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cocl - don't feel too bad, a couple of years ago, a good friend of mine had flu-like symptoms for several months. it wasn't going away - headaches, trouble eating, shaky, sore joints, etc etc. One day he got extremely ill with a terrible headache so I took him to the emergency room. They let me stay in the back with him, as he had no family, so I was the closest person he had in town - while we waited for them to admit him, he said (and bear in mind he's an extremely flamboyant gay man) "wouldn't it be glamourous if it was a tumor?" and then we kept saying to each other "it's a TUMAH!!! a TUMAH!!" while he swooned and generally acted like a poof. it was hilarious.

3 hours later, we found out that he indeed have a brain tumor, wrapped around his spinal cord at the base of the skull.


(btw , it was benign and they got it all out and he's fine today)

This morning I was trying to catch a bus (a route that I hadn't taken before, but I knew it went where I needed to go)-I needed to go westbound, and I was walking frantically up and down the street searching for a bus stop. There were several on the other side of the street, but none on what I thought was the westbound side. I gave up in frustration, and crossed the street, thinking maybe I was going the wrong way.

Not only that was true, but it was also a one way street.
Once again, I get to wear the dumbass cap for the day.
haha thats funny stuff like that always happen to me...I'v ran a red light looking at the lights ahead of the read light i ran lol then i realized i ran it but i was lucky that i didnt get into a car accident that would have sucked...
i was in charge of doling out the boxcutters at work, it's the kind of thing that always goes missing, so you have to know who had them last.... these are the "safety" type, where the blade only comes out when you're pushing along the other side, so if your hand jumps, the blade should pop back in.

i very carefully sliced open a box, and about 4 inches along my forearm. not deep, but nice and long. i've never had this problem with the more dangerous type.

bump for candy
Okay, so this isn't too hilarious but I thought it was kinda funny. A while back I left a pair of very sexy panties at my boyfriend's place because he seems to enjoy having little tokens from me. Eventually I decided that I wanted to wear them again so I sent him an email asking if he would be willing to part with them at least for a little while. Later that day I get an email from him saying "I think you meant part with your panties but I'd be willing to party with them, too!"

I asked my boyfriend to party with my panties. Not me though, just the panties.
sigh..i just remembered a great one from awhile ago:
I was in my BGP's kitchen with her and another gal and BGP was making cosmos. I guess she hadn't really done it before and wasn't shaking the shaker properly-sorta tipping it back in forth lazily. I stepped in and said "let me show you how to shake a martini correctly." I took the shaker in my raised fist and shook it with vigorous, cocky confidence-for only about 5 seconds before the thing practically exploded-splashing sticky liquid everywhere (mostly on myself, of course)-I had forgotten to hold the top down tongue.gif
I found a 20$ bill on the street on my way to work. I then parked on the street in a space that's technically 2 hour parking, but I always park there all day and have never had problems. When I got back to my car, I had two parking tickets for, yes, 10$ each.
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