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anna k
Often I fantasize during the day, like when I'm on the bus drifting off.

One was me with a guy I liked in the past, of me kissing him while we were talking to test how he would react. Of course, he would like me back and we would find a private room. I would suck his cock and be really into it, feeling wet and excited and happy, and we'd fuck against a wall, me against it. I kept thinking of this while I masturbated in my room and it made me come several times, like it was real.

I also fantasize about having my throat stroked, a thumb moving in circular motions on it, a guy touching my arm as it moves while I masturbate, to watch him masturbate, very intimate small touches that border on slight kink.

I want to ride in a car with him and tell him that I want to suck his cock, and have him pull over the car so I could do so. That's fairly tame, but that opportunity hasn't come up.

I enjoy touching my lips with my finger, because I have soft small lips and I enjoy touching them while I'm writing or daydreaming.
yay anna for staring the thread!!!

Ummm, threesomes are always at the top of my list. I've done 'em but I really like them.

Three partners at one time, so a foursome is what it would be.

Group sex, orgies, ummmm, I'm a totaly exhibitionist.

I've not yet maturbated with a vibrator in front of a man, so I'll add that.

There are a few which I am not yet going to'll have to wait, because revealing some of these other things is not yet an option.
OMG! Great thread.

rolleyes.gif OK, I love water and I fantasize about sucking Mr. Pug's cock while he sits on the edge of a cool blue swimming pool. I'd like to do it at night because I'd be busy and wouldn't want the sun in my eyes the whole time. Just being lazy, in the pool, sucking his cock forever. Mmmmm... I just love going down on him. I picture either his hands stroking my hair or him just leaning back and letting me work. I'd prefer to be naked because water on my completely naked body feels so good. I guess I'd prefer him laying on a deck rather then a concrete patio. More comfortable for him. The boards would be warm from being in the sun all day yet cool because the sun has set. (I'm a fat kid so I'm imagining some hamburgers and hotdogs grilling in the background blink.gif ) LOL! Also, being watched by a nosey neighboor kinda turns me on too. WOW! Now I'm all hot and hungry. I'm out!
Yeah, *nice* thread anna dry.gif

(That one looks like a naughty face to me)

My fantasy is watching guys jerk off. I've never actually had a guy who could do it in front of me - plus I'm not sure I'd actually want to BE THERE.

But the thought of guys looking at photos of girls/me and wanking is a fave to rub off to.
I totally agree, the thought of having a man beat off while thinking of me is hot.

I've had men masturbate then cum on me. It's hot.
anna k
I like it when I do exercising like kickboxing or modern dance, sweating a lot, and I imagine my guy watching me and liking my physical strength and being light on my feet and making grunting sounds when a move is hard to do or if I'm on all four kicking my legs up. I just imagine him watching me behind a two-sided mirror and smiling at me.
I LOVE watching a guy masturbate for me. it's so hot. And yes, I love when he cums on me. It's funny because SB thought it was really cool that I wanted him to cum on me, which makes me think that perhaps not as many women as I thought share the same enjoyment of cum on them that I do. SB is seriously just about the hottest guy I have ever watched masturbating. Something about his technique + body + the way his hair falls + the eye contact + the facial expression + way he holds himself is completely etched into my brain. God, I get all tingly and wet just thinking about it. Dammit.

The only place I get a little weird with is a guy cumming is on my face. I dont' mind too much, but the thoughts of "is it going to get in my eye, or in my nose" are too damn distracting. But hell, cum on my boobs, cum on my back, cum on my stomach, it's all good.

I have a fantasy - and I DO mean fantasy, I know that I could not ever deal with this IRL - of having a threesome with a boyfriend and another girl and watching him fuck her. I don't know why I find that hot in fantasy, because I absolutely know I would not be down with it IRL. But then I guess that's why it's fantasy... anything goes and it's harmless!
I also love seeing guys jerk off and/or coming all over me. I told my boy that one of the first things I want to do when he gets home is sit on his face while he jerks off. I've done this once before, and it was super hot to feel the guy squirming underneath me and making noises into my pussy as he came. We also have plans to have armpit sex. He did it a long time ago and was into it cause he really likes armpits, and I'm up for trying anything at least once!

Other fantasies that may or may not come true- Threesomes, definitely. I've had one with two guys, and it was awesome, but I don't know that my current boy would be into it. I really want to have one with him and another girl, but I can't seem to find anyone. Me and the boy and another couple, maybe just next to each other or maybe everyone involved together. A whole bunch of hot guys jerking off over me. A threesome with two other girls, particularly if they were a couple. Masturbating while people watch me. Being in a porn video. Sex in public places with people watching. Sex with a gay guy. Sex with a young guy who is inexperienced. Oh, there are so many!
I'm totally down with the watching a guy jerk off. It's super hot to watch how they work their cocks and to see their faces relax and then contort in pleasure. They are so vulnerable at that moment, and it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction to watch it happen.

I like a guy to cum on me, even on my face as long as he has good aim. Sperm in the eye burns!
There is something so wonderfuly hot about watching a man masturbate. Just watching that hand on cock, stroking their shaft. It's fuckin' sexy.
oops double post
Ditto on watching the guy stroke himself. I like to see the different variants too. Some guys stay on the shaft, some guys stay on the head, and some take long strokes over the whole thing. Gah! This one guy would do this twisty thing on the head like he was opening a jar. It was odd but kinda cute. Now i think I want to guess what way a guy does it before I see it. yeah, new game!

A fantasy I keep having is having my wrists bound together and attached to a contraption in the ceiling, so that i'm standing with my arms straight up, and I'll be blindfolded, and the dude will keep his distance for awhile and just talk to me and tease me...and then the dude can f*ck me any which way and I can hold myself up to be slightly weightless. This will probably stay a fantasy for awhile because creating such a contraption may take much effort...

great new thread!

I agree with watching a guy jerking off being hot!!

I'd love to have a threesome with my hubby and another female. Possibly even with another couple if the right couple came along. I think it would be really sexy, to fool around with a girl, while the Mr. watched us and masterbated.

I'd also really like to buy one of those 'love swings' and play around with that. (Can't figure out where the hell to plac it in the house though)
I love watching my boyfriend jerk off too.

Yesterday while we were both at work, we kept texting each other pix messages. Cell phones aren't allowed at my work (my boss doesn't care but my supervisors do) so I have to keep mine on vibrate, in my back pocket, and go to the bathroom if I get a call. All day we kept sending each other dirty pics. It started last weekend when we were at a party and I went in the bathroom, took a picture of my boobs, and sent it to him.

My biggest fantasy is a 3some with another guy. Boyfriend and I have done it with other couples but I would love to have 2 guys to myself. I think I would almost rather keep it a fantasy though, because when I fantasize, everything is so easy... trying to hold my balance while getting fucked AND give a decent blow job at the same time without hurting my neck is never an issue! Plus with group sex larger than 3somes, you can focus on one person at a time and no one is left out. I think if I had 2 boys I'd be too focused on being responsible for 2 other people that I wouldn't even think about my own pleasure.

Oh and I would love to see my boyfriend fool around with another guy. Just kissing and oral. I've gotten him to kiss another guy but he wasn't into it. That image is now in my mental rolodex though!
um tampon, the pix flirting-- so super hot!

i have been fantasizing about tying this guy i'm starting to see up, and teasing him with my cock, and fucking his face while he is tied up. i am curious to see what kind of kinks he has. i hope he is a switch and would love to hear me beg for his cock.... i miss having a domme making me beg. i just get really into it.

beany, for whenever you decide you want to do your fantasy for real, you don't really have to have a contraption, just a few simple things and knowledge of where the celing beams are. infact i think you can find the materials at home depot (the kinkster supermarket), all you need is an oversized eye screw with welded ring in it. you just throw some soft rope (also found at home depot) thru the ring, and do the tying. just so you know wink.gif
Mmmm, watching guys masturbate. I used to do this thing with my ex where he'd sort of straddle me but leave enough room for my hands to go between his legs so I could touch myself. I'd make him wear his glasses, cuz he looked hot in them. He'd usually finish before me though, but it did provide much masturbation fodder when I was alone.

I have a fantasy about doing this with my new guy, but so far I'm too shy to suggest it. In this one he would come in my mouth. I like the feeling of licking or sucking the end of a guy's penis while he jerks off and pushing him over the edge.

Yeah, the face is the only place I really don't want cum. My ex used to want to do it and I chalked it up to him watching too much porn... I did let him try it though. I don't like when it gets my hair, either.

I bought these 2 CDs at a zine fair called "Listen to my Friends Masturbate." There's a girl one and a boy one.
I'll be honest ... I do feel that watching porn has influenced my sexual fantasies, personally. (Not sure if that's good or bad-?!) It's def. why I like the idea of a guy jerking off, cumming on my/girls' faces, though. I'm sure I never had that fantasy until internet porn. In fact, I'm pretty sure that anything I see in video games/movies/porn does have an effect on my ideas.

*It's getting hot in here ladies!*
Porn is a bit of problem for me at this point. I have a hard time getting off on my own without it. It's not that I can't, it's just that I really enjoy the visual stimulation. I've never used it with a guy, so that's not a problem, at least. I definitely agree, jan, that it has changed my fantasies. I'd have never come up with some of this stuff on my own.
I like taking it on the face (mostly in theory- because my boy has bad aim and always gets it in my eye), and when I decided that was hot, I had never seen it in a porn or heard of it. I was in high school and my friend were talking about how one of them got head from this girl and "gave her a facial." I thought it was rude that he did it without asking, but I was intrigued.
I'm pretty stuck on watching porn now, too. It makes me come so much faster. My problem is that I get burned out on stuff after I've only watched it a few times, but I'm pretty picky about what I like. My boy and I always send each other dirty txts, pix, and videos, especially when he is out of town. It's fun and sexy but tends to drive us crazy with frustration, too!
I'm another stuck on watching porn. Actually my favourite thing lately is to get high, go browse, and take out my rabbit habbit. For some reason when I smoke I can come more times and faster.

A while ago I acquired some bondage handcuffs as a free gift from a sex toy shop and I'm dying for someone to use them on me, and to use them on someone else, but I haven't seen any action in almost 9 months. Another fantasy is a threesome with a guy and a girl. When I'm not watching porn I get off really fast fantasizing about that.
Oh GT! I am so intrigued but also fearful that it would bust lose and cause injury!

Yesterday I was talking dirty to BB on the phone and all of a sudden he gasps and says, "shit babe, now I have come all over my chest." (!!!) I was floored----all the times I've been with him he came in one of my orifices, so I had no idea he could shoot so far! The idea of him shirtless and stroking his massive cock til he squirts all over his gorgeously tight chest--GAH! Now I'm determined to see it in the flesh.
Erin, I love fucking and masturbating while high! It is so amazing.

GB, that post was fucking hot! *fans self*
so I had no idea he could shoot so far!

I've got myself in the eye once (not the one in my avatar..'twas the other one), on the face a few times, shoulders and chest quite regularly...but the furthest I got was my very first handjob, with the first girl I ever kissed....I got the headboard behind me....straight over her head, passed over my face and made a *splat* sound as it hit the wooden headboard. I was so full of pride when I cleaned it away with a tissue once she had gone home laugh.gif

It is VERY dependent on the amount of stimulation, foreplay, circumstance and of course when last you came....

ETA: Yes it DOES burn if it gets in your eye
I had my ex accidentally get in my eye, and it didn't burn at all.

Kal that is an impressive shot!
Kal, I will agree on the burning. I've seen it go pretty far. I'm always impressed with my prowess if he's laying down while I'm blowing him and I can get it up on his chest. I'm tempted to get little markers like for the long jump on track and field.
I've got in the eye once too. It didn't so much burn, and hurt and feel very strange. It actually reminded me of getting my pupils dialated at the eye doctors.
QUOTE(ginger_kitty @ May 27 2007, 08:19 PM) *
great new thread!

I agree with watching a guy jerking off being hot!!

The woman that I am dating thinks that it is hawt as well. As far as distance goes, the other night she was licking my testicles while giving me a hand job and yes, I did hit the headboard! When my brain stopped spinning, I looked up and she was looking down on me with this look like, well, like the cat that ate the canary...


Jack, that's my favorite look to give a guy. Pure mischief and trouble. smile.gif
QUOTE(kelkello @ May 30 2007, 10:52 PM) *
Jack, that's my favorite look to give a guy. Pure mischief and trouble. smile.gif

Did a bit of watching myself lately and as a result, I had t promise a rain check for any time she wants to watch me!

Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks watching your man jerking off is super hot! Crinoboy thinks I'm wierd, lol.

As far as fantasies go, I had a rather intense dream after watching "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" that involved me on all fours while Crinoboy fucked me from behind, with Antonio Banderas' cock in my mouth, while Johnny Depp watched and jerked off. IRL I would never do a threesome, or I guess foursome, but the dream was hot and I very much enjoyed waking Crinoboy that morning.
Threesomes are so wonderful, you have two people paying complete attention to you! I want a foursome and group sex, as stated earlier.
i definitely created a monster LOL had some fun phone sex last night hehe
anna k
My breasts are fuller from my period, and I want my fantasy guy to bite into them like pillows and see his teeth marks remain later.
I haven't had sex in so long that my fantasy at the moment is simple - I'd love to be bent over and have the shit fucked out of me. Him holding onto my hips and slamming into me, pulling my head back (hard) by my hair now and then, a few ass slaps thrown in for good measure. Coming on my back would be nice, too.

Getting by this not-having-sex thing by self pleasure is ok, but no wank - not even with a bad ass dildo - can compare with a slamming, hard, take-no-prisoners fucking.

Zoya I agree, something about the sound of balls hitting ass that comes along with rouhg doggie sex is pretty hot, too.
Mmm, I love bite marks. I haven't had any good ones for a while. My boy doesn't get too into biting me really hard. He does leave bruises on my thighs quite frequently, though, and I love to see them afterwards and remember getting them. One time a bruise was totally in the shape of a hand with finger marks. Biting reminds me of a funny story. I was always obsessed with someone biting me hard enough to break the skin. My ex-boyfriend had been biting me one time we were doing it, and we saw blood. I started getting all excited, but it turned out it was coming from his gums or he had bitten his tongue or something like that. Bummer! I think it takes quite a bit of force to actually break the skin with a bite.
oh yeah... and I forgot to add, lots of dirty talk... that makes me crazy. SB was great at that. once we were just chillin and he started telling me softly in my ear what he wanted to do to me, but not doing anything about it. It got me so hot that I was just like "mmmmm" and kinda rubbing up against him, and still he wouldn't do anything about it. Then finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I was like "FUCK. ME." to which he said "what did you say?" and I said again "FUCK. ME." and he responded "finally, you ask" and he proceeded to tear of my clothes and do exactly as described below.

Shit. shit. shit. arrggh!!
QUOTE(zoya @ Jun 1 2007, 10:09 AM) *
I haven't had sex in so long that my fantasy at the moment is simple - I'd love to be bent over and have the shit fucked out of me. Him holding onto my hips and slamming into me, pulling my head back (hard) by my hair now and then, a few ass slaps thrown in for good measure. Coming on my back would be nice, too.

wow...that sounds amazing right about now. and i want the ass slapping to leave a bruise so i can see it in the mirror and refresh my memory about how thoroughly i had been fucked.
QUOTE(toastybean @ Jun 1 2007, 04:32 PM) *
wow...that sounds amazing right about now. and i want the ass slapping to leave a bruise so i can see it in the mirror and refresh my memory about how thoroughly i had been fucked.

yes, that and I'd like to WATCH the whole thing while it's going on in a mirror...
story for you..

New guy and I had finnished dinner at his place, watched some tv, and went outside to watch the stars. ended up kising in the garage. and hands everywhere. kissing
me - what's your favorite position?
him - doggie.
me - (sighing) ohmygod
him - and I love oral. I could just eat for hours.
me - (quietly) ohmygod. you're just what I need.
him - I want to bend you over the bike (motorcycle) and fuck you right now
me - now?
he spins me around and I feel his cock agains my ass
him - I want to fuck your ass
me - oh, I don't think so. I think you'd split me
him - oh, I think you could take it
I turn around, we kiss deeply, he takes my hand and puts it over his pants. ohmygawd. he unbuttons and I touch him.
me - I'm not very good at this
him - oh yes you are
I continue to jack him. slow, fast, shaft, head, straight, twisting. he cums in my hand and all over.
him - oh my GOD. I have GOT to get you into BED!

so that's how that evening went
anyone else with stories?
(this one is true)

Jami, in terms of stories, I've got stuff posted in my blog. True and explicit!
CH.. what blog? where?
ooooh, fantasies.

Um, I'm totally an exhibitionist. I fantasize about wearing a really, really short skirt, so short that my butt cheeks are showing underneath it...sitting on a park bench somewhere with my legs oh, so casually, spread apart. Eating an ice cream cone, oh, so sensually, and driving some stranger guy crazy.

I lurve long haired hippie guys. The bear has short hair.

I lurve women, too. I rather miss my lesbian years.

I fantasize about being on display, sort of a sex slave sorta thing...on stage and audience members come at will and torment me sexually.

I used to fantasize as a child about being in the stockade and being nude and just being on display.

Yup, I'm totally an exhibitionist.

I fantasize about being a sex performer.

And some of my fantasies are so detailed and strange they make sense only in my mind.
Ahhh tree, I'm the same way. I would love to masturbate and have a group of men watching me.

Jami, the blog is set up with the bust blogs.
jami, *fanning self* can hardly wait till you go to bed with him so i can read about it!
shinyx3... oh, I have been thinking about it. where, when, how... all that. he'll be out of town for about a week. great thighs (my favorite) and a chest full of hair. not a bunch, mind you... but I kept running my nails over his chest. and giving him the shivers. he loved it. <sigh>
a little chest hair is soooo nice. i don't love the shaved chest at all and the gorilla chest is not so great either but a little chest hair . . . mmmmmm. it is nice to snuggle up to ans run your nails through.
i've never fancied myself the role-playing type, but lately i've been fantasizing about playing "bad cop," complete with skanky hooker outfit, knee-high stiletto boots, handcuffs, the works. i would, in theory, cuff my guy with his hands behind a chair while i "searched" him, then masturbate for him as i "searched" for the key to the handcuffs. and then i would undo the cuffs to let him go, and he's instead throw me onto the bed and have his way with me.

sadly, there is no one remotely on my sex horizon and i'd be happy have any plain old sex. *sigh* i seriously need to get some ass.
OK, so I'm normally into skinny guys. Always have been. I'd say the husband has my ideal body type.
But now me and the hubby have this friend, he's the big body-builder. Not my type at all. But still, I can't
stop fantasizing about him just lifting me up with his strong arms and fucking me really hard. I guess the
whole being lifted up thing is sort of a common fantasy for tall girls like me, because it hasn't happened
a lot. I also can't stop flirting with the guy and he kind of flirts back. So I fantisize about inviting him to
our bed and ahve a fantastic three-some with him and the hubby. Just imagining having two hot guys at
the same time, perhaps even doing some stuff to each other while I'm watching... this is close to becoming
an obsession.

Reading culturehandy's story about that nice dp she got... hasn't exactly made this any easier. wink.gif
I think I'll just have to get both of them really drunk... Wait, I had that Saturday, but did I do anything
about it? *le sigh* I also go to the gym with the guy once a week. Checking him out lifting those weights...
arrrgghhh... I'm going crazy here, girls!
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