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"Think a three-way, a girl and two guys, is about the hottest thing going, if the girl is into it. Especially hot if the girl is a little bit dominant in the situation. and if one of the guys (me, in my fantasies) is on the sub side."

That would be really cool and hot.

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Pssssst! Edytharceo, you do realize that you responded to your own post, right?! Are you here to communicate or are you here to sell something or what? Just askin'.
Ok, that's it. It's been on my mind way too much lately. My New Year's resolution is to have a threesome this year. Wish me luck!
me too. good luck epi!!!
Had a chat with R tonight and it looks like there's more to come when I get back from China! We talked about threesomes again. I am stoked.
cool. me too. still working on it.
genghis cunt
I wish I could have a threesome. sad.gif
Love that ignore button.

Carry on, people!
I wish I could experience the dom technique that Oxytocin Man has to offer. Or just listen to him telling me about it, and having him watch me turn all shy and hot and bothered. We wouldn't actually have to do anything about it. It would be fun just to share.

genghis cunt
Dunno about you gals, but the idea of taking a righteous, pious, sin-free young man and teaching him all the things my wicked ways have to offer is kind of turning me on...
genghis cunt, I like the way your mind works.

Me, I'm still fantasizing about telling this guy "I can't stop thinking about you"...and assorted assorted deliciousnesses unspooling from there.
genghis cunt
I need a night where I can just hatefuck my boyfriend to the point of no return and just get all of my emotions out and hopefully just start with a clean slate.
I'd like to have a threesome with two guys.
yes. or any combination!!
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