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ok ladies, here goes, the dj has never started her own thread before and this one may just die a long, slow painful death, BUT......I am moving to New Orleans in about three weeks and i was hoping there might be some other busties out there in the NOLA area who know of fun, hips things to do, neighborhoods to live in where you won't get your throat cut or be suffocated by black mold, etc etc. so if there are any new orleans ladies out there, please, holla back! if not, if not a single one of you in this whole community calls NOLA home, well, then i hope lounge lady deletes this thread before the mortification consumes me......and now to wait patiently.
ok, i am not very patient......i'll give this thread until the end of the week until it is time to for it to die....sigh....maybe sometime in the future.
dj, the only BUSTie I know of in New Orleans is amilita who hasn't been around the last week or so (and mainly posts in kvetch) and BUSTer doxy who intermittently posts. Sorry!
thanks so much bunny! i'll give it a little more time and see if anyone shows. if not, i won't take it personally and maybe i'll try again for another thread in a few months. thanks again!
Well.. I live about 45 mins away from New Orleans..
cool! where do you live? i'm moving there for graduate school and i'm trying to get a feel for the place. were you there pre-katrina?
I grew up in Houma, LA. During my first year at LSU in Baton Rouge, Katrina happened. What school will you be at?
I'm going to be in the anthro department at Tulane.....any recommendations as to neighborhoods, bars, cool places to hang out? my dad is from lafayette originally, i've spent alot of time there, though i have only been to baton rouge once.
Hey dj, Bunnyb's right...I haven't been steady here for a couple years actually sad.gif
I live on Jackson Ave and work in the Quarter. Amelita lives in Marigny/Bywater, I believe? I met her once when she lived in the IC (Irish Channel), she hooked me up with a season of Six Feet Under. We were both here before the storm.
I have a couple circles of friends in town...what you'll find is you'll know at least one or two persons in the majority of these circles of mine. It's a small town. We're only bigger than Shreveport when the Saints are in town.
I think you'd dig the R-Bar/Saint/FinnMcCools/MiMi's/Cosimos/BridgeLounge/Molly's among other bars (I'd have listed Pals up there but it's closed ever since that ridiculously sensless slaying a month ago, what a shit-hill, that guy).

I actually just bought my house, and so I guess I should have posted in one of those "hoorah for me" threads?
Anyway, I quite like the LGD (lower garden district, Calliope thru Jackson). Where do you live?
hey doxy! yea, i'm glad i'm not the only one. thanks for the pm too, i would have never looked in this thread again. i just kind of assumed it would die a slow and painless death.

i live uptown, right on magazine in fact and just two doors down from le bon temps. so close that i can hear the soul rebels blasting out every thursday. i've invested in earplugs. i actually love my little apartment, but i'm hoping to move into a (maybe cheaper) place with a little more personality. it just takes time to get to know the city, i suppose. i fell in love with some places in the irish channel, but in the end they were just a tad too far for me to bike to school from.

i have only been to the quarter twice now and only during the day. i really want to check out some bars down there and ogle the freaks. so far i've just been to places uptown, like kingpin, st.joe's, le bon temps (of course!), the bulldog, and italian pie (they have $2 pitchers of miller lite m-tr).

so far i've been hanging out with some of the art kids and of course the anthro kids, but it's difficult to find cool grad students. i know it just takes time to settle in and meet people and only been here a couple months. sigh.

i do get that small town feel from it and i'm already getting to know the people who wander up and down magazine between louisiana and jefferson. speaking of which, when i first moved the light at magazine and louisiana was broken, frozen red in one direction and green in the other. it remained broken for several days, no cops, no traffic guard, nothing. eventually they put one of those orange school yard cones in the middle of the intersection with the words 'broken lite' (yes, spelled that way) scrawled across a piece of notebook paper duct taped to the top. that cone remained in the intersection for about a week. that felt, very new orleans to me.

i am especially interested in the music scene, so if you hear about a cool show coming to town, please let me know. i'll try to get better about checking this thread for whenever you sporadically pop in.

where do you work in the quarter?
Its funny that it's hard to cross certain streets.
For instance, I love the Marigny and Bywater, but something "really" has to cause me to cross Esplanade.
I love MidCity, too. But again, something has to cause me to cross Banks and Broad.
I generally don't cross Louisiana to your side of uptown, I'll stay mostly from the interstate thru Louisiana (lgd and gd).
I work in the quarter, but leave when I'm done. It's weird.
You should check out Bingo Show at One Eyed Jacks. Look for Morning 40 to play somewhere, they're pretty dope.

Do you live in a huge white house? My friend Eugene used to live there, close to Les Bon Temps. How about that fire at Miss Mae's? Yeah, our traffic lights are a joke. The one at Washington and St.Charles has been broken for 2 and a half years. We're still stopping at it.
One thing I'm bitter about is the street car. I don't mean any offense but I wish that job were contracted out to some company in the north to come down for. It would have been back in service a year ago at least. Seriously, it's a 7 mile track and it's been 2 years! How long did it take us to get to California back then?

I work at Arnaud's restaurant on Bourbon and Bienville (on Bienville). French 75 Bar.
there are two really cool old houses that have been converted into apts across from le bon temps and i only wish i lived there. i'm actually in an apartment building, but i decided on it because we have a gated parking lot. even though i drive a beater and am not too terrified of having it vandalized or stolen, i still like always knowing i have a place to park.

i haven't seen the light at washington and st. charles. i hardly ever take st.charles in that direction. i have to go to tulanes downtown campus in the afternoon but i always take claiborne. i really like the bywater area too, i looked at alot of places up there, but once again, it just ended up being too far from campus. there was another place a looked at right at jackson and magazine that i loved, but it was too expensive. miss mae's breaks my heart and i think everyone is really anxious for it to re-open. some of my friends live down at the end of bordeaux and it was one of their favorite places to go.

i know what you mean about the streetcar and the pace of construction work in the south. we're on the good ole boy system, it will get done when it gets done, when enough silver has crossed enough palms, ya know? here's my question, how does that affect the left hand turning situation across st. charles? do you have to worry about getting clobbered by the streetcar, or at the very least, sworn at? i get stuck in the median, aka the neutral ground (as i'm told it's called to people born and raised here) quite a bit.
When the streetcar is back I think we're going to be screwed by the left hand turns again. I hate those no left turns. But then ever since the storm people are turning left everywhere: St.Charles and Jackson, St.Charles and Louisiana, Napoleon...
The light at Washington and St.Charles is actually fixed today. Amazing.

When's your ldboyfriend coming to visit? Cheeky how I'm teasing you about it. I'm not big on dating in this town, in fact it's assisted in my forgetting how. Lucky for you you won't get to see what I mean.
So you're down here for international studies then? Just figured the whole cr thing. I'm making the mistake of planning on running a hotel in town. Time and time again I tell myself I should be in paradise. Ah well.
Tell your friends to take you to MiMi's and the R'Bar on a Saturday night. I don't go that much, but it's pretty cool.
I generally go to Loa after work, then Bridge Lounge (except I just ended a short affair with a bartender there and I'm not feeling so wanted...never relieve yourself where you eat) then the Saint and then Rendevous. Rendevous isn't my crowd, really, but I know the bartender and her boyfriend and so I lamp there at times.
Abita is a crap product, but it's all we got.
Since this is our(your) thread we can treat it like email. I'm sure we'll run into eachother sometime. I'm having a party in November, should probably see you then.

Annoyed that I have to say neutral ground, it's a freaking median. Just because at one time there was a "neutral ground" doesn't mean when making a median that looks just like it means they're all neutral grounds. Heaven forbid these people leave this state...makes me understand why Ignatius Riley's first trip out of New Orleans was such a dissaster.
Hey Sally!
Just finished 2 days in Paris. I love Julie Delpy and I love dialogue movies. Had a half bottle of merlot in there.
Of course I'm not weirded out by meeting busties, DJ, you have to show up at my party next month (ways away). Also, you have to end up on Frenchmen on Halloween, as well as Halloween weekend.
Not sure what you do for work but tomorrow at 8Am the trinity church rummage sale begins on Jackson Avenue. Opens again at 9 on Saturday.
I have to read a Jane Austen novel soon because the movie The Jane Austen Book Club is coming out soon and it looks tasty.
hey doxy. i thought i'd drop you a note. harry sherer (spinal tap, simpsons) was on our local seattle radio talking about new orleans. he was talking about how politics are different down there. he was talking about how after the katrina whites in general hated ray nagin, but he said, many of the old guard whites voted for him anyways he said "because they still couldn't forgive his repubican rival's father for desegregating the city capitol.

wow. things are really different down there, and like i said, racism doesn't follow universal rules, it changes it's tatics depending on environment. every place is different.

catch you on the late, late, kid...

(ps x-posted in the jena 6 thread)
Wish I'd have heard that radio conversation.
He's right, tho...wish I could have articulated it better in the Jena6 thread, but oh well. Guess I just have to be thankful for Mr.Sherrer's caring to air it over there. Damn good enough for me.
Regarding Landrieu...shame this state sucks so much because I'd love him to be our Governor, but if he couldn't win as Mayor there's no way he'll win as Governor. Breaux pissed me off for pulling out of the race and now everyone feels they've rosen above their normal bigotted level by voting for an Indian-American, Bobby Jindal (republican).
That's the way it goes down here.
Thanks for sharing, GTrouble!
linky:harry sherrer on local radio
haven't had a chance to listen to that yet, but i definetly want to....

yeah, i was blown away by the casual racism i encountered when i was first looking for a place to live. i mean, i've grown up my whole life in the south, so it wasn't anything new, per se, but the way people were dropping 'n' bombs left and right really shocked me. and then they'd look at me as if i was supposed to agree and support what they were saying. gross.

i have to say, at the risk of sounding unenlightened, i'm really glad to be around black people again! i went to college in the mountains and there were probably 20 black people total, no joke. it's good practice for me. i think it's really easy for a liberal person to say, 'i'm not racist,' if they live in a town where it's pretty much only white people. you have to confront it, head on, and be honest with yourself. becoming an accepting and enlightened person takes work. it's hard to overcome the stereotypes that we've been innundated with conciously or subconciously. i like living here in NOLA because it forces me to deal with these issues on a daily basis. treat people like people. period.

yesss, i will be at your party with bells on, doxy. and everyone and their mom has been telling me to go to frenchman street, that that's where the best costumes are. i can't wait!! i don't know what i'm going to dress up as, but i'm going to check out some costumes this weekend. i don't want to cop out and be (pun intended) 'officer naughty' or 'sexy nurse.' i'd rather be something weird and gross. and i will check out that rummage sale as well. my walls are white white white and i need some random crap to throw up there.

jane austen is good if you like long, drawn out, painful anticipation. that's half the fun. i enjoy the serious build-up though, even when it's only building up to a passionate stolen kiss. it's better than alot of that put it all out there, graphic sex in harlequin novels. i recommend 'Persuasion,'.
I agree with everything you said, DJB.

Rummage sale was cool, basically I just bought plethora wine glasses for the party next month.
As for costumes...I agree, not sure what to do. But, fyi keep in mind your costume on Mardi Gras Day is much much more important. I imagine you'll be watching the parades uptown (Zulu and Rex) but please seek out a couple people that will be willing to walk to the Quarter with you, and then Frenchmen St afterwards. The costumes are insanely righteous.

We don't know what we're doing yet: Krewe of Okra, Krewe of Cordial, Krewe of Tiki Drinks.

Girltrouble, I'll be listening to that soon.

hey doxy, have you ever been to oktoberfest? is it worth the 20 clams?
Aww, shiza...I'm late.
Hey, here's my main email.

I don't check as much as I should, here on bust, so use that if there's anything you need responded to in the same day.

My friends like Oktoberfest for what it is. That Haus is all we got to give us anything to go by. I hope you went. And....have you got two costumes ready? Saturday and Wednesday will be fun! I'm trying to work my tiki costume for the Wednesday. Saturday I'll just have something on for the hell of it. Frenchmen will be great for both days, especially Wendesday. Morning 40 Federation will be on Frenchmen Wednesday.

Not too happy with the cold of late. Got a big house, need to start working on the windows pronto.
Tomorrow, Halloween, I'll be the big Tiki mug with a blue parasol/umbrella in it. Maybe you'll recognize me on Frenchmen Street.
I will be looking for you! I sent you an email, I'll be the one in the permed mullet wig with the handle bar mustache. woohoo! happy halloween!
Doxy?!! are you out there? hellooooooooooo?

echo echo echo echo

i was wondering if you could give me the address of that market you sent me an email about.....i hope you are doing well and not freezing in this awful 60 degree weather. hahahaha!
bump for NO busties
(((((((NO Busties))))))) I hope all of you are safe.

(((((good vibes))))) to all my fellow Coastal Southern Busties! How is everyone faring this storm? We have a little flooding so far, but nothing like Katrina. I hope everyone comes out ok!!

(((((more vibes)))))
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