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watching the HBO show "in treatment" makes me realize how hawt gabriel byrne has always been to me
James McEvoy and Lucy Lui, at the same time. wub.gif
MMmmmmm McEvoy... yuuuuuummmmmy.
star, I adore Gabriel Byrne; I can't remember if I added him to my old man crush list in Just Really Fucking Weird Crushes but he's definitely on it IRL.

I have always found Robert Downey Junior all kinds of sexy and think I'll watch Zodiac tonight (mmmm, RDJ and Jake in the one film).

I also want to fuck the character of Alex Karev in Grey's Anatomy.

I always found Heath Ledger sexy but now that I'm seeing more and more photographs of him I realise how beautiful he really was; there's a tragic, timeless and iconic quality to his attractiveness now, in the same way there is with River Phoenix and James Dean.
honest to god, I would fuck James McEvoy 6 ways to sunday if I was given the chance.

(alas, he's married and apparently a very honorable guy)
I'm sad that James McEvoy is married, but that and his honorable character makes him even sexier and now I want him more.
anna k
He may be married, but since he's a rising star in the US and UK that could change.
actually, he's mostly just considered a rising star in the US. He's been a well known actor for almost 10 years in the UK, and a star in the UK for more than half that time. His wife is a very established actress who starred with him on the hit UK series "Shameless." They've been married for 2 years, and together for um.. a couple years prior to that, I think..and they are really committed to being a low-key, private couple, which is no small feat in the UK press. So I think that it's pretty safe to say that he's probably got a pretty good head on his shoulders.

all the more reason to covet him....
I saw James McEvoy and his wife at an award ceremony, a picture, and he looked so scruffy, just the way I like em'. The lack of attention to the superficial detail makes me more attracted to him. His honorable character is all the more adorable. wink.gif
OMG. I'm sure y'all will smack me for this, but Trace Adkins could have me any way he wants. I'd do things that ain't been invented yet to that man....

I have been watching CA, and the other night, I had a Trace dream!!! wub.gif

Donald Trump's son is pretty hot, a sort of super-rich boy kind of way. Lawwwd.

Ok, here's a weird one, maybe. Barack Obama (come on, he's fired up and ready to go). biggrin.gif
Mike Holmes

George Strombolopolous.
for some reason, michelle trachtenberg is doing it for me here
every single member of Notorious MSG (all of whom were, coincidentally, featured in BUST this month smile.gif )
I soooooooo have the hots for Emily Robison of the Dixie Chicks. I've never seen anyone look sexier when they are playing music and totally into it.

Also, Clive Owen. The voice. The eyes. The body.

And yes, yes, yes to James McAvoy. Ever since I saw him as Mr. Tumnus, actually, which is a bit odd, but there it is. wink.gif

My neighbour and fellow jamming buddy looks a lot like Heath Ledger, if y'all want to come over for a visit, bunnyb....
Jason Statham

Carlo Rota

Peta Williams

Roy Dupuis
okay, everyone i've mentioned in here so far doesn't count, b/c today i found this picture of joseph gordon levitt, the sweet little thing that i crushed on in "10 things" and fell in love with in "Brick."

i want to grab him by the hair and have my way with him.
Word COCL.

Charlize Theron.
Joe Calzaghe
I currently have a major horn for
John Krasinski
Andy Samberg
Bret from Flight of the Conchords

Jonathan Rhys Myers
David Cook (American Idol)
joan jett: mad.gif sex


miranda july wub.gif


josh brolin ( -----> stick it in!!! )
christopher meloni.... mmmmmmmm.
John Legend, le sigh.

retro kitten
Ben Foster.

mentioned many-a time, but since his birthday was yesterday, and d-listed just had to put up a smokin' hot picture of the 43 year old...

trent reznor
I couldn't agree more crazyoldcatlady!!! So excited I get to see NIN this July in Seattle - my fourth time smile.gif
Sound Of Vision
QUOTE(lananans @ Apr 23 2008, 06:16 AM) *
christopher meloni.... mmmmmmmm.

Oooh yesss, Chris Keller tongue.gif


Brett Anderson (from 10-15 years ago) biggrin.gif
Jason Isaacs biggrin.gif

last weekend, i actually dreamed David Cook (American Idol) was hot after me. if only.
rosario dawson.

ever since death proof, i've crushed hard.
oh f'ing yeah, catlady. any of those three women at the end of deathproof. they were all supa fawksay....
Right now I'm into very cerebral-nerdy types which is why I am seriously crushing on Wes Anderson currently. I've always liked that "scholarly professor" look.
Chiwetel Ejiofor
I know, I know this was just posted, but I couldn't find the concert thread - Trent Reznor!! Just saw the show last night and dear maude it frickin' ROCKED!!!

If any of you are fans or were debating about going - GO. Seriously, I think that was the best NIN show I've ever seen.
QUOTE(potzer @ Apr 16 2008, 06:37 AM) *
Bret from Flight of the Conchords

He's cute, but I've always had a major jones for Jemaine. Ever since I saw him in the Outback Steakhouse commercials a few years ago, before I even knew who he was. I even used "the Outback Steakhouse guy" as an example of what I'm physically looking for in my my online personals ads: dark hair, big sideburns, big glasses, cleft chin (or a "butt chin" as my students say), and lips that are almost pornographically delicious. Jemaine, I'm yours.

That said, though, I also tend to go for the skinny Irish/Germanic looking white guys, too, especially if they have those sad, sad eyes. Ralph Fiennes and Viggo Mortensen...god damn I get moist for those two. Take me.
oh god, 30's you and potzer (and anyone else who likes flight of the conchords) need to check this site out:

ladies and gents, i give you:ronald chivalier!
(it's jermaine's sci-fi author alter ego)
I cannot stop looking at pictures of Thurston Moore on the internet! I swear, I have the biggest weakness for really tall, skinny white guys and he is 6'6"!! Oh and then there's that whole being in Sonic freakin Youth part!
okay.. so I'm listening too and sorta watching the radiohead webcam Thumbs Down video thingy... and I have to say that I have a desire to make babies with Thom Yorke. It's that I'm so ugly, I'm cute... the I'm retarded intelligent and probably wouldn't give you the time of day anyday look...the little dance he does with the music he spins. M.I.A. especially.... makes me giggle and what to kiss him.

LilPink----I love scholarly professor types with an indie art twist. HOT!!! I just wish wish wish one of em would like ME!

Vanessa Paradis is too gorge to me. I'm not all, but I'd give her a kiss.
omg GT!! That is wonderful! Have you seen Eagle vs Shark? He was amazing in that.

I have a serious hard on for both Bret and Jemaine. I want them to double-team me to very cheesy music.
anna k
I was writing in the crush thread and remembered that as a kid, I would have crushes on actors who were way older than me and seemed sexy and weird and odd. So I had crushed on Elias Koteas in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, and Gary Sinise in Forrest Gump. I had some preteen celebrity crushes who were closer in age to me (Lucas Black, Brad Renfro), but I mostly liked the sexy older men. For now I don't have any celebrity crushes. I like Sam Rockwell and saw him in person, just thinking he looked like a cute, normal guy. I like Clive Owen's voice more than his looks. Other than that I usually crush more on famous women than on men.
I am friends with Mr. Chevalier on the myspace. You should be his friend, too.
i haven't seen eagle vs. shark, but i think they are both pretty awesome. i like saying "bret" in a nz accent like they do for no good reason. i just walk around going "brit." "hay brit." "j'mane? whir's brit?"

i love that show. it makes me giggle and their songs are all so silly.

i'd be his friend (and yours too, aural... but i don't really go on social networking sites anymo.... oh fuck it, if i get to be friends with the ap, it's so freaking worth it!!! now what was my name on there again? *scratches my head in wonderment*
lol GT, Crinoboy and I have entire conversations in a fake nz "ehksent" (accent) we say things like "y'luhk sew sixy raight naow" (points if you can translate that one!) After we saw eagle vs shark he would ask me every night "so d'ye want to hev six then?"

ap-I have no myspace, but I do have a very lame and not updated facebook account, I'll see if he's on that too.

anna-I totally had a crush on Elias Koteas from TMNT, I must have been like seven years old!
whew! i thought i was the only one dorky enough to do that. sew sixy!
anna k
crinoline, I was about seven too when I saw that movie. That was my first thought of "that's a sexy man." Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman would've been the first woman who I would've thought of as sexy.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Aug 6 2008, 02:38 PM) *
I am friends with Mr. Chevalier on the myspace. You should be his friend, too.

I'm friending him right now. Although I like Crinoline's tag teaming idea, too. I'm next in line!

And Elias Koteas...whew! I've had a hard-on for him since Some Kind of Wonderful. ...Then again, I was kinda into the skinhead boys in high school and he fit the part so well.
Christine Nectarine
#1 all-time crush - David Bowie. still sexy at 61!
Queen Bull
milo ventigliama


and megan fox.

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate thread, but I saw a game on a Rescue Me mini-sode called "Person, Place and Thing." it's where you list who you'd most like to fuck (living or dead), where (anywhere in the world), and what you'd like to eat post-coitus. I'll go first. I would like to fuck James Dean (alive, not dead!), I'd like i to be at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and right afterward i would a pint of Reese's Peanut-Butter Cup ice-cream (which I would share with 'Jim' of course). Anyone wanna go next?
Queen Bull
ooh fun- Marlon Brando, from a Streetcar named Desire...*steamy and Delish* on the deck of a yacht on full moon night, with......raspberry sorbet to cool off.
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