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Full Version: What Do You Call Your Vajayjay?
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the Mrs. and I call ours Mister Fuzzies.
I was with some friends a couple weeks ago, and one of the guys was talking about his little daughter and son and how he never expected boys and girls to be so different..etc. So he was wanting to say something about his daughter's girlie bits (and I do mean girlie bits, he was talking about the whole genital region) and was trying to be really proper and non-offensive. So what does he call it? Her "FRONT BOTTOM!" I nearly shit my pants laughing when that came out. Actually all of us (both girls and guys) did. Of course we gave him endless amounts of shit for it... and of course, it completely stuck. So now we all call it our "front bottom" It never fails to crack us up.

Sometimes I will refer to masturbating as "going on a date with my right hand"

zoya, *giggle*, that's a very common expression in Sweden when you're talking to small children.
It is sooo ugly. The most common, non-offensive expression (used in newspapers, by doctors etc) is "under waist",
which seems very weird and non-specific when you think about it, but the word for "waist" and "life" are the same in Swedish,
and the words for "under" and "wonder" are also the same, so it sounds like "wonder life", which I kind of like. Wonder pussy!

this thread always makes me smile.

i took a little day trip with my sis and we were chatting about pregnancy (i am preggers) and all the lovely things that go with it, when she commented on the physical changes one may experience in ones whodillychacha. i laughed so hard i had to pull over so i could pee.
According to my mother, who is a nurse, I used to call it "Bagina" because i couldnt pronounce Vagina. Bagina pronounced "Buh-guy-na" so now that it what i call it.
My bagina.
I got my old roomie to use bagina too and once she had a pregnancy scare. While watching TV she ran into the bathroom and started singing "BLEEDING BAGINA! BLEEDING BAGINA!"

ha, it was gross...
Haha, DaisyJane I used to call mine that too when I was small! Weird!

Mr. Arc and I call mine my "A-hem-haw" cause I read it somewhere once and thought it was hilarious.
QUOTE(deschatsrouge @ Mar 30 2007, 10:26 AM) *
the Mrs. and I call ours Mister Fuzzies.

this and "front bottom" are my favorites so far. I do like "Mr. Fuzzies" a lot. A pal of my grandma's cat, Mr. Friendly?
Ive heard the "front bottom" thing before.

In the UK movie "Kevin and Perry Go Large" the opening scene is a daydream about this teen boy being the executioner for Anne Boleyn. Its all serious and she lays her head on the chopping block and he swings up to chop her head off and shes like "Wait! Instead of beheading me, why not have a go at my lovely womans body? Lift up my skirts and have a look at my front bottom...?" and he takes his mask off and is like "Woah! Im not gonna kill you!" and she says "I owe thee a shag!' And then it cuts to a teenage kid masturbating to a history book.

That was a long desciption that possible made no sense. really funny movie.

sorry for the caps, but I just ain't back spacin'
It's my hoo-dilly-cha-cha. Also sometimes my hoo-hoo. When I'm turned on, it's my sex.
friend of mine calls it "lady forested area"

kisses to the fiddler
I call mines "honey pot" and don't try to steal the name even if it may not be an original! I just kinda came up with it and never heard the vagina be refereed to as "honey pot". So I decided to call it that and make my bf call it that as well. Especially if he has a taste for honey huh.gif
honey pot, that's pretty sexy.
I say "cludge" when i'm talking about someone else's and have since coined the delightful phrases "Cludge Fudge" or "Cludge Sludge". I'm disgusting I KNOW! My cousin told us when we we're on holiday that she calls hers her "Fandango" and my mum said
"Ooooh, my fandango ... I quite like that one"
To which my reply was.
"I think yours is more like a slow waltz Mum"
When refering to my own i genrally just go for plain old "vagina" or maybe "Chatch" sometimes "Lady bits". I love all the words for the downstairs naughtiness!
J'adore Biscuit
My vajayjay incidentally.
Or vag.
It depends on the situation. When I'm feeling sexy I call it my puss, when I'm joking with my girlfriends I call it anything I think of that's fun to say. My favorites are muff, snatch, box, or fur pie. My mom has always called it a 'hoo-hoo dilly.' There are a lot of great names for our lady parts. tongue.gif
Le Man and I like to call it a "Fur Burger" and laugh.

It's from Harold and Kumar, but still, so amazingly funny.
cou cou

long story (kinda)

At the resturant I work at (Italian) we have a dish called Chicken Pulcinella, its like a alfredo cream sauce with broccoli and spinish and chicken in it.
Someone started calling it Chicken Pussy... so from then on my husband and I called my vagina Pulcinella.. haha.

Pulcinella was really a figure of napels italy, he was a funny guy that played a insturment and worked in a pizzeria but just threw flour on him self to make it look like he worked really hard.
Pulcinella, often called Punch or Punchinello in English, Polichinelle in French, is a classical character that originated in the Commedia dell'arte of the 17th century and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry(From Wikipedia)

"love flower..."

[Compare: Georgia O'Keefe.]
my friend calls hers "mah 'giner" (say it with a nice thick southern accent)
The "Snake Pit".
panty puddin' tongue.gif


winking eye of god.

tee hee. oh wow... I could call it tee-hee! laugh.gif

when I was young, it was vagie.
substandard english usage
cha cha
my boyfriend calls it 'kitty,' which i think is sweet and appropriate
I'm a newbie bustie... but have lurked through forums. Hmmm...

vagina: the lady (as in, "the lady got her hair done today" when i shave) or vajayjay, during "polite" conversation... pussy, during sex if we're talking dirty

breasts: the ladies (repetitive, I know), boobs... tits, during sex. (strangely, the commander calls them breasts)

penis (his specifically): pleasure... cock, during sex. and testicles are pleasure's bags (as in, "if you keep abusing pleasure, he told me that he's going to pack his bags and leave."), the henchmen, or the boys

period: the indians (holdover from an old boyfriend...not very PC, but it just stuck) or George, as in "George is in town"

sex in the afternoon, during our lunch break: lunch special #1

on a slightly ickier (but funny) note, the commander and I heard a comedian says this once, about dropping a deuce and we always use it as a euphemism: dropping off the kids at the pool. and if, ahem, someone had eaten something that didn't agree with their stomach, "went to drop the kids off at the pool, and it was suddenly all the kids in the pool at once!" laugh.gif
QUOTE(toastybean @ Jun 15 2007, 01:33 AM) *
my friend calls hers "mah 'giner" (say it with a nice thick southern accent)

My favorite roller derby slang is the "giner shiner", and it happens when you land on your own (or someone else's) skate wheel... ouch! blink.gif
Enchanted Forest
it's not ezzacly a vajayjay, but i like to call my *ahem* equipment, 'my dilly bar' or, when doing air gee-tar, (not like i do that much), 'my whammy bar.'
snow white
the tranch (i stole it from a comedian on the tube. she had a cute skit about "trimmin' her tranchala")

i am so going to steal "kitty", that's cute
HAHA I love these names.

My best friend's mum used to call it a fairy. Which sounds cute but my friend can't cope with the fairytale creatures because she just thinks of vaginas.

BAHAHAHHA enchanted forest

Check out this article:

I can't quite put my finger on it, but it seems that vajayjay is different. Unlike the starkly clinical vagina, I see a vajayjay as a happy and inviting place, with a warm and fuzzy connotation. Vajayjay says "hello . . . welcome" and "open for business"...In short, "vajayjay" has got us thinking outside of the box, which makes the feminists nervous. They want to keep "vagina" all to themselves. That is why they are vajayjay naysayers.

Open for business?! What a skeeze. And God forbid a woman who wants control of "vagina." rolleyes.gif
Ahahaha! "The feminists" are "vajajay naysayers." I love that in contrast with the title of this thread (and the content of it).
That article irked me too Faerie.
Star Anais
My "lady garden"

laugh.gif laugh.gif
toastybean, that reminds me of the margaret cho bit... "My name is Gwen and I'm here to waaaaaarsh yervagina..."
What a moron that guy is.
Panty Pudding is the best!!!!! LOL I call mine "Honey Pot"

Enchanted forest & lady garden! That's too funny.

There has been a debate in Swedish media on and off for years about what to call it, especially to kids,
since "down there" sounds so secretive and shameful. You don't call a boy's genitals for "down there".
The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education decided in 2003 that SNIPPA was the best word,
(it's made up, doesn't mean anything) and it was actually very warmly welcomed by parents.

I think it's kind of cute, and I also like that it isn't an euphemism or a joke. Although I have no problem
joking about it myself, it's a good thing that there's a neutral word that you can use when you talk to children.
I also snicker at the fact that an association actually DECIDED this, and that the Swedish parents
were all positive and cheery about it. "YAY! SNIPPA!"

what a stupid, annoying article. does anyone else find the comment from the OBGYN at the end kinda creepy? i don't think that doctor is supposed to be getting his jollies from doing examinations. i guess that's why i see a female nurse practitioner.
"No matter what you call it, many feminists don't want guys attracted to it". Excuse me?! I sure as hell want guys to be attracted to my vajayjay/cunt/pussy/vagina, whatever! ugh, this guy is an idiot.

By the way, I tend to call it pussy or sometimes cunt during sex. Otherwise it's vajayjay or kitty.
god, I just read that article.. what a crock. Um... I certainly like the fact that guys are attracted to my whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it... jesus.

actually, I think of "vajayjay" as more of a word that women use in a slightly ironic / funny way.. I think that if guy called it my vajayjay, I'd bust out laughing. Somehow it just doesn't sound right to me coming from a guy.

I am totally fine with a guy calling it my pussy, for some reason it just sounds right to me to hear that coming out of a guy's mouth. Whether in normal conversation, naming the part, or in dirty talk. it works really nicely either way for me.
This whole thing reminds me of the time I was out with a friend from work, and we met up with some friends of mine. We were having a few drinks at a lounge-y type place and of the men refers to a vagina as "down there", she'd had a few, so my friend said; "down there? you mean the vagina!?!?" really loud, it was so great!
laugh.gif This tread is great! Although, I'm not very creative. I just call it a "pussy". I call my boobs "tits".

I dont know why ppl make such a big deal about it. It's just another body, your
The ickiest word to call my vajayjay: CROTCH. I had a brief working relationship with a guy that liked the dirty talk, but held himself above what he called 'gutter talk.' EG: "I want to rub my PENIS against your CROTCH." I advised him that many prominent authors used vernacular in a very real, very turn on-able way & that I called my pussy 'my pussy'. He simply couldn't call a cunt a cunt.
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