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Hmm, that's funny, because someone I dated last year called me "good girl" after I finally had an orgasm with him and it infuriated me! It just seemed condescending, in a really bad way. I guess I'd rather be called "bad girl," although my current beau's not the type to do that... with him, I like being called sexy or hot, because he's a bit shy and doesn't say it much, and when he does it's usually when we're all passionate and stuff.

Anyway, I'm not judging, I just had to interject because I remembered how much that annoyed me...
anna, I had a guy call me good girl when I was riding him. He whispered it in my ear, and while he wasn't the best fuck ever, when he did that, it was pretty hot.
anna k
I can see how it could sound weird or creepy, like patting me on the head, but that just figured in my fantasies, of being treated like a lady and complimented instead of being called a fucking whore or slut or bitch, which turns me on when I think about rape-fantasy sex but not for the rest of the time.

I'd like it more purred in my ear seductively, not being prodded along like a puppy climbing up the stairs. "C'mon, c'mon! Good girl!" (claps)
hm... I've had both reactions to being called a "good girl". The first time my ex ever said it to me, yeah, i thought it was weird and condescending. but later, when we got more into light dom/sub type stuff, it did feel really good to be called that. i think it was because if he was being rough/dominant with me, it felt good to have that softer side saying "good girl, i'm proud of you"... because without that (or some kind of softer, nicer thing) the rough stuff might have just felt mean.

my best girlfriend thinks it's unhealthy that i liked that; she thinks it has to do with father issues, wanting my partner to be a parental-like figure, and so on. that parental connection may or may not have something to it (not like i want to do my mom or dad, but more like i want someone to fill that role of guiding me, doing what they know is best for me, etc.). still, i don't know how much that matters, or how i stand on the question of whether or not it's "healthy".

ah, well, moot point for now, as i'm not getting portions and don't see that changing for a while yet.
I don't really believe in all that daddy issue stuff. I think being called "good girl" is hot too, but only if it's said in the right way. There are definatly ways of saying it that would piss me off.
I like being called almost anything, except one guy called me "baby girl" during sex and I found it very very gross. I don't think there is anything unhealthy about "parental" type stuff in sex though, unless we're talking actual young girls sleeping with older men.

Lately I've been fantasizing about fooling around in the ocean. Not necessarily having sex, but being wet and randy and "him" sneaking his hand in my suit all while kids are obliviously playing nearby. gah, I should go to the beach this weekend.
Mr. Pug came home one night from work and I was doing dishes. He walked up behind me and I pressed my ass into his crotch. He whispered "Good girl." in my ear and I just had to make sure he was saying it about me pressing my ass into his crotch and not for doing the dishes. LOL! He actually got offended that I thought it was for the dishes. I felt bad afterwards for making the assumption. He also says it when I deep throat him. It turns me on big time. On the other hand Mr. Pug and I are in a 24/7 Ds lifestyle so I can totally understand that it's for me and not for others. Many of my girlfriends have noticed a difference in our interaction since our switch over and have given me shit for it. I've had my girlfriends tell me I have daddy issues and that's why I want Mr. Pug to treat me the way he does. That I'm punishing myself. I do have parental issues but I don't think that my sexual desires have anything to do with it.
Sometimes it just seems like parental issues/relationships are so complex and mysterious, and sexual desires are so complex and mysterious, that it's simply a losing proposition to try to figure out any possible connection between the two of them. Like, you could go on hypothesizing and speculating for hours without coming to any "truths". So why bother? Why not just have fun in bed? You know?

I guess for me, the important caveat is that if my fun, special, exciting sex life is either a.) having an immediate, negative impact on my physical/emotional health or b.) causing me to stay in a relationship that is having a negative impact on my physical/emotional health in unrelated ways, then I need to look more closely at what is so special about the sex and what it's giving me. What needs--not just physical, but psychological--it's fulfilling for me. (That's why I ended up looking at the sexual relationship with the ex so closely-- the relationship itself turned out to be extremely unhealthy for me, and I had to really face the fact that the appeal of our sex life was largely what kept us together even after I realized he was very bad for me.)
so i was in the living room today with my snowboard on, (it's summer, I know, but I can practise grabs and nosepresses and 180's).

And I realized, how hot it would be to get fucked with my feet strapped onto my snowboard. ....... Ideally, this would be done on a mountain in a pile of snow. I'm trying to think of what position would be best, I don't think my legs are spread enough for missionary, so maybe doggy? I don't know, but now that I've thought of it, this idea is going to stick......
LMP - since roles are not as defined as they once were in relationships, perhaps it's a subconcious reaction to that?
oh yeah - and what i just wrote is not just about you and mr pug - it was a question for discussion [of that type of relationship]
anna k
I just imagined wanting to masturbate for a guy after he came too early, and him watching me twitch and sigh. I would ask him to lick me, and he would be shy or nervous about going down on a woman (like not having good skills), so I would have him lick and suck it off of my fingers and demonstrate on his hand how I'd want to be licked. He would get more confident and more comfortable and eat me with pleasure.
drturl - glad you are enjoying the commentaries on this thread....however, we are not posting here to get accolades, it's a thread for sharing fantasies, not just saying how hot the others' fantasies are. it's not like reading a Nancy Friday book here. blink.gif
Today, I'm in the mood for someone to worship my body, and not in a licking my boot heels dominatrix sense. I want someone to savour all of me. I have just the person in mind, too.
I'm so old-fashioned good lovin on a bear skin rug in front of the fire, 70's style about my fantasies...

And CH--that's how my man on vacation does it... like I'm a giant lollypop that he wants to save for a while, so he doesn't lick too hard in certain places... and harder in others...

great. it's almost time to get out of work... I shall have my own little love fest this evening with said licking fantasy.
Mine should also be happening tonight.
I'd just like to get fucked right now. It's been a while. Hmmph.
id just like to get fucked too.

i want a man to show up, give me a good hard savage fucking...and leave.
i was so pissed off last night when i tried to use my vibrator and the batteries were dead. i was working on this great fantasy involving my crush and his red conversion van. it's been about TEN WEEKS since i had any kind of sexual contact with another person. i know others have gone much longer, but i was in a ltr for four and a half years, so i'm used to getting portions at least twice a week. but i'm only a casual sex kinda person in my fantasies, *sigh*.

anyway, this isn't the complaining about not having sex thread. the crush has this hilarious and awesome van. it only has two front seats, the back is just all empty. he mentioned that he's slept back there before and i got to thinking how hot it would be to have sweaty sex in the back just parked somewhere right in the city after leaving a bar or when he drives me home. i've never had sex in a car before, which i think must be a right of passage that i'm too old for by now.
One is never too old to hve sex in a car!

drturl - glad you are enjoying the commentaries on this thread....however, we are not posting here to get accolades, it's a thread for sharing fantasies, not just saying how hot the others' fantasies are. it's not like reading a Nancy Friday book here. blink.gif

My thoughts exactly (or sort of). I am far from a prude but the thought of a man I don't know reading any of my sexual fantasies online and then commenting on them creeped me out. I didn't really understand how a man fit in on this thread, but I wasn't the one writing my private thoughts down. Like I usually say,"If you like it, I love it." Oh, and I thought the Nancy Friday book was really boring. If someone wants to read a sex book, I suggest any of the Happy Hooker ones. And whoever was talking about sex in a van: do it if the opportunity . . . ahem . . . arises. Vehicles aren't exactly the most comfortable places but it signifies passion and urgency. Kind of like doing it in the janitor's closet standing up. I guess. I don't know what I'm talking about.
anna k
I want to seduce someone, but instead of going straight for the kiss I want to lick and kiss their sideburns, kiss their neck, do all that seductive stuff before I plant one on them.
today is my 5 F**KING MONTH anniversary of the last time I had sex. Right now, my fantasy is to just have sex.

OK, well, my fantasy is to have great sex with not just a random hook up. But it may come to that.... AAARRRRGHHHHHH!!!
Zoya, I recently went 8 months. I was trying to hold out for a non-random hook up, but a couple of weeks ago I couldn't resist anymore.
So, I was talking to a gentleman yesterday, who I've known for a while, and it came to be that we were talking about sex and what we liked.

I told him I was really into the degredation thing, and how I wanted to have sex with three people at one time and have a few more waiting, we he is into the same thing. So, there may be potential for me to have that 4some I always wanted.
anna k
Last night I had a girl wet dream. In the dream I was fucking this guy who I almost hooked up with for real recently. I dreamed I was on top of him, and when he started to come, I came, too, and then I woke up and had really had an orgasm. It was awesome, because I usually never come just from intercourse in real life, and I remember being really excited that it was happening in the dream. Wish I had these things every night!
Mostly these days I fantasize about making a glorious mess of FJ with another guy, getting off watching him enjoy her, watching her enjoy both of us as she slips out of self-awareness and into "oh-god-I-don't-care-how-slutty-I-look-just-don't let-this-end" mode.
I want to have sex in front of my bar boys. I want to perform for them.

Ahhh the good old threesome. I think that someone may be delivering that for me on my birthday.
QUOTE(mr_falljackets @ Sep 7 2007, 12:09 PM) *
Mostly these days I fantasize about making a glorious mess of FJ with another guy, getting off watching him enjoy her, watching her enjoy both of us as she slips out of self-awareness and into "oh-god-I-don't-care-how-slutty-I-look-just-don't let-this-end" mode.

i would enjoy the same but i am stuck in a "casual" relationship were those topics arn't alloewed to come up wink.gif wink.gif
Bump rolleyes.gif
Hmmm... been lurking. I have a friend, who is very friggin gorgeous and he is very well endowed. He tells me stories of his bisexual escapades and it drives me wild. But he doesnt know that. I'd really just like to watch LOL I dont wanna participate.

end rant...
so, what do you do when you fantasize about your own boyfriend, but both of us are in this "i'm so busy" rutt...

i have dated guys where this is easy math...forget it and move on stuff...but this is really a "HUH?" for us. are we really so busy we've lost our intimacy? its almost unreal to me. i have no eyes for anyone else. this guy is for me. but we have lost that "grab" vibe.

anyone ever dealt with this?
konphusion, I'd love to watch two men!!!
CH, before I met Mr. M as all call him, I would never have gotten turned on by the thought of two men going at it. Two girls maybe, but boys not so much. This guy has totally put me into a spin without even trying. He's lovely. LOL I love to hear his stories.
Um, I had an "incident" over the summer whereupon I encountered two of my neighbors/their friend going at it during a shindig. It was definitely hot, but I left pretty quickly even though two of the guys nodded me on in. I was surprised. I knew the one guy was bi, but the other not so much. I went back to the party & I eventually noticed that their hot little roughneck roomie had suddenly come into the party looking stricken. He'd *also* walked in on it & he was horrified. He clung to me all night long & tried to get me to take him back to my place. Nope. After a half hour or so, the sated boys came out reeking of patchouli. I'm like, "Warm washrag, boys? Um, wash your crotch & pits & stuff? It takes an extra ten minutes & it's less obvious."
I too think that I would get more turned on by watching two women. I would love to be with two guys, but I would not want to watch them.
what would they be wearing, wear would you be? would they know you
Wickedtickles, we are not here to tantalize you. If you have nothing useful to add to the conversation, beat it. Fer reals.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 7 2008, 02:44 PM) *
konphusion, I'd love to watch two men!!!

That's my biggest fantasy- either a 3some with 2 men or just watching them. Bust's latest one-handed read is perfect.
My biggest fantasy is to have sex with 2 mens. wink.gif
speaking of two men, dan savage wrote in his column this week that is going to start an all-male BDSM site.
Sound Of Vision
Yesss, finally this kind of convo on some forums! tongue.gif

I don't know, but I've been obsessed with gays for 2 years roughly, and I'm squee-y when I see guys going at it!! It's so hot!! I just drooool.

You can imagine I'm big fan of QAF biggrin.gif And I'm practically devouring slash! (HP fandom laugh.gif) Harry and Draco going at it...tongue.gif

Two guys, for every girl, every girl...
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Honestly, a two-line advertisement, and in that short a space they can have that many grammatical errors and sound that dumb? I know that I'm just being a dork here, but honestly, is there no professionalism even among escorts?
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zoya, you rawk!!!!!
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melicious- I'm dealing with it pretty often. He's wiped out by the end of the day, we go to bed at 8pm almost every night, he gets home from work, we have dinner, he looks up motorcycle stuff online, we crash. We're actually on vacation at his cousins house and I told him it's been three weeks, he was shocked and disagreed- realizing it had been we did get it on twice the other night -and it was so good. But he's just beyond tired and never interested in it. Previous concerns keep me wondering if he's getting it elsewhere, but I doubt it- he doesn't actually have time and is only away from me when he's at work.
Its very sad. I miss it so much. And fantasizing and helping myself is only so good sometimes.
Has anything changed for you since you posted this?
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