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Full Version: Invasion Of The Pod People
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yay, my first bust thread! biggrin.gif post your favorite podcasts or places to get cool content.
Preston & Steve WMMR podcasts. Hysterical!!
Great thread idea! I was just about to "third" the nomination in Community Forum when I saw that it was already here. Yay! Great title, too!

I am a bit of a grammar geek, so I really enjoy Grammar Girl's podcasts. You can listen to her stuff on her website, but I think it's available for free on iTunes, too.

When I remember to, I also listen to Dan Savage's podcasts. Note that this is not just an audio copy of his regular sex advice column; he answers additional questions on the podcast.

I used to listen to some knitting podcasts, too, but I lost interest after a while.
You can can subscribe to podcasts of This American Life through iTunes. I think that they only stay on your playlist for a week, though.
I listen to The Sound of Young America, Sound Opinions and BBC News. I liked Tim Gunn's podcast a lot.
fab thread title! I'm not that au fait with podcasts, preferring good old fashioned music on my ipod, but Ricky Gervais's podcasts are amusing.
I like the ones from BBC radio four... I get women's hour, from our own correspondant, and usually the topical comedy quiz as well. Here
The This American Life podcasts are available for free for a week--however, once you download them, they stay on your playlist for as long as you like.

I know, because I love them so!! They are the best work out accompaniment I know.
Grrlyouwant, what a great thread title!

I have subscribed to Bill Maher's shows, some NPR stuff, and National Geographic.

all right, this is a great thread you guys! i've got so much new content to go through my little head is spinning. i found something on virgin radio's site call the geoff show. it kinda sucks that they edit out the music, but geoff and anna belle are funny.
You can get all sorts of cool stuff with iTunes. There is a whole lot with HBO and NPR.
i did download itunes last night, and oh my god, so much fucking content, i love it! but it's not compatible with any other player than an ipod on a windows system, as far as transferring content. i figured out i could go get the files from the folder they save to on my computer, and transfer them that way using my player software's 'add media', which allows me to add files from anywhere on my computer. but that's tedious. and i can't use the zencast podcast software, because it won't download the new casts for the shows i'm subscribed to and half the time won't allow me to subscribe to the ones i want. itunes is just so much easier as far as finding and subscribing to new casts. what i'd like to do is change the settings on my itunes so that the files are downloaded to my zencast folder, which automatically loads new material as soon as i connect my player. i can't seem to find an option to to change that on itunes though. anyone who knows how to do it, please post!
Has anyone checked out the 93.3 WMMR's Preston & Steve Podcast yet? They are really funny. You won't regret it.
There must be more ipod discussion!
hear hear! i'm still waiting on how i can change itunes' default download folder.
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