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take some petrol darling
mine, without a doubt, is nick cave . . . it's uncanny, it's unexplainable, but i am wild about him!

there is almost certainly something wrong with my brain, because even that damn moustache has grown on me over the last couple years. uh oh!

take some petrol darling... I love your handle...!!!!
I love Jack Black. I don't even know how to begin, expressing my hotness for him. I am SUCH a sucker for guys like him - talented, musical, kinda got the rock vibe going, weird sense of humor, intelligent, articulate, physically a little thick, and look really good a little scruffy, but also clean up well. I frigging love me a guy with just the right amount of meat on his bones. It's totally sexy. I have the hugest crush on this guy right now who totally has that Jack Black thing about him. What the hell is it about the combination of that body type with that coolness that just does me in, big time?!
And I have to admit, while it's not an area I usually look for on a guy, I was pretty impressed with Jack's package when I went to see Tropic Thunder last weekend. I mean, it was kind of hard *not* to notice with all the underwear scenes, particularly when he was strapped to the tree. He's not exactly my kind of hott, but I'd certainly agree, Zoya, there's definitely something about him.

Hard for me to get all hot for him, though, when Ben Stiller's in the picture. As far as I'm concerned, Stiller just has it going on. ...Well, mostly in the looks department. I don't find all his movies funny, and his wife has that typical Hollywood blonde look (actor Christine Taylor), which I always find disappointing. Ah well, I guess they're in love.
James Stewart (circa late 1930s The Philadelphia Story- check out the kiss at the end of this scene I just want to mess up his hair and make him stutter) in a giant antique four-poster at a bed and breakfast, peach pie (with whipped cream and champagne)

and switching gears...

Antonio Banderas, anywhere (ok... on a private yacht), lemon meringue pie

what? I like pie!

QueenBull - I second the young Marlon Brando - yowza!
ooh ooh, crinoline, you made me remember one of my classic "I'd do em"s...

Cary Grant circa The Philadelphia Story
on a big yacht in the mediterranean
strawberries, with a magnum of champagne
Cary Grant at any time ... (I have a fair collection of Cary Grant movies).

Clark Gable circa Gone With the Wind.

Chuck Bass (the character) from Gossip Girl; there is something about the well-dressed, charming, arrogant and despicable motherchucker.
Okay, second scenario: Me and Anthony Bourdain. Place: A grassy field in Alaska, underneath the Northern Lights. Post-coital snack: Oysters.
Willem Defoe, in an anonymous five-star New York hotel bedroom with a big bed. Afterwards: islay whiskey and cigarettes

And for the jailbait alternative: Tim from Friday Night Lights, in the backroom of the bar we just met at. Afterwards: huge pizza at his place, where we went for round two...
I watched American Gangster last night. I want to be the filling of a Russell Crowe/Denzel Washington sandwich.
ok, trent reznor, of course. also, other exceptionally hawt 40 somethings..david duchovny followed by kevin spacey (who may be over 40?), alan cumming, johnny depp

and then there was isaac brock........
Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks. In the Red Room, without the little dancing man or Laura Palmer. Afterwards, we'll share some cherry pie and coffee.
Margaret Cho is soooooooo at the top of my list right now.

Oh, and Yelena Isinbayeva. So poised, so strong. She'd break me in half!
QUOTE(rudderlesschild @ Oct 3 2008, 11:51 AM) *
I want a three-way with Daniel Radcliffe and Simon Pegg.

Would there be pegging? "cause something tells me he'd go for that. wink.gif

I have such a crush on Bonny Norton and Rosemary Senior right now. I know they're academics, and it's not a starfucker thing, but I still L-O-V-E lurve them.
Lee Pace, anywhere, anytime.
ed norton....

because he's a "sleeper" hottie.
Hey, what happened to the Johnny Depp thread? I clicked "View All" or whatever at the bottom, but it didn't show up.

Anyway, this cracked me up today: So true, so very true.

Mm, delicious.

Oh, and Daniel Radcliffe- I feel like such a diryt old woman about that one. I have one of those pictures from Equus on a piece of flair on my Facebook page.

Hey, I think Faerietails got to go see that play....I wonder what she thought of it/him.
I 3rd Edward Norton. And James McAvoy.
I have recently developed an embarrassing crush on Lucas Neill.
Word to the Thirties. Lee Pace is just sick hawt. It should be illegal to be that fuckin' sexy. He looks so femme in "Soldier's Girl", he's so damned pretty. I dunno how he dealt with having his thick brows plucked, but I would have been more than willing to provide succor.

i just have to say, not fair. no one should be allowed to look like this. now i know, blah blah blah airbrush blah blah... but you have to have a jumping off point! halle berry not airbrushed is like a supermodel ohio-style.

i want to fuck her so that i may steal her powers.
i've been getting hooked on boston legal these days, and for some reason, tom selleck has this gruff bear thing going on that i kinda dig...
This one is left over from high school, but Jarvis Cocker from Pulp. Just go to Youtube and watch the "Comon People" video. He's such a dandy, but he's so smooth and you can tell he's totally a pervert. Pete Yorn is smokin' hot also. I have to agree with the folks who said Alan Cummings and Margaret Cho. I don't even really like girls that much but Margaret is looking really glamorous as of late. Alan Cummings is just oddly attractive to me. I can't really explain it.

Oh, and Daniel Radcliffe- I feel like such a diryt old woman about that one. I have one of those pictures from Equus on a piece of flair on my Facebook page.

OMG. I just met a lady whose husband looks just like Daniel Radcliff. Seriously. It's soooo weird. They are both super cute and it made me kinda uncomfortable 'cause I felt like a total letch. They're only 22. Hee.
jason segel. because he's got the funny, is nerdy/endearing, and showed his wang multiple times in forgetting sarah marshall.

that, and i'm watching the reruns of how i met your mother on lifetime. (pre-emptive guilty pleasure thread post: lifetime.)

Thomas Jane can punish me anytime...

Christopher Gorham too, but only if he wears those glasses from Ugly Betty...
Mmmmm . . . Nearly naked Bourdain.
QUOTE(ihateoly @ Nov 27 2008, 03:10 AM) *
This one is left over from high school, but Jarvis Cocker from Pulp. Just go to Youtube and watch the "Comon People" video. He's such a dandy, but he's so smooth and you can tell he's totally a pervert.

I hear you on the Jarvis love, boy looks dirty as hell! Also, he's just amazing and funny and generally cool, which doesn't hurt.

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie.

They both so appealing in completely different ways. The New Zealand accent used to grate on my nerves before them.

QUOTE(thirtiesgirl @ Jul 28 2008, 08:22 AM) *
He's cute, but I've always had a major jones for Jemaine. Ever since I saw him in the Outback Steakhouse commercials a few years ago, before I even knew who he was. I even used "the Outback Steakhouse guy" as an example of what I'm physically looking for in my my online personals ads: dark hair, big sideburns, big glasses, cleft chin (or a "butt chin" as my students say), and lips that are almost pornographically delicious. Jemaine, I'm yours.

I knew I remembered someone mentioning them before.
Russell Brand!! He's hilarious, and I imagine him being a little scary... which makes him even more appealing.

aaaaand, Andrew Vanwyngarden, I can't explain why. I just love him.
polly- I'm totally with you on Bret and Jemaine... pure dorky yumminess

Now, I would also love a mustache ride from Eugene Hutz , the frontman of gypsy punk band, Gogol Bordello. He's just so lanky-dirty-hot!!
I bet he'd have some amazing Ukranian/Roma dirty talk...
Mmmm, Eugene Hutz....
concur with russell brand and flightz o' the conchords.

add: jesse "the devil" hughes (drool), joe strummer and pete simonon circa 1977, and jack white.

oooooh yes, Jack White. Good call!
rock star edition (on top of the those already named)
david bowie (any bloody time)
alex kapranos
pelle almqvist
jimmy page/robert plant (circa 1970)
syd barrett (circa 1966)
keith moon (circa 1968)
nick zinner

oh dear. i think i may be preoccupied

Since when she was less famous.

Ms. Watts as Jet Girl

yeah, that's quite the list. big ups for daniel henney (runner up, mos def)
My list
1.Travis Pastrana I really have no clue why
2.Richard Armitage
3.Crispin Glover
4.Henry Rollins
5.Quentin Tarantino
6.David Boreanaz
8.Gerard Butler

Louis Theroux - tall, lanky, geeky hotness.
Paul Rudd in 200 Cigarettes

Paul Rudd in The Great Gatsby

Paul Rudd in Clueless (what?? *mutters* the character was 18...)

Paul Rudd in I Love You Man

Paul Rudd in his second to last Daily Show appearance when he did that adorably dorky dance...

Etc, etc, etc. I heart that man.

Also, Tony Kanal of No Doubt. He is dead sexy, especially the way he holds his bass... (not a euphemism)

And you know what, while I'm at it...Gavin fucking Rossdale. It's actually hard for me to admit that because I used to be an obsessive Bush fan who was very anti all the "gavinlovers" (teenybopper types who didn't appreciate the music but just thought he was hot). At the same time I would have gladly fucked him in an instant. An instant I say! God what a pretentious little teenage hypocrite I was. tongue.gif And of course I would still gladly fuck him now, because damn has he aged well...and oh that accent...the hair...those eyes! I'm a hopeless case.

*goes to drool over look up old Bush performances on youtube*
QUOTE(Persiflager @ Apr 6 2009, 10:15 AM) *
Louis Theroux - tall, lanky, geeky hotness.

OMG. He is sooooo hawt! I gots mad Louis love.

And I can't believe Paul Rudd grew up in Overland Park. He is so fuckin' sexy it's SICK.
Jason Statham
simon pegg, john cho, chris pine, zachary quinto. hell, zoe saldana, too. all at once.
Nathan Fillion.

And I'll take some of that Trek action, too, COCL.
God yes!

The guy who plays Leonard in The Big Bang Theory.

ETA: And James Spader.
james spader!

i never got the attraction until secretary.

and then i started watching boston legal in reruns, and that solidified it. yes, please.
You can count me in for the orgy on board the Enterprise too.
Sure. orgy on the Enterprise

James Spader (since Pretty in Pink)

Nathan Fillion

Josh Holloway

Leonard on Big Bang Theory

Javier Bardem (but only in Vicky Christina Barcelona)

Johnny Depp of course

I chuckle with the nods to Nathan Fillion in here. I remember when he was on One Life to Live back in the day.
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