put quite a dent into our plans for travelling and/or eventually emigrating.

I've posted about this before, but I've been lucky in that my parents don't put any pressure on me to have children at all; in fact I think my dad, for one, is relieved. My sister wants them though, so the 'family line' will continue.

I admire (good) parents and feel the job of parenting is one of the hardest, albeit also potentialy the most rewarding. It's just not for me/us, and I relish our relative freedom from that responsibility.

What I increasingly run into is the property conversation. Most of my good friends own their houses but for me that's still a couple of years down the road. I honestly don't mind, particularly as property prices where I live have been ludicrous. I try to resist that sense that I'm not a proper adult until I own my house, though.
The weird thing about being in the 30's is that sometimes the conversation turns to mortages and shit like that.

I sometimes will be doin laundry on a saturday night, enjoying every minute of it and then I wonder:"HOw did I become such a functional adult with a career, husband, and house?" It is just so wild to me.
treehugger feel really OLD when you get your first "you're eligible for an AARP membership!" notice. Gaaaaa! blink.gif

(although it was because I had spent more than ten dollars at Walgreens; not my actual age)

I owned property in my 20s and now I rent.

Last week someone in her 50s told me she thought I was in my 20s, not my 30s. I have poise/manners/social graces, I'm polite, I'm smart, I'm well-spoken, I can interact with a wide variety of people of different ages and backgrounds. I know all of this. And I know she meant well in trying to clear up the misunderstanding, but I'm not taking it as a compliment anymore and I know that's 100% my problem not to foist on other people. I want to make up t-shirts that say "This is what 3_ looks like!" (fill in the appropriate number) because the whole "Oh, you DON'T LOOK 3_" is getting to be really stale. But then again, maybe it's part of the myth that only people in their 20s wear t-shirts.
I don't remember ever getting any pressure over marrying, having kids, etc. My mother didn't marry until she was 30, which was pretty unusual in the 50s, I think, and I don't think my mother particularly liked kids. My dad always said that she shouldn't have had any.

I think the most I ever got was "When are you getting a real job?" at Christmas dinner, no less.

Because of my gray hair, I never get taken for younger than I am (mid-forties) but I rarely get taken for older, either, as far as I know.
LOL what 33 means to me.....

The when are you and Ed going to start a family question still irks me. We ARE NOT HAVING CHILDREN. PERIOD, EXCLAMATION POINT now mind your goddamn business. It's always the ones most irritated with their own children, that push and ask the most I find. Those and the adults that are so miserable with their own that they question the validity of our 11 year relationship because there are no kids. Yes we have an active sex life, I probably have way more sex than you do and it's not always the quickie slipped in variety when the kids are bathing, at a friend's or the inlaws are sitting variety either.... (Not that quickies can't be fun, but that's for another thread.)

I went to meet my nephew (23) and a bunch of his friends at a bar two weeks ago. Having not seen some of these kids, (I babysat for many of these boys/ I sat at the bar alone until I saw my nephew. I would occasionally glance over at the group of twenty-something guys, a couple of which were definitely giving me the once, twice, three times a lady once-over, so I went outside for a smoke. Out strolls my nephew about 5 minutes later, and told me I should come inside, but did I happen to see the hot chick his friends had been gawking at leave the bar? I cracked up and went inside with him, where I visited with half of the kids that I tucked in with a story when they were 5,6,7 years old except this time instead of complaining about going to bed they were more interested in getting me in one.
Proving yet again that men mature slower than women, I heard variations of "pretty hot for an old chick" a couple of times over the next 3 hours.

Most of the time I don't feel like I'm in my 30's at all. But I do get a bad case of the "Fuck, I am OLD!"('s) from time to time.
Um like last week when I had to explain my oh so cool "Back to the Future" references to a 22 year old.
35. le sigh. i don't even feel all that grown up most of the time.

these days though i find myself checking with the younger set to make sure they're getting my references (thank maude for Retro or i would be SO out of it!).
think about it, the smurfs haven't been on tv since before i hit the teens man. what about Jem and the Thundercats? Barbapapa anyone?
ok, those are all cartoon references but i've got kids yo!

*laughing at self*
Okay...I'm developing chest wrinkles. They're vertical. This distresses me much more than the facial wrinkles and the grey hair.
And...I killed the thread....
lol no u didn't.

I have those too. In fact i thought it was honorable that you mentioned them first... but you know what makes them less noticeable/ go way some?
I use the oil of olay microdermabrasion crap once a month on my chest, bust (heh) area. any more than that damages the delicate skin there, but it helps.
I thought those looked good! I have three of them in the mornings that fade during the day (I'm sure they're gradually becoming more permanent) and I think they sort of make my chest look more interesting and my breasts look more defined. But I'm a weirdo.
wow. i've seen those tree. do you worship the sun?? tanning seems to bring those. and shagging skin. damn aging.
for me it is all about moisturizing, all the time.

I teach water aerobics and one of the older women in my class has a saying, " See a wrinkle, eat a twinkie! "

So twinkies all around.
heh...well I never used to consider myself a sun-worshiper...but I have been known to tan a bit. I tend to get bored with lying in the sun.

I'm chalking it up to having dense breast tissue AND being a side sleeper.

Mine isn't just three, it's lots and lots of little vertical lines, like whisker thin,for right now. I'm gonna try the dermabrasion and moisturizing, I think.

Ya know, I don't feel as old as those look..the grey hair never bothered me, even in the pubes...the chin hairs don't bother me too much, cause they're pluckable...and the wrinkles, I'm lucky in that I'm getting the crinkly "happy" looking wrinkles instead of the scowly angry looking ones, so they don't bother me. Butttt...chest wrinkles are a bit disconcerting. Oh, well.
the upper chestal area just gets so much sun. unless you're actively avoiding it there it gets hit pretty hard. i Only notice lines there when i have a bit of a tan and they go away when i've been out of the sun again. i guess whatever you use on your face you can use there too, same kind of skin.

i'm getting the scowly, angry wrinkles Right between the eyebrows. lovely. and the chin hairs are pluckable but plucking there leaves me with spots, oh joy. pimples and wrinkles all at once. i never got a break between those two.
ok, maybe no one will find this funny but me..... but I just had a mental picture of some doctor shooting botox in chest wrinkles....
Seriously though I bet they inject fat into them or something!

Dunno why but out of all my wrinkles it's actually the ones on my finger joints that make me feel strange. My face ones (so far) are cute, but my poor fingers just look like they've seen better days.
I am on constant coarse chin and neck hair patrol.

This morning at breakfast I was rubbing my chin and hubby asked me what I was doing. I had to explain that I have to be vigilant and that I was scanning for the coarse dark black hairs. I even get one in my cleavage that has to be plucked.
chest lines. i've only noticed those on white women. i don't know if us brown-skinned types get that. but, i hear ya missladyj on the facial and body hair thing. plus, being latina, taking care of my facial hair is like hacking trees down in the rainforest. if i don't keep trimming my eyebrows, it is like i have 2 squirrels on my forehead.

and my ex pointed out to me years ago 2 stray hairs in the nipple area. now, i have a new area to tweeze. how cute. rolleyes.gif
Treehugger, I feel ya on the chest skin crepiness. I'm very fair and always use sunscreen, but since I often wear v-necks my chest gets more sun than the rest of me does on a daily basis. I used to use a decolletage cream by Burts Bees but they stopped making it dry.gif . Now I am on a hunt for something similar, that isn't full of harsh chemicals. I should post about that in the skincare thread though.

With my mixed heritage, many of which are notoriously *ahem* hirstute, I can ill afford to tweezerless. Trust me, even a day without them and my razor induces panic, as I know in a few short days I will resemble a sasquatch. So my tweezers and I are inseperable, I would save them right after my pets in the event of a fire. And with my having such insanely mixed up skin (sensitive & reactive, yet oily & acne prone) I can't even wax. I once had the entire top layer of skin removed during an eyebrow wax and that hurt like hell! So if I don't stay on top of them, my brows are like catepillars. And since I entered my 4th year of my 30's, I've been staying armed with those tweezers to eradicate any banzai hairs found elsewhere. Damn stray hairs!
LOL MsLadyJ!!! I'm constantly chin-rubbing too! But nobody's ever asked me WHY yet...hehe. laugh.gif

I'm part the "squirrels" on the eyes I can totally identify with.

C'mon now ladies...what's next for us? Fat talk? Please let's not spend this fabulous thread time nagging our bodies...

Our bodies are *our greatest asset*! After all, my fingers don't care what my body looks like...I have *unbelieveable* orgasms every single, frackin day...and l'me tell ya ~ I was *not* able to do that in my 20's!!!!!! Plus - I'm healthy - and I'm not taking that for granted in a world with no affordable healthcare!

TV commercials & tabloids have given us detailed instructions on how to look at ourselves and pick out the flaws. (Bo-ring!)

In regard to the men in our lives: if we ever want them to find women over 35 beautiful, we have to first believe ourselves to be beautiful. Start SEEING the beauty, not the flaws, it's's underappreciated!!

Don't let the ads override what Mom told us long ago and remains true no matter how much botox and silicone are produced and sold by the evil corp's: Beauty STILL comes from the inside. That will never change! *They don't TELL you that because they can't SELL you that!!* Don't forget it ladies...truth: you ARE beautiful!! If you are healthy, there is nothing wrong with yo'ass.

~hugs and smooches~
Uh, I know I'm beautiful inside, but that doesn't mean that I'm ready to be the Bearded Lady, and tweezing makes serious inroads into my time. That is a fact of my life. The fact that I don't talk about it much makes it that much nicer to have a place where I can.

I don't think I remember my eyebrows growing *out* instead of *up* before.
yeah...I'm not meaning to give the impression that I hate the way I look. I think I'm pretty darned hot when I want to be. This is just a place I can kinda "vent" and be completely honest about the way my body is changing with age.

Dusty...have you tried waxing? I'll never tweeze my eyebrows again! One zip and yer done!

I mean, I certainly can't talk about it (chest wrinkles) at work. Of course....I work with all guys. That's another thread, I guess, hehe

Sooo...let's start a bit of a game??

Reason #1 why it's good to be over 35: People start to take you more seriously.

Reason #2?

ETA: I almost forgot...I was going to mention "More" magazine...aimed at women 40 and over. I'm thinking of subscribing. No, I don't work for them!
Looking back over what I posted, and what some others posted, no where did I notice us picking apart ourselves just to point out our flaws. I also didn't notice any discussion of botox injections, silicone enhancement, plastic surgery, or the like. We are just discussing the fact that with age, we are beginning to notice some stray hairs here and there, and perhaps a few new wrinkles. I don't think that by discussing hair removal techniques or moisturizers we are picking on ourselves. Yeah, we may have made a few jokes at our own expense, but I didn't get the impression that any of us are particularly down on ourselves. And I agree with dusty, it's nice to have a place where we can commiserate with others who are in the same boat.

I think we are all pretty frickin' fabulous!
So I guess coming in here to bitch about my boobs becoming less full with age and starting the melting pats of buttah slide down my body is now Taboo?
Me likey games!!

Reason #3: Once again...orgasms to curl up and die for people!!

Reason #4: Enough experience to know which fashions/styles look fabulous on me (snap)

Reason #5: More money honey

Reason #6: Knowing enough to hold onto said money instead of giving it away for free to the first silly little company that ATTEMPTS to judge and insult me and second-guess Mother Nature : 0

Reason #7: Hanging out with other over 35 chicks who are too cool for school

Reason #8: Fewer catcalls from strangers on the street which I grew very sick of (being young & hot was never *all that* in my experience)

Reason #9: Being really great at a couple things and knowing it (piano, guitar playing) simply by virtue of having done it for 30+ years!!!

More magazine? Hmm, sounds interesting... : )~

Okay not to hog the thread but I just saw the movie "Hysterical Blindness" with Uma Thurman and Juliet Lewis recently - (I know it's been out for a couple years so I'm probably the only one who HADN'T seen it yet!)

...but it's absolutely HIGHlarious! It's an in-depth look at *just* how silly those of us who WERE TEENAGERS IN THE 80'S, I remember those years, but I had forgotten just how ridonkulous gals like me acted back then...?! Takes place in Jersey in the 80's, Juliet and Uma are like 20?, in the 'pink collar ghetto'...and then it contrasts their lives with that of GENA ROWLANDS (playing Uma's senior-aged mother) and her boyfriend. I laughed, I cried (cuz it's so 'touching, esp. the old fashioned-style senior romance takin' place inside the walls of the VFW!) You can check this out at the's usually just sitting there on the shelf anytime collecting dust ; )~

It took me back to the 80s the way no 'pretty in pink' -style movie really could've...I have to say it's one of my fave movies of all time now!
Thanks, Treehugger...wax doesn't help with ingrown hairs. I'm thinking maybe laser, but it sounds kinda scary.
I am totally hot sake! I just have to do an inordinate amount of hair removal that I didn't have to do when I was younger.

WB you can talk about your tits anytime as far as I am concerned. this will give me an opportunity to state that the stretch marks on my breast don't phase me at all. Or the fact that I have seriously hairy nipples. I'm not talking about one or two random hairs , I'm talking all the way around the aereola .

G-d I could talk for hours about body hair being like Yufie so eloquently stated hirsute.

and if I wanted to talk about my fat ass, I would. cuz I love my fat ass, cellulite and all. isn't there a book, fat is a feminist issue?


part of why I can say this is that I just turned 34 and one of the great things about getting older is that I have become more comfortable with my fat ass.


has anyone seen this? i bought the book, the images of nakkie ladies from 0 to 99 are just freaking awesome! it's amazing to see two ladies with a similarish body type where one loathes herself and the other just thinks she's the bomb. a real eye opener.

reasons i love being over 35?

*damn straight, gettin' off is easier, faster and better than ever before.
*i'm not all upitty tightity about natural stuff, whateve's. hair grows, skin freaks out, gas and boogers happen. whether it's me, my partner, kids, random strangers, i handle most of it with aplomb.
*my retro music is better than the younger sets, ha ha! (listening to michael jackson Bad right now)
*i appreciate myself. i'm just too damn tired to question every little thing anymore tongue.gif

i could live without the extra hair though, really. and i don't even shave under my arms! it's the eyebrows, chin and nipple hairs i can live without.
this other weird thing is happening to me too. the skin on my knees and a spot on my ankles is getting rough and patchy like elephant hide. it's just so not nice! how do i soften this shit up man? it's a serious drag, no short skirts for me!
Yep, I loves my fat ass too. In fact, it's one of my favorite parts of me. I've never, in my 34 years, had a complaint about it from someone who matters to me. In fact I've had adoration of it. An old love once told me it's so squeezable that just he couldn't help himself. He was always walking up behind me in stores and whatnot and smackin' it. Can't say I minded at all.

As for breasticle stretchie marks, count me in on those. I figure they lend character, heh. I pluck the dark nipple hairs, but I've been noticing them migrating upwards, away from the nipple too.

Ahh wb, I craked up at your description of butter pats melting laugh.gif. Since I've never, ever in my life had perky tata's, I could care less about the sagging. I guess if I once had it I could miss it. I'm okay with it since they aren't quite so bad off as to look like oranges (or grapefruits, canteloupes, etc) in tube socks, just yet. I can still pick the girls up when I want. I love my balconette bras from Cacique. And I happen to love the twins madly. But then again, I myself happen to a breast gal, always admiring them. I think all breasts, saggy, small, huge, hairy, whatevah, are beautiful.

I agree missladyj, since I've entered my 30's I could give a rats ass if I fit in to anyone elses definition of beautiful or attractive. I like me just fine, lumps, bumps and all. Wish I would have had that outlook in my 20's and had a lot more fun then, instead of being so hung up on my own body.
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