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Full Version: What's In The Bag, Ma'am?
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Le' Watcher
So....i have a lot of crap rolling around in my purse...mainly chewing gum and their wrappers....IM TRYING TO GET ORganized!! Does anybody know where i can find some really cute monthly planners???
I like Slingshots, but I prefer to see a whole month at once. So usually I print out a blank calendar off the internet each month and use that to keep track of stuff.
Cinnamon Altoids
Moehair bunny bought off of Etsy
Coupon keeper
6 oz flask full of bourbon
skin rash ointment
phone bill
Speaking of bags, I bought myself a new one today, and it's fantabulous!

It's a lug bag, but mine is in black.

Now what's in the bag.


cell phone
Canon PowerShot (wow, it seems i'm off to make a porn or something)
Clarins tinted moisturizer
change, obscene amounts of change.
4 juicy tubes
hand lotion
a wedding invitation
the latest issue of muscle and fitness hers
birth control and advil
Hand sanitizer
car keys
memory card for camera
dogs heart worm pills
a warhol marilyn munroe mirror

my goodness, I have a lot of crap in my bag.

No flask though. sad.gif
What's in my bag
I Phone
blotting papers
Wallet cash,credit cards etc..
Vinnie's tampon case
a pen
two softlips
Davies Gate hand lotion
OPI cuticle oil pen
loose change
cigs and lighter

In my awesome red Knitter's Satchel, I have:

My knitting (left front of a sweater) & the end of a ball of yarn
Another ball of yarn
Black leather Stone Mountain Wallet with cards, cash, checkbook & postage stamps
Sunglasses (Ray-Ban Wayfarer II, if you really want to know) in quilted case made by my mother
Black Coach business card case
Emery board
Tide to Go pen
Needles, thread & a button or two tucked into an old mint tin
Knit picker, in case I snag a sweater
Orange mesh zip bag with knitting tools
Red mesh mini zip bag with hair clips, ponytail band, decongestant, etc.
Mini bottle of generic ibuprofen gelcaps
Plastic sheet protector holding a few knitting patterns printed off the Internet, plus a working copy of my sweater pattern
A couple of paper napkins
Two canisters of film that I have to drop off at CVS
Cell phone
Purse hook so I don't have to set it on the floor
Mini purse with tokens and quarters
Mini pack of Kleenex
The Knitter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements
Part of today's newspaper, for my husband
A banana
Dry cleaning receipt
Lipstick - L'Oreal "Milla's Plum"
Lip gloss - Clinique "Black Honey"
Powder compact
Powder brush
Blotting papers
Hair comb with elastic attached, to put my hair up
Mini green Tweezerman tweezers in a tiny travel tube
Nail clipper
Bath & Body Works "Brown Sugar & Fig" hand cream
If it were raining, there would be an umbrella in here, too!
lemme see, in my bag there is...

ladybug make-up bag containing:
blackest black mascara
mac lipglass
alba hawaiian passionfruit nectar lipgloss
alba hawaiian coconut creme lipbalm
mineral powder compact
mychelle hydrating mist
mini kiss my face honey shea lotion
travel pack of lint removal sheets
mirror with oscar wilde quote

cell phone
purple pen
lavender silk coin purse with an assload of change
2 sets of keys
eye glasses & case
hair clip
travel pack of tissue
travel pill box containing a little bit of everything, just in case
cinnamon altoids
roll of quarters for laundry
trader joe's reciept
I love this thread!! It's so cool to peek into other girl's bags (the females in my family love rummaging trough each others purses and trying on each other's lotions and makeup)...

Ahem! In my black corduroy Fossil bag I have:
A small Glossypapers notebook
A fabulous fake leather black and red wallet, with a black skull drawing and some charms on it
An Ipod video with cheap ass earbuds
A black and pink cell phone holder
Three PRGeeks pens (stolen from my boyfriend's workplace)
Oil absorbent sheets
An empty Softlips tube (strawberry sherbet)
An empty Blistex tube (I really need to throw sutff out)
A little sample spray bottle of Ed Hardy's Eau de Parfum
A kotex pad with a cloth cover
Lavender hydrating hand cream
Starbuck's After coffee mints
A pocket mirror from the DalĂ­ museum in Paris
A cheap Halloween tube of lipstick from Walgreens (a burgundy wine color)
A tiny tube of Urban Decay lipgloss
a Covergirl Trueblend compact (almost empty now)
Contact lens eye drops
Assorted movie ticket stubs
Assorted pins stuck on the outside flap of the purse
Crabtree & Evelyn citrus antibacterial hand gel
Allergy nasal spray
Lots of lint
-wallet with my license, debit, library card etc.
-an empty motrin box and several receipts (getting thrown out right now)
-another wallet, empty (I found it in my car)
-a cloth to clean my glasses with
-cell phone
-a merry hempsters lip balm
-stretchy headband
-a small tin with a picture of a koala on it, filled with bobby pins
-zit cream
-a piece of notebook paper covered in lists
-Red leather purse with bow (inside- drivers licence, debit card, boots card, student card, change etc)
-Half empty bottle of evian
-Nokia headphones
-Chewing gum
-Contacts case
-Used Train Return tickets to Wales
-ATM mini statement/ various receipts
-Jelly babies
-Oyster card (london underground card thingy)
-Little umbrella
-Mini hairclips & band
-Letters to post
-Eyeko fat balm

Suprisingly uncluttered, well for me anyway. Probably because I just treated myself to a new cherry red leather bag:)

- 2 badges for work
- wallet w/ id, credit cards, license, etc.
- free music thingie from Starbucks
- small makeup bag (though i don't wear makeup daily)
- another small wallet for my work credit card/frequent flyer miles cards
- check register
- lighter
- dental floss
- small bottle of lotion
- hand sanitizer
- chapstick
- valet key
- nail clippers
- cell phone
- 1 bottle of medication
- lipgloss (separate from makeup bag)
- 2 pens
- 2 pairs of earrings

strawberry moonpie
Cellphone, receipts from the cRoss dress for less
hand sanitizer
crotched bunny bought off etsy
Where does one get a strawberry moon pie? I'm intrigued.
Nail File/Clippers
Cell Phone
Hand Lotion
Pills (all over-the-counter, in case you were wondering)
Little Notebook
Cell Phone
A few pens
A few lip glosses/lipsticks
Well, I have a new bigger bag.

So, I have the following in said new bag.

Purple Guess Sunglasses in black case.
120GB Black ipod
Wallet with change and credit card, and crap.
Car Keys
A bag of Mixed nuts
iPod USB cord.
Various tea tree oil products
My crackberry
A book of sudoku
Harry Potter and the half blood prince
Dark Fever
Today's globe and mail
The new issue of mental floss
Animal Speak
make up
tweezer's, nail file, nail clippers
Birth control
sun screen
In my cute new thrift shop find pink barrel purse ($3!!!):
Orange wallet
Work ID
House keys
Library book: Palimpsest
Unopened box of Sno-Caps
Unopened box of Charleston Chews
Blue notebook
Papers from class
Tom's Honeysuckle-rose deoderant
Purple iPod Nano
CVS receipt
Ann Sather's receipt
Hehe, I love this thread!

Currently in my purse:

- My blue pashmina
- A hairbrush
- My makeup case with all kinds of goodies
- iPhone
- Wallet
- A book (the first two volumes of The Vampire Diaries - still trying to push my way through!)
- Eye drops
- Asthma inhaler
- Mittens (it's only three degrees celsius (thirty-seven degrees fahrenheit) here today!)
- A letter I need to mail out
- Headset for aforementioned phone
- Small package of kleenex
- Jar of hand cream

My purse is huge. laugh.gif
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