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Full Version: Yeah, I'm Putting Up A New Thread, If You Don't Like It, I'll Have You Beheaded---the Tudors
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Has anyone else been watching this? I just gulped down the entire season in one hungover marathon and I am OBSESSED. Any thoughts?
how did you get your hands on a season one marathon???!

i was dying to watch it, and we finally got showtime, but i don't know what the hell is going on so i'm not watching. sad.gif
Showtime on Demand, baby. It is so dirty and tacky and yet I love love love it. What episode are they showing right now? I would think that they would be showing them in order (or at least the premeire a bunch) because they are trying to lure in new viewers, as it is a new show. that's so annoying that you want it and can't get it. Jonathan Rhys meyers is my new boyfrien', btw.
For those push up corsets alone i've wanted to watch this show. Alas, no teevee. Are they on DVD yet?
yay, a tudors thread! i love this show so much. johathan rhys meyers is yumalicious, and oh, the clothes! *swoon* i started downloading eps on bit torrent as soon as i heard it was coming out and faithfully hounded the torrentspy website every week for new eps. i'm so sad the season's over. spoiler in white so how scary is it that meek mild-mannered thomas moore who just wanted to hang out at home and not be involved with all that politics and court life is burning people at the stake? yikes.
What the hell? This show is already on tv? I'm in Canada and, well, I guess we just get everything later! I think it's going to be airing on CBC or something.
grrrl, I know, he got really creepy and sanctimonious and EVIL really quickly and I,too, am traumatized.
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