I'm having a rough time with my ADD as of late. I also have a learning disorder in math that only affects me somewhat (though it really makes it difficult to find my way around at times). I know when my ADD symptoms are acting up. But others don't understand. I have a friend who seems to think she knows that it's all in my head. That if I could just exercise more things would get better. People without ADD don't understand that it is a real disorder. That the symptoms are real and we know more about ourselves and our symptoms than others do. It's difficult having invisible disorders. Plus, the unresolved anger at past authority figures who have told me they did not think I would ever be able to succeed in college. I can still see that high school teacher nodding his head like he knows I'm going to fail when I told him I was in college but hadn't graduated yet (I'm in graduate school now, by the way). Anyway, this is getting about as scattered as my mind at this point, but at least my hormonal fluctuations are getting less frequent so I don't have to experience exaggerated ADD symptoms. Plus, I know I'm not pregnant, so I'm back on the meds.

Any other people with these disorders here?