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hmmm.. John krasinksi....or hugh jackman...i love a man 6' or taller
mmmm I love tall men too, I also like guys with good mouths. I love love love Micheal Pitts mouth, hes got big juicy lips.
I agree with number one on the list, Jon Stewart. He is so smart it's just too damn sexy!

I think Zach Braff is a serious cutie as well.

Ewan, never did anything for me.

Anna, I had a huge crush on Jeff Goldblum around that time also. I thought he seemed so witty and wierd in a sexy way. I watch Independence Day, only becuase he was in it.
ludacris. i want to lick his diamond earring.
i am SO right there with you girls on jeff goldblum. i saw him a few months ago on david letterman or conan and gah! he still has it! *bites fist* i think it's his lankiness, his awkwardness. and there is something about his hands. i'm attracted to men's hands and i love the way he gestures with his. i can only imagine what he'd do with those long fingers.

*fans self*

crazyoldcatlady, your comment about licking ludacris's earring made me sputter. hehehe. nice!
i need a jake gyllenhaal/alex kapranos sandwich!

count me in on the jeff goldblum love. you know who i was *totally* intent on marrying when i was a little kid? robin hood. the cartoon fox. i thought he was hot (and he is!) lol
faerietails2 I used to like Little Jon, the big bear from that movie!

I have had a huge thing for Gerard Way for forever! I saw him once in NJ when their first album came out and I have wanted him ever since. He does this little dance where he kinda shakes his hips and he is a geek and I think geeks are sexy.
I saw V for Vendetta for the first time yesterday, and I'd have to say Natalie Portman!
AND, she's even more hot with her hair shaved off! WAY more!
HELL YES to Jeff Goldblum! I don't think there's anything I've seen him in where I haven't drooled. Especially Igby Goes Down and Jurassic Park (which I saw when I was oh, NINE, and even thought he was amazing then).

faerietails2, I hear you on the Robin Hood fox! So many kids I knew had a crush on him! A friend of mine still tells me he is attracted to Maid Marian the Fox. I think it might be where the whole "furry/yiffing" phenomenon began as well . . . . maybe not the *beginning*, but it is cited on wikipedia as being part of it. If only Disney knew! Or perhaps they do . . . .

Lately (and maybe this is because of the new Die Hard coming out) my attraction to Bruce Willis has ballooned to epic proportions. It was there before but now I seriously can't help it. He's one sexy beast. laugh.gif
I'm in love with Edward Norton. Again.
ooo pointybird.... that scene in the illusionist where jessica biel comes to his place for the first time and they're trying to hold themselves back...

shiver me timbers.
Gallic invasion.

I didn’t know Francoise Ozon had such simmering masculine quality. I kept seeing him as a tiny little tonsured, pie-baled, be-speculated elitist with a hook nose, but certainly not the Euro GQ type. Quite yummy.

Thierry Lhermitte is so distinguished with his dead pan comedic timing, although alluring mature, however what is a geriatric fascination is the ever courtly Jean Rochefort--he would have made an absolutely excellent Don Quixote if only they finished the movie. And of course Daniel Autiel with the requisite French hook nose and diminutive stature is quite marvelous to watch on the screen.

*sigh* the impervious French.
Oooh, crazyold, I've not seen The Illusionist, but methinks I may have to watch it now!
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 27 2007, 12:50 PM) *
Ami from Miami Ink

Oooh I second that! Ami is beautiful!
Not sure if anyone's mentioned this but my number one is.... ANDERSON COOPER. I don't care if he's gay or straight, I will continue to lust after him regardless.
i want to fuck matthew goode senseless and have him say dirty dirty things to me in his hot british accent while we're doing the deed.
Dude, I just watched Do the Right Thing and I want to fuck the shit out of the Brooklyn-accented, sweating in a wifebeater MUTHERFUCKING HOTNESS that is John Turturro. I have always wanted him since barton Fink, but oh, my God, the mouth, the teeth, the Brooklyn accent, the tall, tanned sweaty mess of him in his wife-beater...i want to do violence to him!!!!!
I'm watching the first season of Rescue Me and the more that Denis Leary is an asshole, the more I want to just hop on top of him and go for a ride! It's even worse when he's dressed in his fireman uniform. blink.gif
dammit, Canada! why must you keep Mike Holmes to yourselves.

Man, he makes my panties sweat.
ever since I saw Billy Idol perform live at Lollapalooza, I have had a total boner for him.

( could I sound more like a middle school boy? probably ! )
Daniel Day Lewis in Age of Innocence. He is so proper and prim, I just want to mess his hair up and jump on him.
Yes, fine, okay, I'll admit it. Rupert Grint. There, I said it. Happy now? grumblestompstomp
hmmmm.....i think that mark ruffalo seems to play such sweet parts.... maybe he'd be sweet in bed too?
anna k
This makes me feel like a nerd, but I thought Seth Green looked attractive in glasses as a scientist in the Scooby Doo movie.

Despite the seriousness of Rescue Dawn, I kept staring at Steve Zahn's bright blue eyes.
Mmmm, I kept wanting to have me a little Steve Zahn/Christian Bale threesome during that movie!
QUOTE(anna k @ Aug 2 2007, 10:59 PM) *
This makes me feel like a nerd, but I thought Seth Green looked attractive in glasses as a scientist in the Scooby Doo movie.

you're not a nerd for sweating Seth Green. you're a nerd for watching Scooby Doo ! j/k
lord - I'm in one of those phases where everyone looks hot.

Shia Lebeouf - from the Transformers movie - I don't care if he is about 10 years younger than me.

John Krazinski - who plays Jim in the office... grrrr

Jon Stewart (as always)

Gordon Ramsey - not so much in the Hells Kitchen series, but the show where he helps restaurants in trouble

While I'm on the food shows - Alton Brown... cute, cute, cute

Joquin Phoneix - watched The Village - not a great movie - worth it for Joquin... yum
anna k
you're not a nerd for sweating Seth Green. you're a nerd for watching Scooby Doo ! j/k

Yup. It was on TV and I was bored. smile.gif
Aurelie Claudel
Jude Law
Oliver Martinez
Kate Moennig

Even if I just met Kate I'd be happy.
oops double post!
I have crushes on Discovery channel hosts. Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, he is just very manly and has a great voice. Also that Man Vs. Wild guy, Bear...whatever he's just very cute.

And Winona Ryder.
the only celeb who owns my heart is johnny depp. always and forever and i will never cheat on him or fantasize about another celeb. been thinking about getting him to invite rose mcgowan into the mix though..
snow white
i was lucky enough to stumble across a Survivorman marathon the other day and, wow, this guy can get lost with me any day wink.gif
I'm getting the hots for Anthony Bourdain again.
Yeah me too.

What do you think it is that does it for you, Sassy?

To me there's something about his punk rock/pirate/take-no-prisoners attitude and his passion for food and travel that I think are so hot... plus, I think there's the taboo aspect of age, that I would never in a kazillion years in reality date someone that much older.
I've never lost my hots for Bourdain - gah yeah raisingirl I agree with you
Edward Norton, Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy, Sean Bean.
I dig much like you raisingirl and octobersky, the fact that Bourdain just has a cool/rebel/ "I don't give a fuck" attitude (did you see that he one of the Ramones on his show recently). Also, he's just sexy as hell. There's something about someone that has a passion for food... He's going to be on Top Chef again, next week! smile.gif

Mike Rowe, Ed Norton, Christian Bale, Jon Stewart (always)....
"Yes, fine, okay, I'll admit it. Rupert Grint. There, I said it. Happy now? grumblestompstomp"

Ditto. And also Zac Efron... shoot me now.

Oh and Johnny Depp forever and always *sigh*
Alton Brown - did you SEE "Feasting on Asphalt II" where he got the skull tattoo? And the previous one he swerved on his motorcycle to avoid hitting a bunny. *Swoon*

I think the Weasley twins are hot so don't feel bad Callani wink.gif
callani - I have a huge crush on Rupert Grint. Never mind that I am like 20 years older than him. I'd still do him.

and I love the weasley twins also.

the funny thing is, IRL I'm not so much drawn to ginger guys like that....

but THEY are hot!!!
Ahaaa. I know the Weasley twins... they went to school by me. They're not actually ginger in real life which is muchos upset-os (yeah I don't speak a word of spanish) 'cause I love ginger hair. *sigh*
Zoya, glad to hear that having crushes on younger guys is not just me.
One question, how is it that I'm not yet 20 and all of a sudden every guy I meet in clubs is waaay younger than me? Plus all the cute guys on tv are either far too old for me (Johnny Depp, James Marsters *swoon*) or make me feel like a paedo? Gah. I'm way too young to be turning into a cradle snatcher!
Clive Owen... mmmmmmm.
So many I'd love to do have already been named here.

I feel ya on the Tony Bourdain & Alton Brown love.

Mmmm... Clive Owen. Johnny Depp, always. And George Clooney.

John Krazinski, Jon Stewart, Cillian Murphy, all teh hotness.

I also love Paul Rudd & Justin Theroux.

I swoon every time I watch an old movie with Cary Grant.

And as far as musicians/singers go: Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, Dave Matthews, Wayne Coyne, Mike Ness, Michael Franti, Ziggy Marley, Mos Def, & D'Angelo (before he got all coked out) all rock my socks.

Kate Winslet. Daaaayum, woman.

There are plenty more, those are just the ones off the top of my head.
i'm not really into blondes, but i watched hot fuzz this weekend, and fell in love with simon pegg
anna k
Kate Winslet. Daaaayum, woman.

I was looking at some old Vanity Fairs today and saw some a great pic of Kate looking pale with a lovely shade of red hair. Jennifer Lopez looks gorgeous there as well.

Paul Rudd and Dave Grohl are irresistable. I also have a crush on Zach Galifianakis.

I have a crush on Gretchen Mol. I just think she's stunning.
anna-definitely agree with paul rudd, especially after seeing the ten.

As always gael garcia bernal continues to be stunningly gorgeous
ooh i like this thread!

leisha hailey (sp?)
angelina when she was still fun
no boys spring to mind right now...but i'll have fun thinking it over...
I wanna do all kinds of nasties to Daniel Brühl.

And second on Gael Garcia Bernal!
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