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This is a revamp of an old thread. I missed it.

Last night I was talking about a song that I love and can sing a long to and have to dance when I hear it. It's so embarrassing. It's...Ragdoll, by Aerosmith. Yes, in all of it's not-so vaguely incestuousness, I enjoy that song. ph34r.gif I feel so dirty...
I love that song, kitten, and I'm a feminist!

My confession: I'm too interested in celebrity gossip.
anna k
I liked listening to Howard Stern when he was on K-Rock, I usually tuned him out when he got into his "hot chick" talk, as I thought that was just his bread and butter, and he sounded funnier and more intelligent talking about other things.

I like old cock rock songs by Motley Crue and Aerosmith.

I wrote a poem about sex turning into rape and murder because I was inspired by The Doom Generation, Strange Days, White Zombie, and The Crystal Method's "Trip Like I Do." Despite the realities of rape and murder, I still found the hints of rape/sex a turn-on and intriguing in these forms of media.
kind of un-feminist things that I adore.....

Hugh Grant

Novels by Nick Hornby

And some rough 'em up old Clint Eastwood movies
I occasionally watch Girls Next Door (the reality show at the Playboy mansion.)

Bad, bad, bad.
I've been known to boogie on down to beyonce in a distinctly non-feminist manner.
anna, i love strange days, despite the rape scene, which is bad, it's very much a feminist film imho, (angela basset is the muscle in the movie after all), and i am really starting to like greg araki's movies. personally he's an asshole, but he's grown into a really interesting director since 'the living end'

i have been day dreaming about getting a boob job again...
America's Next Top Model - *shakes fist* Damn you Tyra Banks!!!!!

Testosterone fueled classic rock (ala Led Zep) cause you know sometimes Tori just doesn't cut it.
I agree about raunch bootie shaking. Particulalry at the bar.

I am also guilty of the America's next Top Model.

Buckcherry. unsure.gif
I've been watching old black and white films, even though the way women are depicted and the social dynamics between men and women are some point in most of them, if the woman does something the man doesn't like (ie, thinking for herself, refusing to marry him), he aggressively and dramatically grabs the women by the arm, or grabs her by the shoulders from behind, and then the woman concedes-it's always very dominant/submissive. The women are defenseless, clueless dolls who can't make real decisions for themselves and need the man's protection. I know that much of it is for the sake of drama, but if you consider how movies did and still do influence the masses..and I know that times were a lot different when those movies were made, but I still find them fascinating to watch.
QUOTE(octobersky @ Mar 27 2007, 01:54 PM) *
Testosterone fueled classic rock (ala Led Zep) cause you know sometimes Tori just doesn't cut it.

love the cock rock, and so does tori!
anna k
Wanting to be a go-go dancer so I could dance to Bon Jovi's Bad Medicine and Bob Seger's Turn the Page.
Roxanne, by the Police - I bellow that song whenever it's on, and it's oh so not pretty laugh.gif

And I do purchase the occasional mainstream porn magazine, mostly because I can't find On Our Backs anywhere (I think it's out of print, but am hoping not), and because I have yet to find any feminist porn in my small town, though perhaps I need to search the internet more. Though a subscription is totally out of the question right now as I'm at my folks' house for a while...

80s/90s police movies, where there's always a damsel in distress. Can't help but love them, and the movies too laugh.gif I think it's more about the cop thing though.
ooh, great thread!

i have a stupid love of those old films, humanist.

and georgette heyer novels, where they always get married at the end. it's like chocolate for the mind, imo
Man, I'm a terrible feminist. Old movies and cock rock are my life.

I'll even top that: my boy housemates and I often spend our dinners talking about how much girls suck. What? They do sometimes.
i really like romance novels. like to the point of regularly posting on one author's messageboard, and following all the romancelandia drama on my favorite blogs and review sites, and having a to-be-read and coming-out-soon list a mile long. i take comfort in the fact that at least i stick to the non-fluffy, rabid fangirl squeeing-type sites though. in fact, mrs. giggles, bam, karen scott, dear author, and smart bitches, trashy books could very well be the anti-fluffy rabid squeeing fangirls. thank goodness for that. but i still get my smut in electronic form if i can, cause those silly bodice-ripper clinch covers? yeah, they're still out there, and still embarrassing as hell to be caught reading.
Oh, grrrrl, I love pink kink novels as well.
grrl, i go out of my way to buy the old editions of the books i love - they're hardcovers from the 50s/70s, and you look all intellectual. pfft blink.gif

and i love smart bitches, trashy novels.
"She Wants to Move" by N.E.R.D.
"Your ass is a spaceship I want to ride." Yeah. My little sister flipped and threw the accusatory "...and you call yourself a feminist" at me when she saw me jamming out to that one. unsure.gif

(grrrl, I cannot stop staring at your fabulous hair color)
I am with you Anna!

I am trying to convince hubby that he should have me on stage with his band in a cage wearing go-go boots dancing in a short, short skirt.

He just looks at me and asks" Where am I gonna get a cage?"
I also love trashy romance novels.
well, i'm so relieved to know i'm not the only one. wub.gif i'm thinking maybe this calls for a thread proposal.
Beauty & her Bass
Harlequin Romance Novels, corny romantic comedies and my new love of fake nails with polish (i used to always bite them down)...i feel like i have regressed since college. Maybe I was always a lipstick feminist in hiding?
OMG can we PLEASE start a romance novel thread!!!! I love them so.
LMP: the thread has already been started: smart women, trashy novels.

i think.

i, too, love grrl's fab hair color. am jealous. would love to have that color hair.

im a feminist but i like:

having doors opened for me.

having chairs pulled out for me.

having people send me flowers.

baking. cooking. getting my nails done. HAIRCOLOR. ohmy.gif
QUOTE(tesao @ Apr 3 2007, 08:56 AM) *
im a feminist but i like:

having doors opened for me.

having chairs pulled out for me.

having people send me flowers.

i don't think it's un-feminist to like when people are polite ! i like it too.

also love nailpolish, and awesome pink hair!
In restaurants, I like claiming the 'lady's' perogative of sitting in a booth or banquette, facing the room. I also like ordering my food first.
I'm a feminist but I love movies like Sin City (although the women's head on the wall thing I did NOT like), and I'm so excited to see Grindhouse this weekend.
I still enjoy chivalry. Mind you, one could say that I expect good behaviour from everyone.
anna k
I'm looking forward to seeing Grindhouse, even though I know it will be full of aerobicized hot girls in little clothing, as opposed to the old 70's films the filmmakers are paying homage to, where the "hot" girls were more average-looking, no slaves to the gym.
syb, i didn't know that was a lady's perogative! i'm sooooo claiming that. I love people-watching.

and count me in on the chairs/doors/chivalry thing. F (the boy) does it... especially car doors. It's sweet. Mind you, I hold doors open for him/other people too, because politeness is politeness, damnit.

shopping. deep-down girly, aimless, shopping for the sheer pleasure of shopping. buying lingerie with his reaction in mind.
I love this thread, why haven't I been here before?!

I am a hardcore feminist, but!

1) I love romance novels too (grrrlyouwant - yes to everything you've said about the review sites, Mrs. Giggles has never steered me wrong!). Having said this I will say that I am very picky, and have been known to throw romance novels out of windows and against walls if they pissed me off. I will whole-heartedly support a romance novel thread, and will also contribute frequently.

2) I love brite red lipstick and displaying cleavage. Actually, I love looking like a classy-dame from a classic Noir film, despite how awful they tend to be. I always remind people that Noir ladies were also damn powerful, and that if they were men, we would respond to them quite differently (Sam Spade, anyone? why should he be dreamy and heroic, when a woman in his shoes and with his personality would be a bitch and a hearbreaker?).

3) I love clothes and makeup, in general. Much too obsessed, actually. I have been known to spend my teaching stipend on silky frilly things instead of paying the phone bill.

4) I, too, will go watch Grindhouse......possibly dressed up as delineated in #2, and possibly with my feministintraining younger sister. I also love Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, even though I suspect Tarantino is an asswipe.

More soon, now back to work!
I consider myself a feminist, but I admit that when I hear the sounds of the soldiers at the base doing PT.. running cadence.. and mama help me if I get to actually SEE THEM... it makes me feel safe and protected, knowing these amazing and virile men would kick ass for me if needed.
I really don't think it's a cooincidence then that I am married to one ey?!

then I verbally remind myself that I can kick ass for myself when needed too!

I also will confess that one year, during All American Week (82nd Airborne), some friends and I went to a mass-tac demo Jump and posed like pin up girls w/ a squad of soldiers, complete w/ us holding their weapons. later on we learned that several of the guys actually did pin up our photo's.
and earlier that week at another big equipment exhibit we climbed in and out of allll the tanks and trucks and things, each time "needing assistance" (sometimes legitimately even wink.gif ) to get in & out of them, which the soldiers were more than happy to assist with.
** I am editing this to also add ** and we were in long girly floral dresses & sunhats, bc it was the big Division Review (translation: formal & official military parade where everyone dresses up and ladies are ~Ladies~).

I know I Should be ashamed, but that week still makes me smile to remember!
With no shame at all, I (a self-professed feminist) dig:

-having long red nails
-watching men eating big manly messy meals
-gentlemanly manners
-my girly giggling
-being dominated in the bedroom
-sometimes, being called "miss" (depends on context)
Being bought drinks by random gentlemen, from airline attendants on the plane to men in Montana, where women feel like women because men love to buy them beers! These are not just any drinks, mind you, they are hassle-free, just because they should worship what's between my legs...

Hanging around at casinos in Vegas and feeling like a hot commodity because I'm real, authentic, and not on display (yet strangely on display)

Similarly, the strange feeling of going to strip clubs showing female dancers, where no one knows if you are a dancer or a spectator--and getting to inhabit both sides of spectatorship and desire...

slutty panties with cutouts above the ass and bells and ribbons, Barbarella-like space thongs, all underneath conservative clothes
Oh I'm so in on the shopping, being dominated in the bedroom, and cleavage. I also love to flirt, and seduce men at the bar, of course I never do anything, but I like the element of control my sexuality has over them. Hee.
ditto CH totally ditto. i also love shopping, and i scream like a little girl when i see a spider. in college i would call my guy friends to come over and kill them if they were in my room. and yeah, i bitch about how much girls suck with my guy friends too greenbean.
I love shoes, especially high heels. lipstick, (wet n wild baby!)

expensive perfume, champagne, and chivalry.
Ok, I'm gonna probably get shot for this, but I don't see how makeup and having your nails done is a feminist transgression... I mean the fact that I can be a strong woman and work in a totally male dominated field (where I came up through the ranks because of my abilities and good work) while still looking feminine (because I am a totaly girly girl) seems to me to be right in line with what feminism is.


I love it when guys buy me drinks also.
Mmmmm....shoppingI love me some shopping... tongue.gif
I also love watching The Girls Next Door (Playboy reality show) I LOVE them.. I want to go party with them!
Oh...And I love it when guys buy me drinks too...
Although its been awhile.. wink.gif
Well, I don't think there is anything wrong with a good shoot 'em up action flick. Maybe I spend too much time around men. I get my nails done and I love getting all dolled up for a night on the town and having men get all crazy around me. Isn't that the fun of being a women?
Not paying for dates and not driving on dates. I am poor and lazy, dammit.
this thread makes me wanna scold myself: bad feminist, no voting rights!

- all kinds of musical transgressions, from misogynist rap (jay-z, eminem, previously mentioned n.e.r.d. song) to bubblegum pop (beyonce, my love!) to cock rock (sometimes you need a little "pour some sugar on me"). and i'm not even particularly reflective on how *bad* this stuff is, i tend to just let it go by my ears . . . i'm becoming a lazier feminist in my old age.

- mocking my sister's love of "girly jams" including an intolerance for miss india.arie (who i'm sure is a wonderful artist) . . . but i do love tracy chapman!

- love of manicures, defense of pedicures as necessary life expense, adoration for opi's I'm Not Really A Waitress

- taking a curling iron to my already-curly hair, because my natural curls don't look as "done" as fried hair

- being able to identify my jeans preference as a "gap long'n'lean classic, lei sophia kind of girl"

- i'm a product 'ho. majorly. and i love brilliant brunette, "because i'm both!" (no, i'm not really tying my self-worth to my hair products)

- never resisting an opportunity to exert power over boys stupid enough to be captivated by a pair of tits and giggly manner. because really, shouldn't they know better? of course i'm going to torture them, if that's all it takes!

- being such.a.femme. in friendships, like with my best friend, and having that mean acting helpless sometimes, when outside the butch/femme dynamic i'm perfectly competent.

- feeling conflicted about potentially doing domme work. what, precisely, ISN'T feminist about getting paid $100/hr. to abuse men?

- claiming the right to misbehave because "i'm a brat." that's neither mature, nor particularly feminist.

things i will never apologize for:
- i will never, ever feel shame for being a submissive. ever.

- nor will i ever feel shame for knowing how to flaunt my fabulous rack. or my curly hair, green eyes, and sometimes-manicured nails. i think that IS feminist.
anna k
Motley Crue's "Wild Side" and being embarassed that I dig Tommy's drumming like I'm some kind of groupie when I just think he rocks it. Also the line "No escape/murder and rape/doing time on the wild side."

Getting off on being flirted with and wanting to be seen as sexy and awesome by guys to raise my ego and libido.
not driving.


the mr is coming back after being gone awhile again and holy Heck am I planning on not having to drive for about a month!

I like to play up the mystique of being "the redhead." dangerous. explosive. unpredictable. sexy. smart.
kick your ass w/ my hands just as easily as with my mind.

recently I tried to go back to my darker folical days.. but I coudln't. it wasn't me.
I felt guilty about it, like I was sinning against The Cause, but if it makes you feel empowered, and it does, as someone else pointed out, isn't that also what feminism is all about?

I also have sometimes "played helpless" just to get men to do stuff for me, and have raised my girlchild to never forget that "boys are good for...
1) opening jars.
2) killing spiders
3) changing tires
4) reaching things super high up
and most importantly
5) these are all things I can do for myself, but if I can get a BOY to do it (apologies to mando if you are reading this!!).. !!
I know it's sick and twisted, and I hope no one throws rocks at me for admitting that here.

I also like to show off my killer legs in mile high platform "non-saftey shoes" w/ jingely anklets to draw even more attention to them.

..SWOC, I honestly think I'd maybe like to try Domme work, and might even be good at it, but have no idea how to get started.
while I have always valued my friendships w guys/men, I've also sometimes secretly scorned them for their many weaknesses at the same time.

and ps: I realise re-reading this what a psycho bitch I sound like.. oops?!
- unnaturally blonde hair
- using straightening irons on my unnaturally blonde hair
- being driven (although now I've passed my test that will vary)
- dinner being paid for, bill concealed
- doors opened for me
- jewellery, perfume, romantic/chivalrous gifts being bought for me
- shopping
- the colour pink
- chick flicks, old flicks, "men's films"
- heavy things being lifted, jars being opened, measurements taken (for furniture), there are certain areas like that where I don't mind not being in control
- there are certain times where I am happy being subservient, I'm bossy yet accommodating, strong yet vulnerable and there's times where I enjoy being taken care of. I could easily live the life of a lady of leisure (a lady who lunches).

conversely, I am very content at having a metrosexual boyfriend who does the cooking, takes charge of the kitchen appliance and utensil buying and who brings me breakfast and tea in bed.
hehe, freckle... i will not throw rocks. I'll stand with you ('specially on point 5)

I have realised I like even my "sensible shoes" to look like "not sensible shoes". And I have a secret craving for pink wellingtons to wear for large animal work. The day they make them with steel toe-caps, I'm there. Despite the fact that they'll clash with my boiler suit.

being a product whore. particularly make-up.
By the way, Grindhouse was awesome.
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