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It's the Vagina Monologues thread, BUSTies, where we can bestow love and share our pet names for our vajayjays (if you haven't guessed, that's my favourite term and I think it's the best and funniest one I've heard yet and can be attributed to the wonderful Dr Miranda "Stop looking at my vajayjay!" Bailey in Grey's Anatomy).

Are we still a "down there" generation or have we embraced our vajayjays? Some of the terms thrown around in the last couple of days that inspired me to start the thread were "loolie", "sacred vessel", "pussy", "cave" and, of course, "cunt". So, what do you call yours?
lol, niiiice thread! laugh.gif

I first heard vajayjay like 4 years ago when my friend jokingly referred to "conjoined vajayjays." It was hilarious. Then, of course, it reached Grey's fame!

I don't know. Depending on the crowd, I can still be a "down there" type of gal. But my friends and I are more straightforward "vagina" types. And then last night I said "my girl" out of nowhere (as in, "my girl" is very happy with this new vibrator). lol

I was actually thinking about this a lot after I said that. I've decided she needs a new, proper name.
"Keedah" , spelled phoenetically. somehow all the women in my family call it this.
I constantly refer to my vagina as my vagina.

Sometimes I call it my vaginie

When I am in a raunchy mood, I call it my pussy. I actually really like the word pussy.
I never really thought of naming it as I just call it my vagina. Pussy and cunt are good names though!
pussy, cookie, muffin.
when i am talking to little about parts i am very careful to use the correct names for everything even though i loathe the word "vagina". i mean really, they couldn't have thought up a more flattering name for it than that? it just sounds ugly. then again, penis isn't a winner in the name catagory either.
I love the word vagina. I used to not like it, but then it kinda, ug grew(?) on me.
If I'm talking external genitalia I'll say vulva. I quite like vulva, and really, we often say vagina when we mean vulva.
A friend grew up thinking it was her "fine china".
Incidentally, I read in the paper the other day that the reason she said vajayjay was because the censors wouldn't let them say vagina twice in one episode! Apparently since the whole Nipplegate incident the american television censors have been really bizarre about what they'll accept.
Cunt. To me it has always sounded fascinating. The word expresses the contrast between the surface elements and the internal elements, for me.
haha chani - i like "fine china" - you can serve some lucky person a nice tasty treat on it! hee hee.

sometimes when i'm talking about it I'll say my "hoo ha" but that's only if I'm saying something kinda funny, because I would never call it that seriously. I usually just say "vagina." I have said "down south" before, though..
Whenever I'm with friends and they say "vagina" i jump in and correct them with "vulva" because I know what they're talking about.

I don't really have much reason to refer to my vaginal area, heh, and I haven't even been in a relationship where I could dirty talk for a while, but I really like "cunt" and "pussy". I think some people are still too shocked when I say "cunt" so I'm more inclined to use "pussy" depending on who I'm with.
My mom calls it her yaya. As in, "I have to go to the yaya doctor."

It really depends upon the situation for me. Hooha or cookielala or virginny if I'm being funny. Ginch sometimes. Vagina if I'm being medical. During sex I usually go for the old standby vernacular of pussy or cunny.

Of course, I'm also known to threaten to punch people in the vagina even if they don't have one.

I had a friend once that couldn't stand the word vagina, so I worked it into conversation as often as humanly possible.
ooh, i forgot about one i like during sex. puss. I don't know what I find so erotic and dirty (in a good way) about taking the 'y' off a word that I'm neither here nor there about, but there is something about it.
I usually go with pussy, but ginch always cracks me up. I invariably think of The Grinch, and picture it with a little santa hat.

My otherwise mature friend always says "stuffy-stuff", which is amusing when she's talking about going to the "stuffy-stuff" doctor.

My aunts always referred to it as their "region", which leads to geography and mapquest jokes.

I will occasionally say "honeypot", if I'm feeling all 70's.....

I just had the image of my vulva with a Santa hat on. Now *that's* a holiday card if I ever thought of one!
again, it depends on the situation. "vagina" if i'm being clinical, "cunt"/"pussy" during sex - or, strangely, cunt if I really bad tempered and someone's annoying me. I have, however, used the terms "down there", "ladyparts" and "snatch". I had a friend who referred to it as "a lady's front bottom" which always cracked me up. I think his mother still does say that when she's trying to be polite.

I think I'm going to go find the hedghog song... "ooh baby i'm thinking about you meatflaps, oh baby I'm thinking about your cunt"
Oh, mornington, I'd forgotten about that! Spam-purse!

AP, when you care enough to send the very best....
Hooty Hoo
Hoo Hoo
Pussy (only term I use during sex)
Cunt (gotta be in the mood for this one)

My mom always called it a “coolie”. Awful name I think. I feel weird just saying it now.

Click here to see 264 Ways To Say Vagina. It’s under her articles section.

Speaking of words we hate to say. I hate to say the word “spank”. It does sound degrading to me like, “My man is going to spank me.” I'm not a fucking child ya know. I don’t like “beat” either because it sounds abusive but it’s the term I use most often. Please who know me know that when I say, "My man is going to beat me when I get home" I mean spank. Discipline sounds condescending. "My man is going to discipline me when I get home." Is he my man or my principle. I wish there was a better word. Any suggestions?

I'm euphemism city I'm afraid, but then I live somewhere where no-one talks about sex much. Down south is consequently a favourite.

I like fine china... as in, 'I'll get out the fine china'. smile.gif

One that makes me squirm is minge, heard in London (I'm afraid) and gee, with a hard 'g', which is Dublin slang. Yuck.
Minge is such a horrible word. Syb, it also reminds me of the word mingin' here so it has the connotations of dirty and smelly which I don't like.

"I'll get the fine china out" makes me imagine Charlotte in Sex and the City.

Pussy is definitely the one for sex; although I like puss, may start using that!

Mine was my flower when I was a little girl.

TV censorship like that is nuts (in a medical drama, you can't use the correct word for female genitalia more than once? nuts). Hee, wasn't even scripted and it's one of the funniest and memorable lines to come from the show.
minge *shudder*

a-ha! I knew there was something ridiculous and entirely puerile I could find. most the of articles are truly deeply offensive, but I just like the list.

pfft, sixe. that's the one.
lol Ed and I have taken to calling it the minge as in, "give the ole minge a lil rub-a-dub?" with the worst Brittish accents after seeing the Oprah minge episode of Southpark where Oprah's twatter goes all crazy and shoots people from lack of tactile lovin from the big O herself...lmao

Huh I suppose even though I DETEST the word TWAT, call me a cunt anyday, my sisters used to torture me growing up and whisper twattwattwattwattwattwattwat over and over in my ear because I wouldn't say it out loud to my mom, what they were saying to drive me batshit.

but I do like twatter... and my nurse mom had me grow up calling it one of 2 loolie. Twas a matter of much laughter the first time manly man went to the store to buy "loolie wash", couldn't find it, and ask the nice girl at rite aid which aisle he could find the loolie wash in. Yeah poor Ed went shopping for actual loolie wash, like massengil had out an alterna brand. lol

Sacred Vessel is one I just started using, much to my own and alot of my women customers amusement. The men are always talking about their balls and nuts and issues they have, (hello female contractor!!!), so I tell them now that my sacred vessel is going to be declared sanctified by the church. When the mooks pick up on the fact that i am combining the church, my twatter , and bleeding for 7 days and not dying it usually shuts them up some.

NONI. Now that is my favorite. I also called it my noni growing up. Fast forward about 20 years and now every health food store sells "Noni Juice". I snicker every time I see a big advertisement... "DRINK NONI JUICE IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!!!!"
I got noni juice for yah baby. c'mere. lol
Ha! I'd forgotten about NONI! I had the same reaction to Noni Juice ads, too. First time I saw one was in a shop sign downtown, and I thought "well, that porn shop's going to be shut down soon!". Turns out it was Wild Oats Market.....
Luxury Pork Wallet??

Oh just picture it; you're getting amorous with your lover, your making out, the clothes come off, and your partner whispers in your ear "I'm going to fuck your Luxury Pork Wallet hard".
mornington - i know loads of people who call it their "front bottom" and it cracks me up too. I didn't hear of it being called that until I was about 15.

Ok, when I was a little girl it was my flower or my bunny. I quite like bunny actually.

Now it is cunt if I'm with feminists, or if I am in the mood to be bolshy and piss someone off. Cunt is generally my favourite but it is just not acceptable in certain situations. Vagina if i'm speaking about it medically, down there if i'm talking to a relative. I never really call it anything during sex, I just say something and hope my tone of voice convey that no, i didn't mean kiss my face.

I hate the word cooter though. More so than minge or twat. It reminds me of some kind of hairy insect.

What about euphemisms for your period? I like "the red team is playing at home" and auntie flo. I've heard the terms "aunt flo sent someone in her place" as a term for getting pregnant which i thought really cute. But I only use those if I'm being silly. Otherwise I'm on my period, I'm bleeding, or I'm menstruating. If someone asks me if I'm ok after spending too long in the bathroom (usually when I first start bleeding) I just say "well I'm not pregnant".
LOL on 'I'm not pregnant.' I've said that too!

A more graphic one I use occasionally is 'there's a car crash in my pants.'
Um I'm so not delicate.

"I'm bleeding like a STUCK PIG" is up there in common Zuba period speak.

"Ragging it"

"Lock down at the OK Corrall" (sp?)

and "I'm riding the crimson tide"
'there's a car crash in pants' - heeee!

i like 'i'm riding the crimson tide'...i actually might use that!

my partner's sister apparently refers to her period as 'george' and he started to refer to mine as george. but i decided to feminize it and sometimes call it georgia. usually, though, i just refer to it as my period, or menstruation.

my vagina, as a child, was called my pinkie. recently, i've liked calling it my coochie. i also like the terms girlie bits and i've grown fond of cunt, though i rarely use it.

that's a bit ridiculous about the vagina situation on grey's. though, i love the term vajayjay!
i usually use nether regions.
but i'm so stealing hoo ha. and honeypot. and noni. and loolie. and sacred vessel. and vajayjay. hee.

yeah, i don't like the word vagina. or vulva. sue me.

'there's a car crash in my pants.' BWAH!
I just say something and hope my tone of voice convey that no, i didn't mean kiss my face.' BWAHHA!

bleeding like a stuck pig.
hemmorghing like a mofo.
once my very un-PC pottymouth OTR menopausal galpal called me to tell me she'd just given birth in a gas station restroom.
I've used hoo ha before. in a more joking situation.

I've also used cookie, and cunt.

My best friends used to say they were "OTR" (On the rag), but then some of our sporty guy friends thought they were talking about that show on TSN, "Off the record", so now they say they've got Michael Landsberg (the host of the show).
haha, erinjane, that's cute!

when i was little, we referred to it as "down there" or "privates". i don't really remember my mom calling it anything cute. i did have a doctor tell me that he needed to see my bottom once (i think i was five and now that i'm thinking of it i have NO idea why he needed to see it *suddenly disturbed*) and i thought he meant my butt, so i bent over and he said, "um, no, your front bottom".

now, it's my cunt or my pussy, especially during sex. it's my cooch when i'm just being playful, sometimes twat when i'm being sort of raunchy (funny that many of us think twat is raunchier than cunt!) and talking with my lesbian SILs. if i'm being decidedly UN-sexy, i call it my cooter. sometimes it's "the kitty".

i only use vagina in medical terms. count me as another that just isn't fond of the word.


i'm either on the rag, on my period, got a visit from aunt flow, surfin' the crimson wave, bleeding and i've used the "not pregnant" line several times in the past two years, often all teary because i actually WANTED to be knocked up.

sort of OT, but this is making me think about how i will refer to my little bug's genetalia. we don't know what the baby is yet (um, besides human of course - we hope!) but i'd like to have a special term. so this thread is perfect! unless we have a boy. then somehow i don't think noni or bunny will really work that well.
QUOTE(punkerplus @ Jan 25 2007, 03:08 PM) *

Ok, when I was a little girl it was my flower or my bunny. I quite like bunny actually.

bunny? hee.

"well, I'm not pregnant" is fabulous! I say I'm in the red tent, or my moontime.

wait, twat means vajayjay? I use that as a term for mild annoyance or direct at someone for idiocy all the time! I had no idea; now I'm going to have to call everyone stupid fuckers.

eta: FJ, you're thinking bunny for the bug (if a ladybug)? *starts to get a complex about name* blink.gif
hehe, well bunny, we all LOVE our bunnies, so it's a good thing, right? hehe

(ooooh, i'm liking ladybug even more! that's adorable!)

that reminds me, i also use "lady bits" or "naughty-bits" (said with a bad british accent, of course!)

ok, I now wish to say something soothing to bun, but at this point it's just going to come out wrong.

vagina just isn't a pretty word. nor is penis. I have no idea what my brother was taught, I've got a feeling it was pee-pee.

I tend to just use "on my period" or "that time of the month". I've also used aunt flo, raise the red flag, and - this one I like - "having one of those girlie things" (bless the poor catholic boy, he gets all embarrassed).

Now, however, I'm going to start saying "lock down at the ok corral" biggrin.gif
I'm telling you, even the boy gets into saying that one.
My mother used to say 'down there' and I hated it.

I say 'vulva' and 'period' and 'major carnage' when applicable.
Speaking of penises (and I think we were), I think the word willy is the most. unsexy. ever.
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Jan 25 2007, 04:40 PM) *

bunny? hee.

"well, I'm not pregnant" is fabulous! I say I'm in the red tent, or my moontime.

wait, twat means vajayjay? I use that as a term for mild annoyance or direct at someone for idiocy all the time! I had no idea; now I'm going to have to call everyone stupid fuckers.

eta: FJ, you're thinking bunny for the bug (if a ladybug)? *starts to get a complex about name* blink.gif

When I was posting I did think of you actually! I tried to figure out why recently and all I can think of is that it kinda has two ears... in a way blink.gif Now I have images of vulvas with two human ears. But I like ladybug for the parts. I think that sounds cute. I think my brother's penis was always called his willy but I don't really like that.

O/T but did anyone else think they only had two holes when they were little? I was convinced there was a poo hole and a pee hole and nothing else.

I had a friend who didn't realise twat meant vagina and she called our teacher it once. His face dropped, my face dropped and, after a quiet word in her ear, her face went a beautiful shade of scarlet.
I was in a bathroom once and heard the mother in the next stall tell her son to "shake off his thingy"

dude. thankgod i was in the bathroom already in case I pissed myself, cause i remember thinking to myself, "not too hard, it'll fall off" and laughing out loud
QUOTE(punkerplus @ Jan 25 2007, 05:39 PM) *

O/T but did anyone else think they only had two holes when they were little? I was convinced there was a poo hole and a pee hole and nothing else.

*sheepishly raises hand* well, one of them is dreadfully small, isn't it?

mm, willy. not. even. slightly. sexy. and always used exclusively by the under-tens. I think my brother used that too. (although I can remember my mother being screamingly embarassing to him, about a year ago - he's eighteen - by telling him that he really was all grown up if he had hairs by his willy... I can't remember why. I think he did something fairly responsible). I have a friend called Willy. We take great delight in shouting "willy" across the hall in uni in gleeful tones. and everyone thinks we're weird rolleyes.gif

please oh please can we discuss amusing names for boyparts as well? I personally like "pork sword"

My friends and I all believed that we only had pee and poop holes until we learned the facts of life (maybe 5th grade?) Front-butt was popular in grade school, although my mother told me it was vulgar and I was only ever allowed to say "private parts".

Now I usually say coochie, pussy during sex (Crinoboy and I only say cock and pussy when we're actually having sex) his is a pengy when we aren't being amorous. My aunt says "sweetmeat" which I love.

When I'm on my period, I tell Crinoboy "The Garage is Closed", because he once asked me if he could pull into the garage, so now to find out if I'm bleeding he just asks if the garage is open.

I love ladybug and bunny for a baby girl. I'm quite fond of pengy (short for penguin) for a boy. My brothers all said private parts like me, we weren't differentiated. I nannied twin girls who said "pooty" which was quite cute.
You can't go wrong with cock, definitely not (unless you're a lesbian wink.gif).

I meant "ladybug" for girl baby but, hey, we can all call our vajayjays our ladybugs if we desire!

"Time of the month" is mine and the boy's most frequent euphemism.

I have no experience of any boys with amusing names for their boy parts but I'm sure they are out there in abundance. Mr pee-pee amuses me and wee willy winky.
For men, I like the word cock. I agree. willy. ugh. And what about shlong? What another terrible word.
I usually use vagina. When I am joking I say cooter, I think it sounds cute. During sex or what ever I say cunt. I have always liked saying muff, too.

Pussy and minge make me almost cringe. I don't know why.

I use period or lady time usually. If I'm being sarcastic I say Aunt Flo, b/c it cracks me up. Around men who I think it will annoy I say menstration.

For guys I like cock or dick. My hubby thinks pork sword and tube steak are hillarious so he uses those all the time.

I don't like cock for some reason. I pretty much always say dick. My guy says wang. I say pussy most of the time or 'gina sometimes. I don't like vulva. It just sounds so weird, and I drive a Volvo, so people make jokes about that sometimes, and it kinda grosses me out. There was some word that these guy friends of mine used to use for girl parts, and I loved it, but now I can't remember it for the life of me!
I hate dick. A lot. It just sounds really crude to me. But I love wang if I'm being silly. A lot of my male friends use knob which I don't mind but it is so not sexy. And I really like pengy actually, even though I thought it a bit odd when I first read it! What about one-eyed trouser snake or purple-headed womb broom? *cringe*

Did we have this conversation in the lounge before? I swear there was a bustie who said her boyfriend called her clit her "smoochybrain" because it was the part of her brain which he could kiss. I've never forgotton that but for the life of me I can't remember who it was.
hey UK Busties, what about "fanny"?
I couldnt stop laughing once when I was sharing a plate of mussles with a british friend, and she blurted out, "I hate how they look like little fannies!"

I tend to say "nether regions" in polite company, "Cootch" with friends and "Pussy" with sex partners. My BritBoy used to call ME Honeypot! heh.
mm, fanny. I got to uni with a girl called Fanny. oh the jokes... I also can't keep a straight face whenever someone says "fanny pack". we call them bum bags. at least in our family.

my ex, N, used to call his "the one-eyed trouser snake". luncheon-meat trunchon was another... spam dagger, purple-headed man, all sorts. I like "cock" for some reason... "knob" is just another insult as far as I'm concerned... I'm partial to calling people "knob jockey".

oh god my mine has turned into a sewer
When I first came round these parts many a moon ago, we had a song, where is maimy when I need her?

walkingbitch's rubber schlong o love
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