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laugh.gif rose you slay me.... kennedy hair....heh.... but i know with that accent... i never knowed. blink.gif

kitten, i'll miss roslin, i have the biggest crush on mary mcdonnell, and have for some time.
Before BSG even ended I saw Lee over on Law and Order: London, where he regains his London accent as a detective. It was surreal.

And Roslin popped up on Grey's Anatomy for me only last week...
Law and Order London is already airing?! I have to find this... I have a mild obsession with Lee..
Lee Adama is in Law and Order UK version, and he is SMOKING HOT.
where can i see this L&O UK?
I downloaded it from a torrent off of piratebay.
Saw the Caprica pilot last night. I have bigger expectations of The Plan but both the mister and I were pleasantly surprised by Caprica; there's good continuity on the significance of worshipping the 'one true god' without overstating it. The pilot essentially shows the beginnings of the development of cylons which was cool. There were a couple of corny moments but overall it was well done and Eric Stoltz is good as ever. I'm looking forward to seeing the series, presuming it gets made.
QUOTE(blanchedeveraux @ Apr 2 2009, 07:29 AM) *
"What was the point of Laura's flashback scene where she dated the former student?"

That encounter ended with her decision to accept a postion in the campaign of the guy who was President of the colonies at the time that Caprica was attacked (with whom she ended up having an affair)
Saw The Plan last night.

Ultimately I was disappointed, but it did provide a lot of insight into Cavil's and Tyrell's actions and particularly into Boomer's behaviour in SE1. However, it didn't get into the activities or the motivations of the Final Five at all, which was what I had been hoping for. It was worth watching but as ever with BSG it left me wanting way more answers than it provided.

Some of the comments over at TwoP include bitching about the use of clips from previous epis, but as The Plan essentially told the story of SE1 and 2 from the Cylon point of view I didn't have a problem with that. I actually like the alternative perspective as a device.

It was strange watching all the characters back on screen again--took me back to when I was obsessed with this show. I am reminded that I was watching it during an otherwise stressful time, which may explain said obsession, although I prefer to think I was simply appreciating a (mostly) excellent programme...
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