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Full Version: What Do You Call Your Vajayjay?
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I affectionately call mine the "kitty" or "the cookie" . LOL I dont really like the word "pussy"... I don't know why but it was hard for me to even type that. LMAO It almost made me cringe a little bit. However, in the heat of passion... i like for my hubby to use that word. I'm an odd creature. LOL
haha AP, the word crotch makes me think about how when I'm telling one of my friends I'm going for a bikini wax, I'll say "I have an appointment to get the hair yanked out of my crotch" it's just so wrong to say but it always cracks everyone up...
Some lady that my friend used work with called her vajayjay her "pom pom". I think it's pretty funny so I call mine that too.
i call mine my "coochie snorcher" from the vagina monologues! i loved it so much i adopted it for my own! =D
i have a friend who calls hers her box.
Hmm, box... I would never refer to my own as my box. If I kicked someone in the box, then I would say "I kicked her in the box." Not that I would do that....
Buttercream frosting. As in won't you lick my buttercream frosting?
edie, I'm with you on using box in the context of she got boxed.

I fell down in the snow and I got snow down my pants and into my ass and, as I was telling the story to a friend, I told him I got snow in my hoo-ha. He laughed.
Yeah, moxieman told moxette her vajayjay is a "hoo ha" and I finally had enough and started using vagina. SHe's very into body parts now, and i just can't be the mom who hides a vagina. now, for me, any slang is coolio.
How hard is it to say Vagina? In normal conversation I do call my vagina my vagina. it was just hoo-ha sounded so funny when I was telling the story. I fell flat on my ass at the park, then the dog came and sat on me. for some reason saying vagina in a funny story like that wouldn't make the story as funny as I got snow in my hooha!

When somebody is being bitchy & petulant I say that, "She/he has packed her/his ginch" with either sand or salt. The substance really depends upon the attitude being tossed.
"snippa" is totally adorable. as for that article--CHRIST. when will people start realizing what feminism actually means?
AP, Ginch, that is fucking awesome!!!!
haha this thread is hilarious yet informative! ginch... not heard that one before but these pants make more sense now...

pussy is fine for sex talk, vagina for doctors. I HATE the word titties, it sounds creepy, like something a pervy redneck would say. But I think that is because it's not a word used here in the UK so it doesn't sound good to me. I hate all the meat-related slang for pussy or cock, they are gross. Cunt I would use more as an exclamation or insult rather than a term of endearment...

this has made me ponder what I would teach my kids - my mum was from a medical family and very matter of fact and literal - vulva, vagina, penis (and my personal unfavourite - bowel movements...) but it led to car-related confusion (we too drove a 'vulva' estate smile.gif )and also meant I thought the other kids were kind of dumb because they talked babytalk. i think i remember front and back bottoms too but that is definitely kids only!
My first babysitter was my Aunt and she always called it a tooter.... I'm assuming that is how you spell it. Imagine my shock and horror when I was in 2nd grade and the teacher said that some of us would have to stay for tutoring after school. I still giggle a little when I hear people talk about having to see a tutor. My Aunt has ruined me, lol laugh.gif
hahahaahha very funny !
I always remember a girl at school who came out from the toilets and announced to the teacher infront of everyone that her 'minnie-moo-moo' hurts
If I usually call it a "piddle" but very rarely because I don't usually talk about my vagina to people!
I use the term vag but a friend of mine always called it her "chinese fingertrap".

cha cha.

i call people cha cha head and cha cha face constantly
Crinoboy just called mine my "trouser canyon" in response to my reference to his trouser snake

I like chinese fingertrap
From the CBC.
I am now refering to my nether regions as my Britney. I thought about Lindsay, but I like my hot messes to say "ya'll". That is all.
For me, most of the time, it's pussy - soft, a little furry, likes to be petted, and purrs when it's happy.

In my women's studies class a woman told a story about when she was a little girl (I think around 4) she and her mother were walking through a building that was having some renovation work done, and as they were passing a group of men working, she stopped, lifted up her dress, grabbed her crotch and proclaimed in a loud voice "Gee, my snapper's itchy!" Her mother was mortified. The class was in hysterics. I always giggle whenever I think about it.
ha ha ha! snapper! i love it!
i am watching My Name is Earl & they dropped this one: Undersmile. Next time I have my period, I am going to say my undersmile is frowning.
I call mine a Lady Garden.
As in "Oh, explore the lady garden"

Doesn't work toomuch if you're shaven.

I used to call it a flower when I was younger.
My aunt told me this story yesterday: Even after I was potty trained & had a handle on things, my mom still asked if I'd taken care of business. We were at my grandmother's house & my mom asked if I wiped. I apparently told her that my "twatty was dry" & horrified my gran. Who tells a little kid that her Britney is a "twatty"? She might as well have had me use "cunt".
I forgot this one: poonani, or poon.

reminded when the dear sweet bf rings me up to ask "yo, what kind of poonani sticks you want?" because apparently, saying "tampon" in the relevant aisle in the supermarket is a no-no.

does anyone have any good alternatives to treasure/snail trail?
Where I come from it's known as a happy trail.
Sound Of Vision
I call it vagigi. tongue.gif
Courtesy of the fine folks at the Daily Show: Shame-cave.
shame-cave makes me think of both catholic school and, like, flowers in the attic- it's perfect. kind of burlesquey too.
what would the adjunct be? shame-prong?

i've been calling mine the garden of eden.
The Scottish lady at the nursing home called it her "bonny" tonight, which I thought was hilarious and perfect because she's always singing "my bonny lies over the ocean."
QUOTE(vixen_within @ May 4 2008, 01:27 PM) *
what would the adjunct be? shame-prong?

He was talking about the US government's (the religious right's) federally funded abstinence only programs, so of course the phallus is the godstick.
for some reason, i've never read this thread. i just read the whole thing and i was giggling like crazy at some of the names.

i call mine "pussy" usually, "kitty" if i'm being cute, "cunt" or "snatch" if i'm around people whom i either want to shock or who genuinely don't care.

i usually say "boobs" or "tits" when i'm speaking of my chest.

of course, since my boys are getting to the age where they are starting to ask about things like what's a period, etc., i use the proper terms. "breasts" and "vagina" cuz it just seems wrong to me to teach little kids slang terms.
the boy sometimes says that he wants to pet my poodle. I think its cute.
the boy calls my breasts the girls.
the boy calls his penis his johnny walker, sometimes.
he calls both his and mine naughty bits.
QUOTE(damona @ May 8 2008, 10:48 PM) *
of course, since my boys are getting to the age where they are starting to ask about things like what's a period, etc., i use the proper terms. "breasts" and "vagina" cuz it just seems wrong to me to teach little kids slang terms.[/color]

This is totally OT, but when my I was a kid, I noticed that our wall calendar always had a P marked on it on a specific date. Mum was obviously tracking her period. When I asked her about it, she looked stricken & then told me those were her "perfect" days. I was madder than hell when I started menstruating & realized it was all a great lie. mad.gif
ooh the deception!

my "P" days are (usually) pslightly psychotic.

my man was imitating Tom Wolfe and referred to my bum as "The perfectly packed fullness of your cloven hindquarters."

more body parts: i'm on the record as calling my pussy "my Sally" and my breasts "the girls".
I haven't looked all the way back to see if anyone has already called this one.... but...


Love it!
in normal conversation, vagina. in sexy conversation, my magic place. that means i get to say things like, i'm sorry you're having a bad day, let's have special time and my magic place will make you feel better. seriously, everyone loves the magic place... i'm convinced it makes everything better.

my boyfriend on the other had is partial to poonani and pussy for dirty talk.

breasts are breasts and boobies. i don't think they are quite as great so i haven't bothered to make up any special names.

i do remember once at a sleepover the girls were talking about a "red woodpecker" and a "hole in the tree." coming from a family where people work in the medical professions, i was confused and had to ask if they were talking about penises and vaginas and why didn't they call them that? the other girls were scandalized that i had used those words.
An old boyfriend baptized my vagina as "Wendy" and my clit as "Tinkerbell". I thought it was cute, so the name stuck, and now I introduce it to others as such. I call my boobs Whore booby and Shy booby, as one of them seems to get more attention than the other (I don't know why, they're not deformed or anything like that, it just happens)...
I've always been fond of calling my cooch (another term I LOVE) my Bunny. It just makes it sound so cute and precious! I'm not sure if it's a Canadian thing, and forgive me if this was clarified earlier in the thread, but I think calling it a Beaver is pretty priceless.
Lady parts and Junk are also very choice names!
an ex once referred to one of my boobs as "clarice". I can't remember the name of the other one.

Two phrases I've recently introduced when discussing my period:
- the hunt for the red october (as in "are you hunting for the red october?")
- holding my own private communist revolution in my uterus (from "raising the red flag")
my favourite term about being on my period is (and I'll put this in context)

"are you familiar with american biker slang? as in Hell's Angels?"


"well let's just say if you go down on me you'll be earning your red wings.."

hee hee...mornington... your period slang is a riot...

i was telling culture, if i get a boob job, i'm naming 'em "good" and "plenty."
i love calling my groin area my "cockpit" although, usually i call my penis, when i do refer to her by name, it's usually "yummy...." which if i had a pron name, i'd combine the two to make "yummy cockpit" it sounds like such a goofy cartoon/racecar driver name, like 'snidely whiplash' or 'penelope pureheart.'
Embarassing, embarassing question:

I'm 25 and I've only had sex a total of 30-40 times in my life---albeit with 9 different guys. (I lost my it late in life.)

I've queefed with a number of them. This was always during almost an hour of intercourse, and every position the guy could think of. But it's still makes me insane. One was huge (at least the biggest I've ever been with, around 7.5" in length, 5" around), and it still happened. They all act like it's an anomaly.

I have a lot of paranoia about the anatomical "size" of my vagina. Only 3-4 guys have ever told me that I was "tight," and they all liked the engage in inane sex talk. The last one (and the biggest) one time followed up with "What---you don't think so?" Even the guy I lost my virginity to never said anything. So, I feel my complex is at least partially founded.

On the other hand---I'm very small physically, have never been able to use big vibrators (unlike the guys I've fucked, they're all really hard), use "slim" tampons, and can walk around with weighted ben wah balls for hours.

I don't get it! Rough sex (especially with the last asshole) wipes me out for a day, sometimes I ache for the next 3 days, but I get this impression that I just don't feel that good. FYI, none of the relationships went anywhere, so I have "association" to make too.

Thanks, ladies!
Also a word of advice, you don't need to post span in every thread. leave this question in the general sex question thread. I get that you are eager to gind out, but seriously, the ad naseum posting in every sex thread is troll like.

Just a heads up.
I haven't done it in a long while, but I used to refer to my boobs as Loretta and Dolores (left and right). They're big, shiny and pink, so of course they're country stars. Or perhaps just hash slinging waitresses with shellacked hairdos at the local Gas'n'Sip who wish they were country stars.

I don't have a name for my va-jay-jay, but if I did, I'd call her Tina.
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