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I was sad to see this thread go, so I brought it back. Specifically, I brought it back to post this:

IPB Image

Near as I can tell, this is a fairly recent image. If so, this is a photo of a man who turns 45 this year.
Sorry to rain on your parade, Busty, but the old thread still exists. No one has posted in it in over 30 days, so it's a little harder to find. Nice new title, though! And a very suitable entry! smile.gif
Vin Diesel

Please!! 20 minutes, just 20 minutes alone with him on the floor! I don’t even need a bed. I’d do him on concrete!

hottie 1

hottie 2

hottie 3

hottie 4

Also, I’m not a fan of the thug look but Channing Tatum does it for me as well!

2nd hottie 1

2nd hottie 2

If I think of anyone else I’ll post them but these are my hot pair right now.
Okay, I'll confess I'm still into guns n roses boys, Rollins and perhaps Cornell, but, i should be over it by now.



I'm shifting a lot of things.
Oops. I guess I'm still a little fuzzy on how the new lounge works. You can let this die if you want, or keep it if you like the title better.

My bad.

Wombat, there is nothing wrong with GNR or Hank. Never a big fan of Cornell personally, but you certainly shouldn't worry about being over it. wink.gif
Or maybe we can just put a message on the old one that the conversation has moved here? What does everyone think? In Bust Thread Thunderdome, which thread should survive? wink.gif

Lately I've been trying to decide which version of the new Dr. Who I like best: Christopher Eccelston or David Tennant. I think Chris is in the lead. Something about him reminds me of my husband when we first met. Mrowr.
Eccleston's in the lead for me, but that's a tough contest!
this thread is here. let's keep it.

TOP of the list: ewan mcgregor. oh. my.

antonio banderas.

david beckham.

orlando bloom (who is probably so gay that it would have to be with another man, but that's okay)

george clooney (we aren't talking romance here, just sex!)

this list is going to be waaaaaaaaaaay too long!

Colin Firth
Christian Bale
Heath Ledger

yeah, they should let me fuck them.
Jake Gyllenhall
Edward Norton
Heath Ledger
My Husband!!!
I cannot even see Tennant around the glory that is Eccelston.

I want a CSI trifecta:

Eddie Cahill
Jonathan Togo
Eric Szmanda

Christian Bale!!!

How could I have forgot him!

*bangs head against wall*

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Hottie uh so hot, so hot, so hot!!
I'm glad this thread has made a more honest resurrection, title-wise.

It reminds me of that character in the movie Throw Momma From the Train, where Billy Crystal asks his writing class students to read from their last week's assignment, and one guy gets up and reads from his work, entitled, "100 Women I'd Like to Pork".

Normally I'd post a few celebrity names, but this week I'm obsessing about a real life man I know, and I have to make myself stop.
We'd always welcome you in the crushie thread, Chacha, even if it's more than a crush...
I did mention Viggo Mortenson but only in "Aragorn" garb -- in the celebrity gossip thread! ha ha!

I will admit I think Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint are both attractive

And I would love to be the "meat" in an Axl/slash samwich, but since we're fantasizing anyway, let's turn the clock back to 1988.

Ooooh, there's a hell and I'm going

I have a long hair fetish.

So, turn the clock back even further and I could do a Robert Plant/Jimmy Page samwich.

And Axl is intellectual. Who else uses words like "tangible" and "chastise" these days?

Katherine Moennig! Probably because I just watched all three seasons of the L Word in less than a week, but DAMN!

and hmmm, chacha, it DOES sound like crushie know we serve High Quality Organic Martinis in there, right?
anna k
I saw The Last Waltz today, and I thought Robbie Robertson and Rick Danko were hot in a ugly-sleazy 70's way.

I usually have more female crushes than male crushes, more wanting to emulate their style and admiring their looks and attitudes. I agree with the crushes on Henry Rollins, Chris Cornell, Slash, Duff McCagan. And about turning back the clock, the lead singer of Pantera in the early 90's. I like those giant sweaty metal guys.
Wombat, I am so with you on Viggo Mortenson as Aragon, but only as Aragon!

And I'm going to add Mark Wahlberg - there's just something about his voice and how he's all tough and masculine yet such a softy!

Henry Rollins

Jon Stewart

Ivan E. Coyote - because I've gotta insert a Canadian presence here, and she's the best storyteller ever!

and the guy from The Transporter whose name I can never remember.
Ooooh, thank you so for the lure of martinis and sympathies...but I have got to get a grip.

So, naturally I'll see you all in the Crushie thread. I'm sure I'll be confronted with the yawning maw of hell later (always easier to face after cocktails).

Here's my obvious, pathetic attempt to take my mind off that man for one minute:

Henry Rollins, absolutely. Liked him a lot when he was writing about pissing in gene pools, but he displayed his full erotic potential the minute he started ranting about U2.

David Sylvian--and hey, if I want I can turn the clock back to the 80's, 90's, or just last week! Short hair/long hair! Japan David/UK David/USA David...I choose!! That's so convenient.

Robbie Robertson, circa The Last Waltz and circa early 90's as well--because I concur with both Anna K and starshine on the allure of the ugly/sleazy/beautiful and Canadian Content (though I have an ex-boyfriend whose mom actually dated Robbie Robertson when he was ugly/sleazy/70's, and still living here in Ontario).

in no particular order, gorgeous women i'd like to fuck:

selma hayek


catherine zeta-jones

halle berry

marilyn monroe (before she died, obviously)

elizabeth taylor (the national velvet version. omy. those EYES!)
I still wanna do Juanes, the Colombian rock star. He's so effing *H*O*T*!
In Bust Thread Thunderdome, which thread should survive?

...Two threads enter, one thread leaves!!!

I'm with you AP. Eccleston by a country mile. Tennant is too chirpy to be sexy.

And I know it's a cliche, but George Clooney.

Alan Rickman, as long as he promised to talk in my ear. Phroar.
ooooh...Mark Wahlberg, yes, I agree.
Clive Owen
Martin Freeman when he was Tim in the British "The Office"
The new James Bond guy, but he's almost *too* pretty. I haven't seen the new movie, but he was oh so hot in "L4YER CAKE"
Aaron Eckhart
And Christian Bale (again, for good measure....he is so hot it hurts me to look at him)
anna k
My females crushes, or who'd I'd want to fuck if I was a lesbian:

Milla Jovovich (I love her in interviews, she's a little batty and seems like a lot of fun)
Rose McGowan (although she's begun to look like hell lately)
Olivia Wilde (she is gorgeous and has globe-trotting journalist parents and combines her acting work with running benefits for Doctors Without Borders)
Zooey Deschanel (she is just super-cute)
Jeanne Moreau (when she was a petulant star of the 1950s)
Drew Barrymore (again, so freakin' cute)
Salma Hayek (she's so much woman for me, she seems abrasive but cool)
Melissa auf der Maur (played bass for Hole and Smashing Pumpkins, is gorgeous with red hair and pale skin and a thin body, also does photography sometimes)
Cindy Blackman (drummed for Lenny Kravitz, is absoutely beautiful and seems like fun)
Samantha Maloney (drummed for Hole and Motley Crue, seems awesome)
Helena Christensen (seems really chill and laid-back, very serene and happy now as a photographer and owner of a SoHo boutique)
Kate Moss (despite her current problems, I still think she's fantastic)
Winona Ryder (always had a crush on her, since I was 11. I'd love for her to make a comeback, and I still think she's gorgeous)
Brittany Murphy (a little crazy and weird, but I think she's a very talented sweetheart)
Scarlett Johansson (more for her body and voice, I don't think she's a good actress)
Sofia Coppola (always admired her, she just seems so cool and lucky)
Jennifer Jason Leigh (slightly bitchy and standoff-ish, and picks cool movies)
Jenny Lewis (I never listened to her until Rabbit Fur Coat, and I like her a lot in interviews)
Diane Lane (she just seems so serene and cool to me)
Naomi Watts (I first saw her in Tank Girl, and liked her, but didn't think she'd be famous. Years later in Mulholland Drive she blew me away. She has a mix of brains and shyness that I like, combined with her symmetrical beauty)
Jarboe (I don't know her age or everything about her, but I like her in interviews and she inspires me)
Asia Argento (she is gorgeous in a wonky way and I'm jealous of her lifestyle, she's awesome)
Kelis (she's multi-faceted and cool and seems like a great person)
Lead Singer of Pantera Phil Anselmo

So hot, hot, hot!

and I KNOW she's a porn star but I have to say that Tera Patrick is so hot! Hope I don't start some shit saying that but it's the truth.
I'd pounce on Gaspard Ulliel, who plays young Hannibal in "Hannibal Rising"

Ooooo, he's babealicious.
QUOTE(tesao @ Feb 4 2007, 05:27 AM) *

marilyn monroe (before she died, obviously)
what do you have against dead people, huh? tongue.gif

anna, i second the milla jovovich love! have you seen dummy? she's so freaking hot in that movie. milla's my girl crush.

alex kapranos, the lead singer of franz ferdinand. i went to a reading/signing for his book last wednesday, and gawwwwd that scottish accent just made me want to jump his bones.

ryan gosling, with beard (though i'd take him without the beard too, duh!). mmmmmm...
isabel adjani

monica bellucci (a curvier isabelle adjani)

rose mcgowan

liz taylor butterfield 8 era (i'm a sucker for great eyebrows...and brunettes)

pam greer

vanessa williams (she is just beautiful)

angela basset yummmm!

rita hayward in gilda

rosie depalma (she's in almovadar films-- she's the one with the broken nose. she looks odd on film but i've seen her in real life-- she glows.)

and the lone boy..pharell williams. he's just got an awesome cool.

my pornstar pick would be vaniity. really, she is such a cute tranny.

sara rue (popular era, before the weight loss-- she was so cute)

ann wilson of heart

nikka costa (the girl is a real rockstar)

paula prentiss (stepford wives era)
monica bellucci is so beautiful!! I love curvey women.
I love Rosi de Palma too, girltrouble. I love her gorgeous, super acquiline nose, it makes her beautiful face unique.

I would see any film she ever made or makes just because she's in it, and I wish we had more extremely unusual "beauties" in the spotlight. They are such a great argument against cosmetic surgery, a brilliant, real live demonstration of how the extraordinary is never "perfect".

Also: I have always loved watching/reading/listening to Fran Lebowitz. Funny, smart, persistent, and not your average bear, that's for sure.
Justin Theroux.
Ooooo! Yay! I missed this thread! I love making 'who I'd fuck' lists!

Okay, lets see,
#1 Would have to go to Jarvis Cocker for giving me my first music-induced orgasm at 14,..and many many more to follow. Heck, I'd fuck ANYONE if they had his dominance, style and voice.
#2 Goes to Clive Owen,..cuz DUH , really.
#3 Would be Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand yuuum ,..again what a voice. A more cuddly version of Jarvis. I saw him in an interview and he said "loan" like "loon" and I nearly passed out. (fights off faerietails).
#4 Joaquin "Leaf" Pheonix, who became my first major celeb crush when I saw "Parenthood". He still has those sad eyes. I wanna lick.him.up.
#5 Spader . Another childhood crush. All the other girls had the "Blaine vs. Duckie" debate and I'm all "Hellloo, Steff!" The ultimate sexy asshole.

I have to give ups to a Newbie-celeb crush named Tanc Sade. Only know him from Gilmore Girls but hes got great potential.
Oh, and classic crush hands-down, Clark Gable, the ultimate playful dom. And props to Tony Curtis before he went all botox.

Girl celeb crushes:
Classic: Lauren Bacall circa '44.
Girl I'd like to get spanked by: Asia Argento, preferably with a cig hanging out of her mouth.
Girl that could use a spanking: Jessica Alba. Typical I know, but damn.
Girl I'd like to have a sexy tickle-war and pillow fight with: Anna Faris. Shes adorable.
Anthony Bourdain - mine, all mine!!!!
Johnny Depp - looks like I'm gonna have to fight other Busties for this one!! tongue.gif
John Taylor - from back in the Duran Duran days
Dave Grohl
**edit to add Trent Reznor - dear gawd he's sexy
Salma Hayek - ohh if I were gay..... nah I'd still like a go at her!

I know there are more, this is just a starter list! Someone a few posts back mentioned Ann Wilson from Heart, I used to have a friend who LOVED Ann and Nancy Wilson and he alway said he would like to be a Tom sandwich on Wilson bread.
gosh....i think i have to go masturbate now....and think about hugh laurie... wink.gif
ryan reynolds.

in chains.
Oh my! Where to begin!

*licks lips in anticipation*

Billy Lane and Jesse James. At the same time!

I'm going to hae to agree with the Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Viggo Mortenssen as Aragon, Monica Belucci, Anglina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Jon Stewart,

Um, shit what' his name! Aha Timothy Oliphant, particularly as the drug dealer in Go.

I had the major hots for Keanue Reeves, but only as Neo.

Stephen Dorf, mmm Fucktastic.

The actors who play Fred and George Weasley from the Harry Potter films. There are hotties.

Anderson Cooper. Yummy.

Octobersky I completely agree with Trent Reznor, fuck yes.

David Beckham.

Clive Owen
Masi Oka (Hiro on Heroes)

Kate Winslet


I just had sex but now I want it again.

*runs away from computer to find Mr. Pug*
Ooh, Heroes!!

So many to choose from, so many.

But given my pref for arty types with lots of extra hair, I choose Santiago Cabrera!
Well, my Obsession turned first into disappointment, then into annoyance, and I didn't even have a chance to sample the High Quality organics in the Crush thread to take the edge off the speed of that transition...but I'm still so touched by the invites (there are such amazing people on this board).

Anywho...back to the desirables...I'm going to second someone else's desire for Anthony Bourdain.
He doesn't even have to cook. Even his writing is sexy.
Ryan Gosling. With the beard.
delta burke. i just think she's foxy on toast.
women: Janeane Garofalo, Kathy Griffin, Sandra Oh, Marlee Matlin, Diane Keaton, and Ariadna Gil (how anyone even noticed Penelope Cruz in Belle Epoque is beyond me)

classics: Myrna Loy as Nora Charles, Ingrid Bergman as Alicia Huberman, Daniela Bianchi

men: Lenny Kravitz, Malkovich, Jared Leto (in Fight Club)

porn star: Himekawa Rei

oh, and tesao (duh.)
anna k
You've got some good taste in women, tommy.
call me crazy but . . . steven tyler mmmm.
and antonio banderes in the Mariachi trilogy.
for some reason, hans matheson intrigues me (and by intrigues, i mean turns me on)... maybe i've just been spending too much time watching PBS.
I just watched Lady in the Water, and I forgot how brilliant M. Night Shyamalan is. Not to mention dreamy, so he's definitely going on my list.

And tommynomad, you have amazing taste in women!
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