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Full Version: Sex Dreams
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anna k
I often have vivid sexual dreams that feel real to me, and make me feel more wilder in my dreams than in real life.

I was waiting in a subway that was empty save for three people (two girls and a guy), and one girl started sucking the guy's dick while the other stroked his chest and licked him. I liked being the voyeur. I got one of the girl's numbers, hoping to make it a foursome the next time. Then I woke up.

I've also had dreams where I kissed a girl and went down on her or vice versa, despite being hetero in real life. It usually feels very erotic and real and fun.
I have vivid sex dreams pretty frequently, too. They usually occur around the time that I am ovulating, and lately they have been about me hooking up with other girls. I am into the idea but haven't done it much in real life. The last one involved me making out with two girls first and then getting fucked in public by a girl with a strap on. It was pretty sexy. I have also had an orgasm in my sleep during a sex dream. That's more unusual, though. Usually I wake up right before I actually come.
I rarely have sex dreams. And when I do get them I don't remember them too well. I'm still holding out for a dream that involves me and Jake Gyllenhaal though. tongue.gif
anna k
The dreams are unexpected, but great. It surprises me about some of the things that have happened because I haven't done them in real life, due to not trusting someone/not being attracted enough to completely let loose. So when it pops up in my dream, it's like letting out an inner kink that feels satisfied there, like I can feel it all.
aunt agonist
dude. sleep-gasms RULE! i don't care about folgers in your cup- the best way of waking up is via orgasm. i get these every so often and i'm just so pleased and relaxed all day.

i had a good one recently about nathan fillion (he's an actor. captain tightpants in firefly. he was also in slither as bill pardy). all i remember of the dream was biting his big ole meaty shoulder as i came. rawr! i want that dream every night forevah! it was the best

sometimes i'll have dreams that don't feel sexual at all but i wake up feeling all hot and bothered (anyone else get these??)
like, say, i'm walking my dog and i trip and when i get up it's a circus and i'm walking a giraffe on stage. i'm in the costume and everything and it smells like popcorn. not particularly sexual- but still all hot and bothered in the morning. strange,no?
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