Hi all! It's been a while since I posted, but I'm looking for some advice. I recently became friends with someone I met off another forum, and we've become pretty close. It's weird since we're so different, but she's definitely an interesting person.

She's overweight, and she's been trying to lose weight ever since she broke up with her bf 4 months ago. Apparently she had taken on his unhealthy eating habits and had gained 40lbs+ on her already stocky frame in the 2 years she was with him. She's been exercising quite a bit, and has been trying to eat less, although her method of "not eating at all until a huge dinner" is definitely not my style. I eat small portions (but constantly), and I pointed out that maybe that was better, but she likes indulging herself once a day rather than trying to limit herself throughout.

The thing is, I'm super-thin and I'm naturally that way. I don't eat large portions because doing so makes me feel sick. I also don't eat much since I don't earn a lot of money and I'm trying to save (she earns 3x what I do and going out to eat with her is sometimes a source of awkwardness as well, LOL). She exercises way more than me, so I think she's definitely more fit than I am despite the weight difference. I feel like I can't really say anything about her eating habits since I can basically eat whatever.

It's also a source of awkwardness for me since her motivation to be thinner is to be more attractive to boys. Unlike me (I'm apathetic toward most members of the male persuasion), she LOVES men, and she's convinced that if she loses enough weight, men will be more physically attracted to her. She doesn't want marriage, so...I guess finding a keeper isn't a priority, LOL. Obviously, I can't ask all men if they prefer a thin partner, but she seems to think so. She's said, "If I were as skinny as you, I'd sleep with so many boys!" Seeing that I'm still a virgin at 23 and the fact that I've only had one bf my entire life, I don't see how my body type has to do with anything, LOL.

Anyhow, I'm looking for some guidance into how I should handle food/exercise topics with her without making her jealous of me. Even if she lost weight, she won't ever look like me because she doesn't have the body type for it - I'm long and lean while she's short and stocky. She's convinced me to do a sprint triathlon with her next year, so it's good that we're both getting out there, but my running times are already faster than hers (she's 2 weeks ahead of me in the couch-to-5K training plan) since I weigh less and it's easier to run with less weight. She's also quite the competitive type, so I'm tempted to just not tell her my times, LOL.