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The Lethargic Hams

Text Message Barrage

The Lactating Lemons

Cannabalistic Cows

Claire's Meth Date

And of course, Vulva Tiara
hee hee! how do you remember them all?

as mentioned earlier, master of puppies will be my all-girl metallica cover band.

also, Lithocarpus densiflorus , for my environmentally-themed techno-dance outfit.
Toxic Pussy for a punk band.

I'll be back, have to think of more!
Sometimes I write them down, but mostly we text message them to each other.

environmentally friendly techno dance outfit? I love that!

I'd like to start a gangsta-folk band called The Yodelin' Boos

My favorite band name came from Sex and the City: Uncle Ted's Ass
"Vulva Tiara" is awesome.

"Organ Meats" is a band name I've carried around in my head for a long while. (Don't ask.)
I like Organ Meats. The name, I mean.

In keeping with the current trend of almost full-sentence band names, my friend Liz and I have decided to name our theoretical band My Name Is Inigo Montoya You Killed My Father Prepare to Die. tongue.gif
The Pussy Dolls

We are Shit but Love to Play

Better than a Fish Supper
cool. i do this in kvetch all the time!

(with apologies to kvetchettes i am plagarizing):

rogue html code

scruffed hamster (this one i know i stole from mornington, hee!)

reputable snatch
The Hula Hoops

Giant Women

Fortune Cat
Split Labial Wedgies

Bunny, I love "Better Than a Fish Supper!" I love all of these, actually.
Divala inspired this one: The Midnight Ball Lickers
yay for scruffed hamster!

i love this thread.

Giant Hairballs
Not Quite, But Close
Laden Swallow
Poison Biscuits.

band name I wish I'd thought of... Half Man Half Biscuit.

edit: Has Anyone Seen My Brain
Tummy Ache
a jazz band: festering mingus dingus
sounds like a band in Harry Potter world (someone remind me of the actual band name? the hairy witches one? eta: The Wyrd Sisters.)
Aviatrix's band name inspired my bluegrass thrash trio: Fungus Amongus
i'm bummed that the rabid beavers are a literary guild. i thought that one up all by myself.

cheap hatboxes

who asked you?

and the horse you rode in on

k. i'm much better when i plagiarize!
rabid beavers...HAR!!

Mutilated mushrooms
Vulvar Language

Cough it Up

The Enablers


Leave it to Gaydar

two old favourites:
Did anyone see Hard Core Logo? The band, on a road trip, tries to come up with the most Canadian band name. The winner: McArthur Parka.

I later won a similar discussion in pursuit of the most offensive punk-band name with Embryo Milkshake.

And I had a band named after me (kinda) in HS: Tom's Hand.

Tommy, Embryo Milkshake is definitely the winner!

McArthur Parka...genius. Quite possibly the worst song in history, but pair it with an outerwear garment, and it gives something special.

Fickle Phalanges
For a hippie-jam band: Big Pile of Fleecies (hey, there is a String Cheese Incident so why not?)

For a grrrl riot band: Period Panties - (inspiration from Donita Sparks)

And for no reason at all: Navel Lint & It Tastes Like Burning

McArthur Parka - funny, eh? :-)

In college a friend of mine was in a band called Bob's Brain, they were big in Belgium I believe
For my future band: Things Fall Apart.... somewhat a bad omen, but....

Master of Puppies. HA!
what a fun thread! my friends and i not only make up band names, we make up the backstory and rolling stone interviews to go with 'em. we could totally see ourselves talking about how our cat snowball used to get stuck in the couch cushions on our old sofa when she was a kitten because she was so small and the gaps between the cushions were so huge, and how in the world *insert indignant toss of head here*, in light of such a cute story, can the name Pussy For Crack be "controversial"?
For my all-girl punk band we'd be the 'The Typhoid Marys'.
If I formed a band with fellow students we would be 'The Logical Positivists' or 'The Graduates'
I've always liked 'The Miracle Pills', too.
' Last Call For Laundry' ( gee, can you tell I'm a M O M ? )

I always wanted to be in a band, but alas, I can't sing! ohmy.gif

oh oh, thought of a better one! ' M. O. M. ' Men On Mars !
my friends jam in a basement in morristown NJ and call themselves chuck morristown, and their first hit single will be 'suck morris.' you heard it here first.
Jazzy/swing band: Tidy Cats (yes, I just cleaned the litter box!)

"our cat Snowball...." laugh.gif
wtf laugh.gif .
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Feb 22 2007, 02:46 PM) *

wtf laugh.gif .

ditto- love it!
Augustus Gloomp and the Cyber-Krauts

My favorite from Dave Barry (the inspiration for my band name fetish): Pinot Noir and His Nuances of Toast
i'm still laughing over pussy for crack and the backstory!

actually, the backstories is a good name.

i cheated (my bad) and used a bandname generator, but i'm cracking myself up over here ...

Technical Sinister and the Seldom Player
Pesky Sinister and the Stilt Calf
Sinister Trailor and the Intense Virtue
Sinister Duck
Sinister Parakeet and the Simple Government
Sinister Proportion
Reckless Sinister and the Orchid
Sinister Risk and the Defeated Haze
Sinister Offspring
Honey Sinister and the Redemption
Ozone of the Sinister Mars
Mandolyn, I like Sinister Parakeet and the Simple Government. Where is said band name generator?
In high school my best friend and I wanted to start a girl band called The Whoremones.
On Guitar Hero my band name is Emma Loves Sasha, named after Emma Goldman and Alexander "Sasha" Berkman.

Burnt Sienna
Bleached Starfish
Three-legged Dog
The Engrams
The Neglected

And for turbojenn...Colonic Wasteland

Here are some I came up with using a bandname generator:

Urethra Dimension and the Aging Astronaut
Contra Wine Casserole
Widow of the Bung
Ageless Gouda
Panties of the Defamed
Yeastie Outrage
Zamboni Massacre

Accident Prone
QUOTE(hellotampon @ Feb 22 2007, 10:25 PM) *

In high school my best friend and I wanted to start a girl band called The Whoremones.

that's awesome. i'm already in line for your first show.
Mrs Rouge and I thought about starting a clarinet and base drum oom-pa-pa band called clinical splatter. We'd play covers of sluttygirl pop songs like "oops I did it again" and "lady marmalade".
OOOh, it burns!

or that burning sensation...
The Phlegm Globs
Mary Jane's Lover
I was thinking maybe Mary Jane's Abortion, but I thought that would be in bad taste,

And showing my geekiness:
For The Win!
Level sixty-nine rogues
Lost in the Barrens

Other ones:
Les Fleurs
Broken Soldiers
The Riviters
Ooooh, I like The Riveters!!
Okay, I had to check out a band name generator. Since Frisbee is my favorite word, I typed it in and got these lovely results:

Frisbee Drugstore
Shady Frisbee
Landslide of the Frisbee Grave (this is my fave)
Frisbee of the Imaginary Roach (followed by this)
Frisbee Exam
Frisbee Stinker
Dripping Frisbee
Frisbee Blood
Artistic Frisbee
Infested Frisbee

And then this one make me snort water out of my nose:

Garbanzo Prism
Onna-Otaku, if the Level Sixty-Nine Rogues were ever playing in my city, I'd be the person right up by the stage screaming my lungs out, because I'm geeky like that too.

When I was in middle school my friends and I had a pretend band, and I'd come up with the coolest song/album titles. The only one that comes to mind right now is BBQ Gift-Wrapped Dingo.
When they found Saddam, the first thing I thought was "Spiderhole would be such a great band name!"
when I was in high school, I wrote a short story with a band in it, and I named the band Sedition...and then I told some friends to name their stupid punk band Sedition, as a joke, but they took it seriously...and then I found out later there was some midwest band called Sedition..
Fishstick and the aquarium of death
Shortage of Ham
"Landslide of the Frisbee Grave" ... IPB Image

the drastic penguins

i actually got spam in my inbox with a FANTASTIC bandname title, but i deleted it and now can't remember it of course. *pout*

which of course leads me to add ...

inbox spam
Inspired by Doodlebug .... The Expectorants
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