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I'm bored, and packing a purse for today's events. This is my list:

two baby hats
a half-finished wrap top with the sleeves needing to be pinned on
gas company bill
paperwork for the order going out today
2 diapers
bag of wipes
supply list for fabric stores
glue gun
butter striped jade beads
measuring tape
black thread
hot glue sticks
shank remover
jewelry pliers
big black vintage buttons
moss agate beads
cell phone
MAC lipstick in 3-D
a roll of packing tape
black sunglasses
a silver cigarette box that I use to hold business cards
a 1GB flash card for my camera

Yay! This should be fun.
Well, inside my ginormous bag I've got
Camera USB cords
iPod USB cords
Box of nerds
A countdown of the days until HPDH that I stole off the WalMart Display
2 Tampons
Car Keys
Cell Phone
Packet of tissues
And Two other purses

Black Clutch

Pink gold and Black bead necklace
Pink Bead Bracelet
HP Gryffindor Necklace
HP DA Necklace

Pink Polkadot Purse

Pink Wallet
Pink Pen
Pink Camera
Pink iPod
Pink DS
Pink pen/pencil case
Pink Mirror
Pink small maglite flashlight
Pink case for all my lipgloss
Small bottle of OPI lotion
Small bottle of Mango body spray
Secret pocket where I keep all my pictures of all my Hogwarts boys. And sometimes girls.

Oh my god (Whoever that may be.) I have entirely too much crap.
Oh cod. I just realized that most of the contents of my purse are makeup. Anyway...
Bottom of purse:
Ipod mini
Glasses cleaning cloth
a paperclip
Wet n Wild Paradise Cove eyeshadow palette
Cover Girl Outlast pressed powder
Diorskin powder foundation
Maybelline Full n' Soft mascara
MAC Take a Hint tendertone
Revlon nude lipgloss
Fresh Fleurs de Chocolat shea butter
Pencil case being used as a makeup case, containing:
Clinique lip gloss in Prettiest Pink
Lancome Color Fever gloss in Molten
Tarte Real McCoy eyeshadow
Milani Antique Gold eyeshadow
Sally Hansen Tempting Taupe colorstick
Shisedo Lasting Lift Mascara
Wet n Wild Cafe Au Lait creme eyeshadow
Kevyn Aucoin Leaharia lipstick
Bourjois lipstain
Prescriptives concealer pencil
Neutrogena instant nail enhancer
Inside pockets:
Orbit mojito gum
Wee notepad
Black pen
Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow palette #2
MAC lu-be-lu lipgelee
Clinique Juicy Apple glosswear
Clinique Black Honey almost lipstick
Tarte Jake/Samantha gloss
Merle Norman eyeliner in Hazy
Urban Decay eye primer potion
wet wipes
Front pocket:
Moleskine notebook
WW log
Embarrasing picture of me in 8th grade with Wil Wheaton (must remember to take out)

oooh, i bet mine's different wink.gif

jumper clips
jumper clips with switch
electrical meter
electrical line splitter
refrigeration gauges
pneumatic air pressure tester
six inch pipe wrench
(2) six inch crescent wrenches
(2) eight inch crescent wrenches
(2) 7/16" by 1/2" open ended wrenches that I don't need to carry but they are sentimental, my favorite partner gave them to me
wire strippers
universal (six bit) screwdriver
pipe sizer
copper tubing cutter
allen wrench set
small length of pneumatic tubing
electrical tape
teflon tape
a jar with wire nuts and flare fittings and electrical crimp connectors
flaring kit
high vacuum grease
ratcheting compressor valve wrench
pliers (slip joint)
linemans pliers
side cutters
thermostat calibration wrench
thermostat calibration gauge
building master keys
Sharpie marker
and it's decorated with a really pretty beadwork/hemp jewelry keychain thingy hanging off it, just to girl it up a bit
mid-size leather slouch bag, less cluttered than usual:

Life of Pi, Yann Martel
Brush with three bobbles (hairbands) wrapped around end
Tab of headache pills with 2 left
Purse (cute gold beaded with a London bus in red, blue and white beads)
Mobile phone
Pass for work (secure entry)
3 lots of keys - house keys, mum's car keys and keys for drawer and locker in work
Pink ipod mini in pink ipod sock
Black leather glasses case
Small tin of vaseline aloe vera
Nivea moisturiser
Vera Wang Princess perfume
Anti-perspirant deoderant.
Cream umbrella with pink and blue butterfly patterm (vintage style)
knitted-style natural fibre shoulder sling bucket bag (my summer catch-all)...some of this stuff is still in here from Canada Day, as I don't use my purse often:

*orange, brown and yellow duct tape wallet made and sent to me by a bustie - mouse! - containing driver's license, BC CareCard (medical), credit union debit card, Visa card, and a five dollar bill (this wallet invariably ends up in my pocket before I leave home, purse or not)

*slightly larger black leather wallet purchased from the FlyLady - containing several store cards, my birth certificate, my SIN card, my glasses 'scrip, a handful of coins, a hair stylist appointment card, a kidney specialist appointment card, three crumpled-ish Post-Its with random people's phone numbers/e-mail addies on them, and four crumpled-ish store receipts

*fobless keyring with building key, door key, and mailbox key (these always ends up in my pocket, too)

*green hard-sided glasses case, containing 'scrip sunglasses and a wipe cloth

*two Always with wings thin maxis

*one O.B. tampon

*two Trojan condoms

*burgundy folding comb/brush

*package of oil blotting sheets

*two shades of Rimmel lipstick - Chocoholic and Kasbah

*small blue-green round folding compact mirror

*digital thermometer (blame the kidney specialist for making me paranoid)

*unpaid Telus telephone bill

*lined Post-It note pad

*ergonomic refillable gel pen

*clicky pencil

*black Sharpie

*512MB flash drive in a blue cover on a black lanyard

*homemade glass bead and memory wire bracelet

*purple Bic lighter with the safety removed

*small Gladware container with tiny scissors (purloined from the beading kit), Zig Zag papers, and a small bag o' green herb

*tiny Rubbermaid container with four Tylenol, six Ibuprofen, two Imodium, a Reactin, and two 'scrip Metformin tabs

*three guitar pics - one Fender brand and two homemade from a seldom-used store card

*broken G string from guitarboy's acoustic (how the fuck did that get in there?)

*black bandana

*package of Fisherman's Friends (original strength - white pack)

*package of Trident White

*empty Aquafina bottle

*Oatmeal-to-Go bar wrapper (which just went in the trash, actually)

*crumpled napkin (ditto)
purply maroon leather bag, with two compartments
- purse (containing: debit card, reciepts, photos, stamps, bus card) with large tortoise keyring
- tub of vaseline
- tub of molton&brown lip balm
- little bottle of clarins face cream moisturiser stuff
- body shop hand moisturiser
- university pass
- book (anne rice's "blood and gold")
- shopping list
- housekeys
- second purse, containing change
- misc. loose change
- ipod, in pink case
- pen. or pens. they migrate, and reproduce
- cheque book
- two envelopes, ready to be posted
- mobile phone
- fluff
- leather thong which broke off my bag and I must sew back on to stop the buckle undoing so easily

lol, treehugger!
Cell Phone
Countless Recipts
Maxi pads
Debit Cards
Mp3 player
Goldfish crackers
Drivers license
Bottled Water
Negative Pregancy Test-Yeah..Gotta throw that one out unsure.gif
Tori Amos CD
Cat Power CD
I have a small purse I guess compared to everyone else. I have to say that even though it's small it's my favorite. It's a Dooney & Bourke very similar to this one and my favorite part is that it's lined with bright ass red fabric. It's so awesome. I love it. Sophisticated on the outside and slut red on the inside, just like me! smile.gif

Well I’ve got:
Keys (my house, my car, my parent's house, Mr. Pug's parent's house, mail box, various swipe cards for various grocery stores, and also my first pugs dog tag)
Wallet (cash, debit card, AAA card, library card, target gift card, barnes and noble gift card, car insurance card and driver's license)
Cell phone
Small pocket calendar with a cute little pug puppy on the front
Tide to go pen (cause Mr. Pug is a slob and is always spilling something on himself)
Cheap sunglasses
Breath mints
My rosary
Clicky pen
School ID clipped to the strap
$1.25 in change (I try not to keep any change other then quarters cause anything else just jingles around in the bottom)
Ouchless hair ties in multiple colors

I wish I could fit snacks and CD's in my bag. Maybe I should invest in a bigger Dooney & Bourke? dry.gif
I've never seen this thread! And it is exciting to me so I'm going to post in it!
Since I'm not yet a year past my undergrad, I kind of have not yet transitioned to no longer carrying around my backpack. I do use a purse if I'm just going out for a date or whatever, but my everyday bag is definitely still my Jansport backpack!

So without any further adieu:

- Notebook for work notes while being trained (now just used for doodling while on a call and the like).
- Journal used for writing deepest thoughts / keeping track of the food I have eaten during the day to prevent over-eating (very important!).
- Random work papers that were handed out sometime during the past three months.
- "The Life of Pi" by Yann Martel, which I have been trying to read for the past two months but have been failing miserably at because there aren't enough hours in the day.
- Headset for work.
- Wallet, sans debit card because the Mister has it in his wallet at the moment.
- Video iPod.
- USB cable for iPod.
- Keys for apartment.
- Sunglasses.
- A lint roller.
- Random food containers from tonight's dinner.
- A fork.
- A spoon.
- Coffee mug.
- Water bottle with lemon-flavoued water still in it.
- A tampon (glad that's over for the month!).
- A pen.
- A hair clip with two elastics attached to it.
- A brush.
- A Tintin pencil case that I bought in Belgium moonlighting as a makeup bag (which has in it: pressed powder compact in Ivory, gold creme eye shadow, a "cafe" eyeshadow kit, a single dark brown shadow compact, brown eyeliner, black-brown mascara, classic pink blush, and three lip glosses: mango coconut, cherry vanilla, and strawberry. There is also an eyebrow brush and a pair of tweezers in this bag!).
- A case for my glasses.
- Contact solution.
- Contact case w/contacts in it.
- Spray cleaner for aforementioned glasses.
- Some chocolate bar wrappers.

I do believe that is all.
And the sad thing is, even if I wasn't using a backpack, I would probably have all of this in my bag anyway. It would just be really full!

Oh and Pugs:
I used to carry around a Tide-To-Go pen, too! I can't believe that they actually work! I think I should get another one as the cap for mine fell off and it dried out and you never know when you'll need to remove a stain! laugh.gif
arcadia, how random that we're carrying around same book!
I am a firm believer in speaking loudly and carrying a big purse. A purse should also be large enough to discretely carry a bottle of champagne. That having been said here is what is in my north face messenger bag

In the front zipper pocket
calendar that I write in ( very low tech)
Cell phone
tube of m&m minis
altoids winetergreen
an orange higlighter
a blue highlighter
a triangle shaped highlighter with blue , pink and yellow
two pencils
one pen
burts bees hand salve
burts bees honey lip balm
Ulta 3 lipstick in bordeaux shimmer
a ribbon that says music award
a barrett
keys for my job

In the first inner pocket
3 extra absorbant tampons
1 packet of thera flu
1 traditional medicinals throat coat tea bag
two green highlighters ( one small on large) (( apparently I have a thing for highlighters the total count is now 5))
one mini pink sharpie
various reciets
1 small plastic multihued flourescent slinky in the shape of a butterfly

in another small pocket
jump disc

in large compartment

cd case
old bra from Schwartz's intimate apparel
new bra from Schwartz's intimate apparel in a pink plastic bag ( the only place I will buy a bra because they rule)
notepad with to do list

in last compartment
direct deposit slip from work
license, debit card, paycheck
cell phone
comb, lip balm
packet full of apartment listings I cut from the paper
card advertising a festival I'm going to
pin that says "feminists do it better" on the front.

It's summer. What else do I need in there? Also, it's very small purse, because my larger summer purse is MIA. I KNOW my sister stole it.

So, my purse is fairly empty but my car, on the other hand, is overflowing with clothes, beach stuff, work uniforms, notebooks, CDs, textbooks I forgot to sell back, disposable cameras, boxes of tea, snacks, food journals and money journals that I used for about 3 days, etc.
missladyj -

i just looked up those north face messanger bags. they are pretty nice. how long have you had yours? do they last a long time? I've had a Jansport pack that is 11 years old and is still going strong. I'm a little tired of it and was thinking up getting something new. Would you recommend north face?

Since I'm new here, I thought I'd go with a nice safe post -- plus I've always prided myself on the fact that if I ever went on "Let's Make A Deal" I could probably win the "Do you have this in your bag?" game. Although, from the looks of it, some of you ladies have me beat hands-down!

Side pockets: cel phone, subway passes.
Front pocket: Work badge & id.
Inside: 3 sets of keys (work, home, car), three dollar bills, phone charger, wet naps, burt's bees hand creme, sunglasses case & sunglasses, wallet, random papers & shopping lists, splenda packets, four tampons, two lip balms, three lipsticks, powder compact, breath freshener, barrette, pen, two matchbooks, oh and the meds...sinus pills, excedrin, generic pms pills, xanax, benadryl & headache powders, and a cool little gadget-thingy that I was supposed to send to my dad for father's day, but it got lost in my purse and I forgot -- but here it is! I guess it can go in his Christmas stocking now biggrin.gif
Haha, bunnyb! That's awesome!

Where are you in the book? I'm on Chapter 4, I think. I've been trying to read it because everyone I've spoken to who recommends a book recommends "Life of Pi" because apparently it's amazing, but I don't have enough time to read it with work and everything. I've resigned to reading a few chapters before bed, so I hope that I can finish it by the end of the month.
arcadia, I finished the book today (started it last week) and LOVED, Loved, loved it! It's a light (although deep subject) read and the chapters are short so you should manage a few before bedtime - enjoy!
I've had the north face bag for almost a year and I love it. It is very sturdy,and has a comfy shoulder strap. I think it will last awhile. It is super roomy, lots of compartments and it fits everything I need to lug around. Definately thumbs up from me.

Previous to this I had a green suede backpack that I have used for about 15yrs and had to finally give it up. I'm thinking the north face bag could possibly last as long.
Medium sized black leather Guess purse with white/cream topstiching - given to me by a friend who went vegan.

Plethora of miscellaneous recipts - grocery, Old Navy, cable bill, Chipotle etc.
Rat tail comb left over from a friends wedding a month ago when I was helping with updo's
Burt's Bee's lip shimmer in rhubarb
CO Bigelow mentha lip shine
Goldie lip gloss in velvet (just a tad addicted to lip gloss, hm?)
CO Bigelow Quince hand lotion
cell phone
Samsung T9 player
fingernail file
2 pens
eye drops
silver hoops
Orbitz mint mojito gum
wallet with $14 and some change, debit card, mastercard, student id, license, insurance card and bussiness card from a tattoo place

very worn saddle leather hobo Fossil bag with fringy zipper pull. not as large as others i own. i love a large leather bag. seriously, i want to look like i'm carrying a side of beef.

matching Fossil wallet - usual contents
Indian-looking leather change purse, with mostly pennies
another leather change purse, but for extra gift cards/receipts/business cards
list for Target
Seattle travel guide book (i'm leaving for vacation saturday!)
Hello Kitty pencil holder holding tampons
Hello Kitty notepad
2 pens
travel-sized hand lotion
pin for my friend's band "Rawles Balls"
pack of Yaz birth control pills
new pack of Orbit sweet mint gum
cell phone
keys with keychain from Puerto Rico, keys of course, and too many store discount cards than i need
zipper side pocket with pressed powder, nail file, tweezers, lip gloss, lipstick, chapstick, ponytail holders and bobby pins
Hmmm. . . . i usually don't carry a purse. i've been carrying a wildland fire line pack more often these days.

Let's see . . .
fire shelter (we call it a 'shake and bake'),
two bottles of water,
one bottle of yucky off brand sports drink, orange,
pink plastic tape for tying around stuff to mark stuff,
extra socks,
an aspirin bottle with acetiminifen, ibu, aspirin, benedryl in it,
asthma inhaler,
epi pen,
25 feet of parachute chord,
extra boot laces,
tiny first aid kit,
clamshell and batteries for radio,
disposable camera,
3 days worth of meds,
3 tampons and zip lock for used ones,
sun screen in small bottle,
lip goop,
little thing of hand sanitizer,
bag of peanuts

and that's about it.
Black canvas mini messenger bag with the Pixies logo:
cell phone
pink canvas wallet with change,driver's license, IDs, credit cards, library card, and various punch cards
my journal
a book on archeology
two lip balms (Trader Joe's and Badger Balm)
four pens
three flyers from a local coffee shop
AA batteries
cell phone
CD player
case for 12 CDs holding twice that amount
four packs of ginger tea
car and house keys on a Marvin the Martian keychain
list of things to do
reusable grocery bag
travel pack of kleenex
yay this thread

in a medium-to-small size reddish brown fake leather bag that looks really fancy but really cost me $15 in santee alley, LA's designer knockoff central:

-metal ring i stole from an amusement park merry go round with:
--keys to my building, my apartment, my car, my car's "club" steering wheel lock, my mailbox
--forgotten car wash token with my work parking space # on it
--discount cards for ralph's grocery & cvs, library card, gym membership card
--disgusting falling-apart plastic mini flip-flop keychain i won playing a bar game in paris two years ago
--tamogotchi charms i got for free from work, one of a trumpet, one of a doctor's bag (? i think??)

-strawberry-print wallet from the dollar store, with a sticker from the la brea tarpits on it, full of:
--bank receipt
--credit card & debit card
--planned parenthood card
--proof of car insurance & 2 AAA membership cards, one expired
--health insurance card
--vons club card

-digicamera in case with another tamogotchi charm...some kind of purple creature with flowers for ears (?)

-sunglasses & case

-pack of parliaments

-coin purse shaped like cassette tape containing $0.72, and another tamogotchi charm shaped like a computer (WHAT they were free)

-silver chain necklace

-micron .05 pen and moleskine notebook/sketchbook

-extra "polar ice" gum, gum wrappers

-swiss army knife

-alba passionfruit nectar lip balm

-small yellow zippered pouch handmade by my aunt containing:
--little bottle of hand sanitizer
--mirror shaped like a cat's face
--2 pantiliners
--3 bandaids
--1 shout portable wipes packet
--tube of advil
--tin of smith's rosebud salve lip balm

--video ipod & earbuds (i hate those damn earbuds...they always fall out)
I switch up bags every so often so none of them get too polluted...

That being said, these must be the essentials (this one's a grey vintage airline bag):

-long black leather wallet, with all my i.d, miscellaneous business cards, about $60 Canadian and change, some receipts, and a few sentimental drawings and photos

-half a bottle of rosé that my friend just insisted I take because she's leaving the country

-my (dirty) waitressing apron

-small hairbrush

-ripped out sections of the newspaper (classifieds for the job search and something about an art show I want to see)

-paycheck, not yet cashed

-tortoiseshell sunglasses

-iPod, batteries dead

-an unused roll of 35mm film

-a large envelope containg a bunch of resumés and various documents that I've been gathering for my Swedish visa application

And in the front pocket, a ballpoint pen and a ticket stub from the Wilco concert a few weeks ago.

I LOVE this thread, I Do.
Have never posted my contents, just lurk & read about the contents of purses other than mine.

I found this & thought you Busties would enjoy it.
Doode, it has PIX of contents!
(squees with nosy joy)
Have you guys seen the butler bag? I'm going to ask for an espresso one for Christmas I think. I might even go to ACMoore instead and see if I can buy supplies to make an insert to fit into my purse.
Sorry, double post!
Ooohhh I want in.

My nokia cell phone and my samsung work phone
Bettie Page Wallet with money, id, etc.
Birth control and T3's
Vag cream and cortison cream
3 juicy tubes of the colour miralcle
car keys
air freshener
Almondf cuticle oil
3 tubes of blistex in peppperment
an ipod
USB cord for said ipod
halls, duff beer mints, lighter and some weed
change of varying sizes

I've got a very small bag, I don't know how all this crap fits.

Pugs, that is a great bag!
Holy moly I'm so bored!

okay, here we go:

1. dermatologist appointment card
2. massage therapist appointment card
3. chiropractor appointment card (noticing a trend yet?)
4. pink and green wallet that needs to be replaced
5. Chococat wallet for credit and other cards
6. Subway coupon
7. small Five Star notebook
8. black pen
9. sunglasses in a little protective pouch
10. inhaler
11. cellphone
12. MAC tinted lipgloss in fuschia fix
13. pen that I swiped from some douche that treated me like an idiot
14. passport
It's an medium sized gray bag with a raised skull impression on the front, and a six-shooter screened on the back. A gift from a friend. I use it because it has many, many hidden pockets.
here we go:
1.My ace of spades cigarette case turned wallet
which contains: A really cool funky jewelry store card,Best buy reward zone key-chain card that broke and that I never use,a dominatrix'('s?) number "if I'm ever in the bay area",health insurance card,debit card,state I.D.,$15 in cash
2. Dave and Busters "power cards" from two years ago that I've never used gift card thing with $3.18 on it
4.two lighters
5. powder/foundation 2-in-1 compact
6."lookin' good for jesus" vanilla chap-stick
7. orange creamsicle flavored massage cream
8. mirrormask DVD
9. about five of those mag. dvd inserts of porn for various friends who requested I "bring them something for free"
since I "work in a porn shop for cryin' out loud"
10.two empty gum wrappers from two different types of gum
11. a small crucifix with jesus and two others that is not mine and I'm not sure how it got there
12.various change that equals $1.02 old bus transfer
14. awesome black with teeny white polka dot sun-glasses with exactly three mints left
16. personalized health vitamin dvd thing for mother
17.headphones/earpiece for phone
18.l'occitane mint-lemonade-lavander hand lotion
19. old abused completely battered journal which contains:sketch of a nun i did at work, two friends pictures, i.d. bracelet from emergency room
20. two packs of cigarettes
21. satin bag which contains: two pads, and a "fresh" wipe
22. pepper spray keychain that has: a pair of folding scissors, a skull&crossbones key to old apartment, key to bathroom at work, new apartment key, and mystery key that I can't remember what it's for, and a grocery store discount mini-card
23.P.T.F.E threaded seal tape

Entirely too much in my purse...

1. Wallet
2. Lip gloss
3. Burt's bees lip balm
4. lipliner
5. bronzing powder
6. a ton of receipts that have been in my purse for God knows how long
7. loose change
8. a lottery ticket scratcher
9. gum
10. keys
11. paycheck stubs
12. ticket stub to see "Transformers"

And that's all
I carry a huge canvas bag that contains:
- cell phone
- mp3 player
- tons of old reciepts (mostly from the grocery store)
- small makeup bag with about 5 different lip glosses inside
- lime green wallet containing insurance cards, driver's license, ten dollars, and two pictures of my little munchkin
- about 15 pens (wow, excessive)
- a cereal bar (in case the afore-mentioned munchkin gets hungry)
- a pack of fruit flavored gum
- a bib that looks like a cat
I'm in the "what's in your bag?" pool on Flickr, and this is the latest photo of my bag:
needful things

Except the self-explanatory, like mp3 player etc:

* salty licorice gum
* a horse-chestnut
* camera case (as I carry the camera with me all the time, but couldn't take a photo of it, natch)
* Swedish condoms
* filofax my mum made for me (she's a book binder)
* bag from the Musuem of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm, Sweden


I see this thread has gone a bit dormant, but I can't resist posting. This was one of my favorite threads back in the day.

In my bag, a black messenger bag with a red star (a la Rage Against the Machine) special ordered from Neighborhoodies:

Slingshot organizer
ticket stub from Fat Pig which I saw last weekend (a play which was starring a good friend)
legal pad
7 pens
most recent check stub
iPod and headphones
cell phone
a bunch of business cards for local attorneys
keys (apartment, office, car)
Tic Tacs
travel size bottle of Advil
glasses in case
lens cleaner
disposable camera
brush and wide-tooth comb
jump drive
hand sanitizer
hair clip
HRC lip balm
Burt's Bees lip balm
lip gloss
warm vanilla sugar hand lotion
3 barrettes
a card for a game of free bowling at the local lanes
debit card/credit card/drivers license
my student law license
$9, all in ones
$2.10 in change
a copy of My Life as a Radical Lawyer by William M. Kunstler with Sheila Eisenberg
Yay, this thread is still around.

My bag (which is a lovely light tan satchel from Target I love dearly) contains the following:

MAC lipstick in 3D
my faux Ipod with earbuds
one fresh diaper
needlenose jewelry pliers
my wallet
flat oval red tigereye beads
gunmetal necklace chain
travel size lotion from Bath & Body in White Cotton
half pack of Dentyne Ice gum in Arctic Chill
silver cigarette case with my business cards in (since I don't smoke)
OPI black nail polish from when I had my hard workin' feet done
my horrible cell phone that I want to throw under a bus
huge black leather liz claiborne bag my bff bought me for my b-day containing:

black leather wallet w/ book of checks, ID, various cards, coupons, pix of the fam, stamps & 28.00 in cash
lavender change purse with $1.87 in coins
car & house keys
cell phone charger
cell phone
"virgo" bic lighter
doggie poop bags
address book
2 pens
ipod & earbuds
2 pairs sunglasses
regular glasses
lens cleaner
travel pack of tissue
tweezerman travel tweezers
alba organics hawaiian lip gloss in passionfruit nectar and coconut creme
alba organics hawaiian lip balm in passionfruit nectar
loreal lip color/gloss hybrid in a discontinued shade called punk princess
avene thermal water spritz
B&BW's hand lotion in topical passionfruit
kiss my face honey & shea lotion
breath savers 3 hours mints
breath savers vanilla mints
passionfruit & cherry tic tacs
vanilla rolaids soft chews
pill box containing lactaid, clairitin-D, zyrtec, & one xanax
visine - allergy formula
albuterol inhaler
black messenger style canvas bag:

pink hello kitty wallet(I.D.s and all that)
loose change
prescription sunglasses in a black case
eclipse sweetmint chewing gum
neutrogena lipgloss
burts bee's cuticle cream
hand lotion
neutrogena sunblock spf 75
cell phone
pocket knife
finger nail clippers
various receipts
a black pen
a cardigan in case I get cold
wonder woman pez dispenser
wet napkins(from Buffalo Wild Wings they also give out so many)
Large pink leather purse:

Clipboard & Paper
A Time For War - Textbook
gym t-shirt
large bottle of advil
bottle of water
ipod and headphones
box with earrings in it
cell phone
How odd I've come across this post as I'm cleaning out my purse for the week....

This week's purse is: black patent-leather number with extra pockets on the front.


- Ralph Lauren wallet with no money but a credit card, debit card, a couple "points" cards, U-Pass, student card & library card
- card-wallet with the rest of my store cards, coffee cards, videostore cards, etc.
- polka-dot card holder for my business cards
- green sunglasses
- pink sunglasses with rhinestones
- mini hairbrush
- mini hair pomade
- mini antiperspirant
- 80 Gb video iPod & Samsung earphones
- Palm Tungsten E2
- black chopsticks in plastic case (I hate the used plastic ones and the cheap-ass wooden ones)
- 3 black hairbands
- hand sanitizer
- small tube hand cream
- Benefit Smooch lip balm
- 3 shades of lip gloss
- 1 packet Eclipse mint gum
- cell phone
- 7 pens
- Blue Man Group ticket - they were AWESOME!!
- 6 bandaids
- tape measure
- keys to the known universe (the office, my car, my house, my filing space at SFU Burnaby)
- 1GB flash drive
- SFU Surrey ID/library card
- silver pill case
- facial blotting papers
- mini notebook
- current sock I'm knitting
- fingerless gloves (yes, I knit them myself)
- 4 tubes of unrefined sugar

It'll be curious to see what I collect next week!

Next week's purse: army-green canvas with fuschia foil-print skull & crossbones lined with black fabric with pink polka-dots
great vintage find from the modern exchange:

inner pocket:
*registration, DL, insurance
*speedy cash gift card for 25 dollars
*coat check ticket from a drunken night, which i couldnt find it when i needed it
*my girl's business card (oh!beatrice photography)
*atm receipt from the atm at st andrews
*atm card

main compartment:
*loreal bare naturals
*max factor lipstick in wine shimmer
*two dollar bills
*contacts case
*piece of paper that's got "martin drake: first book of poetry" written on it
*another atm receipt
*1 black barrette
*13 gum wrappers (now trashed)
*at least 4 dollars in change
*leopard print make up bag with my most frequently used makeup
i have all kinds of stuff...

chap stick
cell phone
metro map
hair clip
*Totally Bumping this thread*

I swap handbags practically daily, and I always carry the following: 1) an embossed metal "credit card"/business cards case containing ID, bank card, and cash, 2)keys, 3)phone, and 4)lip balm/gloss in a tube---pretty basic. I try to simplify my life and save time.
princess evangeline
voodoo princess here <

in my bag....... which is actually one of those knitted winter caps with the ear flaps that i fashioned into a bag.....

lipstick - Black Cherry color
organic chap stick - Cranberry Orange flavor
lip gloss - Melon Ball flavor
Burts Bees - Radiance Lip Shimmer
plumping lip treatment - Clearly Lovely (sparkles)
credit cards
Target gift card
Aquaphor ointment
a .50 cent piece
a peppermint
a SmartCard
social security cards
vehicle registration
a "loveletter" my other left in my bag cause he's a real ass and trying to make up for it!
empty gum pack with an address written on it
card from a floral delivery i sent my 6 year old daughter
note to self
business cards
japanese fabric mirror compact
"dalmation" agate in silky grey drawstring pouch
I just got a beautiful new leather bag for Christmas. It's all black and pretty. I plan to put into it:

Camera inside its pink camera holder.
Red Wallet
Lip Gloss
USB Drive
Cell Phone
Book: currently reading Portrait of a Lady
Aaaand I'm sure there's other junk hiding in my current purse, but it may not make the jump.
Inside my gorgeous gorgeous PARCEL purse..(as seen in BUST!)

I have..
-mechanical pencils.
-Catullus love poetry (in latin).
-Introduction to Translating Latin Inscriptions by Keppie.
-Latin Dictionary.

Pretty much it..
Inside an Aigner I bought on sale 2 years ago:

Cell phone
About 20 different cards/grocery cards/etc.
Kohl green eyeliner
Lip plumping gloss--clear
Hand lotion--tiny size
Keys--2 house, one car
Pepper spray, police strength
Note pad, tiny one

Pretty much it...

i have this bag that someone brough me from south africa...
it's pretty put record covers inside the front and back and the sides and bottom are clear...

-knitting book
-the winter of our discontent
-burts bees lip stuff
-yarn/knitting needles
-hugemungous wallet
-mixed cds that i got for christmas from a regular where i work
-candy cane
-keys (haha hopefully)
-address book

there is probably more that i am not aware of but i am too lazy to clean it out:)
Lipstick- couple shades
Blotter sheets
2008 planner
Claire Fontaine notebook for random notes, poems, thoughts
Blackberry (yes, I am an addict)
Cell phone
lots of pens- I always carry lots
pink little bag that I carry mementos of lost loved ones, etc
worry beads
my passport (always dreaming and ready for an sudden trip, lol)
my current bills
copy of "alarums" by Richard Laymon
Digging through my purse to sort of clean up after getting home last night/this morning at some ridiculous hour....

- knitting journal
- wallet
- keys on skull & crossbones ribbon lanyard
- card wallet of club & discount cards, etc.
- iPod & headphones
- camera
- Palm Treo (I prefer the Palm platform to Blackberry but respect its impact on the technology industry)
- several pens
- tissues
- Blistex, Chap Stick, & 4 tubes of various shades of lipgloss + 1 pot of Rimmel lipgloss
- mini tube of hand cream
- Christmas shopping receipts
- hand sanitizer
- mini air-freshener (you wouldn't BELIEVE where that's come in handy!)
- business card case
- blotting papers
- swipe card for Uni
- pocket knife w/scissors (again, very handy!)
- brown sugar packets
- iced tea packet
- sock on dps project
- Calorimetry & fingerless gloves (in winter)
- hairband

I think that's all.... happily the chihuahua didn't get left in my purse
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