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Full Version: Your List (abbrieviated And/or Anonymous If You Want, You Slut!)
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A maybe? autobiographical list of those who were lucky enough to get some of this. (Names, numbers and places changed to protect the innocent and sluts.) Omissions encouraged.

1. J.D. (in alley)
2. O.M. (accidentally left tampon in toilet)
3. V.L. (beach)
4. A.B.
5. J.L. (my first virgin)
6. F.D. (dorms)
7-25. Daves, Steves, Mikes and Jasons
26. O.L. (French -- you could smell it!)
27. T.L. (first one with dreadlocks)
28. N.P. (good kisser)
29-33. R.K. (moved to Switzerland)
34. J.Y. (the love of my life)
ah this is funny. even funnier, i dont remember all of them. lets see the ones that made an impression on me..

1. DG (played me to get it dropped me two weeks later)
2. BT (prick)
11. & 12. AD and T (threesome)
13. M (worst ever)
22. K (on top of his car)
25. DC (craziest sexcapade partner)
33. JC (best friend and ex - recurring)
35. DL (hottest sweetest hardcore metalhead i know - secret crush)
37. JG (best most passionate punk lover i've had yet)

hmm. sex is fun.
Oh, what fun.

M: Took my virginity in just under 45 seconds.
J: Was all sweet and loving, but boring.
B: Teeny tiny microscopic penis...couldn't feel a thing
MF: Little man, huge penis. Didn't know how to use it.
D: Way too into "sweet, sensitive" sex
B: Taught me to be uninhibited.
JV: Taught me to be even more uninhibited.
N: Helped me get over my aversion to hairy chests.
S: Tried hard, but just bad.
C: Not bad, but too skinny.
S again: Two years later, still bad.
T: Made me scream like a banshee. Gave me an STD. Some things aren't worth it.
i keep a list of almost everyone i've kissed (about 30 ppl)..... but i'll stick with the home runs.....

1. S.D. I had a crush on him for two years.... then we dated for two..... it took him a year to work me up to it.
2. B.H. My friend had a crush on him. I thought he was hot.
3. C. One night stand. He was, apparently, married. But it was good.
4. N.P. Is it okay to have a fuck-buddy based purely on looks? Because he is almost exactly looking like my celebrity-crush, Davey havok.
5. C.L. Executive Cock.... but mysterious. Also Davey Havokish.

Hmmm ok. (Hi everyone, Im new btw)

Ok. I was about to post real names and realized the girls that probably slept with the same dudes i did quite possibly frequent this board. So initials it is...

1. I.M. - Deflowered my flower in high school in a ditch in the desert.
2. C.P - Wow, he could be in jail now for what he did. But I loved every minute! Fun!!
3. A.J. - My biggest sex regret. On second thought, do i remember enough of it to regret it?
4. W.W. - Last name is "withers" need i say more?
5. M. M - boyfriend for 5 years. Hmm is all I can say...
6. M.S. - French asshole who played me as bad as he played his poor wife i didnt know about.
7. B.C. - (Last name is Chaffin, hehehe) Whatever. Fun bar fuck turned friend. Nice guy.
8. W.P. - Not his real name. Rock star mother fucker douche bag. AHHHH!!! mad.gif
9. S.H. - True love. Too bad hes married. Best life changing sex I could ever wish for. Sigh.
10. A.H. - English bloke I met in Vegas years earlier. On his trip back to the US
11. A.K. - Lovely boyfriend I now cohab with. I lerrrve him. laugh.gif And the sex is fabulous.

Wow, i look back and realize Ive had quite a not-fun run. Man. Boys really make me mad sometimes. Im all re-angered over remembering some of these names.
L:every creative and funny.
D: lost my virginity on acid and got crabs, skank!
J:my favorite teased. never had sex, just made out, loved it.
C:one night stand. oddly sexy, very dom.
C2:looked like young liz taylor, but chubby. loved her body, but was a bit boring in bed (as was i, i'm sure), i was an asshole at the time. remember her smell best:majic noir
x:(cheating)all chemistry, did it like rabbits, gave me scabbies. much, much worse than crabs. ugh. but i deserved it.
x2:(cheating)god.. pear shaped, so sexy. i remember being burried under down blankets and making out.
A:sweet, not very kinky, but fun. very sexy hips and little, +funny. thought it was love, knew it was doomed.
a2:(cheating)all chemestry. kinky she loved having her feet played with, showering and had a clean teeth fetish....sexiest voice on the planet, knew how to use it. sigh.
x:(cheating)cute, catlike sex(weird), but too skinny.
l:oh man, cute, and got wet as a monsoon everytime i came near her.
K:love. if i had a soulmate.... could fuck like a boy or a girl, kinky as me, got me into kink:esp:choking/gender play. loved everything about her: brains, skin, body, big calves, smile, eyes, and so on. . so far, the love of my life, helped me transition, first open relationship. funniest, goofiest girl, best at pretty much everything.
M:(not cheating)sweet, kinky, but i couldn't handle her past, was too gentle, too skinny. helped me transition
R:domme: abusive, kinky liked anal sex and hurting me w/o consent.
M:domme: taught me a lot. not physically attracted to her, but loved her domme self.
D:domme, perhaps too domme, kinky, pierced my nipples, loved tying me up, feeding fetishes, saline injection/ inflation, and a kazillion other things.
1. P- After over a year of high school dating, in my basement bedroom one afternoon, I handed him a condom and said "fuck me." Two songs played through on the radio- one by Rage Against the Machine, the other by the Matthew Good Band. He later told me that he was disappointed that I "didn't do anything," and also that I was so crass.
2. R- Ahh. My first boy after moving to the city. First casual sex. Beautiful, half-Italian, full lips, dark hair. If only I'd enjoyed sex at that period of my life we could've really had fun. He introduced me to the White Stripes, and later became a junkie.
3. S- Creepo one night stand. Ew ew ew.
4. M- I dunno if this counts, he was only in me for like 2 seconds. Tall Dutch guy with crazy eyes.
5. S- The guy I was in love with for 3 years, and possibly still am. We were friends and played music together and swam in sexual tension for months. He was still a virgin. Strong, great kisser, and the person I've had the most sex (good and bad) with, ever.
6. J- Bad drunk sex. Not either of our faults.
7. B- A friend I hooked up with a few times out of both affection and boredom. Not a whole lot of chemistry, but nice, egoless sex.
8. S- Drunk. I think I fell asleep. Related to a friend of mine. Biggest penis- too big. Guilt and weirdness. At least he's in another country now.
9. M- Lots of sex over a period of a few months. Tall and skinny. Kinky, dirty, horny, skilled (reformed man-slut). It was good, but too much. (I actually believe there's such a thing as too much sex! Or more specifically too much importance can be given to it.)

This makes me very curious as to who will be #10!
Oh no! I can't believe I forgot A- he should've been #7. He was hairy and muscular, and we fooled around all night, but then he came really fast (you know when it's so fast that you're confused?).
I'm counting 3rd base and beyond. I think that's a good cut-off point.

1. JC: Very sweet--too sweet. He was also funny looking and liked really bad music, but a good way to ease into things.
2. JC2: Huge jerk who rushed me into everything and always asked me how many orgasms I'd had. Um, try none, dumbass.
3. JM: I was on a break from JC2. He was a friend of a friend's and ridiculously good looking. On the other hand, he was also a bit of a date rapist.
4. KS: Hot Iranian guy. I didn't like him all that much, but he was so hot and it was so good, I kept him around for a couple weeks.
5. AK: The current boyfriend. He had never even kissed a girl when we started dating, and I did my best to change that. The first time we had sex was awful--missionary for about 2 hours. Eventually I gave up and just blew him to get it over with. However, the second time was amazing and almost every time after that has been just as good.
6. JR: The boyfriend and I were having a bit of a rough patch and I had this really cute friend... I'm back with AK now, though, and things are pretty much incredible.
The early years:

C: My carefully chosen first. Didn't know him for long but he was perfect. Cute, sexy (tho I barely knew what that meant then) and patient and sensitive. A sweetheart and an excellent choice.
J: My second, his first time. I think I was fairly unskilled. In a jacuzzi, then in a shower. Fun but clumsy on both sides.
D: At last! First love from 2 years previously. Very romantic, short-lived but a lot of fun. Learned a few things.
M: Mistake. Boyfriend for 8 months. Small willy, jealous nature.
P: Proper live-in boyfriend. Very sweet, not very sexy. I pretended I didn't mind. Ended on decent terms.
M2: Another mistake. Decent-ish in bed but a dick out of it. Proposed, bizarrely and unsuccessfully.
A: Lasted all of 2 weeks, but so sexy. He was gorgeous and talented and urbane and ushered me into the land of multiple orgasms. Thank you A!
P: Absolute sweetheart with a fantastic wit and pretty eyes. Proper boyfriend material. Patient, understanding and when we finally got down to it damn good fun. 'Twas very romantic, if finite.

That'll do for now...
An abridged list -

D - my first. remarkable because he was my first, unremarkable in the grand scheme of things (except that he had a huge penis. I thought they were all like that)
J - my second and was my boyfriend for 3 years. another huge penis. I seriously had no idea they came smaller, due to my experience up until then
L - the build up to the sex was better than the sex (2 year long crush)
K1 - the first guy I was ever truly in love with. the sex was amazing. mindblowing.
G - good friend, then got stuck in a house for a week in a blizzard with him. nothing else to do but have sex. it was fun
K2 - boyfriend for 2 years, the only guy I've ever faked it with.
J - boyfriend of many years, the sex was never bad. just the relationship.
K3 - mr hotty mc hott hott. oh yeah, baby.
D - does one night of drunken sex with a good friend of many years count as a one night stand?
A - hopefully my last. amazing. best sex ever.
Zoya- I had the same thing- drunken *he wasn't sure if we had sex, i'm sure we didn't but i don't remember throwing up either* with a close friend. So I didn't count him. But that fucked up our friendship for months. So I think it counts as a one night stand. He's getting married now and they're getting a house, and we just pretend it never happened. His lady doesn't know, and prolly never will.
It's funny because although I haven't had many partners I sometimes have to make a list to remind myself of who I have actually been with, so this is a good idea!

G.B.: My first boyfriend between ages 13 - 15; we did everything but have actual sex. He was definitely my awakening, even though I was incredibly young and look back now like blink.gif !

J.B.: Was my first. He had been around but was so amazing for me that I could hardly believe it, especially from his reputation. We dated on and off for five years and are now best friends.

V.G.: Wow. What a fucking mess. Still good friends although I don't have a clue how. He had this massive dick that just hurt and he really didn't know what to do with it. Best of intentions, though.

T.M.: A one-weekend stand while I was studying in England. A perfect gentleman; I'm glad we never dated so it couldn't get bad. The bed we were on was so loud (and I wasn't supposed to be in the guest section!) so we moved down to the floor and I probably died from the orgasm even though his penis was rather on the small side. tongue.gif

J.B.2.: We dated for a month. Massively crooked member. Not cool. Out of a month of three-plus times a week sex he came every time (and waaaaaaay too quickly, mind you!) and I came zero. Fun times. dry.gif

T.J.B.: What a disaster. We had been best friends for 5 years, thought we could be something more, I traveled halfway across the country to see him and it just sucked. Nothing came out of it for me at all, even though he had a monster cock.

B.S.: My current and best. We are totally open and I've never been more satisfied in a relationship. Sex with him is like being able to eat the best chocolate cake whenever I want and not gain any weight from it. I think I'll keep him around! laugh.gif
Okay, I can't resist.

1. C- my first, I was 15. Most romantic way to lose my virginity, honestly, it was so amazing. We fucked like rabbits the entire time we dated.

2. M- one night stand, two years after breaking up with C. ugh, big drunken mistake.

3. S- first one night stand in college. terrible, he didn't even go down on me because he just wasn't "into that".

4. D- another one night stand, nothing special.

5. T- fuck buddy, he was pretty good and never expected me to give him head (I only did it once in a while tongue.gif)E. The sex was pretty good and I came just about everytime.

6. E- this was interesting. I had a one night stand with him and thought that was it. Then a few weeks later we saw each other and fucked again. It turned into almost a year of on and off sex. He started off great but seemed to get worse with time.

7. A- love this guy, such a great friend. Massive thick curved cock and knew exactly what to do with it. He also knew what to do with his tongue and his fingers...hehehe

8. G- Was in an orgy with him and A on the same night. He's kinda popular on the internet cause he has a sex blog. Older than me and like A he also knows what he's doing.

9. TM- big mistake. thought he would be okay but his cock was maybe 3 inches erect and it was just bad sex.

10. G- New Year's hookup.

11. K- latest fuck buddy. Crazy amount of strength and stamina, I miss fucking him.


1. B- Was at the orgy with A and G. I guess she kinda counts. she fucked me with a strap on but there wasn't much contact other than that. does that count?

2. S- my first full lesbian experience. Started off okay until she turned out to be a total bitch, has kind of turned me off women for a while.
Edited because I did forget someone!

Okay, I have to do this now, too. I was trying to remember my total number the other day, and I couldn't, so maybe listing them will help. I can't keep the order straight sometimes, though.

P. lost my virginity to him, was really drunk, and don't remember much of it, he later became my first boyfriend and then broke my heart, we're friends now.

J. had a crush on him for a long time, then had a one-night stand. Got very complicated and lame.

P2. weird experience, he and his girlfriend are my best friends. They had sort of an open relationship, but I still felt guilty about it. He's good in bed, though.

P2 and F. a terrible experience with a threesome. I freaked out and got all weird about it, and it was not fun at all. We worked it out in the end, though.

D. we lived in a big house together for a while, we did it a couple of times. He came super fast, and it was boring, but I had a big crush on him. I think he was like 19 at the time.

J2. my second true love, we had great sex for a while, but he was a little crazy, and we fought all the time, and my emotions ended up getting in the way of the sex. After we broke up we had a couple of amazing times together. He had a beautiful dick.

A. dated him for a little while, we only had sex once, and honestly it was one of those things where I didn't know whether his dick was inside me cause it was so small. Lame.

T. a friend for a long time, and we had always had a crush on each other but had been in relationships with other people, he came back to town after being away for a while, and we decided to go for it. The sex was pretty good, but things got weird.

C. boyfriend for a while, sex was good at first and then got annoying. He was really good at oral, though.

R. My first craigslist hookup. We got along great and had a really fun night together.

R2 and ?. Two dudes I met together off craigslist. I don't even remember the other one's name. It was awesome. I later hooked up with R2 again alone. He was fun, and he was my first experience with being fisted. Will probably see him again at some point.

L. an old friend, decided we should try having sex, it was okay, but we realized we actually weren't that attracted to each other. We're still really good friends.

B. my current guy, technically we're not a couple, but basically we are. The first guy I've been with who's big and strong and a little chunky (I used to be really into super skinny guys) and hairy. His dick is amazing, and he's awesome in bed. He is really rough with me, and I love having sex with him.

I think that's it, but I'm probably forgetting someone in there!
this is too good to pass up...

j#1 - lost it on friday the 13th, on the first night i ever got drunk, i blacked out and dont remember a single thing about it...i was 16...he was a douchebag, yet i slept with him again...i was crazy.
cd - first love, he was a virgin, long distance....basically it was doomed
jx - just once, longtime friend, wanted to see how big he claimed he was...he was right.
rn - just once, sweet and romanian, made the grossest O face was like a baby bird grabbing for food...
j#2 - biggest wall-o-man ever, size 19 feet....and no the myth isnt true. fun sex though.
s#1 - just once, fantastic foreplay, a minute or two of sex followed by him looking at himself in the mirror looking very ashamed of himself for not lasting.
ah - he had a prince albert, it was nice
s#2 - complete total douche i dated for 6mo. but when we had drunken sex it was hard and wonderful.
tm - tiny little penis, dissapointing sex but very fun and kinky foreplay...basically he did what i told him to smile.gif
oooh...this is a good idea! I haven't seen this thread before! My list is kinda short for actual sex, so I'll also include non-sex ones too.

J- douchebag numero uno. I was 17 and just wanted to have sex to see what it was like. He didn't even get me ready down there before just shoving his dick in. It hurt a lot and I bled for days. We had sex three times in total.

M- I didn't have sex for a while because of the above experience, so I waited a while before doing it w/ this douchebag numero due. He treated me like shit, but his dick was the biggest I'd ever seen (and still haven't seen one that came close). We had awesome sex, because he taught me some vulgar things. Too bad he was an ass.

M2- My best guy friend. We got drunk, flirted and then made out. I had my period so I sucked his dick. It was weird to see his penis after knowing him for so long. He wasn't that good of a kisser, so it sucked that we didn't end up talking for a while after that. It wasn't even worth it!

P- We met on craigslist. I made out with him, and realized I wasn't into him all that much, so sucked him off so he would leave. Never talked to him again, and I realized I kinda liked the way that I didn't care.

D- I met him online too. He was younger than me, but oh so hot! He was a virgin with no intentions of having sex, but he loved to just explore me. We had awesome "sex" without really having sex. I still miss him for that reason...

R- my current boy. Very un-selfish. He was a virgin when I met him as well, and I took his virginity. That was an awesome experience. We still continue to have excellent sex.

Oh I'm horny!
Where to begin?

K: lost my virginity to him the day after we broke up. Scuz. Bad sex.
R: first for a lot of things, first to go down on me, first I gave head to. Carried on as friends with benefits for quiet a while. Sex in public places.
K: Couldn't cum, lasted a long time, I got numb. Good at oral sex.
B: Huge cock, talented with his fingers too.
D: Was with him for a long time, sex got boring, I strayed. Was also in the first threesome.
P: Great cock, great lover. Turned out to be a prat. also involved in the threesome.
K: First guy post break-up, post VCH piercing. Fantastic.
S: younger than I. With practice will be a phenomenal lover.
D: amazing, but stopped mid fuck, who knows why. Ditched him. to meet...
L: Best.Lover.Ever. Fuck, I squirted with him. Excellent foreplay. Excellent sex, totally into the same stuff as me. Current play thing.
B: Alright
P? I never did get his name. Sucked his cock outside a bar. Didn't fuck him. Highly anonymous.
J: Bleh. I was young. He was young.
J. Sucked his cock then ditched him. he wanted to stay a virgin.

That's all for now. I have to think more.

oh god... here we go down memory lane...

J.A.E. - my very first when i was 16. We did it in the hot tub in the backyard. It was horrible. It wasn't worth it. 4
years of my life, gone to this prick. oh well.

C.M.P. - moved in with me shortly after J.A.E. and i split up (for the first time). He was big, he was good, but he
wasn't very attractive. I think I was just desperate because the sex was so bad with my first.

J.P. - my very first one-nighter. we "went out" for 24 hours and then i ditched him. im such a bitch. his dick was
curved and it was the weirdest thing ever. *shudders* lets move on shall we?

J.D. - started off nice. nice bod, good attitude, was going into the national guard, nice n big ( a little too big actually).
then he moved, and became totally obsessed with "work". bye bye guy.

P. - i didn't even get a last name with this one. it was pretty bad. i met him on myspace and fucked him within 24
hours. he only lived 30 minutes away. he was a hot college boy looking for a piece of ass. he got what he was
looking for, but then again, so did i biggrin.gif

C.Z.C. - my pride and joy that im with rightnow. I love him to death. hell, i just moved to this state and left my old
life behind to be with him. he treats me well, and the sex is the best iv'e ever had. i met him on teenchat,
got to know him through myspace, and when i met him, we made love on top of a mountain with an
incredible view. it was the most amazing moment of my life.
oh, i hope to god none of my hookups read this.......(a, b=just makeouts)

a: "experimented" with one of my best friends at age 16. FREAKED OUT about it afterwards since i was already kind of thinking i liked girls. found out later i liked boys too. she's still one of my best friends. probably will never make out again.

1. first love. lost my virginity to him. fully convinced, at 17, that we would be together until we died. would probably hate having sex with him now, as he was a giant pussy. made incredible mixtapes.

1b. hooked up my first year at college.....not quite sure if i really liked him or just liked the idea of him. he would come to my dorm room and i would make him tea and we would have pillow fights and roll around on my bed and screech and not really make out. he lives in my city now but i wouldn't do it again.

2. never really was in love with him, but dated him longer than anyone else. probably out of wanting a safe refuge. fantastic oral, but also a bit of a pussy. is sort of getting kind of famous now as a comedian; when i was with him he was a philosophy major and wanted to become a buddhist monk. wtf?

2a. trans guy i had a huge crush on in college....made out at a couple parties, drunk, once while some guy watched (!). both way too shy to do anything about each other, but i would make excuses to rent things from the school equipment rental where he worked so i could go make googly eyes at him over the counter. regrets.

3. one night stand. younger than me. never would've happened if he didn't have a british accent. found out later he was dating three other girls at the same time, none of whom knew about each other or me, and two of them were friends of mine. dick. he was also really bad in bed, came almost immediately and didn't know what to do with my clit at all.

4. dated him for two months and he wouldn't fuck me. he was a 22 year old virgin...after we broke up he started sleeping with everyone, but he's still a good friend, also absolutely most genuinely unique guy i've ever met.

5. we'd been friends for a few years (actually met both #3 and #4 because of him) kind of surprised each other by hooking up for the week i visited but also had kind of always expected it. spent half the time in bed and half the time smoking cigarettes in the middle of the night on his porch roof discussing virginia woolf's "mrs. dalloway". hooked up again next time i visited. i swear to god i love this boy to the ends of the earth, he is one of my favorite people in the world and one of my best friends, but sadly we don't have much chemistry. i love him, but kissing him doesn't make me fluttery.

6. best sex i've ever had, disgustingly intense chemistry. dated for four months, slept together for two years (due to said disgustingly intense chemistry. every time we've tried to stop, we do it again a month or so later). too close to this one to draw any conclusions from it. mediocre oral, though not for lack of effort or enthusiasm.

6a. hooked up with one of my best friends drunk off our asses at a gay bar on my birthday. haven't done it since, though we've gotten close several times--probably will happen again.

6b. same bar, same birthday night, 6a decided that since it was my birthday i should make out with as many people as possible and foisted me upon her. we made out like gangbusters but the whole time i was thinking of 6a. found out that afterwards 6b ended up puking all night hahahahha.

7. ? who will it be?
fucked: seven guys
sucked: thirteen guys (including seven above), two girls
hand love: eighteen guys (including thirteen above), same two girls
passionately kissed: Twenty or thirty guys (including eighteen above), three girls
fell in love with: three guys, including husband
married: husband
deep unrequited crushes on: around 10 or 15 guys and one girl
stalked by: two idiot guys

men who broke up with me and then came crawling back: twelve out of thirteen
men I took back: none
Is it weird that this thread makes me feel like a total hooer? I only recall the really good or the really bad. My numbers... are... well... um, higher than the rest of ya'lls. Thank goodness for Knorl05 or I'd be off genuflecting right now.
AP - re: numbers - please note that at the beginning of my post it says it's an abridged list. Not only would I be feeling the same way if I posted them all... I can't even remember them all. OK, I said it. eek!
See, that's just it. There are many mens I have just spaced. I'm not really a one night stand type of gal, but there are boys I have shagged a few times & forgotten all about. I've been sexually active for almost twenty years & I figure I *average* about three new partners a year. Sometimes more, rarely less. I had lunch with a guy buddy yesterday & he was all, "I accidentally called so & so the other day." So & So = ex roomie that I had sex with in their backyard. Rode him hard enough that the legs of the plastic chair dug well into the ground. I was baffled. "You called who?" Ohhhhhh! Nice guy. Smart guy. BIG cock.
AP if it makes you feel any better, i wish my list was longer. i feel like i haven't had as many opportunities as i'd've liked to slut it up, whatever the reasons. not that i'm aiming to simply have a longer list or any sort of title, but i'm interested in learning things from different people and wish there'd been more.

also, from what i've gathered from your posts, i think i'm a good decade or so younger than you tongue.gif
Yeah, AP, don't feel bad. The whole reason I haven't posted in here is because...well, I think my numbers would fall into the same range as you...having been sexually active for, OMG...25 years. There is absolutely no way I could even come close to listing them all.
Tree and AP I totally hear you. While I haven't actually fucked a whole lot of men, I've sucked a lot of cock. And I do mean a lot.

I do have two more to add to my list.

T: Bleh. Nothing stellar, and he turned out to be a prat.

J: Had my second threesome with him. Pretty damn good in the sack. Blew him, not circumsized...
AP, you may notice my list is called 'the early years'... and it's not even complete. I am sure should I try for an exhaustive list there are people I'd forget. As for numbers? Um, 30+?

*embarrassed, but I can't be the only one. And, y'know, I had a lot of (protected) fun, so...*
So I've been sexually active for less than a year after my first boyfriend. And I'm at 5. Which isn't really much experience at all. But- it will be getting up there, at this rate. *runs off to acquire more experience*

Sybarite: I ain't too far behind. Since I've been single for the first time since my sophmore year of friggin' high school, I went a little nutso wild with the boys. I'm a little embarrassed, too. It sucks cause I really want to wait for someone special. So OVER the casual thing. Even been refered to as a pimp. sigh. It always seems to happen when I'm out at a bar or club, etc. And I have that "oops, I did it again" feeling in the morning. Then when I do go out again, I walk in and see like two or three of em in one place. daggg... I'm not saying I regret every one of them cause I don't. Wish I could eradicate that virgin-whore crap mentality... damn programming!

Would love to meet a guy and not get sexual right off the bat. If I had a chastity belt, I would probably use it when I hit the town!! I mean, maybe that's why I can't get a proper date!!!

Ugh. I'm moving.
Moonpieluv, I am beyond over the virgin/whore binary but unfortunately that antiquity still persists. I have to say that I enjoyed most of my one-offs, but basically kept them quiet in the face of disapproval (voiced or otherwise) from friends/acquaintances. My sex life made sense to me, but clearly it bugged other people. Since I couldn't control their (to my mind simplistic) reactions, I controlled the flow of information and kept my exploits to myself.

My BF was always supportive though, having pursued similiar activities herself. We used to giggle about it together.

I think I allow the binary in primarily because of what others have projected upon me. Which I realize is naive and insecure, but I'm judged based on what I did before I left this town to how I am now post big city move. Like I said not all of mine have I regretted... and I do wish my evenings remained my business. I do not tell anyone, including my friends. But, alas I can't say that for the other person. This is a town filled with bored hypocrits... a Southern town filled with bored crits. On the one hand, I'm all "Whatever... this is my business." to "Dern it! I'm the town hussie!".

Frustrating. I do have friends like you who do not however judge and we can giggle all night. That's merely one reason why she's my best friend.
Moonpie, don't let other people make you feel bad about the sex you're having. Most of my one night stands were the result of natural curiosity and desire, combined with a less healthy desire to make people like me/think me attractive. I didn't always make healthy decisions, but they were my decisions to make and external moralising from other people was both ignorant and irrelevant.

Now that I'm happily settled with the mister, I look back at the freedom and freshness of those encounters and am generally glad I had them. I may be looking through rose-tinted goggles but I believe I gained confidence and learned from them, even if I sometimes emotionally stubbed my toe in the process.

I'm glad you have a friend to confide in. Have fun and take care.

I haven't been sexually active since my ex, about 3 years ago, seems I'm going through an awful dry spell... not from lack of wanting it either, the prospects just haven't been that good & I still got hands and a vibrator.
In the spirit of not being ashamed I'm not going to be ashamed that my list is so short:

1. First love. Kinda good, but suffered from lack of curiosity and will to experiment. I add to initiate if I wanted something else than the regular missionary-before-going-to-sleep. A good first, though. Average-sized cock. We had a long distance relationship for four years. Nice and caring and concerned, which sort of drove me crazy after while, not in a good way, though.

2. Drunken sex with a friend. Huge cock that he had absolutely NO idea how to use. But I guess it takes two people to have semi-bad sex, right?

3. Weekend boy-toy. Kind of had a crush on me but I couldn't be bothered at the time. Good sex, liked to experiment and talk about it before and afterwards. On the smaller side. Very relaxed and nice in many ways.

4. The love of my life. He's so good I ended up marrying him. Knows what I like, likes talking before, during and after. Likes experimenting and getting me off. The best cock, a bit bigger than average. Sexy as hell. Ah, I'm lucky...
anna k
I haven't had a lot of sex, but I've had varied dates and hook-ups since I moved to NYC in 2004 and wanted to be wild and wanton after years of being repressed and shy.

- Went to a guy's apartment where we hung out for an hour and a half, but when he kissed me it was slimy and disgusting. I felt sick and left.
- Went out with a guy who I had been very flirty with, but regretted it when he revealed himself to be a creep. I had kissed him earlier and his lips felt dry and flaky.
- A guy kissed me at a New Year's Eve party, it was very sweet and unexpected.
- Made out with a guy in my room two years ago, just oral sex and dry-humping and biting and spanking.
- Dated two rocker guys but couldn't get enough sexual interest in them, so they remained platonic buddies.
- Have done phone sex a few times with anonymous guys, and liked working the guys up with my voice even though I never came from it.

I feel embarassed for it being limited, but it is what it is.
hmmm...this is going to be interesting, but I'm gonna tackle it...

BB. Jerk. He lasted an average of 1 minute 17 seconds, start to finish. Popped my cherry.

BB (yes, a different guy)...filled a glass of milk half full of nestle's quik to try and impress me. Kids these days. Happened to be a friend of the first "BB". hehe

RD... barely remember it, it was a dark one night stand. Sort of one of those loner guys at school.

Unknown name guy...a one night shackup in a hotel. His brother watched.

CC...unremarkable, sort of a bully misunderstood guy at school

SF...a covert BJ and a quickie next to a bike path first year in college

Unknown name guy...hispanic guy I met at a bar back in the 80s

MK...the first one who was over twenty...oh, no, I take that back...

Can't remember his name...he was in his thirties and I was 17...he was the clerk at the local health food store and oh, so HAWT.

Um...BT, my ex husband...he was a virgin! First and only virgin boy! first lesbian experience..I was such a babydyke. Wow..I was with her for eight years!

EH...second lesbian activist at the women's center

MG...omg she was hot...had an affair with her..she was a private investigator and at least fifteen years older than me...she had really cute little crinkly wrinkles around her eyes.

Unknown name guy...he was hot, looked like a cross between Patrick Swayze and Kurt Russell. We did it standing up in an alleyway. He was a laborer on a construction job I worked on when I was an apprentice. (construction was AWESOME for meeting random guys)

DM...took me to a nude beach. Also was involved in (and set up) my only 3-way.

Unknown name guy...the other in the 3-way

ohhh...I forgot summer camp...there were several guys there...well, really, (boys)

There was the guy with the tears for fears eyes...hotness...we had sex at new years eve once, he penetrated me just as the ball dropped. I guess HIS ball dropped!

CJ...a blonde cutie, but somewhat awkward.

TP...younger than me, and it showed.

SM...a vegetarian activist, yum. ADHD though.

ER...a socialist goth boy, very intense and very cute. And he was intense sexually too...yum.

Can't remember name....welding instructor guy. Small penis. Exclusively a buttfucking guy. of the apprentices I went to night school with. Probably the LAST one I've done that was under 30. Just cause I'm aging, you know? of the OTHER apprentices I went to night school with

TS..yet ANOTHER of the apprentices I went to night school with. Also was the owner of the largest penis I've ever seen.

oooh, one of my faves...DD, a kindred soul. We coulda really had something good. *wipes tear...he is a hippie, a vegan, an environmentalist, cute, blonde, gorgeous eyes, sensitive, a photographer...*swoon

And of course, Bear...for twelve years. We have a good thing going. I can't imagine where my life would be without the Bear. His penis fits my vagina perfectly...and I created the curve in it during some pretty rough sex!

Oh, yeah, and i KNOW I've missed/forgotten a BUNCH!
Okay here's my list (its not very long at all):
1. I was 18, a senior in high school, so you this one lasted long lol, it was the longest I've ever dated a boy - 8 months.
2. Age 27, my first girlfriend, we broke up after five months.

the end.
D - one of my brother's friends (ooo, the fireworks when he found out!). Pretty good first boyfriend. Cock a bit too big for me, but pot helped amazingly. Very vanilla, though. Didn't want to experiment.

S - guy I met travelling. 3-night fling. Way out of my league and a total gentleman about that, and everything. Just-right penis, lovely kisses, figured out fast how to please me and pushed my boundaries (in all the right ways) in showing me how to please him. Hope you got someone worthy now, S.

G - mostly impotent, poor fella. Also, when I told him I thought a guy should find as much pleasure in his partner's pleasure, as in his own, he repeated the words like they broke his brain.

H - practically a virgin. Teachable, but in small amounts, due to fragile ego. Early cunnilingus incident (and my vag flora & fauna were balanced, mind you): Me: "Um....are you holding your breath?" Him: "(embarrassed silence)"

R - such a limited repertoire, he might as well have been a virgin. Teachable only in small amounts. Cock had a frill at the top like a rooster's comb. He started to put a condom on, inside out. When I pointed out his mistake, he tried to turn it right side out and put it on again! (ummm...basic sex ed? sperm could be on the outside of the condom, hello??) Also said he didn't need to get tested because he'd only had one gf before. (I insisted. He had chlamydia. I should have taken the hint and dumped him, but I was horny.)

G - old guy I met travelling. Tuned into my responses right away, experimented to discover everything he could about what turned me on (surprised me, even, some of his discoveries). He had a God-given gift, that man. Made me rediscover my desire after I'd shut it down due to swearing off of sex after mediocre sex with R.

W - first guy I fell into bed with (on 1st date), due to overwhelming chemistry. Married him. Penis just right, loves cunnilingus. Funny little froggy sounds come out of his throat during foreplay! Very vanilla, but teachable & is finally coming around to enjoying some of the kinky things that turn me on.
A- My high school boyfriend. I really wanted to have sex, but we didn't know what we were doing. Every time we tried it was excruciating. I don't think we got more than a couple thrusts in at once, and I spent a lot of time whining to my mom and my best friend about how I thought I had a defective vagina. He dumped me when he found out I told my mom about it and it took me forever to get over him. I don't even know if this counts. Probably not.

W- My current boyfriend. I got with him a year after I broke up with A. We fooled around for a month and then had sex with no clenched-up-vagina or serious pain. Perfectly shaped/sized dick. A few weeks later we decided to make it official and it's been 3 years. I love him, he's great, we can experiment with anything. He compliments me endlessly and loves getting head, which works for me. I think our sex drives are perfectly matched. I don't know what else to say since I don't have much of a frame of reference in terms of actual intercourse... out of all the guys I've fooled around with he's the most realistic and accepting about girls in general, probably because HIS list is a whole lot longer than mine.

S- fucked him for a little while during a group situation with my boyfriend, his girlfriend, and a few other people. Huge dick because he is a huge person- like over 6 feet tall. I don't know if this counts either.
I think this thread merits a return to BUST. That, and the fact I'm meant to do work right now.

So, my list. Although, list...

I've only really got one. The big Smurf to my Smurfin, so to speak. So yeah, I'm getting a bit of a self-worth problem here. I'm not sorry I've only ever slept with one guy, as the place I grew up in doesn't really look kindly to 'experimenting'. And, ever since escaping, I've been with my bf. And I'm not one to cheat, although I did get rather close at one time. But yeah, just the one. And I do wonder. I would have liked to be able to experiment a little. wink.gif
Here's one: what's the worst lay you've ever had?

I'll go first....

cocky about himself before hand then comes the ... small flacidish penis... lasted two seconds...and then looks up at me and says "was that good?"

I couldn't even open my eyes to look at him... and I'm pretty sure my lips were tensed up. Needless to say, that was the end of it.
Worst fuck- I was sort of going out with this guy, but I didn't want to have sex with him right away for some reason, so we had only fooled around but in a very minor way; I hadn't even seen his dick yet. Finally one time I was like, let's just go ahead and do it. I honestly don't really know what happened. I couldn't feel his dick in me at all, because it was so small, and then he lost his boner immediately. I didn't know whether we had actually had intercourse or not, and then he nearly had a panic attack, because he was afraid that he would mess things up between us somehow. I didn't really care too much, but I definitely wasn't much into things after that, so I guess it did mess it up in the end. But it wouldn't have mattered when it happened, it would have been the beginning of the end at any point. Ugh. I feel gross thinking about it, because the sex was so bad.
Worst fuck - Ironically, a fuck-buddy. He had a skinny little dick and no sense of rhythm. I spent a lot of time on top of that boy, just to make anything happen. Also had trouble coming. He was fun to teach though, made me feel awful experienced. Also one of the most enjoyable lays, since there were no emotional strings attached and we didn't take ourselves too seriously. Spent a lot of time joking while in bed, we could've been a dirty sitcom. tongue.gif

My list is pretty short, makes me feel like I have a lot of catching up to do in the coming years (no pun intended):
KM - First serious bf, took my virginity. It was horrible, really painful and it took forever to get it in. I wasn't ready, totally freaked out and tense. I stayed with him for a little over two years, though, and the sex improved by leaps and bounds. The kinkiest boy I've ever met, and you'd never suspect it! We stretched our boundaries so far, I can barely see mine anymore.

LP - A rebound lad. Great at eating out, lovely technique, and nice, big cock. And what stamina, followed by such a short recoup time! It was really great sex, I only regret that I ever had to say stop - even though my poor snatch would probably have fallen out if I'd let it go on as long as he could go.

PD - The worst fuck, as detailed above.

CS - My current boy. A good student. With just a little coaching, he's caught on quickly to what I like best. An admirable pussy-eater, too, very talented and willing to spend as much time as I want between my legs. Pretty vanilla most of the time, but has some hidden kink I'm just finding out about. Apparently, he made a headboard specifically for bondage...? Yum! And cums like a river - very nice.
worst fuck....ive had a few really bad ones

the worst worst was probably the last guy i slept with. he had the tiniest penis...and he had only had sex TWICE before he had sex with me. the first few times we did it he couldnt stay hard, but he (being totally inexperienced) didnt know that soft dick does not go in real he kept trying and trying. this lasted for about an hour before i was like fuck it im tierd, so i rolled over and went to bed. (im a bitch, i know) and then the times when he could get hard, he was nervous about cuming and just couldnt do it. he told me a few weeks later that this all happened because he had a lot of anxiety about being with me because he had this huge thing for me for like four years or something, and hes younger, and inexperienced. but other than that he was fun to mess around with....i had to teach him what to do when he went down on was worth the effort.
oooh yeah.. a soft noodle just doesn'

I just remembered this one time... this guy made the weirdest pathetic high pitched "girl orgasm" sounds when he came.... it was so bad, that I had to put my face in the pillow to hide my laughing. i mean.. geez. and it wasn't good sex either.
when i first meet i a guy, i always try to imagine his face at the peak of orgasm, if you can't deal with that face, you'd best to just walk away.

toasty, that's not being a bitch, that's just being worn out and finally giving up!

Y'know, it's funny that so many of these bad experiences have to do with small penises and guys that go soft easily. I mean, I'm sorry, but whoever says size doesn't matter is lying! I was with a guy once who was 10 inches and thick and it was amazing. Of course, he also knew what he was doing!

But anyway, the worst sex I ever had was with a guy who couldn't have been more than 3 inches when he was completely hard! It was soooo awful, but what am I gonna do, say "oh gee, I didn't realize you have such a small penis so I think I'm gonna go"? I felt kinda bad for him because it was obvious that he was trying. I tried to just get through it but at one point the condom slipped off. I know that can happen with regular size guys but I must stipulate that it's never happened to me with a regular size guy.
i'm with you on the whole size thing, candycane. now average, (i'm talking around 5 inches or so) that i can work with, you don't have to be hung like a horse. i can't imagine 10, i think i might be able to feel that up around my small intestine, but i have a tiny vagina anway. but anything less than 5? i hate to say it, but they better master cunnilingus, and fast.

and it's not totally about length either, for me, it's more girth. my man now is just under 8, but a good circumference too. i'd rather have a fat stubby than a long, thin jabby. ewww. but if you can't get it up and keep it up, it doesn't matter what size you are. (and you have to put it in the right orifice, i mean, come ON guys, they aren't that similar)

i am still compiling my list, in between editing my data, what's sick is that i know my number, but when i think of all the names it doesn't add up to that number....who am i missing here?
lol at the orifice comment!

I totally agree on the girth thing too. Do guys realize this or not? Cause I haaaaaaaaate skinny dicks. I must sound really picky but I'm not! It's kinda funny though, that with the amount of guys I've been with I've never had an uncut guy.
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