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bah humbug for carols. I hate when they get stuck in the noggin and you can't get them out!!!!!!!!!
the local station in sacramento has been playing this one where it's a kid saying that she let the cheese go while on santa's lap. annoying, but at least it's a new one.

**Snatches husband's new cell phone, slings it against the wall; catches it and slams it on the floor and with stilettos on begins to stomp it to itty bitty pieces**** Aaahhhh, now i feel better!! Actually no i dont because he's being an ass this morning. I asked him last night did he need me to wash him an outfit for today. He told me no... now this morning he's scrambling looking for something to wear 20 minutes before he has to leave. When I said, "I asked you lst night did you need clothes and you told me no". He goes on a pissy little tirade (sp?) about how he didnt ask me where his pants were cuz he didnt want me to bring that up, and he told me no last night because he was sleepy and didnt want to deal with it. WHAT THE HELL! You never have to deal with it fool. I do your damn laundry in case you forgot. Were you so sleepy you couldnt open your mouth so i could make sure your dumb a** had clean clothes for work???? MY gosh. Sometimes I swear I want to punch him. THEN he has the audacity to leave without saying goodbye, or kiss my a** or nothin. GRRRRR!!
Listen to me you MOTHER FUCKER. I don't give a shit that it's the end of the fucking fiscal year, that doesn't give you the right to be such a motherfucking twat bag. I'd be pissed off too if I were two feet tall and trying to prove my manhood with a mother fucking gun.

Asshole. I'm going to tie you to a chair and whip you until you cry for your mother and pookey, your Teddy bear. You're not going to get pookey though.
*walks into thread and has a mini freak out, flailing arms wildly while angrily grumbling to self*



*leaves and slams door twice*
*I wonder if this will make me feel better*

the both of you can go fuck yourselves. i cannot believe that i am wasting my fucking time trying to be civil with you two. i am done! it is about to get really weird up in this bitch. i am no longer taking your shit without giving any back. i may have given some back before but now i am going to let the shit storm thru, fucking bootches!!!!!!!!! i will take off my fucking boot and knock you over the fucking head with it. you both are lame assholes.... i just want to snarl and be mean and from now on thats what i am going to do... i want to hit your heads with my hand and then dare you not to cry. i hate your little baby fucked voice, why do you talk like that!!!!! give me a break you are not 12. Your face, that fucking face, I just want to slap it. And you, grow the fuck up. the both of you need to give up the comic book and super hero fascination, again, LAME and NERDY as hell.... geeks are cool. Geeks, you are not.

Your face looks like it has been smashed in. Those fucking eyes and that fucking nose, you ugly little bitch!!!!

*i think i do feel better*

wait... walks over to dude, punches him with a one two combo - jab and cross over punch - powerhouse kicks him right in the fucking stomach - when he bends over in pain - grabs his hair and knees him in the face - as he falls to the floor blood oozing out of his mouth - I step on his dick and balls and spit in his face - then i go over to her - i slap her and then i throw her over my shoulder onto the ground - where I kick her in the stomach.

*okay, that was great!*

after almost a fuckin year of dealing with this program of study crap now I gotta fill out ANOTHER FORM and ANOTHER FORM cuz the name is not the same on my fuckin transcript /pos that was approved . Couldn't you have checked the transcript shit head. now I have to find a different graduation date FUCK YOU!!!!!

This is such total bullshit I have busted my ass for five fuckin years on this degree and this is how you are gonna do me.
You know what, there is no need to be so rude and mother fucking condescending, if this turns into a major fucking fraud, don't say I didn't fucking warn you. I get that people motherfucking lie with this program, I merely sent you the information as a curtosy, in case shit hit the fan. and you are taking offence to that.

There is an astounding amount of shit that happens with your clients, maybe you should start FUCKING LISTENING okay?????
lookie here stupid rx company, i paid for my medicine july 12th and i was told that it will be shipped to me in 10 business days, that means i should've expected it end of this week or at the very latest beginning of next. why is int then that i receive an e-mail stating that my order has now been shipped and will be at my house in 10 business days!!!???!!!??? how do you run a business this way? GRRRRRR!!
Listen, bitch. I'd be bitter too if I was wearing god awful, ulgy 80's pink lipstick you do. that's the way I do things, you aren't my fucking boss, so go to hell. Beyotch.

*kicks in ass, then laughs*
Let me preface this rant that is has nothing to do with any Bust board activity today. This is a work rant.

No, no, NO, NO!!! I am NOT going to deal with you today. I do't care how many times you fucking call me. I hope you die. LEAVE ME ALONE!
God fucking dammit, it is the only day off I've had all week and I was so looking forward to doing nothing but sleep and more sleep. I stayed up until four last night and haven't been sleeping well the past few nights. It is WAY TOO FUCKING EARLY for whatever bullshit is going on outside my door. I NEED TO SLEEP.
And this rant has nothing to do with busties, is in my personal life.

You goddamn shitasses! You jack my condo fees up THREE fucking times, yes, my fees are fucking TRIPLE what they were in two years so you could give the people in smaller units a break. Then you fucking FINE me because I didn't flatten out one box before it went in the bin?????

I'm paying $300.00 a month condo fees to some people's $90.00 AND you don't cut me ANY fucking slack?????? Hello, I think for $300.00 a month I could get one box flattened for me.

Kiss my ass, mo-fos.

I'm so getting a petition together to make the voting relate to amount of fees paid. This sucks. Fuck you.

You are the reason I'm regressing. You know who else you to do this kind of SHIT? My crazy insane fucking psychotic ex. Your former best friend. Pull you're fucking shit together.

I am honestly considering ending our friendship because my mental health is more important to me than you are. You whiny, bratty, self centred, moody craphead.

I feel better know. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.
bump for COCL
dammit, the sudden urge to set the world on fire has passed tongue.gif
Aw, damn. And here I was hoping for some world class ranting.
Did anyone ever see the TV show Alien Nation? There was this great moment in the opening credits where Sikes flips out, screaming and punching the car roof and the steering wheel. That is how I feel like right now.


Punch! Punch! Kick! Kick!

Kitten, there is also a scene in Northern Exposure where that happens. But, I've been there before. Not Alaska, but wanting to take the same action.
kittenb - LOL two scenes in two of my favorite movies stood out in my head when i read your post.

1) In the movie The Whole Nine Yards Matthew Perry freaks out in his car after having an irritating talk with his wife. He gets in the car, buckles his seatbelt, pauses, then unbuckles his seat belt and begins to punch the steering wheel and slam his own head into the horn. He stops, buckles his seat belt, starts the car and drives off. A few minutes later the camera is outside of the car watching it drive away and you see it stop and the car starts rocking and the horn is going off, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP cause he's having another freak out moment.

2) In the movie Office Space. When it showes all three lead characthers driving to work in each of their cars in the morning in rush hour traffic, the one guy Samir freaks out in his car. He starts screaming with fists clenched. He gets out something that sounds like, "Mother, fuck, Piece of, Ass, Shit, I just" and then he punch, punch, punches the steering wheel. It's fucking funny.

These scenes always crack me up no matter how many times I've watched them.

I often want to pull a Jim Carrey from Liar Liar when he leaves the court room the first time after not being able to lie. He opens the court room door, sort of spins in a circle while making this battle cry and shaking his head from side to side. Everyone in the court room is kinda looking out the door like, "What is that crazy nut doing?" It cracks me up.

When things aren't going well I just want to scream my own battle cry.


wouldn't work right now since i'm getting over the flu and i've lost my voice. it would kinda squeek and sound stupid uh? yeah...
Oooh I am so excited to have found this thread!!!

You jackass in the parkade! How dare you come screaming around the corner, causing me to have to swerve my car out of your way and scratch it on the cement wall, and then call yourself a good driver and claim you did nothing wrong! Who drives like that and doesn't at least have the decency to apologise?! Fucking little jackass whose daddy pays for him to drive a rental every day.

Better... a little better, anyways. But I am still going to key your car when I move out... (in my fantasies, anyways...)
Oh goody. Just the forum I need--

She says alternately bitch-slapping/drop-kicking his sorry ass:

Fuck youuuuuuuuu for having the gall to post on a fucking public blog fer crissakes that u "regrettably lost contact with (me)" after all these years & years & years. Regrettably lost contact with me after SHIT-CANNING MY ASS also in a very public forum, where u fucked every Tom, Dick & Harry boy&girl and noone, not one fucking bullshit so-called "friend" told me. Regrettably yes: in making ME the fool. And now decades later posting on a fucking public blog fer crissakes that u "regrettably lost contact".

So I'm NOT sorry that I pointed out you shaved your fucking precious hair because you're so obviously fucking balding. Good. GOOD, YOU'RE FUCKING BALD NOW and your wife shit-canned your ass for a boyfriend in Moracco. Mother fucker cock sucking little prick of a DICK YOU ARE. And make me the heavy, eh? FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

--Thanks, as she wipes her hands on her jeans. Yes, that made me feel better.
You fucking asshole sons of bitches.

I've been busting my ass off for fucking years, he's been in a lesser position for less time than I have, and he gets fucking PERMANENT?!?!?!? Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?

No wonder moral at this place is so fucking low. NO FUCKING WONDER.

What the fuck do I need to do in order to be made mother fucking permanent. I get that I don't like it here, but a little goddamn job security would be nice.

I will not take no for answer. I will fight you on this. If you don't agree I will still go for it and stop doing all of the shit I have been doing to make your dumb asses look good. what is the fucking point? you suck. I will do everything I can to get you to change you mind. I have other options. but you really suck and your pea sized brains can't handle my out of the box techniques. I would love to get the chance to make it clear to you what my motivations are for wanting this. Shit you suck so much. after the thankyou notes and the approval to have me do shit for others you h ave the nerve to give me a negative response with no explanation for your decision. wow. just wow. YOU WONT STOP ME!
Is it possible to pick up a man by his balls and swing until he lands on a pitchfork?

Thank you fucking asshole for wasting my time today. If your intent was just to speak with me out of curiosity instead of actually wanting me for the position, then you could've gotten the information secondhand. Don't fucking humiliate me in front of other trainees. Don't fucking ask me questions I don't have the answer for. I cannot answer for those assholes. I hope I don't get your fucking position. You just add to what I have grown to hate about this field. Today seemed pointless to me. If you don't trust me, then you should not have contacted me for an interview. Don't fucking question my competence you cum sucking asshole. At least, I wasn't a douchebag and needed a therapist to finish my dissertation. Fucking pussy. I went through a hellacious year AND applied for training positions AND finished my dissertation.

Eat shit, dickwad.
[ I went through a hellacious year AND applied for training positions AND finished my dissertation.

() () () () ---STANDING OVATION ( i hope that's the right emoticon)
Congratulations on finishing your dissertation!!!! what was it on?

(and if you figure out how to throw a guy by his balls so he lands on a pitch fork--let me know I have several candidates in mind for said particular treatment.)
You- new neighbor--

Every time we bring back your mini mutt you keep complaining how it manages to get loose-. News Flash--if you put it in the back yard and I'm bringing your dog back to you then there is a hole in the fence. FIX IT DAMMIT. I know there is a hole in the fence because the previous neighbors (dog owners) kept telling us that they were just waiting for her dad to help fix it. (they owned pit bulls--every face down a pit at 3am in your jammies when your dog just wants to pee?) FIX THE DAMN FENCE. Didn't you hear the barking the other night when your dog came over and wouldn't leave my dog alone.. Your mut looks like a squirrel or a squeeky toy. I'm no longer going to be a nice person --if your dog gets lose and runs over to my house I'm leaving it alone. It's not my pet or my problem. But if that animal comes into my yard when I'm out with my dog (properly tied out and watched by me) WE WILL HAVE WORDS .

Your formerly friendly neigbor
QUOTE(rudderlesschild @ Apr 19 2009, 01:46 AM) *
But how fucking cheap and shitty was it for you to text him at 9 in the morning? "Sorry, sweetie, but I won't be able to make it to the party this afternoon!"

That person? Is the fucking devil. A pox upon her house, I say! A POX!

(((((CH))))) (((((Star))))) (((((MLJ))))) (((((LG1)))))

I offer you all a bin of plates to dash at the walls.

We have not talked in three years. THREE FUCKING YEARS. How can you possibly have the motherfucking nerve to go to my friend's salon, under guise of having your hair done, and try to talk shit about me? It's been THREE FUCKING YEARS since I stopped answering your phone calls. I stopped taking your calls because you were manipulative and codependent and I did not have the energy anymore to keep up with your demands. I did not have the energy to be your friend. And for a while, I felt guilty about it. I felt guilty when I'd run into your husband, whose friendship I had to give up too, and he'd tell me how much you both missed me. I felt like a bad friend. But you know what? IT'S BEEN THREE FUCKING YEARS. Get over it already!

*deep breath*

I feel a little better.
You pathetic bitchy boss,

DO NOT tell me you're going to stop paying me and then just leave the fucking office. I send you an email yesterday asking for a reccomend. letter, and you just now tell me that I wasn't laid off??? WTF??? I hope honestly that all that stress did not cause the seizure I had that night.

If I quit, I quit. I honestly don't give a shit anymore. Don't put me thru this "is she or isn't she getting paid" bs anymore. And the thing about getting water, bitch. I was thirsty!! It wasn't a real interview!! Don't give me bullshit about that I'm not a good co-worker. I have saved your fucking fat ass more times that I can count, plus P's as well.

throws plates at wall and storms out.

What the Fuck? What the Fuck? What the Fuck? I didn't know I had this much room in my body and mind to be this annoyed with everything. I'm annoyed with the boy b/c he is o busy with work, I am furious with his job b/c they clearly don't get that I need him here packing this shit up, I am annoyed with every single object that could have been Freecycled months ago but for some reason wasn't, I am begining to HATE comic books (something I've never cared about before.) I hate them now. HATE THEM! I fantasize about burning this place down before next Wednesday. I might be willing to get the cats out first but I make no promises.

I keep promising I will stop whining about this but then I can't find a place for my shoes or I have to go to sleep with the light on b/c a certain someone's job is requiring overtime or b/c a certain someone needs to blow off steam b/c his job has gone off the rails and he wants to play DDO or I have to dance around the cat box while doing dishes b/c there is no other place to put the damn box.

OHMYGOD! I just might loose my mind before this week is over.

Ok, now I can breathe again.
I'm too angry for the letters thread, although this is directed at two specific people:

(ETA) moved it to the letters thread, just because it is really letters.
HOLY FUCK how much more can you do to ruin my fucking life?! GET BENT AND DIE, BITCH.

*Punches stepsister in the neck over and over again until she is unconscious and bleeding and then exits the room screaming.*
Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Do you think Facebook is an appropriate place to post photos of you and some other dumbasses slaughtering a cow? Photos of the poor thing cooped up in a cage and then killed and then you all bleeding it out and stringing it up from the ceiling and then ripping it apart? SERIOUSLY?!




I'm so pissed. It's people like this who reaffirm my faith in my decision to not eat meat.

I've got two words for you girly, BLOCKED & DELETED.


Sorry for the rage but I'm so angry right now!

*Kicks over the trash bins beside her and storms out screaming*

< / end rant >
After living blissfully alone for a year and a half, the transition to dorm life is not coming easily. I fucking HATE my roommate. She's the most obnoxious person ever and I don't know if I can take a year of this. She's young (only 18), sheltered, insecure and naive, but also extremely intelligent, so she's basically a total snot-nosed brat a lot of the time because she always has something to prove. She always has to be right, and when someone else isn't right about something she makes damn sure they know it. She's sort of like Hermione in the very beginning of the Harry Potter series, when everyone hated her because she was an "insufferable know-it-all." She treats me like an idiot, constantly making condescending remarks and negatively comparing every little thing I do with how she would do it. She has so many annoying habits. When she talks it sounds like she's yelling, and she's constantly fucking talking. I always have to wear earplugs or headphones when I'm in the room with her. She waves her arms wildly when she talks. She's also a super messy person. Our room is already cramped, musty, run-down and generally crappy, but apparently she feels that it needs to be messy, too. The place always looks like it's just been ransacked because she just dumps her stuff in piles all over the floor, bed, chairs, and tables. Nothing in our room is more than about five steps away, and we have not one, but two garbage cans, and she still leaves tissues and candy wrappers all over the place. She thrashes around and talks in her sleep, waking me up all through the night. She doesn't seem to understand the concept of personal space and when I'm reading or looking at something she'll frequently hover so close to me that she brushes against me and tickles me with her big curly Hermione hair.

Right now, being newcomers in a foreign country, we have no choice but to stick together and help each other out with all the unfamiliar things we encounter every day. I'm generally a pretty friendly person and when she's not being a total bitch to me I manage to get along with her ok, but most of the time I absolutely loathe and despise her. We were originally put into intermediate classes together but I switched to the level 2 beginner class, partly because intermediate was too difficult, but mostly because she was driving me nuts and I didn't want to be stuck with her 24 hours a day. She's awful to be in class with. We sat together for the first few classes and every time the teacher called on me to answer a question or read something she'd immediately start hissing the answers in my ear with this exasperated tone in her voice, like I'd fucking asked for help. When she reads a passage or listens to the teacher talking she continually nods her head, so everyone in the room will take note of her superior comprehension and towering intellect. She just switched to my class today, and now I feel like I can't get away from her. When she talks to me I have a disturbing urge to jam whatever I'm holding into her fucking eye. Ugh. I can't wait till I'm a little more familiar with this place and I can go out by myself more.
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