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so here it is, the smart busties, trashy books thread, for discussion of all things related to romance novels. man, i'm so excited to have busties to chat with about this stuff, i hardly know where to start! favorite authors? preferred/most hated plot devices? most trusted reviewers? blogland drama? cheesy covers? the great or not-so-great author/reader divide? really, the mind boggles. quick, somebody pick something and run with it!
yay! trashy books.

i'll start with the books i have loved. i am not much of a "romance novel" fan, but i love a good trashy novel. my favorite was and still is Lace by Shirley Conran. i mean, when one character utters "which one of you bitches is my mother?", how can you go wrong.

there was sex, sex, deception, underage sex, drama and more sex. i read that 700+ page book in three days. it was that good.

the next author i bring up is the illustrious Jackie Collins. i love her books. i mean it's basically the same topic if you look at it: the underworld of the pretty people, but that makes for great beach reading. one of my favorites was Thrill. what made this book stand out was the twist in the story where you thought one character was doing the narration, but it was another. it was really good to hear performed on tape.

what are your favorite books?
I've read six Linda Howard books in like three weeks. I read one in 24 hours. I just love her. They are drama, suspense, comedy, romance and sex all wrapped into one book. She's so great.

Also, the Secrets books are very good.
I wouldn't call it romance, per se, but sex, and a romantic plot line, among other things. The Merry Gentry series by Laurell K Hamilton.

Karen Marie Moning does a time travel romance series, lots of sex, so lovely.

I'll have to think and come back.
oooo. i don't know if my trashy books are what you would call trashy books, but here goes:

1. Macho Sluts, Leather Daddy and the Femme, Pat Califia, GREAT sex. some comedy/humor....good reads.

2. the Outlander series written by Diane Galbaldon. good writing, escapist fiction, romance, history, sex, good fun.
historical romance novel about a nurse from 1945 who suddenly finds herself in 1743 Scotland. doesn't hurt that her love interest is a red-headed scot who wears a skirt. yum.
oh man, i loved karen marie moning's highlander series culturehandy! so fucking hot. but have you read her latest, darkfever? that book should not have been marketed as a romance! i mean it was good and all, and urban fantasy is one of my other favorite genres. but the only reason it was shelved in romance was because it had kmm's name on it. she should have gone with a pseudo or insisted they shelve it in with the sci-fi/fantasy, cause really, that's where it belongs.

what i've been reading latey, and my preferred genre, is paranormal erotic romance (whee, say that three times fast). i just finished nalini singh's visions of heat, and i'm getting ready to finish up nathalie gray's damnation. but lately i'm also getting back to regencies and historicals. i found gaelen foley's devil takes a bride for my palm, really liked it, and then found out "wait, this is a series? and there are six more books? hell fucking yeah!" at the risk of burnout, i got the other six and finished them all within about a week. then i got her newest one, her only desire, as soon as it came out last week, and....meh. i don't know if it's just lack of the characters i originally liked (this is going to be a trilogy that follows the three knight cousins from india), or if burnout finally caught up wth me, or if it's just the usual slow to warm up to something different. but i just didn't like it to the point of telling other people "you have got to read this!" like i did with the original knights miscellany series.
oh tesao, now with cross-post action! i loved diane gabaldon when i read her. i think most of the books were already out when i discovered them, so it was easy to go through them (relatively, those are some damn big books) quickly and keep plowing on through the series. i think i finally gave up about a quarter of the way through the burning cross. i just didn't have the time and brainpower to really get into the books and follow all the little details like i used to do. now that you've reminded me though, i'm going to have to pick them up again just to remind myself what i'm missing when i bitch about the lack of really good authors lately.
grrrl, if you like paranormal erotic fiction, try the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton. Someone mentioned it below.

My big weakness is Nora Roberts. I know that once you have read a few of her books, you have read all of them, but I love the Three Sisters series and the Key series.

My favorite romance that I love to read over and over and recommend as a great comfort book is When Venus Fell. The author escapes me at the moment.

grrrl, if you like regency... georgette heyer. i'm sorry, i recommend her all over the place. there's no actual sex, but they're so sweetly cheesy.

Jilly Cooper... sex, sex, horses, sex, and more sex. fantastic stuff.
I know I mentioned the Merry Genry series, Laurell k also writes her anita blake series. It's pretty good, although I must say it has declined in the past few books.
anna k
The Penguin Book of Erotic Stories. About a century's worth of erotic stories, both regular (we met/had sex/parted) and others that aren't just about sex but have an erotic tone to them. A mix of known (Edith Wharton, Kate Chopin, Colette, Bessie Head) and unknown/anonymous writers.
i am so burned out on lkh. the anita blake series started out so well, and then something went horribly horribly wrong. i've got danse macabre laying around here somewhere, and i started reading it, but i have been so damned bored and pissed off with anita blake and her magical ass out of which she pulls last minute supah powers just in time to save the day. hi, zombie raisings, solving mysteries, having clear lines and catholic guilt which you will not cross, remember those? there was a website back in the day called...the phase five forums i think. and after the series started going downhill, i still used to read the books just because the snark and parodies at phase five were so damn funny. but then the books started to mirror the "all wild monkey circus sex, all the time, starring anita blake and her evergrowing harem of penis'!" parody, and it just wasn't funny anymore. i'm almost afraid to finish dm and pick up the harlequin. so far lkh has managed to completely screw over or fuck up every good character and relationship in the series. those that fuck anita, good guys. those that attempt to give her a much-needed reality check, whiny fucking bitches who need therapy. i think edward's the last character standing, as far as characters that haven't succumbed to anita's magical cootch or self-righteous asshattery. i've never liked him to the fanatical degree some fans do, but i share their oft-repeated wish that when edward next shows up on the page, it will be to beat the shit out of anita, metaphorically or (but hopefully and) literally.
i've read the merry gentry series too. that one was okay for the first couple books too, and the sex wasn't as squicky because it started out as part of the series. but good maude, do those books drag! i'm starting to wonder if merry and her party are ever going to make it to her uncle's ball. you know, maybe if she wasn't stopping every few paragraphs to fuck some new random courtier back to his godhood... rolleyes.gif i can't believe that last whole last 3 or 4 hundred page book only covered the span of a few hours. i haven't been able to bring myself to read mistral's kiss yet, and i don't know if i will even once it comes out in paperback. i pushed lkh on everyone when guilty pleasures first came out, but there's not an author out there right that more often makes me want to bang my head against the desk and go "what the fucking hell were you thinking you crazy bitch?!" and the sad thing is, she actually believes her own hype and has a rabid pack of fangirls who encourage her, because they didn't come into the series until after obsidian butterfly, and were like "whooo, finally, more sex! tell us again how hot it is to blow a flaccid dick while various things 'roll' and 'spill'!" (that's a drinking game right there. you'll be plastered three chapters in, if even that).

but um, enough about lkh. georgette heyer is a name that i see pop up quite often in the blogosphere. i never heard of her before this year, but i did make it a point to track down these old shades, and it's on my tbr pile. or in my tbr folder rather. i do a lot of my reading these days on my palm. not only do i completely bypass the embarrassment of those covers (oh, dear maude, the covers!), but with my 2GB sd card, i have literally hundreds of books in my pocket. if i get bored with regency, i can switch to sci-fi. if the full-size novel is dragging a bit, i can pull up an anthology of shorts. i can go from trashy to literary in 2.5 taps of my stylus. i love my palm. so does anyone else read ebooks? ellora's cave is one of the major publishers, and there's also changeling and new concepts publishing. lately loose-id has been my go-to publisher for hot gay boy reads.
Grrrl I agree about the shittiness of the Anita Blake series, it was so good when it started, then it turned into a fuckfest soap opera with no story line whatsoever.

Mistral's kiss was good, good fuckery, but at least there is still a story line. Somewhat.

There is a series, it's fantasy, and it's trashy, hold on *scurries off to search amazon*

Aha Kushiel's Dart, the first in the series, by Jacqueline Carey. I've not read, although I own it, I heard there are moments of trashy in it. It was highly popular, I know that a lot of people asked about it when I worked at a book store.

Sherrilyn Kenyon and Emma Holly also write a trashy, sex filled romance.
au contraire, my dear culturehandy! jacqueline carey's kushiel series is not trashy. it is some damned fine writing with hot sex, well thought-out and complex plots and subplots, and character development out the wazoo. i just finished reading kushiel's scion a while back, which is...well, the fourth in the series or the first of the trilology from a different character's pespective, depending on how you look at it. anyway, do the kushiel series. in fact, run out right now and get kushil's chosen, kushiel's avatar, kushiel's scion, and pre-order kushiel's justice. trust me. wink.gif
I never read it, I've never really been able to get that into fantasy. I'll give it a go. I knew that it had hot sex, and that's what I was implying about trashy. smile.gif

There is a mystery series, it isn't so trashy, but someone said something about Nora Roberts. It's her mystery series, written under the pen name J.D. Robb, romance with a mystery plot line, I rather enjoy them.
oh, the in death series! i've been wanting to read those for the longest time, but there's so damn many of them, and i am absolutely anal about reading series' in order (when i know a book is part of a series). if someone can tell me what order they go in so i can start them, i love you forevah (kittenb, i'm looking at you!). i've never read nora roberts, but she comments quite often at smart bitches and a few other blogs, and i'm always impressed by what a cool, gracious, intelligent person she comes off as. all the other authors out there that find yourselves in the center of authors behaving badly drama, take note: that is what an author's online presence should be. i've been wanting to read something, anything, since she made a buffy reference in a comment at smart bitches one time, but every time i see that whole rack with her name on it in barnes and noble, i "eep!" and going running back to the single titles.

and culture, there are definitely a few fantasy elements in the kushiel series, but mostly it reads like alternate history. the world-building is fantastic, and the characters really stay with you. now you've got me wanting to go re-read the series from the beginning again.
You know, I read a lot of Nora Roberts but the other day I picked my very first JD Robb book. I have never read them.

Nice to hear that she comes off so cool on-line. She has gotten a lot of my money.
mornington!!! i'd like to chime in on the georgette heyer love. she writes SUCH good stuff! no sex, but there are lots of fun word games and double entendres and i have always found her to be such a delightful, Good Read! i suspect that she is dead; i've been reading her since i was a child!

the kushiel series sounds good, as do the jd robb books.....i'm sure that i won't be able to find them here, though. sad.gif

grrrl you want, i found them all at the same time, as well, except for the burning cross. i was so ANXIOUS for it to come out! i have to admit that i found the earlier books more absorbing, and that i was MUCH more into the claire/jamie story and sex than i was claire's daughter. the 2cd to last book (the one about north carolina?) was slow slogging, and i couldn't get into the burning cross at all. maybe i was just burnt out by then?
I will post the order of the In death series, just give me a few. I own them all, and I agree about being anal about reading books in order, you don't want a spoiler.

I'll try the kushiel series again. I've got so much to read already. That's okay though. Keeps me out of trouble.
Okay, I didn't want to edit my last post. So, in publishing order; The In Death series by JD Robb

Naked In Death

Glory In Death

Immortal In Death

Rapture In Death

Ceremony In Death

Vengeance In Death

Holiday In Death

*Midnight In Death* was part of an anthology, this one is not a stand alone novel.

Conspiracy In Death

Loyalty In Death

Witness In Death

Judgment In Death

Betrayal In Death

*Interlude In Death* part of an anthology, not a stand alon novel.

Seduction In Death

Reunion In Death

Purity In Death

Portrait In Death

Imitation In Death

Remember When (combines Nora Roberts and JD Robb, so really the same author...)

Divided In Death

Visions In Death

Survivor In Death

Origin In Death

Memory In Death

*Haunted In Death* part of an anthology

Born In Death

Innocent In Death

*Eternity in Death (part of an anthology) and Creation In Death are forthcoming.

So there you have it.
tes, she died a good 20 years ago, i think. they're still publishing her books, but i try to get the old ones!

i just found an entire section devoted to cheesy/trashy books in waterstones on oxford st... woo! I still feel embarrased buying them, though. i tend to get mine from second-hand shops
Oh hooray! a trashy book thread! Very few things in life are finer than a well-written, smart romance novel. And the poorly-written ones are often loaded with sex so there is payoff of some sort smile.gif

I love Jennifer Crusie. Definitely romance with a dash of mystery and a healthy dose of sex. She is a very intelligent writer; I prefer her longer works because they're so beautifully layered. The only problem is that all her characters sound the same, but it is a very nice sound. My absolute favorite of hers is Bet Me, followed very closely by Fast Women.

I also really like Loretta Chase (I think she mostly writes Regency) and Marian Keyes (though I think she's officially chick lit, not so much romance).

I have only recently discovered Georgette Heyer, and I love her so far. Her dialogue and her characters are amazing.

I only read the first two of Gabaldon's Outlander series. I appreciated the great writing, but really hated some of the characters.

I would love to read a trashy/romance novel set in academia (I am in grad school, which is rife with the kind of angst that would theoretically make good writing), but have not come across such a beast yet. Any recommendations?

I refuse to call it a trashy novel but Crown of Columbus is a great romance set between two modern academic who are studying Christopher Columbus. It is one of the few novels I hav ever read (and the only one set in modern times) where the female lead is a Native American. And not some sort of mystical healer just your average single mom dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. It is great.
Culture -

Are we cosmicly (sp?) linked or something? I was at the library yesterday and trying to find a new author to start reading and I saw JD Robb who, if I'm understanding correctly, is Nora Roberts right? I saw the death series on line and they have a few of them at the library. I didn't get them however because I wasn't sure if you have to read them in order or not. I got four books at the library yesterday although they are in the trunk of my car so I can't post the titles for you. I'll get them to you all at another time. Alright, I have a pork roast in the fridge that is begging to be marinated so I must be off...

*skips from the thread*
Indeed, JD Robb is Nora Roberts
yay, the in death series in order, thanks culturehandy! as promised, me love you forevah. *humps your leg* tongue.gif
moving right along... so does anyone else read romance blogs? author blogs, or reader/reviewer blogs like smart bitches or dear author? what are some of your favorite check-em-everyday sites?
This thread, like Mya's ass, is like whoa!
I recently got addicted to The D.G. Outlander's series---I am in the middle of Voyager. I am so happy I have a place to come and relieve myself of this burden I have been carrying alone!
<<<---Trashy Novel reader
So I picked up the Nora Roberts/JD Robb book Remember when. It's two parts, the first written by Nora Roberts, the second with Eve Dallas (of the In Death series). Part one is so horribly predictable, but I'm loving it so far! smile.gif

My trashy book necessity is the Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter series. It's the only romance I read, and it is such a guilty pleasure. Well, actually it's just a pleasure, because I don't feel guilty. I'm just keenly aware that it's like pouring Pixie Stix on my brain.

I bought the latest one, The Dream Hunter, at the drugstore and read it because I was feeling down. Probably not the best idea, though, because the heroine totally reminded me of my ex-girlfriend.
grrly, i read smart bitches occasionally, and the same for trashionista - which is more dedicated to chick lit, rather than pure trash.

this thread makes me want to go to the charity shop and stock up on bad mills&boon...
QUOTE(the_geiger @ Apr 20 2007, 09:29 PM) *
I'm just keenly aware that it's like pouring Pixie Stix on my brain.

Geiger - I love you. That's just perfect.
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