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If I could just get Gael Garcia Bernal and Salma Hayek in bed, at once, I would die happy-although I would probably die right there on the spot, of happiness, and not be able to enjoy it :P Some of the most gorgeous people on earth are hispanic~
omigod humanist, I rented "The Science of Sleep" yesterday and I really want Gael Garcia Bernal to lay on top of me and wiggle around a little bit, even though he was kind of a weirdo in that movie.
mary mcconnell. every time i watch an episode of battlestar, i get crushed out all over again.

gina gershon. sigh. my eternal crush.

maggie chung. how could you not love her after 'in the mood for love' and she's so smart.

and if we get to pick the roles from movies ala tommy nomad,

i pick rita heyward as gilda
QUOTE(anna k @ Feb 21 2007, 04:30 AM) *

You've got some good taste in women, tommy.

You should meet shenomad!
Barbara Stanwyck, anytime in the 1940's would do.....
Gael Garcia pretty, and so very interesting and articulate, too. Kind of leaves other "movie stars" looking like babbling idiots.

And let's face it, if they're gonna wiggle around a while on top of you they should be entertaining on some other level, too (as it only makes the wiggling part better).

Since we're lusting in various eras, I'd like to throw in my desire for Cary Grant in North by Northwest. And even though he played such a sycophant of a bad guy in that film, I thought Martin Landau's dark hair and searing blue eyes made him a very striking man, too.
Young Sean Connery, yummmable fuckable.
The entire crew of GalaxyQuest
Wombat, I love you for that. I've seen GalaxyQuest about 1,000 times. Tho' I myself would probably only screw the alien chick. (and maybe also the kid who's in the MAC commercials if I was about 15 years younger and he had tats.)

I don't know if she qualifies as a celebrity to most people, but "Melicious", who wrote Rollergirl:True Tales from the Track, is my ideal woman. Tall, pale, black haired, buxom, big hipped, agile, sarcastic, and tattooed. Not only would I get down with her, I'd take her to dinner first.
Trent Reznor or Crispin Glover
Monica Belluci.
Tall, pale, black haired, buxom, big hipped, agile, sarcastic, and tattooed.

drool. soooo my type...

Drea de Matteo, Portia de Rossi, and as if i didn't have a crush on helen mirren already. clare fulani, pam greer, jill scott, but i'd really want to date jill scott. she seems balanced in such a wonderful way...
anna k
I have a crush on Judy Greer. I always liked her and thought she was cool and gorgeous.
Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam
Chris Cornell of Audioslave / Soundgarden
Jason Newsted formerly of Metallica
Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory
Aaron Lewis of Staind
Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit

sorry must also add

Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars & movie Fightclub and show My So Called Life
oh, and lily taylor...
Okay. So I'm hating myself for admitting this, but John Cena. I never cared before, but I saw him on a chat show a few weeks back & he was quite charming & disarmingly funny. I don't even watch the wrasslin' but my ears perk up whenever I hear his theme music.
um...sometimes i like me some rastlin'....
I gots nothing against the wrasslin'. I find it to be hilarious in an unintentionally homoerotic way. I'm just weirded out by the fact that I find a guy with freakishly ginormous oiled up muscles hot. The guy's biceps are bigger than my thighs fer chrissakes!
o.o. that is weird.
Jamie Bamber.

I'm so glad someone started a Battlestar thread.
Bahar Soomekh (Crash & Saw III)
Christina Ricci
Martine McCutcheon (Love Actually)
Scarlett Johanson
Keira Knightly
Evangeline Lilly (Lost)
speaking on wraslin' Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. MMMMMM.

Billy Lane, I think I've mentioned him before though...
Jesse James
Anderson Cooper
Salma Hayek
Angelina Jolie
Josh Groban. Then he could sing me a song afterward to induce even more orgasms.
I've just returned from his concert. I do believe I was the only person his age who was there, but whatever. More for me!
rolleyes.gif cool.gif

...PUGS! Fred Durst?! Jared Leto?! Did you really go there?! tongue.gif
My own personal rock star man-toy would be Serj Tankian from System of a Down. *feels an orgasm coming on*
aural-- there was just a promo with niecey nash (reno911} talking about how if she was in wrestling she'd be an oiler, and her job would be oiling mr cena, and i thought of you...
yeah, double ick on the fred durst! but jared leto i can do, even tho he was mean to angela chase.
faerietails2 -

I am looking at them both in a purely physical way. I think they have great bodies and that is IT! Sorry if I offend.

I must say I find Serj Tankian extremely unattractive. Again, no offense!
Jared Leto, fuckable.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

that's all I can think of right now.
i want to have sex and pie with John Oliver from the Daily Show.

he's so delightfully dorky.
Girltrouble, you're in luck (in a fantasy kinda way). My best friend used to nanny for the di Rossis in Rome. Says Portia is an Eartha Kitt-esque (though somewhat chilly), 100% lesbian, and that one of the ironies of old money in Europe is that absolutely no one cared, but that in hypermodern America, she had be "be discreet."

Please add Neneh Cherry and Arundhati Roy to my list, and Vikram Seth. Oh, and Harisu, Korea's disarmingly sultry transsexual icon.


she and drea were lust at first sight. oh, and harisu (hot number) is pretty foxy. arundhati is so dreamy to listen to. her and jill scott-- theyre just people i'd really want to know deeply.
emily watson... she looks so much like a girl i dated...sigh....kate beckensale, because she's always wearing that goth/fetish gear...*drool*
speaking of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart. Mmmmm
The Mac commercial guy.
edie, which one?
Once again I'm overwhelmed by no less than 2 real life crushes, so my Starfucker diversion crush this week is
the highly unattainable Clive Owen (especially the terrible Clive, as in the kinda guy he was in Closer).

Who does not resemble either of the 2 crushes. Thank god.
mmm... clive....

i want to ruin the blue's clues guy, make him dirty, tear off those colorful sweaters.

IPB Image
Oh, nickclick, that's such a noble undertaking. Why didn't I think of something like that first? The complete debauch of some clean and wholesome childhood representative of fun and laughter.

Who else needs this kind of "makeover", do you think?

Wholesome boys we'd like to ravage: let's make it a subtopic.
(this is a drunken rambling, if you're wondering: but that hardly makes it less necessary as a topic).
nickclick -

Steve from Blues Clues is a roughed up indie boy these days...

Whoa, Steve is kinda hot!
Steve IS kinda hot, when he's all disheveled, and apparently angst-ridden.

yeah, he's doing music and apparently his albums are actually really good. (I haven't heard them, but I've seen the reviews and heard people say they are..)
tonight i'm reminded: claudia black.
first cause her name is claudia,
second because i love strong noses.
they make me weak. broken or aquilne, both are heavenly...
and for all my non-geek qualities, she keeps turning me into one...

although i still can't watch sg1, no matter what. (sorry claudia, i tried)
Steve is totally fuckable.
QUOTE(octobersky @ Feb 6 2007, 09:12 PM) *
Anthony Bourdain - mine, all mine!!!!

**tentatively raises hand** Same here. You'll have to share. I don't know why I seem to have a inexplicable crush on him. He's so damn arrogant, but he's very well read, world weary and dare I say he's a sensitive Cancer underneath all those tattoes and earrings.

Another inexplicable crush- D'Onfrio from Criminal Intent.
anna k
D'Onofrio is cool. I like those big guys, like Ron Perlman and Liev Schrieber.
Yemaya - I think there are several of us Busties who will all have to get in line for Anthony Bourdain, yeah I seem to have thing for sarcastic smart-mouthed alpha type males who are just teddy bears under it all. Gimme, gimme tongue.gif

Mike Rowe from Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs - he's just teh hotness when he's all dirty, makes me wanna take a nice long hot shower with him...
Double post wacko.gif
Ami from Miami Ink
Octobersky and Yemaya, I just have a couple of things to say:

1. Tatoos and piercings--yeah, whatever. They do nothing for me, and, if the sun is shining the right way, viewing them can actually make me vomit.

However: on Anthony Bourdain, they're sexually appealing.

2. There is no mystery: the man cooks, and you know he uses food (and that well-read, well travelled, well seasoned cancerian mind) to seduce.

Now, let's all get out of the way of the stampede of other Busties who will now be joining the line for his favours.
He he he.

Damn. I don’t like to share octerbsky. But yeah, chachaheels, I do find his tattoos and rings superfluous and albeit a bit of pose, because he can’t hide that dark, brooding sensitivity underneath. He tries to play at a misanthrope but it doesn’t work-he likes women far too much.

He got me when I happened to catch a re-run of him doing Iceland (and oh how he complained about how miserable he was lol) when he said something to the effect of “ great now the audience will have a lingering look of my bony, concave chest..” while preceding to meditate on the de-merits of fermented shark meat. *sigh*

Ah yeah annak. D’Onfrio-another Cancer, is it any wonder. And I like Pearlman with his old self-last seen still ripping around in red body paint and Teflon horns.

aunt agonist
i have an inexplicably monster sized crush on duff goldman- the guy from ace of cakes. he just seems like such an adorable teddy bear and like so much fun to laze around with

also -nathan fillion needs to call me. mmm...filliyummy
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