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Full Version: Blushing And Sweating...i Can't Stop
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I am starting this thread because I'm looking for some advice from any fellow BUSTies who have experienced this problem of blushing and sweating, sometimes for no good reason.

I'm a 30 year old teacher and I've always gotten red and developed sweat easily...meaning, when I exercise or it's hot out, I get redder and sweatier than most (nice, huh?).

That I can handle because it is something that can be explained away.

However, lately I've found myself starting to blush and sometimes sweat for ABSOLUTELY no obvious reason that I can figure out. I have had panic attacks in the past, but it has been years since I had any, and I've never been socially anxious...

Lately, it's getting worse, and it seems to be happening more at work. For example, we were in the teacher's lounge just chatting normally and people started talking about what their partners/spouses did for them on Valentines Day...I was relaying my story and feeling normal about it, and all of a sudden I start blushing so red...

Now it's starting to happen in class for reasons I can't fathom, and it's really starting to affect how I feel in front of the students (and I am NOT a first year teacher!). It comes at the strangest times and there's no rhyme or reason to it. The kids point it out and I start to feel ridiculous...these are junior high age kids so you can imagine they enjoy making fun of me...

The worst part is I blush or feel myself starting to blush for no good reason, then start to blush over that. It is a terrible, vicious cycle. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't...that's what so frustrating.

In fact, as I type this (alone in my room)...I am starting to blush just THINKING about blushing.

I am starting to think about trying hypnotherapy. I'm wondering if anyone out there has tried it? I just don't know what to do. It is getting WORSE.

Any advice?

I've never tried hypnotherapy but I do know someone who has, and someone who practices it--when they got together, his work really helped her change her life.

That being said, it's one of those things that may or may not work for you, depending on a whole slew of variables.

I do think there may be a physical component to what you're experiencing, though: are you blushing and feeling a change in temperature at the same time, or are you just overall exuding more sweat than usual and feeling the blushing in colour only? Each indicates something else, physically. If you let me know, maybe I can make a few suggestions for you.
hi cha cha...

i blush and feel a slight warmth in body temperature. the sweating only comes if the blushing gets REALLY bad. i also develop a flush on my chest.

it happened again today. i was speaking with an administrator from the district at some off campus training. she said, "i have heard so many amazing things about what is going on in your classroom." instead of allowing myself to enjoy this, i started to flush and blush.

however, during the training i had no problem asking questions or introducing myself to the group. it seems like i am great in front of strangers, but one on one or in front of a group of people i know, i blush and flush when i feel like the focus is on ME.

And so, what is the problem with the focus being on You?

Is there are fear? What is it?
sounds like you're the sensitive type.. were you shy as a kid? perhaps you just have repressed issues with intimacy? just a thought
zelda -

I heard on tv that a person can get botox injections for severe sweating. Might be a bit drastic but if it's something that REALLY bothers you.

I swear I'm not making this up...check out the link to the website about Botox and Severe Sweating

that's the crazy thing...i wasn't shy as a kid. i don't think i'm shy now. i would say i'm mildly extroverted...on those meyers briggs tests i'm usually extroverted but just barely.

what is weird is that it comes and goes...i was at a party on saturday night and got into several "me-focused" conversations and never weird. there is no pattern as to when i blush except i guess i don't blush when i am 100 percent relaxed. (the beer i had at the party probably helped.)

the only thing i have noticed is that i think i have become aware of it and am now doing it more because i am thinking about it! kind of like, don't think of a pink elephant type deal. for example, there is one class that i teach where a male student constantly points out my blushing. guess which class i blush the most in? that class! because i am "ready" for it to's like a self fulfilling prophecy.

i wish i could figure out a technique to stop the blushing once it starts. i have tried digging my fingernails into my palms to distract my mind, but so far it hasn't worked.

zelda, have you gone to your family doctor about this?

I've also heard about the botox injections in the armpits if you sweat excessively.

I tend to blush a lot, my face goes red at the drop of a hat: when I'm happy, when I'm angry, when I'm exercising (I look like a tomato), and, most annoyingly, when my sinuses and allergies are acting up.
About hypnotherapy... it doesn't work on everyone... some people can't hypnotized (like me).

Maybe just talking could help. I dunno, it sounds like it could be a very physical thing.
Zelda, it is true that botox injections will suppress sweating--but it does this by paralyzing your sweat glands. Please believe me when I say that the suppression of sweat in any way is a very dangerous thing to do. In homeopathy, we take note of the fact that so many remedies used to treat suppressed sweat are also remedies we end up using to treat cancer; it's not an accidental connection. The body needs to sweat--don't stop it. If it doesn't smell good, then that's another issue--but you can counteract that with a deodorant (not an anti-perspirant).

Part of the problem with the blushing and sweating is that it makes you self-conscious, so you make it the focus of your thoughts by wishing it to stop. Consider that in many situations its not noticeable until you put your mental attention on it, and feel like you've got to stop it--even in front of your classroom your kids would know you're anxiously [i]trying to make it go away, and it's that anxiety they're focusing on, not the blushing. Instead of trying to make it stop and worrying about it, what would happen if you just said to yourself, "take it easy, it's happening again, and I'm just gonna let it and think, 'so what? I blush: deal with it'" and just carry on. Or, maybe even make a point of saying that to your classroom, like "Yeah, that happens to me sometimes..." and just move on. That might take care of the emotional aspect it brings out so that you end up less self-conscious about it (it also might get some kid who's faced with a similar anxiety producing problem to react to it in the same way you did--"it happens sometimes--let's move on".

Physically, it could be something close to what would be known as "hot flashes" in women who are older than you (are you taking any hormonal treatments of any kind--BCP, steroid creams, asthma inhalers, that kind of thing?). But it can also be something that often happens in people with iron deficiencies/too much iron in the system. Do you have any history of this? This sometimes happens to people who tend to have hypoglycemic tendencies, too...but there are many other symptoms associated with that as well (such as lightheadedness, shaky limbs...none of which you've reported).
Zelda -

I have to admit that I think blushing is sexy. wink.gif I wouldn't worry about it so. Mr. Pug just discovered a great way to make me blush and he does it constantly. He did it in front of our friends last weekend and they all laughed and laughed at me. I'm really not the blushing type in my friends eyes so to see it was very surprising to them. It was kind of funny actually. If it were me I'd be more upset about the sweating then the blushing. The blushing is just part of your personality and it seems to be a fine personality to me. smile.gif
thanks for the kind words, everyone! chacha, you are especially helpful...(btw, is your screen name at all related to that famous divine line about wanting cha cha heels for xmas? can't remember which john waters movie that was in).

anyway, i am 30, had a recent physical and am apparently in excellent health and am too young for hot flashes. i do not think this is a physical thing...i think it's something that's always happened to me and for whatever reason it is just getting bad now. i was in therapy for years and am no longer in therapy, but this issue has gotten so bad i have thought about going back only for this.

i truly think the deal is basically that i have made it bigger than it really is...i have obsessed on it so much that now i am making myself do it. it is a true vicious cycle.

the blushing bothers me much more than the sweating...i would never want to try botox. the sweating tends to happen in my armpits...easier to hide. the blushing in the face is not so easy.

chacha, i like what you say about simply saying, "yes, i know i am blushing, let's move on." i also like what you said about how blushing tends to be worse in your mind that what it actually looks like on your face.

today i had an interesting experience regarding this...i was at some professional training and ran into my old principal who asked me to have lunch with her...this is a woman who is in a position to perphaps positively affect my teaching career in the future and so of course i am quite nervous with her...

we'd been trying to connect on the phone (i'd wanted to ask her some career advice), so she told another teacher who was in the training to tell me to stop by her office to say hi. well i did, and she asked me to have a seat in her office. i IMMEDIATELY started blushing and developed a slight sweat because i was so f-ing nervous around her.

this woman (a total professional and just totally rad) just kept talking and acting so at ease. i know she must have noticed the blushing...she must have because trust me, it was bad...yet she acted like nothing was happening (in contrast to other people who have said things like, "wow, you're getting red" or "are you okay? you're getting red.")

since i could tell she was paying it no mind, i realized the blushing was going away...

it was like the vicious cycle was operating in reverse...the more the blushing went away, the more confident i became and the more calm i felt. i didn't blush through the entire lunch and it actually went really well. yay!!!!!!

the trouble is what do i do in situations where people are not as "accepting" of the blushing. chacha, i like what you say about simply acknowleding the blushing and then saying, "let's move on." that might be a little tough with middle schoolers who are so prone to pointing out every weird thing...but i will try the next time it happens.

i would love to hear from other busties experiencing the same i the only one?


(((chacha)))) thanks for your GREAT advice.
I sort of have the same problem, zelda- I blush very easily, and I tend to be reddish most of the time, but I've been diagnosed with rosacea. I don't sweat excessively, and I'm somewhat shy, but not necessarily nervous in front of people (like public speaking doesn't really bother me, as long as I know what I'm saying).

It does suck- I just started a new job and one of the company's partners likes to joke around with my supervisor and I. He said something funny, and I laughed, and he said, "are you shy? You blush everytime I come over here." And I said, "maybe a little- I just blush a lot."

I heard that a lot of business people, like people in sales, get botox in their hands so that when they shake hands, as they're apt to do, they won't have sweaty hands. Sounds like a bad idea to me.
Zelda, you're very welcome. And, yes, I loved Divine and all he stood for, no matter which unsighly way it may have been presented: so I do take my name from his character and John Waters' script. And, I gotta thing for shoes.

I think the problem with people is that we've all forgotten the POINT of manners--and I can't leave myself out of this, if I get emotionally caught up in what's happening around me and don't maintain my focus I'll forget that really, the best thing to do in all situations is to put the other person at ease. That's all manners are about: put the other person at ease. And then they really do pay off. Also, if you focus on that it completely takes your mind of your own discomfort in the situation.

This is what that woman (who sounds like a good mentor) was doing: she just didn't give what was going on with you physically any attention because, really, it doesn't damn matter! And mentioning it would only make you more uncomfortable. So she just stayed on the topic and you eventually stopped reacting. She's just better mannered than other people, but she brought out profoundly different results with her actions than what might have resulted if she stopped what she was doing to talk about how you're blushing.

That's something to keep in mind when others around you say, "Oh, wow, you're blushing!!!"
It's really not a big thing, as you know--but now you know you're dealing with someone whose social skills are probably not what they should be. And the easy way to rectify that is to just say, "yes, that happens to me sometimes, it's not a big thing at all; let's just focus on the task/talk/issue/ at hand" and steer the situation away from what's making the other person act with less tact than he should have. I think that's a good way of putting the other person at ease (particularly if you say it with kindness--not with anger!) and it frees you both up to do what you're really there to do.

There may still be some issue with a physical aspect--but I don't believe it's deep seated, I do think you're probably in a new situation and you're being challenged quite regularly while you learn, and you'll react to that. But then you're learn and grow. Soon the challenges will get a lot easier and you probably won't even notice these little "blushes".
Zelda--I had this same problem a couple of years ago. I would blush, my chest got flushed, I'd get HOT and sweat profusely. It was horrible. But, it turned out to be (way) early menopause brought on because I'd been taking hormones for years to deal with my endometriosis. I quit taking the hormones, and although the periods are worse, it was definitely worth it to stop having the hot flashes. I'm only 33 now, and then I was 31! Way too early for menopause!

If you're not getting HOT (and I'm capitalizing "hot" because I got freaking HOT), then it's probably something else, but you may want to look into if you're taking hormones.

Good luck!
Zelda, I really understand you perfectly, I have just the same problem, and some times it gets really bad, like you said it happens to me mostly when the attention is on me and also like you, it became a vicious cycle.
I’m still working on how to live with this, but I can share some tips with you.
As you know this problem is mainly mental, is terrible for me when I bump with a old friend at the supermarket, I instantly start to blush from my chest to my face, in those unspected occasions is difficult to do something, but when some thing important is coming, something potentially treating like a speech in front people, a party or something like that you can prepare a little. You can think about the event and realize that is not that bad, you can have a drink a little bit before, just for relax, I know sound odd, specially if you don’t drink at all, but a lot of people do that, I’m not saying getting drunk, I’m not a drinker my self but to me going to a “potentially treating” situation without having a drink is a suicide.
Also I assume that your skin is pretty white, have you ever consider to get a nice tan once in a while?, that helped me in hide the blushing but also I found that it help in preventing that to happened in the first place.
Take care on your skin moisture, if your skin is dry, that won’t help at all, use Moisturizing lotions. Also drink a lot of water, I just found out in my latest blushing events that I was pretty dehydrate and that help trigger the blushing in situations that in other conditions it may not happened, a lot of people are constantly dehydrate. Avoid lots of coffee, caffeine will dehydrate you faster and also make your heart beat faster.

I read about the story of you stepping in to the office of this important person and starting to blush (SO TIPICAL OF ME), one strategy you may consider to use in occasions like that is do something to deactivate the process, as you enter the office and detect that the blushing is coming (I can detect that my self) shake her/his hand, sit down and before starting to talk ask this person: “Do I’m a little red? Do you have a mirror?” the other person will say something like: “Yes, you are a little red on you neck, are you feeling right?” you answer “Oh yes, I’m fine, it happened to me when I have to much coffee and work a lot, but is nothing I just need vacations:” and then you change the subject abruptly and start talking about something else and never go back to the subject again; that will for sure stop the process.
A month ago I was in a cocktail party and suddenly the attention turned on me, I immediately turn red, very bad, it was like a bad intoxication, I even cross the street to Wal-Mart and bought benadryl had a sip to see the effect, It work fine, the blushing disappeared but I don’t know if was because of the medicine or worked as a placebo effect, I’m not recommending this at all thought.
I hope this tips help you, I would like to know if you have some of your own. Let me know.
My Dearest Ladies,

If it hasn't already been said, it sounds like some of you are suffering from Rosacea. For many years, I thought I was just someone who blushed a lot. Now I know that I was seeing early signs of Rosacea. As many of you have mentioned, flushing, irritation, sensitivity, redness, and inflammation can be exacerbated by hot weather, overheating, alcohol, spicy foods, direct sunlight, and changes in emotion (ex: embarassment, surprise, etc).

There is no cure for Rosacea, but there are treatments. My first reccommendation would be to see a dermatologist, but here are some tips and tricks I have picked up along the way that have really helped me cope:

1.) EMINENCE SKINCARE PRODUCTS. Eminence is an all-organic skincare line that makes great products for Rosacea. They're pricey and can only be sold through spas, but I saw results almost immeadately after nothing else worked. I reccomend trying the Sweet Red Rose Cleanser, the Rosehip Tonique, and the Rosehip Whip Moisturizer. They are so badass. Seriously. Try finding a spa in your area that carries Eminence and ask for an Eminence facial to test them out.

2.) SMALL FANS. The business where I work keeps their heat cranked up to unbearable degrees. This also doesn't include the heat coming from my computer screen and from the space heaters other employees are using. I finally invested in a small fan to keep running at my desk all day. This has really helped keep me cool. In essence, do whatever you can to stay cool at all hours of the day.

3.) GEL EYE MASKS. Keep one in your fridge. Usually they are used for eye puffiness, but they make a great compress for quick cool-downs when you overheat.

4.) TOSS ALL YOUR FACE SCRUBS. These things are AWFUL for Rosacea. Rosacea was kind of making my skin chronically peel, so I was chronically scrubbing. I saw a big difference when I left my skin alone. However, if you'd still like to get rid of those dead skin cells, try Eminence's Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. It eats off dead skin cells without any scrubbing. (FYI, it heats up a little bit and will leave your skin a little pink, so just do it at night before bed and make sure to use it with the Soothing Chammomile Tonique).

5.) SUCK ON AN ICE CUBE. If you can't stop drinking alcohol or indulging in spicy foods, order a glass of ice to go along with it. In between sips or bites, suck on an ice cube until it's completley dissolved. This will help lessen the effects of flushing.

6.) BREATHABLE PILLOWS. Target has them. They're pillows designed to keep you cool. I think they're only like $10 or something.

7.) DEEP, SLOW, THROUGH-YOUR NOSE BREATHING. I know this sounds super corny, but seriously, it helps. Do it right when you feel a flush coming on. It won't help if you're already in a hot environment, but it will help a little if you're feeling embarrassed, stressed, etc.

Well, good luck. It sucks having Rosacea, but managing it just becomes second-nature after awhile.

To learn more about Rosacea, you can go to

Rosacea is curable.

It's now understood as a skin ailment with a fungal origin, and it can be treated as the systemic ailment that it is (fungal growth is never confined to just one area of the body, but we have all been mislead into thinking it is).

The trick is to see a practitioner who's aware of the latest information on rosacea, and to avoid the most suppressive treatments that are still being used (to no effect). The most effective treatments for it have been through the use of essential oils (taken internally--not a lot of skilled practitioners in this alternative field here in North America, but it's quite competently practiced in Europe), nutritional support and diet modification, and homeopathy.
I just want to add something here. While you are too young for a standard menopause (different than early onset menopause), you are not too young for your hormones to be acting weird. Sorry for the lack of scientific termenology. I just finished up with medication that altered my estrogen. The hot flashes were so annoying but not always HOT ho. And I did sweat. If the problem keeps up, you might want to check on that.
Hmm well my first guess was that she is having some kind of problem in which her skin gets hot really fast, but won't sweat until it gets extremely hot and THEN sweat starts coming out of her pores. (I'm sorry if I don't make sense, english is not my first language and it's kind of late!).
I blush only when I drink, and not even any kind of liquor, but wine! and what's worse, when I blush cause of alcohol, it's not even like a pretty all over blush, but on patches over my cheeks, that look like a world map!
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